Imagine shopping for a niece or nephew in a Toys R’ Us with Loki. He’s never been in one before and while your down an aisle looking for something, he disappears. A few minutes later you find him playing with a remote control car a few aisles over after hearing an odd noise. You find he’s knocked down two of those big caged displays of rubber balls and employees are scrambling to gather them up while parents and kids are laughing. You look at him with your arms crossed and he just shrugs his shoulders, walks away and keeps playing. You walk over and take the remote. “If you’re responsible for that, you could be kind enough to go help.” 

“If they would all just move out of the way, I could magic it all back together couldn’t I?” 

You whisper into his ear. “You know that’s not an option and if you ever want me to go on my knees for you again, you’ll be nice and go help!”

 He sighs and rolls his eyes. “Suit yourself, but this means you owe me.” 


He places a finger over your lips. “Shhh, there’s children present Darling. We’ll talk about this at home, hmm?” He walks away smirking as your jaw drops. “That’s good practice. Feel free to walk around the store like that if you feel a need to.”

Are You Constantly Worried Your Whole Life Could Fall Apart At Any Minute?

It will
You’ll be half asleep
In gym shorts and a t-shirt with the armpits ripped out
Wrapped in a blanket
Lost in an autonomous routine
With one eye open

You could be sober
You could be the biggest drunk the world has ever seen
You could literally be a crow hanging on a sloping wire
It doesn’t matter
One day some serious shit will happen

Are you gonna cry?
Are you gonna kick yourself for not having serious shit insurance?
Are you gonna beg for help?
Are you going to become a hermit and never leave your house again?
Are you gonna bottle it all up and passively take it out on the people who love you most?

Are you gonna write weird poetry?
Are you gonna buy a Harley Davidson and then yell at your wife when she says she’s worried about you?
Are you going to stumble into the desert high on peyote and wait for a rattlesnake to tell you what to do?
Are you going to look for love to save you?
Would that make you whole?

Dead leaves scatter across the ground
Sad men eat cheeseburgers and drink weird beers you’ve never heard of
Children play outside with remote control cars and laugh hysterically when they hit each other
A middle aged woman watches murder mysteries on cable for twelve hour straight
Crows scavenge through trash and go ‘caw caw’ and whatnot
The bathroom smells like bleach
The family room smells like smoke
Time drools along

Who do you want to be?
Where do you want to go?
Would it be better to just close your eyes and wait for the whole thing to be over?
Would it be better to endlessly talk about your problems to whoever will listen?

Learn to play a piano
Write the saddest song ever written
Get a good nights sleep
And tell me specifically what you plan on doing tomorrow

things that 100% definitely happened after the end of call me beep me u can pry these headcanons from my cold dead hands

(call me beep me is an incredible fic by @gajeelredfox that i can’t link to rn bc i’m on mobile but the final update was posted tonight and i’m emo so have this)

-when they go trick or treating, the kids fall in love with keith instantly and are constantly chattering at him and tugging at his arms to show him things. by the end of the night keith is carrying a sleeping child home and lance’s heart is suffering.

-lance and hunk get to celebrate pidges 16th birthday! lance gets pidge a remote control robot car. (“get it? because its like the cliche thing to get a car on ur 16th birthday, but u like robots!” “yes i get it lance thank u.”)

-together, matt and lance make allura and shiro’s life a living hell. they can’t even look at each other without hearing exaggerating kissy noises.

-lance gradually helps keith and muffin warm up to each other and after a while they’re best friends. sometimes she’ll even lick his hand. shiro is pissed. (“i’ve been trying to get them to get along for years!!! and then this little shit comes along and within a couple of months she’s sitting on his lap!!! wtf!)

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I submitted a story a month back about a hobby store I worked at. Sold remote control cars, planes, model cars and Gundam stuff, trains, all sorts of stuff.

Anyways, someone mentioned customers paying $10+ in nickles/change - I got you beat

Literally had a customer pay almost $120 primarily in quarters, dimes, and nickels that his young son had saved up for a car. Like we spent ten minutes counting it.

$120 in change.

I was mad but also it was kind sweet cus the kid was 7 or so. But still. Counting that much and the drawer was stuffed. UGH

'Fast & Furious' Cheat Sheet: Untangling the Franchise's Twisted Timeline Prior to 'F8' (Spoilers!)
‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ (2006): (Left to right) Bow Wow, Lucas Black, Nathalie Kelley, Brian Tee. (Photo: Everett)

Most franchises have a chronology that unfolds in a straight line. The Fast and the Furious series, on the other hand, took a major detour along the way. If you’re planning to start your binge engines and re-watch the seven previous Fast films — or fill a gap in your F&F experience — before movie no. 8, The Fate of the Furiousarrives on April 14, you might want to consult our primer as a reminder how to shuffle the movies around to watch events unfold in chronological order, which is NOT as simple as following its production order. (Warning: Spoilers for all previous ‘Fast & Furious’ films follow.)

[Ed. Note: This story was originally published in 2015; it has been updated to reflect Furious 7.]

The Fast and The Furious (2001)
-Los Angeles undercover cop Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) infiltrates a crew of street racers led by Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) suspected in a series of local truck heists.

-O’Conner falls for Toretto’s sister Mia (Jordana Brewster).

-Dom is committed to steady girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).

-After suspecting rival racer Johnny Tran (Rick Yune) is ripping off the trucks, Brian discovers that Dom is definitely the guilty party. Rather then arrest the guy who’s become his friend, he hands over the keys to his own car, and they go their separate ways: Brian to Miami and Dom to Baja.

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
-The short film, Turbo-Charged Prelude, depicts Brian’s journey to Florida’s sun-dappled party town, where he hooks up with street-race organizer Tej (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges), races under the codename Bullet — and becomes one of America’s Most Wanted due to the whole “letting Dom go” thing.

-Caught by the U.S. Customs Service, Brian is forced to go back undercover — in partnership with his childhood buddy Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) — to help deep-cover Customs agent Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes) bring down drug kingpin Carter Verone (Cole Hauser).

-Brian and Roman successfully capture Carter, get their records expunged, and line their own pockets with spare drug money. O’Conner suggests he’s ready to put down roots in Miami, with Pearce serving as the Riggs to his Murtaugh.

Fast & Furious (2009)
-The short Los Bandoleros flash-forwards five years and finds Dom in the Dominican Republic, planning a heist with a new crew, including Han (Sung Kang), Leo (Tego Calderon), and Rico (Don Omar). Letty turns up, having followed his trail from Mexico, and signs up for the fuel-stealing operation that’s seen at the beginning of Fast & Furious. They also tie the knot in an off-screen ceremony, though we won’t know about that for three more movies.

-Han arrives in D.R. direct from L.A., where he made his first appearance in director Justin Lin‘s breakout 2002 crime movie, Better Luck Tomorrow. That earlier film isn’t directly connected to the Fast & Furious franchise, but both Lin and Kang have acknowledged over the years that it’s the same Han.

-Increased police vigilance during their fuel-tank raid forces Dom to ditch his girlfriend-wife and go on the lam once more. Three months later, Dom is in Panama City, where Mia calls him with the news Letty’s been murdered. He returns stateside to observe her funeral from a distance. Meanwhile, Brian — who has signed up with the FBI rather than continue to play Lethal Weapon with Roman — is on the trail of yet another drug runner…one who holds the key to figuring out who killed Letty.

-Brian and Dom reunite to attack the drug lord head-on, and this time Dom surrenders to the authorities rather than flee. Sentenced to 25 years-to-life, Dom is en route to the big house when Brian and Mia zoom by and initiate a prison-bus break.

Fast Five (2011)
-Once again fugitives from justice, Dom, Brian, and Mia head off to Rio de Janeiro where they reconnect with original Fast & Furious crew member, Vince (Matt Schulze). Their subsequent participation in a great train robbery puts Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Brazilian cop Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky) on the trio’s trail.

-Meanwhile, using information they’ve gathered from a computer chip outlining the criminal empire of Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida), Dom and Brian plot a heist to score one last big payday. That heist requires the participation of all their buddies, including Han, Tej, Roman, Leo, Rico, and Gisele (Gal Gadot), who converge on Rio to execute an Ocean’s Eleven-style scheme.

-Flush with cash, Brian and his now-pregnant girlfriend Mia head off to a tropical paradise where Dom drops by for a visit with his new lover, Elena. (Han and Gisele, meanwhile, take their partnership to the next level in Europe.) But back in the U.S., Customs agent Fuentes turns up at Hobbs’ office with evidence Letty isn’t as dead as everyone assumed.

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)
-Hobbs pulls Dom and the gang out of their post-Rio retirement to employ their special set of skills to stop the reign of terror propagated by a rogue British Special Forces officer, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), whose ranks of vehicular soldiers include an amnesia-stricken Letty.

-The group stops Shaw, but Gisele is killed. Dom, now reunited with Letty, and Brian and Mia (with their infant son Jack) return to America and settle down in their old L.A. neighborhood for the first time since the original Fast and the Furious. Recognizing that three’s a crowd, Elena blesses the Dom/Letty reunion and decamps for parts unknown.

-Meanwhile, a grieving Han heads to Tokyo, where he’s in mid-chase when his ride is viciously T-boned by an oncoming car driven by…Shaw’s brother (Jason Statham), a sudden callback to…

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)
-Sean (Lucas Black), a rebellious Arizona teenager and gearhead, is sent to Tokyo to live with his military father after getting involved in one joyride too many. He soon falls into the city’s “drift racing” scene, learning the ropes of drifting from Dom’s old pal, Han.

-Midway through the movie, Han is killed in the aforementioned car chase that we see at the end of Fast & Furious 6. The identity of the other driver wasn’t revealed in this film, but there’s no doubt that Han is pushing up daisies after his car explodes.

-As the film ends, Sean is preparing to prove his drifting skills against a new challenger: Dom. The two pay homage to their fallen mutual friend and gun their engines…racing off, we learn in retrospect, to Furious 7, nine years after this film’s release.

Furious 7 (2015)
-Sure enough, Dom is in Tokyo to transport Han’s remains back to Los Angeles for burial, while it’s revealed that Owen Shaw isn’t dead, but lies comatose in a prison hospital. Meanwhile, Owen’s brother Deckard (Statham) sets his sights on Dom’s team in a grand revenge plan that sidelines Hobbs and blows up the Toretto household.

-Eager for his own revenge, Dom strikes a bargain with covert ops bigwig Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) to steal the God’s Eye — a computer program that gives its user virtually unlimited spying power — in exchange for a shot at Deckard Shaw. The trail to the God’s Eye goes through hacker extraordinaire Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), who becomes the team’s latest accomplice…and the object of Tej and Roman’s competing affections.

-Following a knock-down, drag-out fight on the streets of L.A., Deckard is sent to a top-secret underground prison. Letty shakes the final strands of amnesiac cobwebbing from her brain and is flooded with memories from their wedding night, when she and Dom exchanged a necklace rather than rings. They embark on their years-delayed honeymoon, while Brian and Mia head off into well-deserved retirement to raise their baby boy.

‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Featurette: Zombie Cars:

Read More from Yahoo Movies:

sequel to this silly thing

When she turned three he called it house. Uncle Itachi was taking her out today, Papa would tell her at breakfast. Won’t that be so fun? Mama would ask. So they’d eat breakfast and Papa would help her get ready but she’d demand that Mama picked her clothes because Papa had no taste. And then by noon Uncle Itachi would be over, his hair looking as shiny as Auntie Ino’s and his suit crisp and fitted. He would pick her up and kiss her cheek and they’d say goodbye to Mama and Papa and when they got in the car (Uncle Itachi had a purple car seat just for her), Uncle Itachi would suggest they play house.

“I’ll be the Papa,” he would tell her, “and you can be my baby.”

Sarada would nod. “Okay, Papa.” The title felt weird because Uncle Itachi wasn’t her Papa at all (he dressed much better, for example) but Sarada always loved to play Uncle Itachi’s game.

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Wedding Series || Joe

Masterpost found here

Word count - 949

Summary - The one where Joe gets married.


Joe was the last of the buttercream boys to get married. He stood in the wedding parties for all of his mates- was even the best man for Caspar (and Alfie when he and Zoe finally tied the knot). Every time he stood behind his mates as they recited their vows, he had to hide his jealousy behind a pearly white smile. Obviously, he was happy for the guys, but when one of them settled down, a little voice in the back of his head taunted him that he never would.

Then he found you. You were everything Joe ever wanted. You got his sense of humor and never took life too seriously. You always loved a night out but knew the perfect days to stay in and watch a film. You weren’t too clingy and understood when he just wanted a day with the boys. You were supportive of his YouTube channel and assured him that he was talented at what he did. You were beautiful, inside and out, and after a few years of dating, he knew he couldn’t imagine his life with anyone else.

The proposal was simple. It was nighttime on a Sunday- one of your favorite times of the week. You and Joe had a tradition where every Sunday you watched the sunset on your balcony. It was your way of starting your week off to a good start, knowing that a beautiful sunrise washed away the messes of the day before and promised a clean slate in the morning. Even on days when the sun was hidden behind clouds, you sat outside until all that was above you was a black sky, hopefully pin-pricked with glittering stars.

He asked you on one of those Sunday’s. The sun had set and he pulled the ring out from his pocket, giving you a beautiful speech about how there was no one better in the world for him and it was about time he was the groom in a wedding instead of a bloody groomsman.

And now, here you both were. You stood at the alter, hands grasping Joe’s. With your heels on, you were exactly Joe’s height. He made sure you didn’t buy shoes that would make you taller than he was. Your sister, your four best friends, and Zoe stood behind you, while the whole buttercream squad was behind Joe. Caspar was his best man. “Would the best man now present the rings?” the priest asked, eyeing Caspar. Excitedly, Caspar reached in his pocket, but instead of pulling out the rings, he pulled out a remote control. You raised an eyebrow and Joe just let out a breathy laugh and shook his head at his best friend.

Seconds later, a remote control race car zoomed down the center isle. Everyone in the church laughed, including you, the priest, and everyone in the wedding party. On top of the race car sat a small box holding both rings. “He insisted on doing it,” Joe whispered in your ear. “Said he wanted to help make the wedding one to remember.”

Once the car hit the stairs of the stage, Caspar jogged down and untied the box from the car. “I’ve done hundreds of weddings in my time,” the priest said to the congregation with a smile. “I can tell you I have never seen anything quite like this.” Everyone laughed as Caspar pulled out the rings and handed them to Joe. Joe chuckled and patted his best mate on the back.

“Thanks, buddy,” he said to him. Caspar nodded and flashed you both a smile before returning to his place behind Joe.

Joe’s hands were shaking as he placed the ring on your finger. You squeezed his hand tightly, making his bright eyes immediately meet yours. You could see the worry leave his eyes right then and there. In that exact moment, he knew everything from that second on would be okay- perfect even. He looked calm, like when he was looking at you, he was looking at home.

When you recited your vows and your fiance officially became your husband, you couldn’t help but laugh at the reaction his friends had. Caspar took the remote control for the race car back out of his pocket and began doing donuts on the alter floor while the others rushed to pat Joe on the back, nearly tackling him in a huddle. Before any of your bridesmaids could congratulate you, the whole buttercream squad pulled you into their group hug, jumping around and cheering wildly.

Joe took a step back, watching you talk to all of the boys. He noticed you kept twiddling with the ring on your finger and he subconsciously looked down at his. “You’ve done it,” Zoe said, suddenly appearing next to Joe. Joe laughed and shook his head.

“I still look at her and I can’t believe she said yes,” he said honestly.

“I never had a doubt in my mind that she was the one for you,” Zoe said. “I mean, look at her with your weirdo friends.” Joe once again looked at you. You were laughing at something Caspar and Josh had said, then snagged the remote control from Caspar and drove that little car around the church. “Other girls would’ve gone mad if Caspar had done that. (Y/N), she loved it. She loved it because she knew that loving you meant loving them, and she’s always been okay with that.”

Joe couldn’t help but smile a little wider, feeling his heart soar higher than it ever had before. He pulled Zoe in for a hug. “You did good, Joe,” she said. “I’m proud of you. You got me a good sister.”

justacomicreader  asked:

Anti? Do you like remote-controlled cars, or teddy bears more? *holds out a remote and a car in a box in my right hand, and a teddy in my left* I mean, if you're still a kid you might as well as lots of fun, right? Unless Dark's effect wore off and you are a grownup now...

Anti eagerly reached for the car. The teddy bear seemed nice and all, but that car looked cooler in his eyes. “I want the car.”

((Dark didn’t make him a child. An anon did.))

The best way to describe ADHD is like this, you know the rechargeable battery operated remote control cars? Ok so you know when the battery is running out and no matter how hard you press the button you just can’t go any faster? And then there’s other cars who are pressing the button half as much as you and they are speeding past you. You have to put in twice as much effort just to barely keep up. 

That’s what ADHD is like. 

Ahkmenrah x Reader: Wait For Me

I don’t own the picture and I don’t own Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!

“Hey,” You looked up from your locker as you put away your textbooks.

“Hi, Nicky.”  You said as you closed your locker and hefted your bag over your shoulder.  “What’s up?”

“I’m heading to the museum after school, you wanna come?” You brightened at the invitation.

“Sure, I’d love to!”  You and Nicky had been friends when you were little, meaning that you knew about the museum’s “secret”.  You had moved away shortly thereafter, and had only just returned to Brooklyn a few months ago.  As a result, you had skipped over the events that had led up to the release of Ahkmenrah.

“Great!”  Meet me at the museum at 5, okay?”

“Sounds good!”  You both said your farewells, and you walked out to the parking lot with a spring in your step.

“Hey!”  Nicky looked up from where he sat on the museum steps.  He stood up when he saw you approach.

“You’re early,” He commented.  You checked your watch.

“Really?  My watch says I’m late.”

“Nope.  But that’s fine, it’s just less waiting time.”  He held the door open for you and ushered you in.  “Hey dad!”  He shouted into the silence.

“Nicky?”  A voice answered from somewhere in the museum.  Larry appeared from around the corner, and froze.  “Is that Y/N?”

“Hi, Mr. Daley,” You waved sheepishly.  He nodded to you and turned to Nicky.

“What is she doing here?”

“Y/N just moved back, and it’s been years since she came to the museum.  Plus she missed the whole  ‘Elease-Ray of the Ummy-May’.”  You looked at Nicky, confused.

“I’m sorry, what?  What do you mean ‘Release of the Mummy?’  The last time I was here, I thought mummy releasing was frowned upon.  Should I be worried?”  Nicky just grinned as the sun went down.

“You’ll see.”  Before you could ask any more, you heard a neigh.  You turned around just to see Teddy approach the three of you.

“Hello Lawrence! Nicholas,” He nodded to the Daley’s before turning to you.    

“You probably don’t remember me.  My name is—”

“Y/N, of course!   He held his hand out.  You shook it.  “How have you been?”

“I’ve been fine,” You said politely. 

“Is that Y/N?”  You heard another shout.   You looked around, but couldn’t see anyone.  Something slammed into your ankle, and you let out a cry.  Rubbing your ankle.  You looked down.  Jedediah and Octavius climbed out of a remote controlled car.  Jedediah waved at you, while Octavius shouted at Jed for being so reckless.  You crouched down.

“Hi guys!”  You smiled at the pair. They stopped their bickering and turned to you.

“Hello, Y/N.”  Octavius greeted politely.

“Hey, Y/N!  What’re ya doing here?”

“We moved back a few weeks ago.”  Jed whooped with happiness.

“You owe me ten bucks,Octy!”  You laughed.  Octavius grumbled and handed Jed a few tiny coins.

“That’s not my name.”                                                                                                           

“Did you guys actually make bets on whether or not I’d be coming back?”  They realized what they had done and stopped, looking at their feet in shame.  You laughed again at the sudden change in behaviour.  “It’s fine you guys.  Apparently Nicky made a bet with Larry.  You heard Larry scoff behind you.

“You told her?”

“Hey, the only reason you’re mad is because you lost.”  Nicky said in defense.  Suddenly, the ground started to vibrate.  Jed and Octavius looked at each other and ran for their car.  They sped off just as Attila and his men raced into the foyer.  Behind them, Sacajawea walked in calmly.  Sacajawea saw you and smiled.  She gave you a hug before climbing up onto Texas behind Teddy.  Attila also hugged you, but the way Sacajawea did.  He lifted you off the ground as he shouted to his men, who began to cheer.  You struggled for breath and tapped his arm frantically.  He babbled something incoherent and put you down with an apologetic look on his face.  Before you could assure him it was okay, something warm and fuzzy launched onto your shoulder.  Dexter’s excited squeaks filled your ears, and you scratched his back.

“Well hello to you too,” You laughed.    Dexter shrieked even louder and leapt onto your head, messing with your hair.  You laughed, and looked to Nicky for help.  He chuckled and walked over to you.  He pulled the monkey off your head.  The monkey squeaked in protest. Nicky leaned down and said something to Dexter.  The monkey perked up and sprung out of Nicky’s arms.  Before anyone could do anything, the capuchin grabbed Larry’s keys and scampered out of sight. 

“Hey!  Get back here!”  Larry shouted as he took off after Dexter.   You heard a crash and a rushed apology.  A man in long orange robes appeared, brushing dust off his clothes.

“Hey, Ahk!”  Nicky waved at the stranger who came over to your cluster of friends. 

“Hello, Nicky,” The man nodded to him and everyone else.  “Who’s this?”  He motioned to you.

“This is my friend, Y/N.”  You held out your hand, expecting him to shake it.  Instead, he leaned down and brushed his lips over your knuckle, causing you to blush.

“It is an honour, Y/N.  I am Ahkmenrah.”  You  blinked.  Hold on a minute.

“Wait.  Ahkmenrah?”  He nodded.  “As in the mummy from the Egyptian exhibit?”  He nodded again.  You looked at Nicky and pointed at Ahkmenrah.  “How the hell is he alive?”

Nicky stared at you.  “You’re joking, right?  You see the whole museum come to life every night and you’re surprised by one guy waking up?”

“Everyone else is made of wax.  He’s actual flesh.”  You warily stepped away.  “He won’t eat my brains, will he?”  Nicky burst out laughing.

“No, you’re good.  Ahk’s not a zombie.  He actually owns the tablet.”

“Plus, I don’t eat.”  Ahkmenrah chimed in helpfully.  You smiled and he awkwardly matched yours.  “And in order to destroy whatever image of me you have, would you care to join me on a tour of the museum?”  You looked at Nicky, who nodded.

“Sure,” You said.  Ahkmenrah’s face brightened up and he offered you his arm.  He led you away from the main foyer and down a hall.

“So how is it that you are comfortable with the other exhibits, yet me coming to life is such a shock?”

“Well, I’ve been here before.”  He looked at you.  “When Nicky and I were little we used to come here all the time.  We always stayed away from the Egyptian exhibit because we heard weird noises and thought it was a ghost, but looking back now, that was probably you, wasn’t it?”  He nodded.

“But if you’ve been coming here since you were little, how come you didn’t know about me?”

“We just moved back.  My family moved away ten years ago, and we’ve only been back for a few weeks.  We actually only live a few blocks away from here.”  You mentally punched yourself.  You only met this guy twenty minutes ago, and he already knew your name and the general location of your home.  But somehow you felt like you could trust him.  Like you were safe. 

“—N?”  You snapped back into reality.  Ahkmenrah was staring at you.  “Are you alright?”

“Hm?  Oh, yeah.  Yeah I’m fine.  Just lost in thought, I guess.”  You rubbed your arm in embarrassment and Ahkmenrah smiled down at you.  “So, you’ve been asking me a lot of questions.  I think it’s my turn.”

“Go ahead,”

“How does the Tablet work?”

“It was forged by priests and bathed in the light of Khonsu, the moon god.  His power is what brings everything to life.”  You nodded.

“So, it was buried with you?”  He nodded.  “Oh, God.”  He looked at you.

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?”  You asked, bewildered.  “What’s wrong is that you were brought to life every night for thousands of years and all you could do was stay in a little box!”  He blinked at you.  He looked like he was going to say something, but his widened and he pulled you down suddenly.  You let out a shriek as a small plane flew overhead.  You both watched the plane as it flew out of sight.

“Are you alright?”  He asked you with concern in his eyes.  You nodded and he helped you up.  You brushed off your clothes while he waited.  When you were ready, he offered you his arm again.  You took a step and your ankle exploded with pain.  You released his arm with a cry and dropped back down to the floor.  “Y/N!”  He exclaimed, dropping down beside you.  “Are you okay?”  You nodded.

“I’ll be fine,” You ground out.  “It’s probably just a sprain.”  You tried to get up again, but collapsed.  Not being to be told, Ahkmenrah scooped you up.  “Ahkmenrah, what are you doing?”

“Well we need to treat your ankle, and you obviously can’t walk.”  You tried to think of an argument, but couldn’t come up with anything.  You sighed and settled against his chest, defeated.  Ahkmenrah looked down at you, suddenly grateful that his heart no longer beat.  If it had, it would have probably exploded by now.

“Y/N?”  Nicky’s voice echoed through the halls.  “Ahk?”  He turned the corner and his eyes landed on you, still cradled in the Pharaoh’s arms.  “What happened?”

“Jedediah’s plane happened.”  You explained as you pointed to your ankle.

“I was just taking her to the front desk,” Nicky walked over to you, and before either of you could react, he took you out of Ahkmenrah’s arms and into his own.

“I guess this is a good time to take you home then, huh?”  He asked.  “Thanks for taking care of her, Ahk.”  He nodded.

“I hope to see you again, Y/N.”  Ahkmenrah said warmly.  You smiled.

“Yeah, me too.”

“Thank you again, Nicky.”  You said as he helped you to your front room.  It turned out that your sprain wasn’t a sprain, and now your leg was trapped in a cast.

“It’s no problem.  You sure you don’t need any more help?”

“I think I can make it to my room on my own, mom.”  You laughed and he scoffed at the nickname.

“Yeah, yeah.  I’ll see you later,” You waved and he left.  You slipped you key into the door and walked in.

“Hello?”  You called, wondering if your family was home.  You were answered by a note left on the kitchen counter.  You picked it up and read it.

Went out for dinner.  Will be back by 11.


You put the note back down and walked (or rather hobbled) into the living room.  You flopped down on the couch and reached for the remote.  You flipped through the channels before deciding on a show.  You settled into the couch and got comfortable.    The opening began to play, but before you could get into the show, you heard a thud from your room.  You hit mute, and listened for the sound.  When you heard nothing, you shrugged and turned up the volume again.  The show continued, but you heard the show again. You swallowed your fear and decided to investigate.  Walking over to the broom closet, you took out a baseball bat and slowly approached your room.  You pushed the open with your bat and slowly stepped inside.  You flicked on the light and looked around.  You didn’t see anything, but you knew someone was in there.

“Who’s there?”  You shouted, attempting to sound tough.  “I’ll call the cops!”  When you didn’t get an answer you ran out and back to the phone.  Before you could pick up the phone, a tan hand slipped over yours.  You let out a shriek and whirled around.  Ahkmenrah held his hands up and stepped away from you, his eyes wide.  “Wha—Ahk?”  He nodded.  “What the hell are you doing here?!”  You demanded as you tried to calm your nerves.  He reached into his robes and pulled something out.

“You left this at the Museum,” He said simply, handing you your phone.  In all the commotion you hadn’t even noticed you dropped it.  You took it with a shaky hand.


“I’m sorry I scared you.”

“No, no it’s okay.  But why did you come all the way here to give me my phone?  I would’ve been there tomorrow, you know.”  Ahkmenrah’s face began to turn pink.

“Well…”  He rubbed his neck.  “We didn’t get to finish our talk, and to be completely honest, I wanted to see you sooner,” You smiled at his bashfulness.

“Well let’s talk then.  You grabbed his hand and pulled him back over to the couch and sat down.  He followed suit.  “You never answered me, you know.”

He tried to recall your earlier remark, but came up blank.  “What did you say?”

“…Why do you talk about being trapped for thousands of years like it’s no big deal?”  He went quiet and his face turned serious.  “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to,” You said, worried that you had crossed the line. 

“No it’s alright.” He smiled at you.  “Well, it’s no big deal to me because…I guess I just got used to the idea.  I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get out.”

“But why did you try so hard to get out in the museum?”

“Because for the first time since I was buried, I thought I finally had a chance.  I heard the noises outside every night for fifty years, but no one ever let me out.  That was even worse than the thousand years in my tomb.”  You laid a hand on his arm sympathetically.

“I’m so sorry, Ahk.”  He looked at you with confusion.


“If I had known, I would’ve let you out sooner.”  He laid his hand over yours.

“No, I scared you.  If I were you I wouldn’t let me out either.”  He began to get closer to you.  “I’m just glad I’m out now.”

“But why?”  You asked, your voice barely a whisper.                                                

“…Because I get to talk to you,” He murmured as his lips got closer to yours.  Your lips were a hairs width away from each other.  You both leaned in, and…

“Y/N, we’re home!” SHIT!  You and Ahkmenrah looked at each other, wide eyed.  “Y/N?  Are you here?”  You reacted first.  You sprung up and grabbed Ahkmenrah, pushing him towards your room.

“Y/N?  Wha—”

“Shhh!”  You exclaimed, opening the window to the fire escape.  “You can get out through here!”  He nodded and walked over.

“Can I see you again?”  He asked hopefully.  You smiled and nodded.  He grinned and kissed your cheek.  “See you tomorrow, Y/N.”  And then he was gone, leaving you alone in your room, a hand to your cheek and a dumb grin on your face.

Nicky: U coming 2nite?

You looked up from your homework and grabbed your phone, texting a quick message in reply.

Y/N: Can’t.  Got 2 much homework :(

You got up and put your phone on its stand, turning on your music.  Soft music began to play through your speakers as you returned to your work.   You managed to make more progress, but you were interrupted again by someone knocking at your window.  You looked up just as Ahkmenrah opened the door and entered your room.

“Hi,” You said as you looked back down at your work.                                              

“Hello, Y/N,” You moved over so he could sit on your bed.  “What are you doing?”

“Homework,” You answered without looking up.

“How long have you been working?”  You checked the clock.                               

“About…five hours now?”  You estimated.  Ahkmenrah reached over and closed your books without a word.  “What are you doing?”  You asked as he took your schoolwork away.

“You’ve been working for too long,” He stated simply.  “You need to relax.”

“Well what do you suggest?”  The room went silent as he thought.  Then a smile slowly spread across his face and he grabbed your hand, pulling you up.  “What are you doing?”  You asked.

“Dancing,” He answered with a grin.  You pushed away from him with a nervous laugh.

“Whoa whoa whoa, buddy.  No way.”


“I don’t dance.”

“You don’t have to.”  He gently grabbed you by the waist and pulled you back to him.  He lifted you up and slid his feet under yours.  Staying in time with the music, he slowly began to sway the two of you back and forth.  “See?  You’re a natural.”  He murmured in your ear.  You blushed and hid your face in his shoulder.  “Don’t be embarrassed.”  He let go of your hand and tilted your face up to his.  “You’re beautiful.”  He leaned down, and slowly brushed his lips against yours.  Your eyes fluttered closed and you pressed your lips against his, savouring the moment. 

What am I doing?

You abruptly pushed him away and moved to the other side of the bed, creating a barrier between the two of you.

“What’s wrong?”  He asked you, trying to mask the hurt in his voice.  “Don’t you want this?”

“Of course I do!”  You answered.  “But we can’t.”

“Why on earth not?”  He walked to your side of the bed.  When you didn’t answer, he stiffened.  “I deserve to know, Y/N.”  He said firmly.  You sighed.

“I want to be with you, I really do.  But it wouldn’t work.  I’m human, and you’re only awake at night.  I really like you, but I want to be with someone I have a chance at having a future with.”  Ahkmenrah sighed, and before you could react, he pulled you into his arms, holding you against his chest.

“I really like you too.  And we will make this work, I promise.  I’ll find a way for us to be together.  All I ask is you wait for me.”  You sighed and pressed your face into his chest.  “Please.”  He whispered.  After a moment, you nodded.


“So, got any plans this weekend?”  Nicky asked as you left the school.  You shook your head. 

“I’m working all weekend.”

“That sucks.”  You shrugged.

“Yeah, but I’d rather not be homeless, so you know,” You laughed.  “Oh, and I don’t need a ride today.”

“No!”  He shouted abruptly, making your jump.  “I mean, it’s no problem, my car’s right there.”

“You don’t have to,”  You said.

“Y/N.  Get in the car.” 

You laughed.  “Okay, okay!”  You held your hands up in surrender and climbed into the passenger side.  Nicky got in the driver’s side and you tossed your bag into the back seat.  What you didn’t expect was a shout of pain to respond.  You whirled around to see Ahkmenrah wearing street clothes and rubbing his head.  You shrieked and Nicky covered his ears.

“Ahk, you okay?”  He asked.

“I’m fine,” The Pharaoh answered.  You were still shocked into silence, and Ahkmenrah grinned at you.  “What, not even a hello?”  You looked at Nicky, bewildered.

“Surprise,” He said lamely.  “That’s  why I insisted on driving.”  Ahkmenrah grabbed your bag and got out.  He opened your door and helped you out.  You both waved good-bye to Nicky as he drove away.

“Well?”  Ahkmenrah asked after a moment.

“W-What is going on?  How is this possible?”  You asked in a daze.  He leaned down and grabbed your hand.

“I promised I’d find a way for us to be together didn’t I?”  He murmured as his eyes searched yours. 

“Wait.”  You said as you held up your hands.  “What are you saying?”  He grinned and pulled you closer.

“What I’m saying is I’m human.”  Your eyes widened.  “We can be together.  We can have a future!” He said excitedly.  When you didn’t answer, his face fell.  “What?  Are you unhappy?”  You remained silent.  He stepped away, running a hand over his face.  “Oh my God.  I should’ve asked you first.  I’m so sorry, I shoul—”  He didn’t get to finish, because you had already covered his mouth with your own.

Thanks to justcallmecinammon and the anon that requested this one!

Shoutout to the girls who:

wanted to be Pokémon trainers instead of princesses

aren’t really interested in makeup

didn’t really like pink but kept receiving pink things cuz that was the stereotypical girl color

don’t like skirts and/or dresses

don’t like heels

aren’t into fashion

had more fun with remote controlled cars, action figures, and other “guy toys” than with Barbies and dress up

got teased for having a larger build than average

got made fun of for having guy friends

have low-pitched voices

aren’t curvy and/or are flat-chested

feel like puberty didn’t change them for the better

ever felt pressured to be “girly” because they were girls

If you ever felt isolated because of any of this, I just wanna say that you’re not broken or weird because your interests, characteristics, or features differ from what other people expect. It’s hella cool you like what you like and you are who you are and I promise you two things: 1) you’re not alone, and 2) there are people who think you’re awesome ❤️