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I will remain strong

Recently I was removed from my position as Communications Manager at Pale Sea Inc, after a long and frustrating creative struggle with the Board of Directors who is largely made up of egotistical fish-crazy billionaire “philanthropists”. My job was onsite at a remote marine research base 1km off of the coast of Myggbukta, Greenland. It seemed like a dream job at first, but once you spend a few months in the arctic surrounded by these micromanagers telling you which fish you can and cannot post you start to lose it.

I am currently hiding in a large storage facility attached to the base, but I am constantly on the move to avoid detection. I’m not sure what happens to people when they are fired, but I am not going to stick around to find out. My current plan is to stow away on the next supply ship and get the hell out of here.

In the mean time, I will do whatever I can to elude security and disrupt their social media output. Serious seaweed, indeed.

-Your mod on the inside

Former Communications Manager, Pale Sea Institute Arctic Research Station


so basically whilst me and @cosmic-clara / @put-in-writing were catching up, we somehow started talking about how much we adored watching the buzzfeed unsolved videos and that escalated into an hour long conversation about how modern!peter is a SLUT for conspiracy theories/ghost/aliens/and pretty much EVERYTHING SUPERNATURAL RELATED! so without further ado, here’s some headcanons from me and clara!

(aka, the one where peter is like mulder and his s/o is like scully)

  • peter has always been super interested in supernatural stuff because “IT’S SO FUCKING COOL BABE”
    • but his obsession really started when you guys were procrastinating and started watching the buzzfeed unsolved videos
    • he 100% can and will sit and watch all of them in one sitting
      • and he always low key freaks out because “THIS SOUNDS SO FUCKING LEGIT BABE”
        •  “I KNOW THE ILLUMINATI AREN’T REAL BUT LIKE….. what if they can hear me say that….” “peter oh my god”
      • some nights he’ll poke you until you’re awake and be like “so…. do you think that the clintons are apart of the illuminati and are shapeshifting lizard people? it sounds plausible” “GO TO SLEEP PETER” “but i kNOW THEY ARE” and then he proceeds to delve into a deep theory and you’re just about to lose your shit
        • (he’s tried to get charles to look into the clintons minds to see if he can ‘read’ their lizard thoughts)
        • (charles has lost count how many times he’s asked)
  • he ALWAYS nonchalantly will be like “wow i can’t believe we ACTUALLY didn’t land on the moon”
    • kurt is literally SHOOK when he hears that
    • everyone has to stop peter from explaining to kurt a theory that will last four hours
  • peter almost cried when charles told him that JFK was a mutant
  • when he’s sick he’s always like “i can’t take medicine, it’s a ploy by the government to control our minds-” “peter just take the fucking advil or i won’t suck your dick”
  • one of his favorite cases is the zodiac killer!!
    • (his favorite meme is 100% that ted cruz is the zodiac killer. it’s confirmed that peter made posters with ted cruz’s face next to the police sketch and hung them around school)
    • he’ll take you to the crime scenes to look for clues because he’s 100% convinced that the zodiac is still out there
      • if it’s dark and he hears a noise he’ll dash out of there and back to the car LEAVING YOU THERE
  • a lot of your dates consist of UFO hunting!
    • you take a picnic basket, loads of blankets, and take a truck out to a remote field where he’s researched to be a UFO hotspot and you guys sit out there with binoculars
      • he takes a picture of you wrapped in blankets and looking up at the stars with binoculars and captions it “UFO hunting with my lady. #BEAMUSUP”
    • you bought him that iconic ‘i want to believe’ poster and he almost cried from happiness
    • you guys have gone as mulder and scully for halloween multiple times!!
  • another favorite show of his is supernatural! (”i only like the first three seasons though, there’s way more monsters!”)
    • he has a little journal in which while he’s watching, he’ll take notes “just in case” (there are a lot of little doodles in there, too!)
    • one day while you’re cleaning your room you find salt on the windowsill, and you sigh
      • your first thought is “peter u fucking trash can” but then you realize it’s kiNDA SWEET? because he just wants to make sure you’re safe 100% of the time
      • he also buys you deans amulet one year for your birthday because he again, wants you safe all the time
        • when you kiss him and thank you warren says “that’s not the only protection she’ll need tonight ;–)”
    • peter has dozens of the temporary demon protection tattoos from the show!
    • one time you walk in to your room and he’s mumbling something in latin and you’re like “damn peter back at it again with the freaky ghost shit” SO WHEN YOU ASK HIM WHAT HE’S DOING HE’S JUST LIKE “it’s a protection spell!”
  • peter is a huge slut for that cheesy ghost adventures show, omfg
    • his favorite episode is this one

    • you actually enjoy this one a lot because its HILARIOUS
    • he would totally act like that around ghosts, omfg
      • he’d here a noise and fucking BOLT
  • peter get’s really into ghosts after he takes a picture of you in the mansion one day, and there’s multiple little orbs behind your shoulder
    • that’s the start of his obsession with finding the ghost in the mansion
      • “peter it’s a camera flare omfg” “….that’s what it wants us to think…..”
    • you buy him a cheap ghost detector for his birthday one year as a joke, but he actually get’s SUPER excited
      • he uses it everyday, tbh!
      • he walks around the halls with it and JFC does the beeping get annoying
      • one time at like four a.m. it went off and peter freaks out because it’s not the usual beeping, it’s like erratic beeping
        • “BABE THE GHOST IS HERE OH MY GOD” “peter it probably just needs new batteries” “but bABE” “go to sleep before i start screaming”
      • charles has to confront him one day because “you’re scaring the younger students”
        • “you know what should scare them more? GHOSTS, you should be thanking me that i’m patrolling” “peter, that is a childs toy.”
    • he really is protective of the boys because he relates to them hella, especially when they get bullied
    • so you just let him cuddle into you as you watch!!
      • (he asked hank to make him ghost hunting weapons like in ghostbusters)
      • (hank said no)
    • he bought you one and threw at you and said “PUT IT ON BABE WE’RE GOING GHOST HUNTING”
      • (you’re both low key attracted to each other in the costumes)
    • one day while you’re in the hallway you see peter bolt by in his ghostbusters costume and you’re just like “peter, back at it again” but then you see 10 little boys in ghostbusters costumes chasing after him!!
      • they all make little cardboard ghost detectors so they can follow peter around with them
        • (it’s low key bc peter didn’t want them to mess with actual ghosts shh)
          • charles wants to call him out on it but the kids are so happy with him 
          • so he lets it happen
      • one night you go to your shared room only to find peter surrounded by the boys with a light under his chin, telling scary stories
        • peter gave you the happiest little grin you almost DIED inside
        • you see the way peter makes them all giggle and laugh and that’s just a reminder of why you love him
    • somewhere along the way the little girls made you the leader of their female ghostbusters squad!
      • you and the girls are always in a prank war with the boys!
    • one day you and peter set up a game where The Squad put sheets over their heads and whoever catches the most ‘ghosts’ wins!
      • if you catch Kurt you win (bc he’s a teleporter!) he’s pretty much the golden snitch of the game
      • there’s a lot of laughs and pranks and it’s such a good time!!
      • the boys try to prank the girls in the middle of the night but jokes on them because the girls found out and got them while they were trying to prank them
    • peter’s favorite halloween meme is the fucking skeleton war
      • he hides a bunch of plastic skeletons around the mansion dressed up in weird costumes
        • “PETER WHY IS THERE A SKELETON WITH A PLASTIC SWORD IN MY BATHROOM” “the skeleton war…… it’s coming…….” “i hate you so much”
        • the whole school loves this fucking meme
          • there’s a sudden influx of plastic weapons and charles is like “what the fuck” when he confronts the kids, but they’re just like “THE SKELETON WAR PROFESSOR, IT’S COMING”
          • this is pretty much what it’s like living with peter during this
    • one of his favorite halloween things to do is a stupid fucking ouija board
      • he gets the squad to try it one night and this is how it goes
    • peter asked it one time if it was a friendly ghost, and when it moved to ‘no’ everyone lost their shit
      • somewhere along the way the board got tossed and you all freak out because you were supposed to say ‘goodbye’ and you didn’t
      • you all don’t sleep for a week
    • he also LOVES hitting up haunted houses!!
  • one time while you guys were having sex he thought of a new theory to the Bermuda triangle conspiracy and he literally got up to write it down
      • “I CAN’T FORGET IT BABE IM SORRY” “you do it one more time we’re stopping and going to sleep” 
      • he does it again so you roll over and he’s like “I’M SORRY PLEASE PLEASE”
      • “nothing makes me drier than you bringing up aliens peter goodnight”
        • when you tell the squad all the boys roast him for it
        • “you can all thank me when the truth comes out bye”
  • when you guys watch scary movies he’s always pointing out the details
    • “that’s signs of a poltergeist not a demon smh”
      • after peter bugged charles to get a priest, he has the damn audacity to make a daddy joke
      • and if peter ever tried to excerise a demon by himself it’d be like that scene from this is the end
        • you would be the one saying “that’s you’re fucking plan?! you’re gonna repeat lines from The Exorcist?!” “well i would assume they did their fuckin research!” “iT’S A MOVIE” “IT’S A MANUAL, A FUCKIN MANUAL”
  • one summer you guys hit up every UFO hotspot, roswell, area 51, and the most haunted locations in america (and you maybe even go international!)
    • one time though you guys got fucking arrested for climbing into a restricted area
      • charles sent alex to bail you guys out
        • “why the fuck would you try to break into area 51 jfc i don’t get paid enough for this shit
          • (exasperated dad!alex summers is real af)
  • another time peter wanted to go hunt for bigfoot so he took you up to oregon to go camping
    • so you told scott and he bought a bigfoot costume and followed you guys without peter knowing
    • when you guys are making a fire you tell scott to make some ruckus so when the noise of a twig breaking peter nearly loses his shit
    • he grabs his camera and drags you into the woods and tHERE IS SCOTT IS HIS SHITTY COSTUME AND PETER NEARLY CRIES FROM HAPPINESS
      • when you guys get back peter is showing off his pictures with excitement and it makes your heart melt a little because he’s so happy, so you and scott decide to keep it a secret
        • but scott let it slip one day!!! :(((
        • so you took peter again
          • but this time when there was something spooky in the woods he was like “lmao okay scott come on” and you’re like panicking because “IT’S NOT SCOTT PETER OHMY OG”
          • long story short you come home with blurry pictures of something that looks A LOT like bigfoot
  • even though you’re a skeptic and he’s a believer, you still love your big nerd of a boyfriend and will always come with him to his ghost adventures and UFO hunting
  • his argument is always “babe, if mutants can exist, so can the supernatural!
  • bye i love peter and his huge dorky supernatural loving ass

iamnmbr3  asked:

I don't really wanna watch the whole Captain America: Super Soldier walkthru, but i am curious. what's in it that u liked stucky-wise? (or character motivations wise)

I would be more than happy to share my observations/headcanons!

There are a few extra characters; Baron Strucker, and Madam Hydra, who are fascinating to puzzle over, but for the sake of brevity this answer is only going to focus on Zola, Steve and Bucky, and a little of Dugan and Falsworth.

I will be making a post about the other characters at some point though, since they definitely deserve exploring.


Alrighty, here we go!

Note: Video clips are highlighted and underlined. Clips are timed to start at the specified scenes, but do not stop on their own. You will need to close the video browser after a scene has ended.

Character motivation:

Arnim Zola

The first time we hear Zola speak, he says this:

Zola: After years of planning and research, my time has come at last. *Project Master Man is a reality. History shall record that Dr. Amim Zola was the first to unlock the secrets of the human genome. And thus my immortality is assured. Using the blood of my benefactor, Johann Schmidt, I will replicate and surpass the work of the traitor Abraham Erskine. The Americans believe they have created a perfect human specimen in their precious Super Soldier. They are fools. The perfection of the human body is a false goal. What does it profit us to perfect something inherently limited? No, to truly evolve must improve upon it. Herr Skull has secured a remote research facility and outfitted it with Hydra forces for my protection and assistance. The Skull has also honored me with the loan of the Tesseract Cube to aid in my research, under his supervision, of course. He will not be disappointed. I shall work tirelessly until I have unlocked Erskine’s secrets and taken them to places he never imagined or perhaps feared to tread. It is my goal. My purpose. My destiny.

*Project Master Man = Zola’s version of Project Rebirth

This clip gives us some pretty good insight into Zola’s motivations for, and methods of, recreating the super-soldier serum. First off, we know that he was already experimenting on Bucky in Austria; here we have a Zola telling Steve that he had been using samples of Red Skull’s blood to understand the formula. Now, however, he has a large sample of Steve’s blood to study, along with notes he’s been taking on his abilities.

In this clip Zola has already perfected the serum. And, even though there appears to be only the one vial, I don’t believe Zola would have neglected to create some sort of backup, or at the very least memorize the formula.

This clip shows Falsworth in a Vita-Ray type chamber prepared to be enhanced, assumingly into a “Captain Britain” soldier from the presence of the Union Jack near the chamber. Steve is about to free him when Zola shows up in a prototype of his future computer-consciousness self. We will come back to that in a minute.

The exchange between Zola and Steve goes like this:

Zola: You thought me dead? I am beyond life and death. I have transcended flesh. Mastered it. Including your friend Falsworth. You have inspired me, Captain. Your colorful symbolism. The way your inferiors worship you… follow you like sheep. After I’ve killed you, I shall drain your blood to re-create the Super Soldier Serum… and use it on your friend. Transforming him in to a symbol just like you. He will be my puppet… the perfect assassin.

They fight, Zola’s robot falls, Steve gets Falsworth out of the chamber.

Captain America: Easy. You were drugged.

Falsworth: Thank you. He was going to…

Captain America: I know. It wouldn’t have worked. And he lost his chance.

From the exchange between Zola and Schmidt earlier, we know that the serum was complete; it would have worked. Falsworth is the intended victim in this scene, but everything said applies equally to the Winter Soldier.

Just to reiterate:

Zola used Steve’s blood, directly or indirectly, to turn Bucky into the Winter Soldier.

This could simply have been Zola being an opportunist when Bucky (the man he had already partly enhanced) fell from the train, or it could have been far more personal, and therefor demoralizing. Zola is a master manipulator, so I don’t see this as being too far out of his character.

When Steve crashes the Valkyrie, Zola may very well have known he was still alive; he is after all using ice as a method of suspension for his own super-soldier. No matter what Zola does, it’s important to remember that he is a genius, and he knows far more than he lets on.

More on Zola’s computer-consciousness:

This conversation gives a glimpse into Zola’s personal agenda/ego, which interestingly, is very close to Ultron:

Captain America: The castle’s in ruins. Your work’s buried. It’s over, Zola.

Zola: How wrong you are, Captain. My victory is only beginning.

Captain America: All those people you killed… tortured… changed into monsters… and for what?

Zola: For what? For this! One learns as much from failure as from success. My goal should never have been improving flesh… but rather, leaving it behind. You had your body altered. Improved. Now I have improved upon you. You are but a footnote on the evolutionary path… one that will soon be extinct.

Captain America: If this is your idea of a body, you’re sicker than I thought.

Zola: How small minded you are. A body is but a casing. The true power lies in my mind… in what it controls. Let the Sleeper rise! Behold the glory that is the Sleeper and be in awe. Don’t you see, Captain? You’re too late. I have transcended flesh. Destroy my housing and I will simply find another.

Zola is very similar to Ultron in this scene; he intends to take humans, or at least himself, to the next level of evolution: consciousness based machines. His appearance in CA:TWS is far from his only attempt of preserving his consciousness. I believe he would have made escape routes into the internet for himself long before the explosion at Camp Leigh, meaning even now he is still very much alive.

Cut off one head, two more shall take it’s place.



These are the major Steve and Bucky interaction scenes:

Here, Bucky is being escorted somewhere by two Hydra goons, and Steve steps in to help. Instead of just tossing the shield and knocking the guys out by himself, (which he very easily could), he moves in so he and Bucky can take them down as a team. They throw identical punches, meaning they’ve either practiced being a single unit when they fight, or they are extremely attuned to each other.

After this, Steve asks if Bucky is alright before hearing his report, then when they hear voices, he protectively pushes Bucky out of sight. The danger passes and Bucky outlines a plan for freeing the prisoners Hydra has been torturing; Steve agrees by saying “consider it done”, Bucky gives him a two way radio, and continues laying out his plan:

Bucky: Here, courtesy of Stark. Miniaturized short-range radio receiver so the invaders can keep in touch.

Steve: Amazing. Look at the size of it.

Bucky: I’ll be impressed when it picks up Fibber McGee and Molly. Now, once I get the prisoners out I’ll come back inside and…

Steve: No. You’ll rendezvous with the others and head to the extraction point.

Bucky: When hell freezes over!

Steve: Buck, if what you told me is true, these men will never make it on their own.

Bucky: Always a killjoy, huh, Rogers?

Steve: Take care of yourself.

Bucky: You too, Steve. *followed by a long lingering gaze.*

This interaction could have easily been shorter, and probably should have been for the sake of the mission, but neither Steve or Bucky seem to be in a hurry to be out of each other’s sight; especially Bucky who intersperses his report with ruminations about their past. There are also definite echoes of “not without you” here, and they both make a point of telling each other to take care even though they will be talking through the radio, and meeting back up in a few hours.

This scene takes place directly after Falsworth is rescued from the radiation chamber; Bucky is ready to blow up the building, but Steve knows there’s another threat underground that has to be dealt with first.

Falsworth: Well, then we’ll deal with it.

Dugan: “We” nothing. You’re going outside, where the POWs are waiting. The rest…

Steve: No. You’re all going.

Bucky: Cap, if you think you’re putting me on the bench again…

Steve: I’m not. We need everyone on the field. Whatever’s under there is their ultimate weapon. I’m not sure I can stop it. I’m not sure all four of us can. I’m gonna need heavy firepower. Long range support. I’ll need you manning the mortars.

Bucky: Dugan and Falsworth can do that.

Dugan: Or you, boy. What makes you so special?

Steve: Listen to me. None of us are special. If we win, that’ll be why. Because Zola and Skull think they’re some master race and we know they’re not. We know no man is more valuable than any other. We know it’ll take all of us to stop this evil from spreading. All of us standing together. Doing our part.

I’m best equipped to go down there and see if there’s anything I can do to stop it. To find out what I can and relay it to you. But the truth is, it’s probably more than I can handle. Which means it’s up to you to stop it for good. With mortars, or airstrikes or whatever it takes. We either win together or we die together.

Falsworth: We’ll carry out our duty, Captain. Have no fear of that.

Dugan: Give them a boot in the head for me.

Bucky: See you soon.

Steve: When the evacuation plane comes, you be there to meet them. With or without me. *This appears to be directed at Bucky for the most part.*

Now, there are some interesting details here:

Bucky mentions being ‘put on the bench again’; he could be referring to their earlier conversation, (being told to help the prisoners instead of coming back to fight with Steve), but, this may also be something that’s happened before. Steve knows Bucky isn’t as strong as him, and the easiest way to keep him safe is to give him alternate missions as a long range sniper, or helping with prisoner extraction.

Steve says he needs all of them to work on long range firepower while he goes underground. Bucky argues that the others can handle it; he wants to fight with Steve. Dugan calls Bucky ‘boy’, and asks what makes him so special.

First, why did Dugan feel the need to snark at him specifically like that?

Bucky isn’t a boy, he isn’t even the youngest of the Commandos; he and Dugan fought together in the 107th, and they’re both sergeants, as well as teammates.

Second, what makes him so special?

I know Steve wouldn’t play favorites among the team, at the same time Bucky is probably treated slightly different from the others because he and Steve are best friends, (or more). Dugan may have simply been feeling dismissed here, or there may be other things going on under the surface, (conscious or unconscious), that haven’t been addressed.  

Steve’s response is to make a morale boosting speech about everyone being equals, and fighting together, winning together, and maybe dying together to stop Red Skull and Zola.

No one argues, and they part company to complete their missions.

In this scene Steve vanquishes the last of Zola’s robots which then proceeds to crash, shaking the foundations of the castle. At the rendezvous point, Bucky, Dugan and Falsworth cheer as they watch the castle explode, meanwhile Steve is inside running for his life to escape in time. A particularly powerful explosion blows out part of a mountain, making the rendezvous party flinch and become quiet.

Falsworth: If Rogers was still in there…

Bucky: He got out. *said with complete confidence.*

Dugan: Buck, that explosion took out the whole side of the mountain. You should prepare yourself for the possibility that…

Bucky: He got out! *barked very stubbornly*

*long pause filled with dramatic music*

Bucky: There!

Steve strides heroically back into the scene, no worse for wear; Bucky claps, cheers, and runs to greet him followed by the others. Bucky gives a status report on the prisoners, Steve gives another speech.

Fade to black.

In this, and to an extent CA:TFA, Steve tries to keep Bucky safe, and Bucky refuses to give up on Steve; even, or most especially, in the face of impossible odds.

Because they’re with each other till the end of the line.


I thought the Stucky was pretty good in this game/movie, and it gave me a lot of great ideas for my writing.

Thank you for letting me ramble, and I hope this answered your questions. If anyone wants more posts about this topic, let me know. :)

Death’s Dance

Cover art by @hage2013~

An encounter between a corrupted man and an angel amidst a sea of body, one filled with emotions of all kinds.

The rain painted the cement ground with a layer of colorless paint, unrelenting in that dark night. In weather conditions that would dampen most moods and ruin many plans, a party of twenty people was more than thankful for what it gave them. They signaled at one another multiple times, the darkness obscuring their hands yet they were afraid of using communications for fear of being detected. While the enemy beyond the gate was supposedly just a small force, they could not afford to take risks. After all, risks could easily turn to result in the loss of many lives.

On that night, a team of organized local militias were sent into a remote research facility to secure it. While was not an important target, what was important was the fact that they had access to a very important database, one that the enemy could now access thanks to a surprise attack. No one outside the council should have known about the fact that the database was moved here for the day for the researchers to analyze some potentially valuable discoveries; in fact they had made sure to only send a small defense addition as to not arouse suspicion. And yet here they were, having to retake the location from the enemy and make sure that the database, which was in the form of a small cylindrical data core, did not fall into the wrong hand.

Fortunately, the enemy must still be in there, letting their code-breaker do its work. The database was locked in the heavy safebox of the center, fortunately rushed there by the director of the place the moment he had realized there was an attack. The code was only known to him and in the database of the council, and the courageous man had made sure that he would never reveal the secret to anyone at the cost of his own life.

The infiltration was easy enough, and the enemies were caught off-guard. Sure they had some injuries on the friendly side, after all, the enemy was still quite nicely fortified in their defensive positions, but that was what Mercy was there for. She helped patch up those wounded and provided tactical insight as well as acting as a representative from Overwatch to oversee and provide a report after the mission. It had been deemed safe enough after all, having such a large force against a weak enemy. It almost seemed too easy, as if the enemy had sent a small group due to not believing whatever intel they had themselves.

Yet in the next few moments, Mercy could only watch as the plan that had gone so perfectly and the team that had done phenomenally without any mistakes disappear in a flash. She had been walking away from the main group to check on the surviving researchers and other personnel, only the feel a chill run up her spine and the sight of a dark cloud that symbolized death. And with the symbol, came the messenger.

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Stay in Touch

Summary: When the Reader goes on a solo hunt, her and Dean text on a regular basis
: DeanxReader
: 1430
: Fluffy Fluff to begin with… then… well, then there’s angt
AN: This is something kinda different from my other fics, and I LOVED writing it!!! It was seriously a LOAD of fun to write!!! I may do something similar in the future, because really… year. Loved it!  XD
I’ve also never written in front of a Live Audience before… @poemwriter98 and @idreamofhazel, I hope you guys enjoyed yourself! And Thanks so much for all your help and feedback!!!  :D
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

Messages from the Reader start with ‘-’
Messages from Dean’s Phone start with ‘~’
This fic is kinda from Dean’s Phone’s POV?? It should make sense when you read it…


Oct 14th
Missed call: this person/number called at 20.47 on Oct 14th, but left no message.

- Hey Dean!
Just letting you know I got into town ok, considering you just ignored my call… rude!
I’m tired, and am gunna get some sleep before tackling the case… the drive was too long! Especially since I didn’t have your dumb ass keeping me company  :p

~ hey sweetheart. bit early for bed, ain’t it? and excuse you, I’m a delight to be around. i bet it was my amazing singing you missed, right?

- Don’t be a jackass, I just drove halfway across the country with nothing but toilet breaks and food stops. I’m tired! And if I’m being honest, it’s not your vocal skills I’m missing right now…

~ uh huh… i miss you too. but it’s only a small hunt, you’ll be home before you know it. and we ain’t leaving the bedroom for at least a day.

- Is that a promise, Winchester?

~ definitely a promise

- Good… I’ll hold you to that  ;)
Love you  xxx

~ night, baby. love you too

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons Dva, Mei, Zarya with a shapeshifter S/o(?)


  • Loves it when they transform into something cute. Like a kitten, or a baby owl, or a bunny (her favorite)!
    • Never gets tired of all their cutesy forms and loves to cuddle and play with them
  • When she’s still new to the concept, she’ll want to see all kinds of transformations
    • “Do a chicken! Now a dog! An alligator! Ooh, can you do a phoenix?!”
  • Likes the bunny and kitten form best. Then her s/o can snooze next to her all fluffy and warm as she plays video games
  • Just imagine her s/o shapeshifting into a cat then doing that thing cats do when you’re trying to play a PC game, like sitting in front of the monitor and stepping on the keys


  • She’d be so fascinated when she first finds out. Mei’s a scientist first, so she’ll be very inquisitive and may ask for DNA samples
  • Would love it if her s/o could transform into endangered species. It would just melt her heart to see an animal she only saw in books
  • Her favorite forms would be anything strong for mountaineering and adventuring! Mei travels all over the world to very remote places for her research, so she likes when her s/o turns into a big, oversized wolf that she can ride up a mountain!
  • Likes to cuddle her s/o when they’re big fluffy animals


  • “Come at me with the biggest form you’ve got! Don’t hold back!”
  • Would like to see her s/o’s strength in battle as they mow through enemies in the biggest forms they have
  • But would like it even more if they would help her train in those forms
    • She’d wrestle them as a bear, a dragon, a horse, a lion
    • But be careful because sometimes she requests an animal she just can’t beat and ends up getting hurt for it
  • Does adds for the Russian Defense Forces with her s/o. They turn into a Siberian bear and pose with her!

leanarutherford  asked:

🍡- Name 3 things you love about yourself, 🦄- What’s your dream job?, 💒- If you could live with anyone, who would it be?

Thank you! ^^

🍡- Name 3 things you love about yourself:
1. My loyalty.
2. The fact that I can make music.
3. My hair, I think, somedays (it’s curly, and I like curly hair). ^^

🦄- What’s your dream job?
Be the biologist of a conservation park/protected area in a remote place! Doing research and field work! *dreamful sigh*

💒- If you could live with anyone, who would it be?
I already live with my boyfriend and our two cats. I wouldn’t change that!

Researchers Find Tons of Plastic Rubbish Scattered on Remote South Pacific Island

Researchers have warned that an uninhabited island in the South Pacific, one of the world’s most remote places, is one of the worst affected by pollution from plastic debris.

Dr Jennifer Lavers said the highest density of plastic debris ever recorded were found on the shores of Henderson Island, one of the Pitcairn Islands, following a recent expedition. Dr Lavers estimated that 17 tonnes, or 18.7 tons, of plastic waste had been swept onto the shores of Henderson Island from South America and fishing ships by currents in the Pacific Ocean.

“What’s happened on Henderson Island shows there’s no escaping plastic pollution even in the most distant parts of our oceans,” said Dr Lavers of the Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania in a statement. “Far from being the pristine ‘deserted island’ that people might imagine of such a remote place, Henderson Island is a shocking but typical example of how plastic debris is affecting the environment on a global scale.

This video shows the conditions on East Beach on Henderson Island. Credit: Dr Jennifer Lavers via Storyful

The Signs as Emily Grey quotes
  • Aries: Excuse me, I've been washing your blood of my armor so I'm a little late to the conversation. Did you say the prisoner is awake?
  • Taurus: Remember: you're no good to me dead! Although, I suppose I could run some experiments on your body.
  • Gemini: No silly, I'm Dr. Grey! Ha, bad joke.
  • Cancer: I have an IQ of 240. A prodigy can only cut people open so many times before she needs to find a hobby.
  • Leo: Oh, I can’t tell you how nice it is to get out of the office and away from all the complaining. ‘My leg hurts!’ ‘I need blood!’ ‘But I don’t want to have a robot arm!’
  • Virgo: Well, if I’m going to take a look at this tower, I’ll require an escort. How about you, Simmons, you’ve always seemed intelligent...Well, compared to your friends.
  • Libra: Aren’t you so happy we’re such close friends?
  • Scorpio: FASCINATING! An A.I. with the ability to jump from soldier to soldier!? Tell me, does he travel via your neural implants or is it something more subtle?
  • Sagittarius: Oh! Well that is a lot of blood!
  • Capricorn: Wonderful! I'll prepare a meal out of the surrounding fungi and vegetation for your return!
  • Aquarius: This is a remote research facility designed to study the surrounding wildlife. I volunteered at one just like it at grad school. Its got a laboratory, an incinerator and oodles of state of the art surgical equipment. Would you like to see them?
  • Pisces: Aim for the jugular! The Jugular! Punch him in the goddamn throat!
The Novel That Should Have Been Thrown Out The Airlock

Apparently this is a thing. I saw it suggested to me on Amazon and thought whoa, a new installment?! But then I looked closer… and noticed this book has been floating around since 2012. 

Mass Effect is poised to become the greatest (video game) franchise in the realm of science fiction, with the future release of ME4. Yet I have never seen a copy at B&N or even heard of it, not one solitary word in all this vast internet…. It isn’t even offered on Bioware’s official site for merchandise. 

It’s almost as if… dramatic pause… someone doesn’t want the existence of this book to be discovered. 

Naturally, I looked to the reviews in hope of answering the question: Why?

Keep reading

New Study Points to a Brain Region Key to Contextual Memories

Dartmouth researchers demonstrate in a new study that a previously understudied part of the brain, the retrosplenial cortex, is essential for forming the basis for contextual memories, which help you to recall events ranging from global disasters to where you parked your car.

An important aspect of memory is the ability to recall the physical place, or context, in which an event occurred. For example, in recalling emotionally charged events such as the September 11 terror attacks or the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we remember not only the event but also where we were when it happened. Indeed, in discussing such events with others, we often ask, “Where were you when … ?” Processing “where” information is also important for mundane events such as remembering where you parked your car.

Although it is known that a specific network of brain regions is important for contextual memory, it has not been known how different parts of the network contribute to this process. But using a newly developed technology known as “chemogenetics,” Professor David Bucci’s laboratory is beginning to show how different brain structures contribute to contextual learning and memory. Developed at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, the chemogenetics technique enables researchers to “remotely control” the activity of brains cells. This is accomplished by using a virus to transfers genes for a synthetic receptor into a brain region. The receptors are responsive only to a synthetic drug that is administered through a simple injection. By binding to the receptors, the drug temporarily turns off—or on—brain cells in that region for a short amount of time.

Using this approach, Bucci’s laboratory demonstrated in an experiment with rats that the retrosplenial cortex is critical for forming the basis for contextual memories. It was the first time the chemogenetics technique had been used to turn off cells along the entire retrosplenial cortex. The importance of this finding is underscored by two recent studies showing that the hippocampus, another key brain region involved in contextual memories, is not itself active or necessary for forming the initial associations that underlie contextual memory.

The National Science Foundation recently awarded Bucci a five-year, $725,000 grant to continue this research.

“By providing new insight into the function of this part of the brain, our work will also have implications for understanding the basis for illnesses that impact contextual memory, such as Alzheimer’s disease,” Bucci says. “In fact, recent studies have shown that the retrosplenial cortex is one of the first brain areas that is damaged in persons with Alzheimer’s disease.”

The findings appear in The Journal of Neuroscience.

roseceilings-deactivated2014071  asked:

How long have you been together with your husband? Has it been difficult pursuing a degree because of it?

This is a great question that raises the important issue of the experience of women in academia. I don’t have any answers for the system as a whole, only my experience, but I hope my reply to this question contributes in some way to the female voices already speaking out about their experiences, what’s working, and what needs to change.

A recent study by a team at UC Berkeley, published as Do Babies Matter? Gender and Family in the Ivory Tower, has found that women pay a “baby penalty” – that is, “Women who do advance through the faculty ranks do so at a high personal price: They are far less likely to be married with children than are their male colleagues,” and having children is often “a career killer.” Now, I don’t have children, but – and let me be very clear that I speak only for me and out of my personal experience & values – I often feel like the same stigma and the same type of limited upward mobility applies to women who are simply married, and who maintain a certain type of boundary between work and family.  

My husband & I have been together since 2007, and married for three years. He’s extremely supportive of my goals, but even so, I consider myself a wife first and academic second. I try to protect my family life from academia, in a way that most aspiring scholars likely would not be willing to do. Specifically, I maintain boundaries that I won’t cross for the sake of my career, so that whenever a fellowship or other opportunity arises, the first thing I consider is the affect this might have on my marriage & family life. I would not take a fellowship where my husband would not also be able to come (or where it would not be realistic - like packing up and moving to Rome or something for a year), so the majority of fellowships are out of the question. The same is true of research travel, unless such travel is absolutely crucial; I am not inclined to spend months or even weeks at a time away from my husband.  I vowed to spend my life with my husband, literally, and many academic opportunities are counterproductive to this value. I know that this limits my options for rising up the academic ladder, but I don’t mind because I think my family is more important and more enduring than my research & career. I’m not willing to sacrifice my values to seek after the glory of discovery. I know this is not orthodox at all, and it is probably surprising to most who are reading this, but I also know that there is more than one way to impact people the way I dream of, so I’m also not worried about finding the right career opportunity, eventually. None of this is typical of the married academics I know.

Being married and in academia isn’t easy, and not just because of what I’ve described above (even if the struggles described are in a way self-imposed because of my values). It is a financial mess, full of uncertainties… financial life is lived paycheck to paycheck with minimal savings, and funding stops for three months in the summer. Student fees amount to several hundred dollars each semester, excluding required health care, occasional textbooks, conference travel costs, and miscellaneous expenses. We knew grad school would be a financial sacrifice before leaving our comfortable jobs in LA, but that doesn’t mean those moments of “why am I doing this?” don’t happen. It’s hard emotionally, too, because whenever I’m stressed or on a tight deadline, it impacts life at home. 

The academic life also isn’t easy for new graduates looking to get on their feet and launch their careers. I’m almost at this stage, when the doors of what is called opportunity but what is actually the cruel, harsh job market, will swing open. Will there be options for me? And if there are, will they viable within the boundaries I have set between work and family? Pay, location, workload, and the permanence of a position all need to be considered times two because each factor also affects my husband (and eventually, children). I can only imagine the strain married adjuncts feel (let alone that the treatment of adjuncts & the entire adjunct system is in dire need of reform). 

Sometimes I get sad because I want two things: to be taken seriously as a scholar, and to impact people (not just other scholars) with my research & ideas. One of the reasons I so strongly support advances in digital art history is because I think it is leading to a new breed of scholars, and of course, it is making remote research easier and in the process, sharing incredible information with the entire world. I don’t know what shape my career will take, but I suspect that digital art history will play a large role. And I know that whatever shape my career does take, I don’t want to spend my life building walls to protect my family from the demands of my (academic?) career. 

Has it been difficult pursuing a degree? Not really; I would say pursuing a career is the difficult part.