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reasons aizawa shouta can’t have short hair: god,

Tell You Later

Warnings: lots of nsfw, cursing, will give u tom feels

Summary: you and thomas have been best friends with benefits for almost a year now, however he want’s it to be more and can’t find the moment to tell you that.  My first smut so bear 🐻 with me.  ft. slightly sub!tom

concept by Lili (@osterfieldz) story by Zara (@tomsleftbrow)

word count:  2358

key: the first part is toms perspective, flashback,  __________ denotes perspective change

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Tord: I run a workshop around these parts! I mostly get paid for repairing things, such as vehicles, robotics, house appliances, or anything mechanical, you name it!

Tord: Mmm, all sorts of kinds. As of now I’ve made stuff like remote controlled toys, steam-powered robots, prosthetics….and maybe a portable sofa, once.

As for guns- I like ‘em, and I own a few but I do not make them. No further comment.

Tord: Depends. Small projects tend to take about a week, while robots with built-in AI take several weeks or months. Maybe less if I don’t sleep. 

Tord: I’ve considered working on huge projects before though, probably something cool like….a giant robot. But that would take me literally years or decades…

Just kidding. I do not have the time, nor funds to build such a thing.

animegirlkairi  asked:

Hey Jakei, I’m confused about something. In your latest episode, XChara said that they needed the other half XGaster’s to be complete. But wasn’t their (and Cross’s) soul taken by Error in the beginning? Wouldn’t they need to get that half of their soul too to be complete?

Error took their original soul, but Chara and Cross are still alive thanks to his determination.
That original soul has the half Overwrite ability in Chara’s half of soul and it is connected to his half of determination. So, imagine that he can use that power remotely. Only if he has enough determination and a strong soul. That’s why Chara could use the overwrite button when he took Underswap!Chara’s soul. 

It could never happened if Cross would take a complete monster’s soul. Because that half of the Overwrite was assigned only for the use of a human soul. 

If Chara could take the other half of XGaster, he could easily take back the other part of his original soul and complete the Overwrite ability. 

XGaster can do the same because he is half-determination too. Both parts automatically become a wildcard depending on who wants to take the other half.  

happy belated birthday @willjtudor​ !! this was supposed to be ready yesterday but life happened, i’m sorry 

this is set in the alternate dimension, some soft au!malec for you riya. hope you like it ♥

(huge thanks to @magnusragnor​ who helped me beat this into shape and encourage me to keep writing every time i felt like giving up)

Sunlight bathes the room in a hazy golden hue, chasing the remaining night chill and making the navy blue sheets look a shade lighter than they are. Alec frowns a little but refuses to open his eyes. Despite the red tint he can perceive through his lids he’s sure the sun isn’t what woke him up. And then he feels it. Careful fingers running through his hair, a warm naked chest beneath his cheek, Magnus’ soft breathing. He can’t help it, nuzzling into Magnus’ warmth and feeling him chuckle.

“Good morning.”

“Morning,” Alec answers in a raspy voice, not even trying to disguise the total contentment he feels right now.

He lazily perches himself up on his elbow, looking down at Magnus. He looks glorious - hair soft and sticking up in all directions, so different from his usual combed style, body all relaxed lines, and his face set in a tender expression, eyes shining in the morning light and a smile dancing on his lips. To Alec’s delight, he can see a hickey under his jaw, right below his ear. He cups Magnus’ face and runs his thumb over the bruised skin, grinning when it makes him shiver. When he leans down to kiss him, Alec’s smile is equal parts sinful and fond.

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Get yourself a FREAK like ME 😈

For starters, today is my anniversary with RF. I cannot believe it has been a year - the most perfect year. That being said, I will always try my best to find ways to spice our sex life up. Call me a freak, but it keeps him coming back for more. If you don’t have a kinky bone in your body, I got you boo because that’s all I have.

1. As I said it before, in public areas (while shopping/dinning out/wherever you are) excuse yourself and go to the ladies room. Take your panties off and when you return casually hand it to him. It will drive him insane.

2. Head to your nearest sex store and make some friends. They have this vibrator that you have on and it comes with a remote. While you’re at dinner, put it on or in (some go inside of you) and hand him the remote. Men love power. There’s nothing sexier than pleasing a woman and no one else in the room knows but you two.

3. If he is a work or in a business meeting, I always have a little picture stored ready to play with him. I love driving him insane with those. Just press send and capture his mind.

4. It’s self explanatory: lingerie set and a trench coat (fall is coming ladies)

5. Last Christmas I gave RF a sex box with a bunch of goodies. If you check Amazon or Spencer’s, there are a bunch of scratch-and-win sex cards or coupons. I remember once, RF kept the coupon and redeemed when I was so tired. It was so funny, I could not resist.

If you ladies have any more freaky tips, feel free to add because I’m always looking for more

The Beholder is the best idea Gary Gygax ever had and nobody can be assed to say why. I’ve seen people agonize over the Beholder, trying to improve on the overall model, and it’s never worked for me. Thing is, you can’t deliberately improve a monster until you have a working theory for why it worked in the first place, and I couldn’t have told you what makes Beholders good until like a couple of days ago.

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Unconventional Training Methods

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 793 (Eets kinda short…)

Warnings: Sickly sweet fluff

Summary: Bucky promises to train you, but his timing is less than ideal. Or the one where you just want to watch tv, but Bucky won’t let you.

You slowed your breathing and lowered yourself as close to the floor as humanly possible. Ears alert for any sign of company, you inched carefully across the white tiled floor using your socked feet to muffle your footsteps. Muscles shaking slightly from the strain of holding still, you forced yourself to keep your movements minimal as you eyed your target.

You’d cut your distance nearly in half before your ears caught a soft sound to your left. You froze and held your breath. When no noise followed you continued your progress across the room. A thump and muffled curse launched you into action.

Sprinting full tilt across the room you vaulted over the kitchen counter and slid gracefully under the dining table. You nearly made it before a black blur took you out from your left flank. Your eyes watered from the force of hitting the floor and the air being forced from your lungs. You groaned and shoved at the large man currently snickering on top of you. “Move your ass, you fat relic!”

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Project ASTRON X-Weapon

Initiated in the 1950s, Project ASTRON was a series of unconventional tank proposals. Most of the tanks shown at the ASTRON meeting (1950’s) were nuclear powered, had remote controlled secondary guns, heavily armored, and strange to the untrained tankers eye. The Chrysler TV-8 nuclear-powered tank fell amongst these X-tanks.

The X-Weapon was fast and for the time, well gunned. It was projected to achieve speeds of 80 km/h and mounted a 90mm gun. However, its armor would be nothing to speak of. The visual similarities to the M41 Walker Bulldog are due to the X-Weapon’s foreseen capability to replace the M41.

In the end, ASTRON’s X-tanks were terminated because they showed no significant advantage to standard tank designs and were prohibitively expensive.

There’s something weird about Suzie’s magic

This is the page of the book that we saw her reading, and the spell she used to clean her bloodstained shirt:

But how? It doesn’t say anywhere what the spell does, so how did she know what it would do? Instinct? Or did she just decide to try any random spell and see what it would do, and she just got lucky?

Apart from the incantation and the “power spell - use caution” warning, the only other information on the page is the instructions for casting the spell, which Suzie ignores: “Piont [point?] / West / Circle / Zap & Roll”

All Suzie has to do is hold the wand and say ‘Pi Dendo’, and it does exactly what she wanted it to do, even though she had no way of knowing what it would do and she didn’t even cast the spell properly. Either Suzie has an immense instinctive magical ability, or there’s something else going on…

It’s also interesting that Suzie doesn’t immediately understand the symbols. The first page she looks at is completely unreadable, and when she turns the page the symbols blur and refocus as english. It seems less like Suzie can read the symbols, and more like the book is making itself readable to her specifically

After that we don’t see inside the book again, we just see her casting more and more spells. The book is big, sure, but what are the chances that it just happened to contain the specific spells for all the things Suzie wanted to happen? Exactly the right spells to clean her shirt, fix her leg, change her hair, clear her skin, give her abs, create infinite money, tidy the house, and turn her husband into a human puppet?? 

At no point does Suzie fail to find a spell she wants, or have trouble casting a spell. None of the spells only half work, or have disappointing results. So far, she hasn’t had a single setback. Everything is just too easy.

Maybe Suzie does just have a really incredible amount of natural talent when it comes to magic. That in itself is kind of strange, because Suzie has no apparent connection to Wendimoor

Or maybe Suzie doesn’t have any power of her own at all. Maybe The Mage is using Suzie as his puppet - leaving her the book and the wand, and using his magical power remotely to make Suzie think that she is magical. Whatever Suzie wants, he makes it happen, but in a way that makes it seem like Suzie is the one in control

Over time, he could use this to his own advantage - Suzie will do his bidding, while still thinking that everything she does is her idea. He wouldn’t be able to make her do anything she fundamentally didn’t want to do, which is why he is gradually desensitising her - starting with her attacking Bart in self-defence, then turning Bob into her puppet and using him to kill the dog. And it looks like next episode she’ll try to use Bob to kill Dirk, as well as attacking someone else herself

Hit like Aaron Judge

Note: A part of me wants to apologize for the amount of baseball in this fic, but I can’t. I just can’t. Anyway, you really don’t need to know baseball to understand what’s going on in this fic, Killian is just as clueless as anyone when it comes it. But yeah, I really like this one for no reason whatsoever other than I got to sure my baseball love alongside my love for OUAT. As usual, I am nothing without the support and help of @welllpthisishappening​. She’s amazing. Go check out her amazing cooking fic folks! It’s hella awesome as is she.
Summary: Neddy Jones loves baseball more than anything. He eats, drinks, thinks and dreams about it. Killian wants nothing more to bond with his youngest son, but baseball is very much a two-handed sport.
Rating: T
Word Count: 7,800+

If someone asked Killian when the whole baseball fiasco started, he would say it started with the television.

Killian had come home, tired from another day of fielding complaints and ferreting a wild squirrel from the McRae’s attic, to find his three youngest all in the living room. Beth and Wes were in a heated argument over what to watch on the television in the house while Neddy was watching them with a perplexed expression.

Nothing about this scene was new to Killian. Beth and Wes were a frightening pair; sometimes the thickest of thieves while in other times the bitterest of enemies. Both always wanted their own way, which in a house where there was (purposely) only one television, having one’s way wasn’t always a feasible option. They were constantly locked in a never-ending battle of tug of war, which was never better illustrated better than the current scene of them both pulling on a black television remote at different ends.

“Give me the fucking clicker or I swear I will tell Mom and Dad about Bobbi sneaking over in the middle of the night,” Beth hissed through clenched teeth, looking very much like her mother when she was in Savior Mode™.

The threat nearly caused Killian to snort. As if he didn’t already know. These kids thought they were actually slick enough to get pass him and Emma. He could teach them a thing or two, but that would let them on to the fact that Killian was very much aware of what happened under his roof.

“Not happening anytime soon, Princess.” Wes glared back.

At this point in the game, Killian knew he should intervene before someone got hurt or worse, the couch broke again, but he was exhausted and need of at least five minutes to himself before he could slip back into Dad Mode™. They were old enough where they should be able to figure this out for themselves. (Of course, he knew the operative word there was “should” and that word rarely had panned out.)

Somehow in their battle of television dominance, the remote went flying into the air. Both Beth and Wes scrabbled for it, but the winner was neither party. It landed only a few feet away from where Neddy was sitting. Though he was only seven, Neddy seemed to realize the significance and power the remote held, and seized it without a moment’s hesitation.

“Give it here, Neddy,” Wes commanded, holding out his hand and making an impatient motion.

“Bug, if you give me the remote, I will teach you how to kick ass with a sword,” Beth bribed.

Neddy looked between the two of them for a moment before meeting Killian’s eye over their shoulders. He was giving him an exasperated look that said, “see what I have to deal with.” Killian was struck by how much his youngest son looked like his long deceased brother. His expression was pure Liam.

“The Yankees game is on in ten minutes,” Neddy said calmly.

“You’re not serious!” Wes exclaimed. “We watched the Yankees yesterday! No way we are doing baseball twice in a row. No, I’m invoking my right as the eldest in the room and we’re going to watch Top Gun.”

“We watch Top Gun like every week, Wes! Enough with the constant Tom Cruise! I missed Darkest Hour yesterday and there’s a rerun of the episode coming on soon!” Beth protested.

“Isn’t Darkest Hour an ABC show?” Wes asked with a quirked brow.

“Yeah. Your point?”

“Quit while you’re ahead, Princess. It will be trash by season four…if it makes it that far.”

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a-zini  asked:

Im thinking that the Squip is something along the lines of Professor X with remote telepathic powers. Maybe he tried to use Jeremy as an example of how non mutants are killing mutant youth. Took over his mind, told him to be cool, and part of that was rejecting his powers. Probably cause Jer to hurt his wings. IM SO SORRY THIS IS ALL RLY SAD oh and thanks for showcasing my submission :D


but i do like this idea 

ironthrones  asked:

for the title fic: according to all known laws of aviation (there is no way a bee should be able to fly)

According to All Known Laws of Aviation (there is no way that a bee should be able to fly)

leave me an imaginary fic title/summary and i’ll write something!

Yuuri watches the screen with a blank expression. “Victor, just because this is the only English movie that you have on DVD doesn’t mean that we have to watch it every week.”

“If you think about it, the story is sort of similar to our lives.”


“Well, you’re Barry, and I’m Vanessa, and—”

“Victor,” Yuuri cuts him off. He crawls across the couch and into Victor’s lap. He brings his lips to Victor’s and Victor hums into the kiss, hands slipping under Yuuri’s shirt and beginning their nightly exploration of his chest.

While he’s distracted, Yuuri’s free hand slips behind them, finds the television remote, and powers off the TV.

xxluvme4evaxx  asked:

How would style five + sosuke react to their girlfriend falling asleep on them?

Haru: Wouldn’t mind too much when you fell asleep on his shoulder, letting you rest while he drew or studied for school. In fact, he’d be hesitant to move in fear of disturbing your rest, even when his neck started to cramp up. If it got too uncomfortable, he’d gently rest your head down on his futon and give a soft peck on your cheek.

Makoto: A hot blush would spread across his face when he realized that you were sleeping in his lap. After getting rid of the initial embarrassment, he’d smile quietly to himself. He’d admire how peaceful you looked, and glad that you felt so comfortable in his presence. It made him feel as though you entrusted him to protect and take care of you. He’d kiss you on the forehead and stroke your hair, enjoying how tiny you seemed in his lap.

Nagisa: He would be absolutely ecstatic that you fell asleep on him, gushing as softly as he could about how adorable you looked while you were sleeping and smiling like he’d just won some type of award. He’d quiet down once he realized that all of the noise he was making was starting to pull you out of your sleep, and instead just appreciate the cute memory you two were forming.

Rei: He’d be talking to you about something, coming to the point in the conversation where you would respond. He’d wait a moment, then look down at you and realize that you had fallen asleep in his lap. He’s not quite offended, only because of the restful look on your face, but startled, almost jolting up out of embarrassment. He’s glad he didn’t though, and with a loving look in your direction, he continues on with the theory he was going on about previously. 

Rin: He’d realize you had fallen asleep on his chest after the movie credits had started to roll. Carefully, he’d reach over for the remote and power the TV off, sighing happily to himself as he wraps a muscular arm around your sleeping form. Rin would grin at you, loving how it felt to feel your chest move with his in sync, kissing your head before nodding off with you.

Sousuke: Is surprised to feel your head slump against his shoulder. He knew you seemed drowsy before you came over, but he had no idea you were that tired. He lets you sleep, chuckling at your small snores. Sousuke would take time to appreciate how cute you were, and wouldn’t move until it you woke back up.

Apocalypse AU (Max Part 1)

A/N: Gonna write this in snippets like it’s an episode of Alice Isn’t Dead

(I may or may not do more) Enjoy!!!


So none of us know what happened. Sure, there was talk about it on the news but nothing ever came of it. Still, David and Gwen were worried, took Campbell’s advice and started prepping. The basement was turned into a bunker and just in case they started stalking up on canned goods. I thought it was a bunch of bullshit. There was always talk of war, of missiles being launched, and governments getting into fights but no one ever got hurt. I guess I should have been more concerned.

“David turn on the TV,” Gwen cried, running into the kitchen with the radio in hand.

David was on the phone talking to Neil’s mother, he would have used his cellphone but cell service had been down for a few weeks. I grabbed the remote and pressed the power button.

The TV was set to a news channel like it had been for the past three months. A voice over of an anchor explained what we were seeing a clip of missiles being launched played.

“The U.S has retaliated,” she was saying but was cut off by an emergency broadcast announcement telling us to stay indoor due to air pollution.

“I thought the missile launch was just a test,” David asked Gwen quietly.

“I thought so too,” Gwen said dreadfully.

They glanced at me and I glared. For some reason they’ve been trying to shelter me from this whole thing, as if I was a child.

“Ms. Rothschild,” David spoke into the phone, concerned, “has your TV gone back to the news yet?” I could hear her speaking but I couldn’t hear the words, a moment passed and David moved the phone to his neck, covering the receiver so he could say something to Gwen. “She says she can’t find Neil.”

“Maybe he’s on his way here,” I muttered stirring my cereal, “I wouldn’t want to be at his house during this whole mess either.”

They were too concerned to chide me and just told Ms. Rothschild they’d keep an eye out for him.

I hadn’t heard from Neil in days either but I’d be damned if I was going to let the news psych me out. Besides, he was probably just caught up in an experiment.

A few hours later we were informed that whoever we bombed was retaliating. I guess it was just a test. Threats and tests, arguments escalated too quickly, and misunderstandings. Our government inadvertently started a war. Or maybe they did plan this, I wouldn’t put it pass them. All I know is we retreated to the bunker

Oddly enough, I could only think of one safe place to be and that was camp. I had a bag packed, my bike ready, and my ukulele in the basket. It’s funny, Nikki, Neil, and I always planned on taking a road trip before college. We would’ve too if it hadn’t been for this damned disaster. God I hope I find them. It happened once so it could probably happen again…Right?

They think I’m asleep, so they speak in hushed whispers.

“It’s been six months, David,” Gwen whisperers tiredly. “When this shit gonna end?”

“I don’t know, no one’s said if it’s safe to go outside yet,” he started. “And I can’t find a good signal on the shortwave.”

“So we’re just gonna wait?”

They fall silence for a few moments and I think they’ve settled into sleep until David speaks again.

“Well, I could go check.”

More than a bit worried about what might happen if David leaves the bunker, I squeeze Mr. Honeynuts. He can’t!

“Don’t you fucking dare, David,” Gwen hisses. “You are not leaving us here alone.” Her voice starts to raise but she softens it when I shift.

“It’s just a thought,” he defended quietly.

“Well stop thinking,” she snapped. “We’ve got everything we need down here so none of us need to leave until we are sure it is absolutely safe. Got that?”

I think he must have nodded because her next words were “Good, now go to sleep.”

When I sit up Gwen is snoring away.

“We can’t stay in here for six more months. Gwen might have another breakdown,” I whisper to the teddy bear. “And we can’t let David leave, I don’t wanna be stuck with Gwen.”

I stare at the bear for a few seconds, he’s pretty old, and worn. Still a great friend though.

“You’re right, it’s not the most ideal plan but I could go check. But you have to stay here.”

It’s a fucking desert out here. How did that happen? Neil would probably know. I don’t think I’m anywhere near the camp. Wish I had taken the fucking car, or Gwen’s motorcycle, she was gonna give it to me anyways.

I have no idea where I am. Just gotta find Lake Lilac. Any landmarks that might have helped are in ruin. There’s no people out here, not even skulls, and a worryingly scarce amount of trees. I’ve been walking for days and I’ve learned that I definitely want to have cover before nightfall. Some freaky shit happens here at night.

“You’re going to need my help!” he barks at her, as her sleigh slides through the snow, snaking past trees, the wolves hot on their heels.

“What, some prince who thinks one man can solve everything?! The permanent winter, the—”

She gasps, turning her head to find Prince Organa of Arendelle holding a lute high over his head, ready to strike.

“He is a priest!” On the last word, he swings. The ukelele connects with the jaw of a wolf, batting the animal back into the dark sky. Rey swallows as Bridgette keeps running, slamming her hooves into the snow.

Rey looks at the felled wolf. She gulps.


“Anyway,” scoffs Prince Organa, “you sell ice.

When Prince Ben Organa of Arendelle was young, his uncle, the priest Luke Skywalker disappeared to the ice caves of the high North Mountain and never returned. Soon after, the permanent winter quickly came and took Ben’s father, Han, with it, tearing apart mother and son. Queen Organa has made it her duty to keep her subjects safe for these past twenty years, but a darker presence has now started to infect the kingdom, making the winter harsher and more dangerous than ever.

Though resentful of his uncle and his sudden disappearance all those years ago, Ben sets out on a journey to find him. On the way, he meets an ice seller, who only goes by the name of Rey, and lives at the bottom of the North Mountain. Deciding she must escort him to the ice caves, despite the fact no man has yet returned alive from them, Ben hires Rey and her reindeer, Bridgette. Reluctantly going along with his wishes, Rey and Ben share several caustic exchanges, stubbornly ignoring the chemistry growing between them.

At the same time, as the people of Arendelle grow colder, a mysterious priest named Snoke arrives and reveals his control over the winter. Trapping Queen Organa and her subjects in the castle via a harsh snowstorm, Snoke freezes the lakes and houses of Arendelle. Finally, he uses his power to remotely inject a shard of ice into the heart of the person Queen Organa loves most.

Reaching the bottom of the North Mountain, Ben suddenly becomes desperately ill under the power of Snoke’s spell. In trying to find out what is wrong with him, Rey is forced to reveal her secret: she too possesses ice magic. Unable to retrieve the ice from Ben’s heart, Rey makes the treacherous journey up to the ice caves alone, begging Luke for his help. Luke, having remained in the ice caves to try and find a way to erase the winter after he failed to defeat Snoke, agrees, unwilling to let his nephew die because of his pride. They agree to go to Arendelle and defeat Snoke together.

Reaching Arendelle by nightfall, Rey, the increasingly weak Ben and reach the castle, where they see Snoke, confident in his victory, getting ready to execute Leia. Just as his heart is about to freeze, Ben sacrifices himself for his mother, stepping in front of Snoke. The force of the blow returning on Snoke is enough to kill him, defeating him. Leia mourns her son, but slowly, ever so surely, Ben’s heart begins to thaw as a result of his act of true love.

Now realizing that this is the key component to the magic, Luke manages to finally free Arendelle of its eternal winter.

In the aftermath, Luke becomes an advisor to Queen Organa and begins to train children gifted with ice magic. Rey finally kisses Ben, and Ben in return makes Rey Arendelle’s Official Ice Seller and Deliverer (which is totally a thing).

For @the-reylo-void  ⧫ Happy birthday Bri!