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What's your favourite kind of stimming? I like to squish stress balls and chew on my shirt collars ( bad habit, I ruin all of them )

im a big auditory stimmer if im not overstimulated already; i love videos of squishing floam, cutting kinetic sand, and playing with fishbowl slime. i love the crunchy sound. poking slime also sounds great, so definitely auditory stimming is my favorite (when i can handle it)

besides that.. i usually sway back and forth and shake my hands while tapping my fingers together quickly(?) i do this a lot. it’s comfortable for me because i can do it when im overstimulated and not like, die inside

im a huge chewer too! i always chew on stuff i shouldn’t. i have some chewing necklaces but i always find myself chewing on plastic bottle caps or my tv remote or something that i should NOT be chewing. it’s completely ruined my teeth, and is also the reason for me still having braces at 20 years old lol

Daddy Loves His Baby

Quinn was enjoying her time with Daddy. She always did,but having a few days away was quite relaxing. They’d gone on a walk that morning and went out for lunch, before coming back for a nap. She’d slept with him for a while, but had woken up first. She didn’t want to wake him, so she kissed his head and untangled herself from her, going to the bathroom before settling herself on the floor with Pooh Bear, fidgeting with the television remote.

She lay on the floor, Pooh bear in front of her and her legs kicking in the air a little, as she gazed up at the quiet television, watching an episode of Sesame Street. She’d taken her nap just in a long sleeved shirt and panties, so was a bit bare, as her legs kicked around a little distractedly, her polka dot panties framing her cute little bottom. She hummed happily along to a song, being sure not to wake Daddy up.

i think my weirdest stim (as in uncommon, not socially unacceptable) is touching/messing with rubber things????

like. i cannot handle having cap erasers or anything bc i ALWAYS scratch at them and inevitably pick them apart.

and i loooovveeee scratching at rubber buttons on tv remotes n stuff. it feels nice against my nails for some reason

does….anyone else do that?????

“Cas!” The name said very proudly by a four year old Dean Winchester, after he had struggled for several minutes with entirety of ‘Castiel.’

“Cas!” The name shouted by Dean Winchester everyday after that, from the play ground to middle school hall ways.

“Cas.” The name whispered softly as Dean stared into his eyes after a tussle over the TV remote led to Dean pinning him down, hands above his head. The kiss that followed was the first of many.

“Cas.” The name panted and moaned against neck every time they made love, tangled together in limbs and sheets.

“Cas!” The name screamed in fear and pain as they laid in the road, surrounds by broken glass, the car’s headlights shining over the wreckage of the other car.

“Cas.” The name sobbed in relief when Castiel finally opened his eyes three days later.

“Cas.” The name choked with tears as Dean Winchester dropped to one knee before him, hands shaking so badly that they couldn’t open the little black box that held the ring.

“Cas.” The name said proudly as Dean promised to love him for the rest of his life in front of everyone they knew.

“Dean.” The only name that mattered since the first day of preschool.

“Dean.” The first name on his lips every morning and the last at night.

“Dean!” The name he used as a curse and a praise.

“Dean.” The name his whole world revolved around.

“Winchester.” The name they shared.

How the MM characters probably ask for sex


  • gets real nervous
  • sweats a lot
  • tries to say something but stutters and ends up asking for the TV remote instead
  • keeps giving discreet glances at MC
  • ….until MC takes the initiative and drags him into the bedroom


  • gets 3000% flirtier than usual
  • “I ditched rehearsal tonight…”
  • keeps giving MC the ‘wolf’ stare
  • seriously does he even need to ask
  • that dude’s a sex god give him what he wants already


  • literally sets up a trail of scented candles and rose petals leading you to the bedroom
  • is probably waiting for you on the bed
  • in a suggestive position
  • wearing expensive men’s lingerie
  • holding pink handcuffs
  • “Let’s try something new tonight.”

 Jae Baehee

  • Jaehee:“I only have one thing left on my to-do list tonight”
  • MC: “What is it?”
  • Jaehee: “You”


  • 707: “Oi MC you want some HB chips?”
  • MC: “Yeah sure’“
  • 707: *places a single chip on his crotch*
  • *waits with a dumb smile*


  • “So we gonna fuck or what”

today my grandmother brought me to visit her best friend, Amy, so i can teach Amy how to use the laptop for the first time, i told her to hold on while i went to the toilet and i came back to the living room to her frantically clicking on the TV remote, yelling, “I CAN’T SWITCH THE LAPTOP ON!”


sam & cait acting like adorable 5-year-olds while accepting their best. ever. tv. awards