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Remote Viewing And the Brain

Before I begin any further, it is strongly recommended that you watch this first:

How is it possible to visit instantly any location in the universe in the
present, past or probable future? What happens to space/time?

The Non-Locality Principle of quantum physics was experimentally proven in 1982 by Alain Aspect and his research team at the University of Paris’ Institute of Theoretical and Applied Optics in France.

This principle states that time and space does not really exist at the level and particles. Moreover, they proved the violation of the inequality of John Bell and finally solved the Einstein/Poldowsky/Rosen paradox.

This means that Einstein had been completely wrong in refuting the quantum mechanics Non-Locality Principle. This could have happened quite possibly because he had problems conceptualizing its extraordinary implications upon our so-called material world and the nature of reality.

In other words, this means that Einstein was mistaken in his widely accepted assumption that speeds faster than Light were impossible and that space and time did not operate at the quantum level (particle level).

By extension, we can say that it seems that our phenomenal world is, in reality, supported by an indivisible reality, non-local (at that level space does
not exist), and non-subject to the restrictions of time (time does not seem to have any meaning at that level).

This is equivalent to saying that no element, whether alive or inanimate, in this universe is separate from another.

 And at the level of individual perceptions of reality, this certainly seems to be so!
This correlates strongly with the Holographic Model of the Universe that the physicist David Bohm postulated as an explanation for the paradoxes that
quantum physics raises.

David Bohm is, until today, considered to be one of the greatest theoretical quantum physicists. He was one of the Einstein’s preferred students at Princeton
University and was a part of the development team for the “Manhattan Project”, developing the American atomic bomb during WWII.

Bohm was puzzled by physical phenomenon such as the “Quantum-Tunneling Effect” which is at the base of the semi-conductor theory which birthed the creation of transistors, microchips, Josephson junctions in Super-Computers and many more.

The Quantum Tunneling Effect states that a particle such as an electron seems to “know beforehand” if a barrier that it will encounter is strong enough to repulse it back. If the barrier is weak, the particle literally “vanishes” (dematerializes)
before encountering the obstacle and “rematerializes” on the other side of the barrier.

Quantum physics suggests that our universe is non-local and infinitely interconnected at some deeper level of reality. If it is so, instead of viewing ‘reality.’ (in the quantum level) that is a particle as a material object traveling through space, it may be better to view it as something that unfolds out of a deeper level of reality; a hologram.

David Bohm drew this conclusion from the Hologram model and coined the “Implicate Order”. *(VERY IMPORTANT!!!)*

This order states that there is a Gigantic Multidimensional Holographic
Reality that exists outside of the realm of space and time which is made up of vibratory light carrying *Information.*

This gigantic reality encompasses the totality of Creation.

This “Implicate Order” would spread its tentacles to every sentient unit of Creation as it goes through a constant dance of unfolding itself into its mirror image as the “Explicate World” (the reality perceived by our senses) and projects to each observing individualized piece of consciousness the illusion of a material world “out there” at the level of conscious awareness.

The “Implicate Order” (or you can also call it the “web of life”) is where all possibilities are and time / space has no meaning. The “Implicate Order” keeps on projecting onto the consciousnesses witnessing the explicate world what we perceive as reality in a stepby- step fashion.

After each unfolding, there is an enfolding back onto the “Implicate Order” (while the sentient unit of mind become unconscious again) and the fetching of additional pieces of information that will unfold back holographic-ally to the same unit of consciousness (as that unit becomes aware i:e conscious again of the next step of the show of Creation).

So that in effect, what a unit of consciousness considers a flow of situations is but a succession of discontinuous sensory imagery being projected on-and-off to an entity. Therefore, all an entity is, is a processor of information filtered through his senses that it translates as its reality.

That allows him/her to act upon (co-create) it by choosing the next step.

If we accept that reality, at the macroscopic level, is discontinuous under the illusion of continuity, it would explain why in quantum physics, according to the
“uncertainty principle”: only the location of a particle at the microscopic level can, at any point, be precisely described but that its real trajectory cannot be known and remains “fuzzy”.

It is the contact with the Higher Self (interfacing with the *Implicate Order)* that allows one to bridge instantly space/time.

This is why Remote Viewing effective when one operates from the perspective of the higher levels of the subconscious mind.

If this level of merger with the higher level of the subconscious mind is not reached, too much static (noise) interferes in the viewing and one might fail while attempting to view a remote site in the present,
past or future

Part 2:
What do you mean by the brain being the processor of information?

The human brain has remained to be one of the major enigmas of modern science. Neurobiologists are studying the biochemical reactions within the brain extensively and they now see the effect emotions and thoughts have upon the brain’s very complex electrical and bio-chemical machinery.

However, this very important question remains: Are the changes a result of thoughts and emotions, or are they the cause of it?
It’s really like the old chicken-and-egg paradox — which came first?

But back to that question. It basically wonders if the can brain analyze and understand itself and if it’s some sort of giant computer… or more than that? After all, it is through this approximately 1.5kg (or3.3lb) piece of machinery that you construct your

When you say that you see, hear, touch or taste, it is, in reality, the structures of your brain that see, hear, project tactile, olfactory and gustatory perceptions.

Example: excerpt from The Matrix:

Neo: “This isn’t real?”
Morpheus: “What is real? How do you define 'real?’ If you are talking about your senses, what you feel, taste, smell, or see, then all you’re talking about are electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

My point exactly.

The “outside world” is an abstract world made out only of waves and vibrations. You need a brain to be present for the decoding of these waves to be done in a manner that would give you a sensation of “a
material world out there”. Without your brain, or with a defective one, you would hear nothing and be plunged in darkness.

For instance, light waves are a particular type of electromagnetic wave, vibrating very rapidly at over 100 billion times per second, that cover a spectrum, depending on their frequency of vibration, from the infrared (least vibratory and undetected by the brain) to the ultraviolet (also invisible to humans) with all the colors of the rainbow in between. The light of our material reality, as we perceive it, becomes light only after being decoded by our brain. Not before!

Vision results from the stimulation of nerve cells in your retina, signaling patterns of light intensity and color, which are “decoded” by the brain in order to give you the impression of spatial reality and separate objects.

The most remarkable feature of visual perception is its ability to convert semi-continuous packets of energy information received at the level of the visual receptors of the brain into individual objects and
events, all from the same pulses of electricity running along nerve fibers.

Sound operates in the same way. For those who are not deaf, the brain decodes vibratory waves of a frequency roughly between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second onto different sounds whose intensity has to do with the amplitude of these waves.

For touch, pain, and temperature, physical receptors convey stimuli as nerve impulses to a region of the brain called the thalamus that conveys it to region of the cortex called the sensory cortex. For olfactory senses (smell) and gustatory senses(taste) more complex mechanisms are at play, some of which have not yet been understood.

Therefore, one would tend to imply that the brain, as the central sensory computer of a human being or an animal, would also be the seat of his thoughts. This,in Gerald’s experience, is not the case.

And as we shall see, some neurophysiologists are of the same opinion.

Part 3: coming soon.

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create the remote viewing protocol
• Ingo Swann - worked with SRI to help create remote viewing protocol
• David Morehouse - Army official recruited for the remote viewing project after having
a “near-death experience”.

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★ Updated Abilities: Remote Viewing, Bilocation, Astral Projection

Remote Viewing - This is the ability to gain information from a distant location.  At times, it is physically hidden, also time can be an issue. It can happen with people, places, events, and even objects. It is also a form of astral projection.

I have now updated remote viewing to the words in bold. 

Astral Projection - An “out of body” experience. It’s when the astral body is separated from your physical body. It can occur during sleep. Sometimes it feels like a vivid dream and when you wake up you can be extremely tired. Can be done through meditation as well. You may feel dizzy or sick. A form of astral projection is remote viewing.

I have now updated astral projection to the words in bold. 

Bilocation (multilocation) - Being multiple places at once. I haven’t heard of this happening.Can be achieved through astral projection. Your physical body is still in motion while your astral body is in another place.

I have now updated bilocation to the words in bold and put a line through the words I have removed. 

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Episode 2 and 3 demonstrated quite clearly that Diana looks out for Akko’s well-being as a fellow student.

In episode 5, she harshly criticized Akko and lied to her in order to keep her out of trouble.

In episode 7, Diana was obviously not happy about her prediction that Akko would leave the academy.

These were points that were not only noted by watchers numerous times, but were focal points of actual analytical posts from as early as episode 2.

Again, I must reiterate that I hold no animosity towards Andrew nor the Akko/Andrew shippers. But to even compare him with Diana and say that “well, they both treat Akko badly hur hur” only for the sake of justifying some forced romantic subplot introduced in episode 10, as well as to “disprove” the idea that Akko/Diana could EVER be a thing, is a silly notion at least and laser-guided ignorance at worst.

Astral Projection, Remote Viewing and Dreams

It appears that the pineal gland is really a signal transducer, just like the retina of the eye. Why would an internal organ close too but not part of the brain be photo-sensitive if there is nothing for us to see?

Perhaps we should really be asking what exactly do we see when we dream, have an out-of body experience or imagine thoughts, concepts and ideas in our minds eye. Is the pineal gland constructing symbolic photo images for our minds eye when remote viewers travel through time/space?

In a 2002 article in Bioelectromagnetics journal, S.S. Baconnier found 100 to 300, micro-crystals per cubic millimeter in twenty human pineal glands, after dissecting them. These micro-crystals composed of a mineral called calcite and hexagonal in shape were found floating around inside the pineal glands and are very similar to crystals found in the inner ear known as otoconia.

Otoconia crystals expand and contract due to the presence of electromagnetic fields and this process is known as piezoelectric. These crystals are capable of tuning into radio stations without the use of electricity. Many of these crystals give off light which is known as piezoluminescence and also can turn sound into electricity.

Microphones use piezoelectric crystals to turn sound vibrations into electrical current.

Some scientist have agreed that the pineal gland may also produce a psychoactive chemical similar to DMT. This chemical DMT is structurally similar to melatonin and serotonin and also causes piezoluminescence. DMT is a powerful chemical agent found in the Ayahuasca brew Amazonian Shamans use to provoke out of body experiences.

These crystals ( calcite micro-crystals ) could be responsible for an electromechanical biological transduction mechanism in the pineal gland, due to their structure and piezoelectric properties.

In layman’s terms the pineal gland maybe the receiver/transmitter for communication with other dimensions of reality, for use in telepathy, remote viewing, dreams and out-of body experiences.

Lucid Dreaming / Astral Projection / Remote Viewing / Out of Body Experiences

..Sure these can be fun and exciting to play with, but there’s so much more to what is really taking place than having a thrill-a-minute, or frightening yourself so badly that you are too afraid to even go to sleep.

I see dozens of posts every day about “Astral Projection” and “sleep paralysis” and “Lucid Dreaming” …and they’re usually very romantic posts, very sexy, and alluring, but they’re also filled, totally loaded, with speculation, misinformation, and deception.

There’s a better way of doing things.. If you’re interested, great, WE (Worldwide Educators) are Here and Now for YOU. And if you’re not interested, well that’s great too, it’s simply a decision.

Life LUVS risk takers. The REAL risk takers, those with the courage to step through all that they “think” they know, and ALL that has already been decided and marketed to be “all there is” to Life, they will be shown what IS Real Now.

“Look to Your DreamVisions NOW ~ Life ITself will show YU what IS Real.”


Dr. Hal Puthoff is considered the father of the US government’s Remote Viewing program, which reportedly ran between 1973-1991.


How Remote Viewing Works: Dr. Simeon Hein Pt. 1