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Jughead x Reader | Texts

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I absolutely adore this imagine!


Plot: You and Jughead are texting, they live next to each other but can LITERALLY just go to the others house, but it’s late at night and the two of you are bored. Just a short lil fluff I guess

based on show

Warnings: None

“Ugh I can’t believe it finishes like that!” You shouted to yourself. You just finished an amazing movie which had the worst ending in the entire world of movies. You grabbed your remote and switched the TV off. You sighed and scrolled around on Netflix looking for something better to watch. You put on an old episode of your favourite show and sat chilling for a while. Just eating Cheez-Its and trying to stay awake. You were determined to have a good Thursday night.

You got up from your bed to grab your laptop from your desk which faced your window. You looked outside and up at the moon. A full moon, it spooked you out a little as you thought about Jason Blossom death and how his killer is still out there. You shivered and looked up at your neighbour’s window Jughead Jones, the ‘boy next door’. Well… More like ‘the weird spooky boy next door’. You’d known him since grade school and have been friends with him ever since you defended him against a bully.

What you didn’t ever mention is that you liked him a whole lot. He was always there after a breakup, you confide every emotion in him and basically share everything. A lot of your stuff is at his and a lot of his is at yours.

Oh god you’re wearing one of his shirts right now…

Your parents would constantly ask ‘when are you two settling down?’ or ‘shall I send out a Save The Date?’ obviously they were mostly jokes but sometimes you found yourself imagining living with Jughead and waking up next to him in the morning and-

But they were silly daydreams, you knew he had an interest in someone else. Betty Cooper, the actual ‘girl next door’ she was so lovely to everyone and especially you, you were close. Her and Jughead worked on The Blue and Gold. You could sense there was something going on in his head. But you wished it was you. You grabbed your phone from your bed and sent a text to Jughead.

You: You up?

The ‘seen’ message came up almost instantly, he was probably bored too.

Jughead: Yup… Stuck on homework… You?

You smiled and typed away.

You: Bad movie… Hey I can see you!

You walked up to your window and saw Jughead walking round his room looking down at his phone. He looked up, pissed off

Jughead: Creep

You: Pervert

You laughed and kept your eyes on him and saw him texting.

Jughead: I’m a pervert? Wouldn’t a pervert rather see someone undressed?

You smirked and noticed Jughead looking up at you. You mimicked taking your shirt off but stopped before Jughead shielded his eyes.

Jughead: That came out wrong, and you’re immature

You: You’re annoying

Jughead: Why don’t you just come over instead of awkwardly standing in front of your window?

You: Cause it’s almost midnight, I have a curfew. Plus I need my beauty sleep for the Pep rally tomorrow

You almost forgot you made it on the cheer squad. You tried out with Betty and Veronica, the three of you got in. You looked over at your very cute uniform and smiled.

Jughead: Oh yeah… I didn’t think cheerleading was your thing

You: It became my thing once I found out I looked so good in uniform!!

You noticed Jughead smiling and you put your hand up before ducking away from the window. You quickly changed into your cheerleading uniform and walked back up to the window. Jughead chuckled and looked down.

Jughead: Give us a twirl Y/N

As he said, you did a little spin and a few poses. He watched you, a little mesmerised and smiled a whole lot more. He leaned on the window frame.

You: Like what you see Juggy? ;)

You smirked at the text and put your hand on your hips.

Jughead: You’re so annoying.

Jughead: Yeah you look okay

Jughead: I guess

You blushed, he rubbed the back of his neck. You couldn’t see but he was blushing too.

You: You look good too

Jughead: I said okay…

You: Yeah but I knew you meant The Most Amazing Person On This Planet.

You saw Jughead chuckle.

You: I’ll be mad if that’s not my new contact name.

Jughead: Go to sleep!

You: Make me ;)

Jughead sighed and you shut your curtains to change into your pyjamas.

Jughead: Where did you go?

You: I’m changing, wanna see?

Jughead: Not this again…

You opened your curtains, to reveal you just in your pyjamas. And Jughead shook his head smiling. You also opened your window. Jughead did the same.

Goodnight Jughead.” You said

“Goodnight Y/N.” He said. You closed your window and walked over to your bed. You got under your duvet and shut your eyes. Until you heard another phone notification. You picked up your phone and read the text.

Jughead: You’re really pretty

Jughead: I’m sorry for that

Jughead: Do you wanna get a burger and milkshake tomorrow?

You blushed furiously and smiled.

You: I would love to Jug <3

You smiled to yourself adding a cute heart emoji at the end. You put your phone away and went to bed.

Jughead was in his room smiling down at his phone. Blushing furiously.

(Hope you liked it!!)

Eternal Darkness is a horror game that gives the player a “sanity meter,” which would diminish based on how much contact they had with in-game monsters. That specification probably wasn’t necessary – if you’re having contact with monsters out of the game, your personal sanity meter is already flashing red. Deplete the crazy bar and your controls would get all funky, enemies would pop up and vanish when attacked, rooms would flip over. It was a neat mechanic, but it didn’t stop there: Eternal Darkness was not content just fucking with your character’s reality; it started to fuck with yours as well.

If you stayed “insane” for too long, the sound would shut off, accompanied by a legitimate-looking TV menu “Mute” on-screen. Or maybe the video would cut out entirely, like somebody sat on the remote and switched inputs. By the time you finished beating up your siblings for messing up your game, the video was suddenly back, like nothing had happened at all. Those could be dismissed as mere pranks, but Eternal Darkness took it one step further and crossed a sacred line no game is allowed to mess with: Sometimes it would fake crash, then reboot – indicating that all of your save data had been corrupted and lost.

Too real, ED. We’ve lost friends to that.

Yes, Zelda counts as a friend.

The 5 Most Evil Ways Video Game Developers Trolled Players

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So, that gif set you made of Dan almost inhaling the switch remote is super trippy if you zone out with it on the screen. I was in a trance for a good solid 5 minutes with this surreal pattern of Dans popping out at me. Probably not useful at all, or needed, but thought I'd let yah know. Haha.

ahaha that’s so cool!!! i honestly didn’t even wanna make it i’ve stooped to a whole new level

The Signs Watching TV Together
  • Aries: *grabs the remote* fight me, bitches.
  • Taurus: Laying down on the couch and munching on snacks, not really caring what they watch
  • Gemini: Fighting with Aries over the remote; switches between asking nicely and physically fighting them
  • Cancer: "Why can't we all just get along? I'm sure we can find something that everybody wants to watch."
  • Leo: *watches as Gemini and Aries get a little too close* if one of you steps on me there's gonna be a problem
  • Virgo: Sulking on the couch, irritated. Picks up after Taurus for something to keep them busy.
  • Libra: Sitting in the armchair, texting their hoes
  • Scorpio: Plotting with Aquarius to knock out Gemini and Aries, take the remote, and watch something worthwhile
  • Sagittarius: Watching the fight and laughing
  • Capricorn: "I don't have time for this. You guys are so immature."
  • Aquarius: Plotting with Scorpio cuz they wanna watch alien documentaries
  • Pisces: "I agree with Cancer. Why don't we watch Spongebob? Everyone loves Spongebob!! :)"
  • *thanx to the anon who suggested this. Send suggestions to @cancercornastrology : )*
Finding Comfort in Silence

Request: Fluffy dean x deaf! Reader

This one I got excited about, because my mom is actually 96% deaf and I never thought I would come across a prompt that involved a deaf reader, so thanks anon for the request! :) Hope you enjoy!


Collapsing on to the couch, you let out a long sigh. You had finally gotten to sit down for the first time that day, when you noticed the closed captioning wasn’t turned on and you were missing vital information from your favorite show’s season finale.

“I got it.” Dean signed his words as he strolled in with a smile on his face, winking as he grabbed the remote and switched the captions on.

“Thank you. What would I do without you?” You giggled as you signed back, curling into his chest as he took his seat beside you on the couch.

He held you tight, kissing the top of your head as he rubbed your arm gently and the two of you sat there snuggled up tight until the show concluded.

“Ah, I hate cliff hangers!” Your hands flew through the air quickly as your signed your frustration with a huge grin on your face.

“You only have to wait 5 months. You’ll live.” Dean winked as he kissed your lips gently.

“Says you. You don’t understand.”

“Your complete obsession with this show? No, not at all. It’s just a show.” Chuckling, he stood and walked to the kitchen and you followed.

“Uh, it’s never just a show. That’s like saying Baby is just a car.” You crossed your arms as you watched Dean’s expression turn to one of playful displeasure.

“Hey, careful how you talk about Baby. She might hear you.” With a wink, he pulled out all the fixings for his favorite sandwich and you say yourself up on the kitchen counter.

“Oh? The car can understand sign language now, huh? Impressive. She caught on faster than you did.” Returning his wink, you stole a piece of cheese and began to nibble on it and he couldn’t help but laugh.

It had taken him a while to catch on to; signing that is. It isn’t the easiest thing to learn. Especially, when you’re used to communicating with such ease via your lips. The hands are a bit clumsier at first, but he learned. He practiced, day and night, to be able to communicate with you. Sure, you could read his lips from mile away. You could speak fine; there was no real communication barrier between you two, but he learned for you. To make you feel less alone, less isolated; and you adored him for that.

He didn’t know you before the accident. You lead a whole other life before you ran in to the Winchester’s that night, but now that everything has changed the way it did, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dean leaned over and placed a soft kiss on your lips before turning his attention back to the assembly of his sandwich. Just one look at him, one glance at that beautifully broken man, was enough to remind you every day that you wouldn’t trade one day with him for anything in the world; not your old life, not your career, not even your hearing.



“Dean! Over here!” The tall, shaggy haired man waved his partner over furiously as he dropped beside you, resting his hand on your back in an attempt to comfort you.

“What? What is it? Oh my God is she ok..”

Silence. That’s all there was. Silence hung in the air alas you clutched your ears, doubled over in pain as the blood continued to trickle from your ears. The strange men’s voices faded, along with life as you knew it.

Through the tangled mess of hair, you stared down at the sheet music in front of you. All that hard work, all those long nights of perfecting your song, all those years studying musical scoring and theory: gone. Wasted. Nothing but a useless memory. Your life was over. The path you had been following for nearly
Your entire existence was now lost to you. You had no idea if you were going to survive whatever that monster had done to you, and honestly, you didn’t care.

A pair of hands shook you gently, forcing you up look up into a pair of bright, green eyes. Eyes that you felt you could relate to; eyes that had felt the pain you were in now. Desperately, you grasped to the man and he swept you up into his arms, carrying you out of the building and into his Impala. Once there, he sat you in the back and crouched in front of you on the ground. His lips moved, but you couldn’t hear a thing. All you could do was cry. The pain was gone and had been replaced by a numbness like you had never felt before. It was so hard to concentrate on the man, but you knew you had to try.

“Dean?” The sensation of speaking without being able to hear yourself was bizarre and he seemed just as perturbed, but perhaps because he hadn’t told you his name. “I heard the other guy say your name. It is Dean, right?”

He nodded carefully, letting you continue.

“I..I-I can’t hear. I’m d..deaf. I mean, I could hear before, but that man, that thing snapped his fingers and all of a sudden I..” Your hands clamped over your ears again, feeling the mess of the blood drying around them.

His eyes gleamed with pity as he held up a finger carefully. Quickly, he went to the front of the car and returned with a pad of paper and a pen. Attempting a reassuring smile, he scrawled down a message and flipped it around to show you.

“Hi, I’m Dean and that was my brother Sam. We hunt things like the monster that hurt you. We don’t know why it is here, and this may seem hard to believe, but that was a demon and we are here to take care of it. I promise, I won’t let it hurt you again. Let me help you, please?”

Tears prickled in your eyes and you weren’t quite sure if it was the shock or the gesture that brought them on so strongly, but there they were. Sobbing into your hands, you nodded and curled up into a ball. Soon, you felt his strong arms around you once again as he slid into the backseat, closing the door.

In the morning, you found yourself still wrapped up tight in his arms, tangled together in the back of the Impala. He held you there, all night. Your world was destroyed in the course of one evening, but he was there as a bulwark against any further devastation. He made you feel safe, normal even, at a place I. Your when you never thought that would be possible again.


Shaking your head, you snapped out of your bittersweet reverie and grinned at the sight of Dean sitting down at the table for his midnight snack. It had been years since that night. Years full of good times, bad times, and all kinds of other times in between. This, however, was your favorite of times; the normal ones. Nights when you could pretend that all of it was somehow normal. There was no evil: no demons, vampires, ghosts, or shapeshifters. There was no hunt that could possibly steal Dean, the last great thing in your life, away from you. There was nothing, but a happy couple, sharing a quiet evening in together.

“What? Something on my face?” His hands searched for crumbs across his cheeks as you giggled as shook our head gently.

“I love you.” Smiling softly, you held up the beautifully familiar sign and watched him return it with a gentle grin of his own.


Sorry I’ve been away so long, but I’m back! :)


How to disable Telnet on Cisco Switches and Routers?

Telnet protocol enables users to remotely connect to Cisco devices and it is enabled by default on most Cisco device. However it is not very secure to enable Telnet on your Cisco device as the login information and commands are sent in clear text and can be easily hacked. It is recommended to use SSH for remote access as this gives you secure, encrypted connection to your Cisco device.

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Really Good - A post 6x18 Fanfic

Hey! So, technically I’m on a total fic writing ban because of assignments but I was really jealous of everyone writing and making gifs and what not and this was the result. 

It’s a tumblr exclusive (I’m not putting it on for all my amazing new followers. It’s super fluffy. My angsty, speculation fic will most likely come in a weeks time when my assignments are all finished.

“You probably have questions.” Deeks stated as they sat on his couch that evening. They’d been watching Top Model reruns for the past hour. Correction, Kensi had ben watching Top Model reruns, her feet resting in her boyfriend’s lap as said boyfriend scrunched his face periodically, thinking far to hard.

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When you accidentally sit on the remote and switch channels only to find a freaking zombie on your TV. Not a good way to start a supposedly relaxing afternoon. When will this fad end? After I have a heart attack?

iamvalc: and so this is the village that it takes…to the cast and crew. We take those credits at the end of an episode for granted, rightfully so I guess they’re just names and titles that fly down our screens as we search for the remote to switch the channel. The reality however is that there are people behind those names, creative, ambitious, brilliant, some of the hardest working people I’ve ever had the pleasure of splitting the lunch table with. they truly make this show come alive. We ‘the talent’ naturally get all the credit being front and center, but to put it in perspective, if it wasn’t for absolutely every single person in this picture, I’d be a mere dreamer. A talent that perhaps would never shine as bright as it has the privilege of doing so ever Monday night. Thank you. Thank you to dancingabc for having me, for believing in me, and for all the unsung heroes that aren’t just flying names at the end of an episode, but are the true heart and soul of #DWTS. with humility and pride cheers to another incredible season.
5sos Preference- Bad Day

CALUM- You walked into your shared hotel room with Calum, slowly kicking off your shoes and closing the door behind you, leaning up against it to take some of the weight off of your aching feet. It had been one of the longest days you had ever had on tour, complete with no less then 5 interviews, an acoustic performance, and a photo shoot. Needless to say, you were exhausted. You shuffled over to the bed where you found Calum already laying down and watching tv. “Hey Cal,” you said as you flopped down on the mattress next to him, too tired to get changed out of your black skinny jeans. “Hey,” he said, grabbing the remote and switching off the show he was watching, then facing you with a grin, “how was your day?” “It was good,” you yawned, “long, but good. How was your’s?” As soon as the words left your lips, you watched his face light up with excitement. “It was great! The boys and I came up with some really cool songs today, I think you’d really like them. And Mikey, man, he was shredding it! I mean you should’ve heard…” He kept going on enthusiastically about the fantastic day he’d had, but you were finding it harder and harder to pay attention to what he was saying. Your eyes kept fluttering closed in the middle of every sentence, no matter how hard you tried to focus. “Y/N … Hey, Y/N! Are you even listening to me?” Cal complained, shocking you back into awareness. You sighed, “Sorry, Cal. Im really glad you had such a wonderful day, but im just exhausted and im really not in the mood to talk right now. You can tell me all about it in the morning. Ok?” You rolled over and quickly switched off the desk lamp next to you, plunging the room into darkness. “Oh, ok,” Calum whispered from behind you, and you could hear the strong feeling of disappointment in his voice. You rolled back over to look at him, barely able to make out the pout on his lips in the darkness. You reached up to brush a strand of hair out of his face, “What’s wrong babe?” “Oh, um, its nothing. Its just… well we havent spent much time together in the past few weeks and I feel like I never see you anymore. I know that we’re both busy with our careers and keeping our fans happy and stuff, but I really wish I could just have my girlfriend to myself sometimes, ya know? I miss you.” You smiled at him in the darkness and wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him into a tight hug. “I miss you too, Cal,” you mumbled into his shoulder. “Tell you what,” you said, pulling back to look at him, “we both have to work tomorrow, but we should have this weekend off, and we can do anything you want.” “Anything?” he asked, raising his eyebrow with a smirk. “Ugh,” you said, half groaning and half giggling, “classic Calum, head’s always in the gutter.” “Hey, can you blame me?” He said, cupping your face with his hand, “I’ve got the most amazingly beautiful girlfriend in the whole wide world.” “Awwww. Stop it, you cheeseball!” You blushed, lightly hitting him on the chest. “So, this weekend then? No distractions?” he chuckled. “Absolutely none.” “Then its a date.” He quickly kissed you on the forehead, then layed back down on the bed, pulling you into his chest and wrapping his arms around your waist. “Now get some sleep, love.” “Night, Cal,” you responded, falling asleep in the safety of his arms.

LUKE- At this point in your relationship, he knew how to tell exactly how you were feeling at any point during the day just by the way you said hello. That’s why he had already prepared the essentials for when you came home from your long day of meetings with your manager. Your band was trying to work out the details of your next world tour, but none of the venues seemed to want to cooperate with your time constraints. So, when he had texted you a cheery, “Hey honey, how’s your day been going? :)” and you only responded with a brisk, “Ok,” he knew you were going to come home in a bad mood. And as he predicted, he found you in the front room slumped against the wall with your eyes closed, trying to let the stress of the day fade away now that you were home. Luckily, he was there to help you out with that. He walked over to where you were leaning against the wall and quickly scooped you up bridal-style to carry you upstairs to the bathroom, letting out a low chuckle when you squealed in surprise. “Lucas, what are you doing?” you groaned, too stressed to deal with his silliness. “What? Cant a guy help his favorite girl relax after a long day at work? Jeez, what has the world come to?” he laughed, pushing the bathroom door open with his foot and setting you down facing him. “Luke, what are you talking about?” “Well, look,” he said, grabbing your shoulders and spinning you around. Your hand flew to your mouth and you let out a gasp as you saw that he had set up a bath for you, filling it with rose petals, lighting candles on the counter, and setting a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries on the side. “Lukey, this is amazing! Thank you!” you exclaimed, giving him a hug. “Anything for you, love.” He said, giving you a peck on the lips. “Now go on and get in,” he said, nudging you toward the tub and giving your bum a quick pat, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” “Aren’t you going to join me?” You asked with a smirk. “I would, love, but I’ve got one more thing that I have to do first.” “Oh, alright.” He gave you one of his infamous grins as he switched on his ipod, which was attached to a set of speakers plugged into the wall. In a matter of seconds your favorite Ed Sheeran song was playing softly throughout the room. “Now get in and enjoy yourself. I’ll be right back.” Luke gave you another quick smile as he exited the bathroom, closing the door gently behind him. As soon as he left, you undressed and climbed into the tub, which was at the perfect temperature: warm, but not too hot. You started munching on the strawberries that Luke had left and enjoying the playlist he had created, feeling all of the stress from earlier slip away. About twenty minutes had passed when Luke finally reappeared and poked his head into the bathroom door. “Hey, Y/N. Sorry for disturbing your leisure time, but you should come downstairs.” “Oh, alright,” you sighed, perfectly content with where you were, “I guess I could do that.” Luke left you once again to get changed, and you climbed out of the tub, eager to see what he had next on the agenda. You slipped into the pajamas he had left for you one the counter and padded down the stairs. As soon as you opened the door to the kitchen, you were hit with the intoxicating aromas of spaghetti and garlic bread. You looked over to the table, and felt pin pricks behind your eyes as you realized that he had set the table with candles and roses and had even cracked open a bottle of wine. A tear rolled down your cheek, “Oh my gosh, did you do this all yourself, Luke? I almost feel under dressed,” you giggled, wiping your face with the back of your hand. “No, dont,” he said, “you are so beautiful, no matter what you wear.” “I love you, you know that right?” you asked, peering up at him. “Of course I do. I love you, too.” he said, pulling you in for another embrace.


A/N: Hey guys! Thanks so much for reading this, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Sorry I didn’t write one for ash or mike, it got really late. This is my first preference, so if you liked it feel free to request mike’s or ash’s version or any other preference you want to see me write.