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So.. I have plans for visit 8 and 9. My partner, oddly, who puts up with my obsession wanted to get Maximillian's list! Will be a nice change. I am hoping to be fast enough to keep up with a witch. Did you like the Poe in Baltimore?

The witches are actually pretty easy to keep up with.  Macduff, Banquo, and Malcolm are the ones that are tough.

I really loved Mesmeric Revelations of Edgar Allen Poe. I understand there is a decent chance they may get to remount it this fall.  I will make a point of going back and spending time with different characters.  It was incredibly well done!

Dani is one tough guy. After an early crash, he remounted his bike and finished the race in 16th. Gutsy effort Dani!


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HOLOGRAM – Alexander McQueen 2006 Kate Moss installation remounted at the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Savage Beauty exhibit— life-size instead of the miniature shown at the Met.

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Cannes Day 1: George Miller Talks Mad Max Sequel
Strap yerself in for Mad Max: Fury Croisette

Mad Max: Fury Road blew into Cannes this morning with a rapturously received press screening that blew any remaining cobwebs off a slow-starting festival. Afterwards, the key cast – Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy and Nicholas Hoult – joined director George Miller for a press conference in which talk of a sequel was addressed. “If we get the appetite again to go back out into the wasteland, there’s other films we want to do,” revealed the director, stressing that any prospect of remounting his giant post-apocalyptic caboose would be some time off. “That’s the answer I can give this moment, now: I’ve just come out of labour.“

From there, talk turned to the film’s surprisingly female-friendly storyline, which sees once-loyal warrior Furiosa (Theron) staging a mutiny and escaping from an apocalyptic dictatorship with a tankload of fuel and a despotic warlord’s five wives.

“Initially, there was never a feminist agenda – it was just the story,” says Miller. “There was simply going to be an extended chase, and the things being chased were going to be not an object but human beings – the five wives. The story needed a warrior. But it couldn’t be a man, because a man taking five wives from another man is an entirely different story. So then we created Furiosa, and everything grew out of that. Meanwhile, Max is like a wild dog, a wild animal trying to find freedom, and from there it was just a question of finding a way to put the two together.”

Hardy admitted to having misgivings about taking on a role made famous by Mel Gibson in the original trilogy. “Initially I was super-jubilant and really excited to land the part,” he said. “Like any actor, you get really excited when you land a part. And then I realised that the role of Max is synonymous with Mel Gibson – there’s a large group of people who love Mel as Max, and if it’s not Mel, it’s not Max. I was a bit crestfallen, for a second. But what I really understood from further conversations with George – because it was a concern – was that there was no need to step in, or replace, or try to do better, or try to bring something new. Ultimately, George and Mel went on a journey for three movies, then the legacy continued to develop, at which point it was time for me to switch in. Max is led for George, he was created by George, so I just had to take my lead from him and do what he wanted me to do.”

Asked about the script, Hardy made the playful aside that a script “would have been nice”. “That was more of a concern,” he added. “It was a luxury we didn’t have. But when tapped about his thoughts on the finished film, the actor conceded that he had greatly underestimated his director. “When I saw the movie, I suddenly got what George was talking about,” he recalled. “Because for seven months, the hardest, the most frustrating thing for me was trying to know what George wanted me to do, on a minute by minute basis. But because he’s orchestrating such a huge vehicle – literally – and because the whole movie is just motion, I got frustrated. And I have to apologise to him for that, because there is no way that George could possibly have explained to me what he could see in the sand when we were out there… I knew he was brilliant, but I didn’t quite know how brilliant until I saw it. My first reaction was, ‘Oh my God.’ And, ‘I owe George an apology for being so myopic.'”

It seems pretty certain that Warner Bros. will be interested in another Mad Max outing – the prospect of a “live show” was hinted at but not explained – but Miller won’t be making any kind of commitment just yet. “Being asked that question feels to me like being a woman who’s just given birth to a really big baby,” he laughed. “And then someone asks you, 'When are you having your next baby?’ We only finished 12 days ago. I’m just not recovered enough to get into it.”

- Phil de Semlyen

Woman Crush Wednesday

This week’s #wcw goes out to the Props Master for A Tale of Two Cities, Amy Kellett! She wears lots of hats and has lots of keys. In the past, some of her hats included doing props at Synetic for The Three Musketeers and refurbishments for some remounted productions. Amy is also the Facilities Coordinator at Synetic Theater. Come see some of the unique props that she masters yourself in A Tale of Two Cities, running now >> June 21

Stacia Rice | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 129

Stacia Rice of @TorchTheater & @GuthrieTheater chat’s w/ @ThatLevi for Ep 129 talking theater, parenthood & food!

“I feel cracked open and vulnerable in a way that I’m not comfortable with and did not know actually existed.”

Guthrie actor and Torch TheaterArtistic Director Stacia Rice shares stories of growing up the youngest of 7 kids. Stacia talks about aspiring to be the kind of mother to her kids that he mother was to her. And she talks about how her love of remounting shows and revisiting material…

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do you forsake me so soon?


do you fail me?


do you question me so hastily?

I was told that you were a gift; a wonder.

Would it serve me so well to resign to the title of simple minded?

He there stands and serves me doubt, and I receive it so willingly.

Even so, I manage to remount but only for my name and only for a time.


do you fail me?


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La Lindarets ReMount es una fantástica pieza hará más amigable y atractiva el uso de tu tija de sillín telescópica, aunque su precio es algo alto.

La Lindarets ReMount es una fantástica pieza hará más amigable y atractiva el uso de tu tija de sillín telescópica, aunque su precio es algo alto.

If you missed out on the recent reworked remount of Mama Alto: Countertenor Diva, join us for an intimate salon showing this Tuesday 2nd at 8.45pm, at iconic queer bookshop, cafe and performance venue Hares & Hyenas in Collingwood. The venue is universally accessible for patrons using wheelchairs or with restricted mobility, and the performance is being Auslan interpreted by Auslan Stage Left. X

So I feel weird writing about Utopiacopia, written and performed by Justin Caron and directed by Robert Frost, because this show has a very special place in my heart. Frosty Bob and J trusted me to stage manage their first production as well as let me share my thoughts and input on the staging. They remounted it this summer with lots of lovely changes and it made my heart warm seeing it on stage again. I can’t wait to see what those two talented folks are up to next and I hope I’m around to enjoy the ride. 

MotoGP: Round #6 Repsol Honda Race Preview – Mugello

Honda Racing Corporation Press Release: After a difficult weekend in France, Repsol Honda’s Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa are en route to Mugello looking to reclaim important Championship points. In Le Mans, Marc was engaged in a fierce battle to claim 4th place and his teammate, Dani Pedrosa, fresh back from injury crashed in the early laps but demonstrated his strength to remount his Honda RC213V and complete the race to test his physical condition. Just 30km north east of Florence, Mugello was first opened in 1974 and at 5.245km in length, it’s one of the longest tracks on the calendar.Through its mix of nine right-hand turns and six lefts – some fast, some slow – changes in radius, camber and gradient, Mugello is one of the most popular circuits among Grand Prix riders, and its 1.141km straight is also the longest. Marc has been victorious in Mugello in all three classes – 2014 in MotoGP, 2011 in Moto2 and 2010 in 125cc. Dani celebrates eight podium finishes in Mugello including two victories – 2010 in MotoGP, 2005 in 250cc – and will be hoping his condition has improved further since the French GP almost two weeks ago. Marc Marquez #93: CHAMPIONSHIP STANDING: 4TH - 69 POINTS “We are very motivated after the weekend in Le Mans and arrive in Italy in good shape. We must work hard from Friday to find a good setup as Mugello is a complicated circuit, however, I like it and have good memories from my first victory in 2010. We know Valentino will be very strong at his home race, Jorge and Dani have a good history there and Ducati were testing there just a few weeks ago, so we will have to be focused all weekend.” Dani Pedrosa #26: CHAMPIONSHIP STANDING: 15TH - 10 POINTS “Even though we didn’t get a great race result, the outcome from the weekend in Le Mans was positive! The arm was better than I expected and now we head to Italy - after a further two weeks of recovery - looking to make another step. Mugello is a very fast track and you must work hard from the first session to find a good setup for this circuit. The fans always make this a special race so I hope I can do a good race for my fans and my team.” MotoGP 2015 Tuesday, May 26th 2015 Rider Standings: 1     ROSSI Valentino 46     ITA     102     Movistar Yamaha MotoGP     Yamaha 2     LORENZO Jorge     99     SPA     87     Movistar Yamaha MotoGP     Yamaha 3     DOVIZIOSO Andrea 4     ITA     83     Ducati Team     Ducati 4     MARQUEZ Marc     93     SPA     69     Repsol Honda Team     Honda 5     IANNONE Andrea     29     ITA     61     Ducati Team     Ducati 6     CRUTCHLOW Cal     35     GBR     47     CWM LCR Honda     Honda 7     SMITH Bradley     38     GBR     46     Monster Yamaha Tech 3     Yamaha 8     ESPARGARO Pol     44     SPA     35     Monster Yamaha Tech 3     Yamaha 9     ESPARGARO Aleix 41     SPA     31     Team Suzuki Ecstar     Suzuki 10     VINALES Maverick 25     SPA     27     Team Suzuki Ecstar     Suzuki 11     PETRUCCI Danilo 9     ITA     25     Pramac Racing     Ducati 12     HERNANDEZ Yonny 68     COL     20     Pramac Racing     Ducati 13     REDDING Scott     45     GBR     13     Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS     Honda 14     BARBERA Hector     8     SPA     13     Avintia Racing     Ducati 15     PEDROSA Dani     26     SPA     10     Repsol Honda Team     Honda 16     HAYDEN Nicky     69     USA     8     Aspar MotoGP Team     Honda 17     MILLER Jack     43     AUS     6     CWM LCR Honda     Honda 18     BAZ Loris     76     FRA     6     Athina Forward Racing     Forward Yamaha 19     AOYAMA Hiroshi     7     JPN     5     Repsol Honda Team     Honda 20     BAUTISTA Alvaro 19     SPA     3     Aprilia Racing Team Gresini     Aprilia 21     LAVERTY Eugene     50     IRE     2     Aspar MotoGP Team     Honda 22     BRADL Stefan     6     GER     1     Athina Forward Racing     Forward Yamaha For more information:

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Why not remount your ring for a special wedding anniversary? Check out this transformation: after removing side trillions, we added a custom diamond halo along with diamonds descending down the band. How beautiful! #weddingwednesday #transformation #design #new #diamonds #ring #engagementring #wedding #love #anniversary #hall #dream #jvincentjewelers #giftideas #surprise #forher #special #instalike #jewelrygram #jewelry #gems #beautiful #oldtonew #follow

Buy your tickets here:

THE GOOD NIGHT LADIES and WINNIFRED COOMBE present a highly anticipated Chicago remount of the show that took the New Orleans Fringe Festival by storm.

La Lune De Femme is an experiential play: a punk-pagan ritual designed to reflect the divinity in you-the divinity that looks more like a Warrior Queen Made of Earth than an old dude in the sky.

Led by PBR swilling High Priestess Winnifred Coombe (Caroline Kingsley Rau), this raucous encounter with the Goddess melds song, dance and comedy into a hilarious yet poignant hour-long spectacular. You will be fed fruit and raw cacao, have honorifics lavished upon you by Winnie’s Man-Wives, get turned on by our TranSisters and be lulled to ecstasy by the soulful devotionals of Medicine Women.