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Entry 2

ESP | 12-8-2016 | 4:25 pm - 5:10 pm | Waxing Gibbous - 62%

First attempt at controlled clairvoyance in the following manner. I began by blindly selecting one of six different colored Tenzi dice (white, black, green, red, blue, and yellow) from the nightstand drawer and then placing it on the dining room table without looking at its color. I then entered the bedroom and assumed the shavasana position on the bed.

Following a brief period of breath awareness, I expanded my field of attention to include all my bodily sensations at once. I then began to experience an indescribable sensation of pulling and lightness that lasted for only a moment. At this point I became briefly distracted by discursive and imaginal thought, and had to return my attention to the physical sensation of my body as a whole. After being distracted by internal dialogue several more times, my mind began to calm.

I then attempted to project my subtle body into the dining room using the rope method, with no result. After several more attempts, I simply asked (internally), “what is the color and head number of the die on the dining room table?” The red die immediately came to mind. The head numbers 1 and 5 came to mind also. Convinced that I was merely guessing the options, I then returned to breath awareness and cleared my thoughts before repeating the question. The red die once again came to mind, though the head number continued to fluctuate between 1 and 5. Frustrated, I ended the session. I then entered the dining room and saw that the die was red. The head number was 5.

There is no beginning, there is no end,
There is only change.
There is no teacher, there is no student,
There is only remembering.
There is no good, there is no evil,
There is only expression.
There is no union, there is no sharing,
There is only one.
There is no joy, there is no sadness,
There is only love.
There is no greater, there is no lesser,
There is only balance.
There is no stasis, there is no entropy,
There is only motion.
There is no wakefulness, there is no sleep,
There is only being.
There is no limit, there is no chance,
There is only a plan.
—  From Ultimate Journey by Robert A. Monroe

“The real-time zone overlays and permeates the entire physical universe and contains a perfect reflection of reality within it. Everything happens in real-time — as reality actually happens — hence its name. Projectors traveling within the real-time zone and remaining stable and unaffected by reality fluctuations perceive themselves to be following the actual spatial contours and geographical shape of the physical universe. They thus appear to be existing inside a direct nonphysical reflection of reality… as reality happens.

I have spent a great deal of time in the real-time zone exploring its properties and limitations. The experience is very much like being an invisible specter in the real world. The normal laws of physics do not have any direct effect on real-time projectors. They are free to travel at will anywhere in the physical universe, at any speed, and can defy gravity. They can move through solid matter at will, although they may perceive some texture and varying degrees of resistance.”

- Robert Bruce
Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences

Image Credit: Perla Marina


Shot by Czech photographer Miloslav Druckmüller

These amazing images capture the moon during a total solar eclipse revealing a vast solar corona. Clarity was achieved due to the incredibly remote location chosen to view the eclipse from, a pier just outside the Enewetak Radiological Observatory on the Marshall Islands, smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  

All images are courtesy of the photographer.  Source: National Geographic 

“The Stargate Project” was the umbrella code name of one of several sub-projects established by the U.S. Federal Government to investigate claims of psychic phenomena with potential military and domestic applications, particularly “remote viewing”: the purported ability to psychically “see” events, sites, or information from a great distance. 

Claims of successful remote viewing:

  • The predicted release of a hostage in the Middle East and a correct description of the medical problem precipitating his release. The information was provided three weeks before the hostage takers made their decisions. This conclusion seems to be associated with the following text:  "When one of the hostages was released early because of medical conditions and shown the information we [remote-viewers] had accumulated, he was enraged. In his mind, the only way we could possibly had such accurate information, would be to have someone inside the embassy with the hostages…“
  • Upon reading of the May 17, 1987, attack on the frigate the U.S.S. Stark in The Washington Post, Paul H. Smith became convinced that his remote viewing, three days earlier, of an attack on an American warship, including the location, the method, and the motive, was precognition. The American Warship "viewing” session was around 30 pages long, including writing and sketching of ships, parts of ships, map-like diagrams, etc.
  • In regards to domestic applications of what would become remote viewing, various field testings in remote viewing were done in the mid-1970s. In a particularly well known serial crime incident, a single lone suspect in question was later captured by law enforcement and put into prison. About twenty years later the convict changed his confession, and verified almost exactly to what was remote viewed by those domestic remote viewer(s). On the eve of reopening this case, the FBI stepped in, and asked that the case be put on hold. This case has been upgraded to Classified, with no indication at this time that it will be reopened.

To view more remote viewing projects conducted in Project Stargate and their results, click here.

Here is a list of related items to research for yourself:

• Stargate Project - declassified government projects involving psychic phenomena
• Russell Targ & Harold Puthoff - researchers at Stanford Research Institute who helped
create the remote viewing protocol
• Ingo Swann - worked with SRI to help create remote viewing protocol
• David Morehouse - Army official recruited for the remote viewing project after having
a “near-death experience”.

• The quote above is from a June, 2011 interview available here:

• Link to Joe’s latest video interview:

Meditations for Astral Projection

Astral projection is where your soul actually leaves your body. This is different from remote viewing where you enter into a trance and will yourself to a specific location. The following two meditations are just basic guidelines. I suggest for more in depth information to click on the PDF links below.

Meditation 1

This meditation feels weird. Just make sure you seriously want to project, otherwise, any hesitation can keep you in your body. You have to be relaxed, both mentally and physically. The first few times are the most difficult. Like with anything else, consistent practice will make this easier, until you no longer have to even enter into a deep trance, but can project any time at will. Some people find projecting easier than others, as they have done this in past lives.

  1. Get real comfortable and go into a trance. When you are so relaxed you can no longer feel your body, you are ready.
  2. Visualize your astral body inside your physical body, being held there by your seven chakras. The chakras can be visualized like colored knobs.
  3. Take each spinning chakra and stop it from spinning and give it a quarter turn in the reverse of the direction it was spinning, like turning a doorknob.
  4. Relax and let go and try to exit.

Meditation 2

This is more like a preparatory exercise. This one is not nearly as powerful as the one above, but less intense for those of you who would rather do this gradually.

  1. Lie down and relax, as above. Go into a trance. Relax to where you feel like you are floating.
  2. Now, lift your left astral arm up. Visualize this. You will need to imagine this, but energy follows where it is directed.
  3. Lift up your right astral arm and touch your face
  4. Touch both your astral hands together.
  5. Do the same thing with each leg and foot.
  6. Imagine your entire astral body floating above your physical body, or somewhere else in the room and concentrate on being there. Just lie there and focus on this for a while.
    Keep repeating this exercise often and eventually, astral projection will follow.

More in depth information:

Treatise on Astral Projection by Robert Bruce [PDF format]

CIA Remote Viewing Manual [PDF format]


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