I've gone both ways....and more

remotecontrolman replied to your post: Your neck of the woods

I-40 is much better. It’s what used to be Route 66.

Well, I’ve actually taken 10 straight across too.   From a young age, when I lived in Homestead, FL back in the 70s is when the cross country trips started.  Yes, southern FL to AZ to Montana. Lots of fun.  

I’ve done AZ to Southern CA to Washington Sate and back to Philly. 

I’ve done Phoenix to MS or Louisiana so many times I can’t even remember and AZ to GA once there and back.

About 3 years I did Memphis to Phoenix to San Diego to Orlando and back to Memphis. 

I do like the I-40 route.  I love the stuff in Northern AZ too.  I do like the Route 66 stuff too….but I do have people’s in Dallas I must see too.  I’ll probably take the northern route out there and the southern route back.