remote training facility

ok but astronaut/space girl au
  • rey, magical space babe, made of literal stardust and has the ability to control it to blend into her surroundings. space traveller rey who flits across the universe and explores different worlds, sometimes interacting with them but often blending in and just watching and listening, fascinated by each difference and similarity she finds across the endless stretch of space.

  • jess, space enthusiast (to put it mildly), who grew up in a big city and saw the occasional star through the light pollution and learned abt space and became obsessed. 12yo jess staring in quiet awe at the skies on a trip to the mountains, wanting to cry bc so beautiful and endless. 15y/o jess with a room filled w so many star maps and fairy lights and star globe lamps and things that its like stepping into a nebula.

  • skip forward to astronaut-in-training jess, spending nights in the remote desert training facility lying on the roof or smth and gazing at the endless stars, imagining herself falling into them, imagining herself in space. jess falling asleep stargazing one night, waking up with the feeling she is being watched and at first not seeing anyone but then, directly above her, coming into focus like a starry magic-eye image, a girl. both of them startling each other (rey is not used to being seen!) but then they tentatively interact and it’s almost instantaneous friendship.

  • rey and jess stargazing together and rey telling jess all abt different worlds and galaxies and space in general bc jess has to know!! but also rey is new to earth and earthlings so in return jess teaches her & tells her all abt earth history n stuff

  • rey demonstrating her ✨magical power✨ for the first time being all “i want to make myself properly visible to u” but when she does she is totally naked and jess is like !!!!!! 😳 “um” and gives rey her shirt (but also subtly checks rey out bc wow)

  • rey and jess moving from touching pinkies to holding hands to cuddling to kissing bc they’re in love 💖💕

  • of course rey still leaves earth to explore the galaxy sometimes but never for long & she always brings jess little pieces of space back to keep or show her - a glittering piece of meteorite here, a cool piece of alien technology there (jess doesn’t let rey leave any alien technology behind bc she doesn’t want to risk it being found and falling into the wrong hands).

  • jess getting some housing near the base and making a little garden for rey to play around in when she visits bc she loves plants so much!! and it makes her so happy which makes jess happy and they are cute space & garden lesbians together.

  • years later jess finally!! getting to space and sitting w rey on top of the space station in her suit and rey sitting next to her in her galactic form and they just stare out at space and hold hands and sigh bc space is so beautifullll ☄️

  • and maybe rey finds a way to take her gf on trips across the galaxy too…

just… astronaut!jess and space girl!rey 😍