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Take time this up and coming New Year to research and find out more about portable solar charging and how it can impact your way of camping, hiking, traveling, biking, picnicking and much more. You can have all the creature comforts while taking the impact of gas generators out of the equation.

You will eliminate the noise & pollution in the campground and atmosphere, while increasing travel space. Many of  our solar chargers are roll-able or fold-able and fit into small areas. Larger ones for campers take up no more room than a suitcase or duffle bag. has folding solar chargers, rolling solar chargers, RV solar chargers and solar chargers for boats among other options! 

You can light your tent, run your tablet, MP3 player for some tunes and make sure you don’t get lost by charging your GPS device.

The environment will thank you! 

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‘verse: 2k12
Characters: Donatello, Michelangelo
Summary: Part 4/5 of the Toddler!Donnie AU. First, second, third, fifth.

The day Rockwell finished the antidote (or whatever), Casey brought Donnie a little toy car. It was remote-controlled, and battery-powered, and Donnie’s eyes were the brightest thing in the whole universe when their human friend knelt down to show him the controller. It was cute, but mostly it was to keep him busy while Rockwell and April set up the lab—putting the scene of the accident back together, down to the last broken beaker, and getting all the new chemicals ready.

The whole thing kind of reminded Mikey of the Kid Flash origin story, Barry Allen recreating the lab accident that gave him super powers for his girlfriend’s nephew, and whoops, who knew lightning would strike the same place twice and give lucky little Wally West a tap into the Speed Force?

April assured him there would be no lightning involved in Donnie’s case. Which was good, ‘cause comic books made it pretty clear that lightning hurt.

“Mike,” Donnie called from the other side of the room, smiling ear to ear. “Mike, come play with me!”

Man, Mikey was gonna miss that. And he was gonna miss the way Donnie put his arms out to be picked up, and the way he’d giggle behind his hand at all of Mikey’s jokes, and sit on the counter to help him make lunch, and drink in everything he said like a wide-eyed little sponge.

But Mikey missed his big brother, too. So, since he was gonna miss him either way—

“I’m comin’, munchkin,” he said with a sideways grin, hopping to his feet. And if the look his father gave him on his way by was a little too knowing, a little too understanding… well, whatever. Sensei always said he had a great imagination; Mikey was really good at pretending.

And he could totally pretend like this wasn’t gonna hurt. 

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WLToys V977 rc helicopter remote control helicopter rc drone Power Star X1 6CH 3D Brushless Flybarless Remote control toys

WLToys V977 rc helicopter remote control helicopter rc drone Power Star X1 6CH 3D Brushless Flybarless Remote control toys

WLToys V977 rc helicopter remote control helicopter rc drone Power Star X1 6CH 3D Brushless Flybarless Remote control toys baby-electronic-learning-toys baby-electronic-learning-toys List Price: $ 585.65 Price: $ 585.65

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Besdata Celebration Lighting 16.4ft 5M Waterproof Rope Lights 300 LED 5050 SMD Color Changing RGB Flexible LED Strip Light + 12V 6A Power Supply + Remote + IR Controller - Muliticolored, PL709A_US

Besdata Celebration Lighting 16.4ft 5M Waterproof Rope Lights 300 LED 5050 SMD Color Changing RGB Flexible LED Strip Light + 12V 6A Power Supply + Remote + IR Controller – Muliticolored, PL709A_US

Features: View angle: 120 Degrees Working voltage: 12V DC LED Quantity: 60 LEDs / Meter Output power: 72W Water resistance: waterproof Luminous Flux: 600-800 Lumens / Meter Silicon gel wrapped around, highly water resistant Come with high-quality 3M adhesive backing, easily sticked on any smooth surface This flexible rope light is perfect for daily decoration and celebration lighting Home,…

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Need An Intense Orgasm? The Macho Remote Control Couples Vibrating Cock Ring Is Just What You Need! Save Money. Play Better at

Macho Remote Control Couples Vibrating Cock Rings!

The powerful Macho Remote Control Couples Vibrating Cock Ring and Its full coverage shape obviously created to enhance shared pleasure during sex and foreplay, Nasstoys Macho supplies all the erection-supporting benefits of a great cock ring as it positions two powerful bullet vibes in the path of external sweet spots as lovers play.

Key Features:

  • 10 functions
  • Wireless remote control dual stimulating cockring
  • Intense orgasmic pleasure
  • Waterproof Cockring & Bullet
  • Phthalates free
  • RoHS compliant
  • Material: Cockring – SEVS, Cockring & Remote – ABS
  • 6 LR44 (AG13) batteries included (3 in each bullet), 1 27A battery included (inside remote)
  • Length: 4”, Bullet: 2.5”, Remote: 2.125” x 1.125”
  • Range: 35’ to 40’

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Currently Available:

Kantanka SUVs
Kantanka 2WD Pickups (4×2 powered wheels)
Kantanka 4WD Pickups (4×4 powered wheels)
All come with a range of advance line-up of Kantanka Engines to deliver extra power.

Coming soon (Before close of 2015)

Kantanka Saloon cars
Kantanka Buses
Basic features

Metallic paints giving them sparkling appearance
Power Steering
5 Speed Transmission
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Leather Seats
Central Remote Lock Systems
Power Windows
Side Mirrors are controlled automatically
Sound System and radio
Universal Serial Bus communication protocols
And many more. Just name them.
Other features

There are a range of other features. They vary depending on the type of Kantanka Automobile in question. This helps to provide a range of financial choices for the consumer.


* 100% customisation to suit your preference and style is readily available upon request.

* Additionally, you can also request for any or combinations of the following security features

Kantanka Classic Vest Ignition Technology: A fashionable vest that can be used to start the vehicle. You press a button on the vest and the vehicle starts. It can either be underwear vest, suit, or any costume of your choice.
Kantanka Finger Print Recognition Technology (KFPRT) : The automobile can only be started with your finger print.
Kantanka Royal Staff Ignition Technology (KRSIT) : The automobile would start by pointing a royal staff at it.
Kantanka Gold Watch Ignition Technology (KGWIT) : The automobile can be started with your gold watch .
Kantanka Human-Vehicle Voice Interface Technology (KHVVIT) : The vehicle communicates in spoken words with the driver, pedestrians and other road users. It reminds the driver to check some vital conditions that can enhance performance before embarking on each journey. It also speaks to pedestrians and other road users when it is in the reverse mode to avoid unintended accidents. And many more.
NB: All these features can be turned on/off by the owner at anytime to reverse to the normal key system


All conform to international standards.


Excellent Quality
High performance
Fuel economy efficiency
100% safety
Life time driving experience
100% customer satisfaction
24/7 Customer service

Very affordable


Sales begin after the official launch of the automobiles which commences before the close of the year.

Kantanka Automobiles – Feel The Power. Proudly Made In Ghana.
- See more at:

Used Toyota Corolla Northfield IL 60093

Toyota Corolla L

Discerning drivers will appreciate the 2013 Toyota Corolla. With fewer than 25,000 miles on the odometer, this 4 door sedan prioritizes comfort, safety and convenience. It features a standard transmission, front-wheel drive, and a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine. All of the premium features expected of a Toyota are offered, including: 1-touch window functionality, front bucket seats, telescoping steering wheel, power door mirrors, power windows, remote keyless entry, and air conditioning. Toyota ensures the safety and security of its passengers with equipment such as: dual front impact airbags with occupant sensing airbag, head curtain airbags, traction control, brake assist, anti-whiplash front head restraints, a panic alarm, and ABS brakes. Electronic stability control ensures solid grip atop the road surface, no matter how challenging the driving conditions. We’d also be happy to help you arrange financing for your vehicle. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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glovesanstuds asked:

How are ya? Still in Canada or you off somewhere else by now? Is English taking care of you? Well more like are you taking care of him. Remix and the Nak Man behaving?

you gonna ask me another batch of questions or are you gonna chill
you sound like a worried wife waiting up bro
am i still at the office working late like i said id be
or are things getting hot and steamy at sharron the receptionists place
is that how you spell sharron that doesnt look right
even chrome is telling me i fucked up
whatever either way bow chika wow wow am i right

back on track tho
im cool, feeling kinda better than i have in a long while
what ? dont know where i am now ?? couldve sworn on my left ball you said you had a chip in me and knew where i was at all times youd think something like that would be important enough to not rely on electric isnt the basic 101 on remote control like, battery power
hell ill throw you a bone this time tho
we just got into china a few days ago
wouldve been here three weeks ago if i jake didnt lead us on the wrong boat and land us in taiwan then almost get his ass arrested but hey consider that me answering the next q you threw at me since hes not locked up in a jail cell in taiwan and im clearly taking care of him 
remix is always behaving but the nak mans been a little feisty since we hit warmer weather
anything else ??
fresh paint job check
fresh insides check
is the outside frame and the trunk wide ?? yes
are the rims big ?? what

Best Smartphone To Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 OR Apple iPhone 5

Samsung and Apple are the major manufacturers of smart phones in the ambulant industry. Their products are selling on a footing hot cakes as after a time as me are launched irruptive the market. However, with both the strong players launching their best products by the market - Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5, the phone users are highly confused round what in passage to buy from the brace gadgets?

Samsung Barred spiral galaxy S 4 has certainly claimed so have numerous awaited provisioning prepositions which superior specifications of the hardware that it comes with as well exempli gratia the oleaginous and chic features it offers with the enhanced software monstrous.

They comes with S translate which is a metaphrast and S Health, which checks on one’s natural activity and gives a report across the health. Alongside it has the most advanced and advantageous infrared LED sensor which makes your S4 a remote power for your living interruption.

Another feature for businesses and corporates is Samsung Knox that provides a facility en route to the employers and the HER department to help them species a sandbox work environment which entail protect and secure sore and close facts of the company. It also has Air gestures, Ache scroll and Burning pain pause features until enable a rich user experience.

IPhone 5 at the same repeatedly did hit tune the market hard, but did not make the difference that was expected out of inner man. Samsung and Apple are the major manufacturers of smart phones in the ambidextrous aktiengesellschaft. The serving system of iPhone 5S - iOS air lock itself is the greatest selling preposition for sum of things Apple handsets insofar as its gives a premium user experience.

Nonetheless, both phones have several positives and drawbacks too. Samsung looks a bit shallow in the making while iPhone 5S lacks the novelty that it is known for. IPhone 5 lacks the folk art and look that it has come regardless of cost. The very model seems until come moreover past use of plan as wherewithal the existent standards referring to look and feel that is extraordinary by the phone users.

If you requisition to beat a gadget with the latest technology, then you can buy Samsung Galaxy S4. But if you prefer more strong and filling looking gadget that gives a high kudos symbol en route to your big name, then iPhone 5 is certainly the person for self. Their products are selling like hot cakes along these lines soon as they are launched in the suburban market. Thusly, it is completely up into your preferences, whether other self want to buy Apple iPhone 5 yellowness Samsung Galaxy S4.


ITEM 057: iHome 290 iPod Portable Speakers
Found on: 6/19/15
Materials: hard plastic, liquid crystal, metal
Damage/wear: rust/discoloration; right speaker is cracked, exposing wire inside; can’t put right speaker all the way down; missing remote control and power adapter
Provenance: China
Factory details: ? iHome is a brand of SDI Technologies Inc. that began in 1956 as Realtone Electronics, a company that sold transistor radios and cigarette lighters. In 1994 it changed its name to SDI Technologies and in 2005 it began marketing the first iPod alarm clock radios (similar to this one). It also added a hospitality division to market the product to hotels.
Date or date range: 2006-2007
Still in production: no
Rare: no
Still attainable from: Amazon, eBay
Value: $30-35
Use: This was intended to be a portable version of earlier iPod alarm clock radios especially for travelers, with speakers that fold down and an international power adapter. One would have been able to dock his/her iPod in the unit to play music from the speakers and control the volume with a remote control.

My mom trying to get the mediacenter to work: Why won’t it connect? *turns it off and hands me the remote*
Me: *presses power button, it connects and loads normally*
Her: How did you do that???
Me: I pressed the power button.
Her: But how did you get it to work?
Me: By pressing the power button. You turned it off.
Her: How???
Me: You pressed the power button.
Her: I don’t remember doing that…

My god she doesn’t know how technology works
Logisys Remote Control Molex Connector Kit w/2 Remote Keychains--Power Any 12VDC Devices Remotely!
Remotely control any 12V DC device with the Logisys Remote Control Molex Connector Kit with two remote keychains. The easy-to-install Logisys kit includes one 12V DC remote relay switch receiver and two automotive quality keychain transmitters. Perfect for anybody with basic knowledge of electrical wiring, the kit can easily be set up for wireless control of lights, fans, landscaping, lighting, and other 12V DC peripheral devices with the click of a button. General Features: * 12-Volt DC relay switch with RF receiver * Two (2) automotive quality keychain remote controls * Wireless RF operation Power: * DC Input Voltage: 12 * DC Output Voltage: 12 * Output Current: Max. 6 Amps / 72 Watts Receiver Wiring: * Red: +12V DC In * White: +12V DC Out * Black: Ground (2) * Blue: Antenna Keychain Features: * On and Off Buttons * Uses 12V Alkaline battery type VR22/CN22/CN23A Product Requirements: * 12 volt Direct Current devices * Requires some eletrical wiring knowledge * Installation may require professional help In the box: * 12-Volt DC relay switch * Two (2) automotive quality keychain remote controls * Instruction manual WARNING: The solder used in this product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Please wash hands after handling internal components and circuit boards and avoid inhalation of fumes if heating the solder.

Logisys Wireless Remote Control Molex Connector Kit for remotely controlling any 12V DC device comes with two remote keychains. This easy to install kit comes with one 12V DC remote relay switch receiver and two automotive quality keychain transmitters. Use it for easily setting up wireless control of lights, landscaping, lightings, fans and other 12V DC devices with the click of a button for just $12.99 This offer is valid for today only

Zuwit 18 * 3w Leds Rc Dmx512 Party Disco Dj Stage Lighting Magic Effect Light W Remote Control

Zuwit 18 * 3w Leds Rc Dmx512 Party Disco Dj Stage Lighting Magic Effect Light W Remote Control

Power 54W (6pcs Red *3W, 6pcs Blue *3W, 6pcs Green *3W) Output:AC 110V – 240V 56/60Hz Control Mode Auto / DMX / Music-Control Product Size:19 x 10 cm DMX Control:Choose Color / Gradient / pulse variable / jump / voice control / manual dimmer Remote Control:Turn on/off Leds,voice mode,choose color light,adjust light effect,control DMX mode Size:176×176×150mm Product Features A PAR-style LED…

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(via The super fast, super quick, 30 Second Review: Remote Control Power Outlets:

SUPERNIGHT(TM) 16.4 Ft RGB Color Changing Kit with LED Flexible Strip, waterproof, 24 Button Controller + Remote and 12 Volt Power Supply Lights Lighting ideal for Chrismas, Party, Indoor/ Outdoor decoration

SUPERNIGHT™ 16.4 Ft RGB Color Changing Kit with LED Flexible Strip, waterproof, 24 Button Controller + Remote and 12 Volt Power Supply Lights Lighting ideal for Chrismas, Party, Indoor/ Outdoor decoration

Features: * Color changing with 24 key remote controller * Easily to mount the strip with the per-applied double sided tape * Long life up to 30,000 hours * Energy efficient, super bright LED flexible lighting strip * No mercury, UV, IR or other deleterious radiation Applications: * light up colorful home life ,DIY household lights for hallways, stairs, trails ,windows * Light up colorful life…

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Power IR – Universal Remote Pro 1.07

Full Name:Power IR – Universal Remote Pro Short Name: Power IR – Universal Remote Pro Google ID: Version: 1.07 File size: 2.00 MB Category: Applications, Tools Developer: Force Sm Screens Get Power IR – Universal Remote Pro 1.07.apk

Power IR – Universal Remote Pro 1.07

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