A mystery clad in red, who hides behind the veil?

Fanart for th enow in alpha release “Remothered: Tormented Fathers”

As someone who followed the game from its beginning, around 12 years ago, I am so delighted and giddy to see it finally hit the market!

Sketch: @nattravn-art

Inking and colouring: @thecrimsonvalley

anonymous asked:

oooh what kind of horror game walkthroughs? i need some recs i love watching scary stuff before bed

well Remothered: The Tormented full game just dropped recently and it’s a hide and evade type game with a nice dreadful atmosphere

Helltown is a creepy old school 3d pixelated type horror game with some fun secrets in it and umm… The Evil Within 2 didn’t particularly move me or have a real “horror” element to it to me to really recommend watching a let’s play of it but if you bored watch it.

Tattle Tail was fun to me too, Bon Bon & Duck Season! i like horror games with good atmosphere and a twist.

remothered: tormented fathers is out on steam on early access. on the one hand idk if its worth it to buy it now as opposed to a few months from now when it comes out, on the other hand if i get it now it’ll be cheaper since the price will most likely change