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The Worlds Greatest Detective

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Request: Hey there:) can I request something where Bruce comes back from patrol frustrated because the trail he was tracking went cold or something so the reader helps him blow off some steam? Can it be a little smutty please? Thanks;)

Description: After going on a wild goose chase with none other than The Riddler, Bruce returns frustrated and defeated. Y/N attempts to make her lover feel better, but only one thing can make him feel like himself and clear his mind. 

Smut: yep! 

Words: 2266

Requests are open!


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ladytodd  asked:

Okay but in the Jedi docu series au people totally catch onto the fact that the lineage line is like a family and dissecting interactions between former master-Padawan teams and the other members of their line. Everyone is stunned to realise Dooku is yoda's 'son', ObiWan's 'grandpa', Anakin's 'great grandpa' and Ahsoka's 'great great grandpa'. There are soon petitions for the group to undergo family therapy if Dooku is ever captured. That goes as well as can be expected

So let’s talk about Dooku in this AU. I feel like at first he’d be like, “A holo-series? Ugh, how gauche they must really be desperate” before going back to reading History’s Fanciest Swords

But then, one night, he’s sitting in his wingback chair, and the holonet is on, and The Jedi Order Show starts…and he gets totally sucked in. First, it’s because he’s taking great Evil Guy pleasure in watching his enemies make idiots of themselves on a galactic stage. I see everyone there is still full of themselves, he thinks. And they still haven’t paid their electric bill. By the third episode, though? He starts to hate himself. Because damn it, that was his family for most of his life! And they’re…well, sort of endearing, he thinks angrily. 

Maybe they weren’t all bad, he finds himself thinking by the episode where Anakin helps children on a remote planet learn how to build robots that will help their families’ small farms. Young Kenobi seems like he’d be a nice teatime companion, maybe, passes through his mind as he watches Obi-Wan talk excitedly about why a lightsaber is so much more dignified than a blaster

He shuts it off: meditation. He needs to meditate, and focus on the evil tasks at hand. His Master would be furious if he knew he was having these thoughts. 

Basically what I’m saying is that there’s like a 50% chance that Dooku ends up re-upping his Jedi contract after a Very Special Episode, complete with crying and family therapy sessions. Sidious is beside himself. He cannot believe how badly this plan has backfired on him. 

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The sides movie night, each gets to pick a different movie


Family Movie Night


“Oh my god, Roman if I have to watch Cinderella one more time I’m going to jump off a bridge.”

Patton looked at Virgil horrified while Roman just bursted into laughter. Logan smirked, and shook his head.

“I will fight you, Virgil.”

Virgil chuckled at Patton, and snatched the remote out of Roman’s hand as his laughter kept him distracted.

“I’m picking tonight!”

“Noooooo!” Roman, who finally stopped laughing, whined as he tried to take it back.

Virgil jumped onto the chair next to the couch, and teasingly waved the remote around.

“Come, and get it, Princey!”

Roman, with a look of determination on his face, tackled Virgil off the chair, and onto the floor.

“Ow! Get off me ya dumb prince!”

“Not until you hand over the remote, peasant!”

“Make me!”

Patton stood up, and took the remote from Virgil’s hand grinning down at them.

“Hey!” they yelled simultaneously.

“Neither of you get the remote until you learn to play nice!”

“Sure thing, dad.” Virgil snickered as he pushed Roman off of him a little too roughly.

“Hey! How dare you push a prince!”

Virgil snickered again, and ignored him as he stood up. Roman stood up, and adjusted his shirt as he glared at the younger trait’s smug little face.

Roman huffed in annoyance, and sat back down next to Logan who still had a smirk on his face.

“What are you smirking at, nerd?”

Logan chuckled, and adjusted his glasses.

“Oh, nothing. Just your ridiculous behavior.”

Roman scoffed, and placed a hand over his chest dramatically.

“At least we know how to have fun!”

“I have fun all the time.”

“Puzzles don’t count, Einstein.”

“Are you attempting to insult me? Albert Einstein was a highly influential theoretical physicist. I don’t see how-”

“Oh my god would you two shut up?” Virgil cut their bickering off earning him glares from all three traits. Patton noticed him start to feel uncomfortable so he quickly tore his gaze away, and sat back down on the other side of Roman.

“I put on Black Cauldron for you, kiddo! Come sit with us!”

Virgil glanced nervously at the tv, and smiled at the opening credits. He then turned to look at them again, more nervous than before.

“What are you waiting for, Mr. Contemptible?”

Virgil’s nervous expression shifted to a smirk as he snorted softly then without a second thought he jumped onto the three’s laps making them all groan.

Virgil adjusted himself so he was now laying on his back stretched across their laps; his head in Logan’s, his legs in Roman’s, and Patton’s. Logan glared down at him.

“Was that really necessary?”

“Oh, let the kid have his fun, Logan! It’s rare to see him this involved in our group activities!”

Virgil lifted his head up a little to give Patton an inquisitive look.

“Kid? We all make up Thomas. We’re all the same age.”

Patton chuckled, and shook his head.

“Maybe physically you’re the same age, but you showed up last! You’re the youngest!”

Virgil groaned, and laid his head back down.

“Whatever. Can we just watch the movie now?”

“Yes please. That is the whole point of a movie night. Not these ridiculous, unnecessary conversations.”

Virgil chuckled, and relaxed as he turned his attention to the movie.

Once it was over Logan spoke up.

“I believe it is my turn to pick a movie.”

“Let me guess. Big Hero 6.”

Logan smirked at Roman, and shrugged. Roman groaned in response.

“You’re lucky I like that movie, nerd.” Virgil said as he got up, and put the movie on. He then returned back to his previous position sprawled out across their laps.

By the time BH6 was over Virgil had fallen asleep. Patton seemed to be the only one to notice at first as he stared adoringly at his ‘child.’

“Ugh, Virgil’s asleep. It’s going to be impossible to get up now. Patton where is the remote?”

Patton looked at Roman, and shrugged.

“Uhh, I dunno, kiddo.”

“You had it last!”



“Do you guys ever shut up?”

The three stopped, and looked down to see Virgil with his eyes still closed.

“Have you been awake this whole time?”

“I’m like….half asleep. Shut up.”

Logan chuckled, and brushed his fingers through the younger’s hair to soothe him. Virgil tensed at first, unused to the affectionate contact, but eventually relaxed into a deeper sleep.

“Why’d you do that?! He has to get up!”

“Found the remote! Now let my child sleep, Roman!”

“He’s not your- oh whatever. Give me that.”

Roman snatched the remote from Patton’s hand, and started looking for another movie.

“I wanna pick now! Winnie the Pooh!”

Roman groaned, but couldn’t keep the smile off his face. He quickly turned on Patton’s choice, and settled back to a comfortable position as he watched.

After Winnie the Pooh the three awake traits decided to put movie night to an end. There was just one problem.

“How do we get Virgil off of us?”

Patton chuckled, and gently lifted Virgil’s legs off of his lap so he could stand up.

“Here. Logan you lift his head up. Roman put one arm under his legs then grab him from Logan, and stand up! That way you can carry him to his room!”

Roman, and Logan shrugged then got to work lifting Virgil up. Once Roman was able to stand up he sunk down to Virgil’s room, and put him to bed. He then sunk back down to the common room, and helped the other two elder traits clean up.

The En-

“Ya know I still think we should have watched Cinderella again.”


The real End.


lmao what even is this? who knows. hopefully something comprehensible & cute? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

I am not in the situation, and probably won't be for many years, to afford visiting art classes and all that stuff, but i REALLY want to learn to draw and be good at it. Is that even possible, doing it on my own?

1) art school is not even remotely a necessity to learn how to draw well.

2) you are surrounded by people, animals and the world. sit down and draw it.

like, that’s literally all there is to it.

you sit down

and you draw things

pong farr; an addendum

(depicted above: spock holding a lirpong during amok time)

vulcan nerve pinches, like mind melds, can be utilized remotely; kirk learns this the hard way after attempting to leave on an away mission while he was still injured. eventually, the enterprise’s crew comes to fear any stray ping pong balls.

alongside chess, spock and kirk also enjoy playing a modernized version of pong.

as an april fool’s joke, bones buys a ping pong table + supplies for the enterprise; out of spite, spock creates a ping pong club portion of the xenology club and becomes the enterprise’s reigning ping pong champion. (bones isn’t quite sure what he expected)

an ensign decides to challenge spock’s ping pong champion reign over one particular week-long shore leave. the ensign faints from exhaustion during the championship match.

no one usurps spock’s reign of the ping pong table.

Timeless Fic Challenge, Week #1

Title: Late Is Better Than Never
Prompt: Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are supposed to go to a bar after a mission but Rufus cancels (reason to be chosen by the writer) and Lucy and Wyatt go alone.
Relationship: Lucy Preston/Wyatt Logan
Tags: Friendship/Love, feelings, idk
Notes: Only you, @officerparker. Only you. My little take on this week’s prompt. Just scroll right past it.
Word Count: 2,267
Rating: PG-13

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Mini Disney Movie Challenge 
↳ Your favourite song the song that defined your entire childhod

He Mele No Lilo 
He Inoa No Kalani Kalakaua — kulele!

 I don’t condone what I did in my other lives. I’m a new person who learns from their past mistakes :)

Dating Sam Would Include...

My little Sam girl heart had fun doing this one :)

* forehead kisses

* reading together in bed before falling asleep

* sleeping with your head on his chest

* his arm ALWAYS around your waist

* “So get this-” whenever he learns something remotely interesting that he wants to share with you

* laying in bed at night both facing the ceiling with your hand in Sams above you both, him just playing with your fingers

* you always playing with his hair

* Dean acting like an overprotective brother towards you

* Cas treating you like a younger sister

* Steamy sex *wiggles eyebrows*

* Him sending you cute encouraging texts when hes not around

* Him always being nervous and protective of you because of past relationships

* Talking about the future together even if it may not happen

* Him sharing stories about growing up with Dean

* He always teaches you new things. ALWAYS

* Hugs where his tall frame just envelopes you

* Calling him Sampunzel

* “But I thought you liked my hair?”

* “I do don’t worry.”

* tracing his anti-possession tattoo when cuddling


Request a part 2 if you want!

Cas // Dean

Mark - Young Flame - Chapter 2

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

A/N Okay this chapter is left on a cliff hanger, which I’m actually going to try and do for each one. I’m sorry if you hate me for that but it keeps tensions high lmao. I know it’s kinda short compared to the last chapter but it’s just to help the plot move along~

The question hung in your mind, would you like to stay here? You had only been here for a few minutes but it already felt like home. You had only just met these people that were meant to be strangers yet they already felt like close friends in which you could confide in. It scared you a little, how people you had never met before had this sort of effect on you, or maybe it was because you weren’t used to the feeling of welcome.

That was probably it. You were so used to being treated like utter shit and it wasn’t just at school. Having alcoholic parents who were on the brink of divorce and only wanted to stay with each for the money probably wasn’t the best thing to grow up with. Neither was being your older brother’s personal slave and having to do his chores along with all his homework, that was never a home to you and they were never a family to you. The thought of being able to get away from all of that was something that wasn’t hard to resist at all.

‘W-well if you don’t mind then I’d love to!’

You said all too enthusiastically which earned a weird look from Mark but Taeyong nodded understandingly, as if he could see all your troubles and knew of everything you had gone through. 

‘I will show you to your room later but right now…Mark why don’t you take her to the garden? I’m sure Ten will be out there tending to it now, the rest of the younger ones are out there minus Jisung and Jeno, they’re out patrolling.’

Mark nodded and bowed towards Taeyong. Just then Taeyong’s figure was replaced with light and then with nothing, you didn’t know when you would get used to that but you sure hoped it was soon since you saw him doing it a lot around here. You looked over at Mark, he had a serious look on his face and frowned at the floor. He suddenly looked up at you, that stern look still present on his face.

‘Why…Why do you want to stay here? What about your mum and dad? What will they think when they found out you’re gone and won’t ever be coming back? How could you live with yourself knowing that you did that to them?’

You noticed that he wasn’t really aiming his anger at you but more at himself, his eyes shone a light orange and his fists were clenched. You noticed the rise of temperature around you and the small embers that were floating down from Mark’s fists. This must be what he meant, he had no control of his powers at all and unfortunately you were the one about to figure this out. 

You looked around for anywhere to hide but there was nothing, nothing that wasn’t flammable anyway. You were about to call out for help when two figures were seen running towards you, one was wearing a robe and looked like he was holding some sort of twig in his hand. The other was very handsome there was no denying that but as you looked closer you could see the faint outline of a pair of wings starting to appear out of his back.

‘Mark calm down, you’ll burn the whole mansion if you lose it!’

The winged figure said as he started to run at full speed now, having such long corridors really wasn’t practical in situations such as these. It was no use, Mark’s eyes were now a prominent red and flames started to appear from his hand, you lifted your arms up in a useless attempt to protect yourself and anticipated the blast. It never came.You looked up to see Mark in a huge protective bubble, flames no longer present and instead they had been replaced with steam. 

‘Jaehyun calming him down would be a real big help, anytime now please my bubble won’t last forever.’

The twig holder said as he pointed it towards Mark, it seemed as though he was responsible for Mark’s captivity and single handedly saving your life. The one referred as Jaehyun took a step towards the giant bubble and lifted up his hands, light shone from out of them and the atmosphere turned soothing and calm. The bubble faded and Mark stood there with a solemn look on his face, he looked over to you with apologetic eyes.

‘Jaehyun, Doyoung thank you for that and Y/N…I’m so sorry I lost control of myself please forgive me, you’re not hurt are you?’

You shook your head, still too in shock to get yourself to speak. You turned to Jaehyun and Doyoung and bowed in gratitude, if it wasn’t for them who knows what would’ve happened to you and everyone else who lived in this mansion.

‘Don’t worry about it Mark, and is it Y/N? I’m Jaehyun it’s nice to meet you.’

Jaehyun beamed and ruffled your hair, usually you’d get mad if someone else did that but something about him radiated serenity and you couldn’t bring yourself to get even remotely annoyed.

‘Mark please learn to control your power I can’t be making these bubbles all the time it’s really draining. And hello Y/N I’m Doyoung and it’s such a pleasure to meet you.’

Doyoung gave you a smile but also held out his hand for you to shake, he seemed so much older than what he looked though you shook his hand anyway to be polite.

‘Doyoung could you at least try and act your age? And Mark the rest of the boys are waiting for you outside, they’re talking about playing hide and seek again in the woods.’

Jaehyun said with one last smile before turning back around with Doyoung following behind muttering what you could only guess was curse words. Letting out a small laugh you turned back to Mark, he still looked pretty troubled and you heart shattered at how sad he truly looked. You couldn’t even begin to imagine how much he must’ve been through, to not know how to control your own powers and constantly being afraid of hurting, maybe even killing, those in that you love.

You walked over to him and gave him a light pat on the shoulder, he turned his gaze from the floor over to you and smiled weakly.

‘Come on lets go play hide and seek with the others, don’t beat yourself over it Mark, the past is in the past and you just have to focus on the future.’

You said with a smile and skipped off in front.

‘Now come on before I get lost!’

You yelled and began running down the halls, Mark running closely behind.

You sat in the shade and watched the boys argue about who’s the seeker. It was quite amusing really, a group of teenage boys arguing over such a childish game. Even Mark had joined in with the heated discussion since everyone was pointing fingers at him saying that he was the oldest and should, by some form of messed up logic, be the seeker.

‘Don’t worry they’re always like this.’

Someone said beside you, catching you off guard. You looked to the side of you and found a small group of four men standing beside you, one of them seemed to be levitating and you were sure that’s where the voice had come from.

‘Ahh yes, all the time. Are you the new human that Taeyong bought in? Y/N is it?’

Another said, he had the sweetest voice and his hair was permed which actually suited him quite well.

‘Yes I am Y/N! Who are you guys?’

‘Oh right sorry about that how rude of us, I’m Taeil and I know you didn’t ask but to stop you from being curious, I’m a siren.’

‘I’m Winwin! I’m a hybrid, a mix of angel and demon but don’t worry hyungs say I’m more pure than evil!’

‘Yeah unfortunately…I’m Yuta, I am a demon. You’re better off not touching me either it’ll kill you, that’s me being serious not greasy.’

‘He’s right on that one, I’m Ten! I’m a Djinn and this  here is my garden, pretty magnificent isn’t it~’

You looked around at the greenery surrounding you, it truly was magnificent just as Ten had said. Everything looked so beautiful but then you caught the other boys in the corner of your eye. It didn’t look like a small petty argument now instead it looked serious and it looked as though it was only Mark and Haechan who had a problem now.

‘Please excuse me, I’m going to see what’s going on.’

You said and gave them one last smile before running off towards the others. When you arrived Renjun looked at you and he looked very anxious, whatever those two were arguing about it definitely wasn’t about being a seeker.

‘Haechan just shut up, at least I can actually say I know my parents! It’s not like I wanted to lose control is it I never wanted to hurt anybody!’

Mark screamed with pure rage, you had seen that look in his eye not too long before, the pools of brown were soon turning red and you knew if someone didn’t do something soon he was going to lose it.

‘I never meant for them to get like this Y/N, I just asked Mark if he was okay and if you were okay, I heard what was going off up there so I just had to ask. I never meant for Haechan to get so riled up about it and start yelling at Mark, I never meant for it to get this bad.’

Renjun said, he eyes were glossy and a single tear rolled down his cheek. So this is what it was all about, the situation that had just happened minutes ago. For a mansion so big word sure does go around quick.

‘You don’t even know your real parents Mark! For gods sake how can you not realise that you’re adopted!’

still-the-seventh  asked:

Hi there! I'm trying to develop a world which is rich in stone/ores/coal, gets by with food animals and crops but has virtually no trees, making wood very valuable. Inspired by deforestation in Iceland, but its been like that for millenia. How would this hinder/alter social/cultural development? I imagine the people to be excellent metalworkers and masons. Are any key social development / technology milestones dependent on wood? Thanks!

Thanks for your question! We’re going to drop a referral for @scriptecology here, for more science filled answers.

Constablewrites: Trees provide a whole lot more than just wood. My first thought is the oxygen/CO2 cycle; I know there’s more to it, but that’s not really my area. Iceland is one small area of a very big planet, so it’s not necessarily going to be indicative of what would happen if the whole planet were that way.

If it’s not the whole planet and there are trees elsewhere, then you don’t have to worry so much about large-scale repercussions. In that case, wood is likely to be a high-priority trade good, especially early in the society’s development before they’ve worked out alternatives.

Synth: I’d imagine that discovering fire and fine-tuning the use of it might have taken a bit longer to happen on your planet than it did here on Earth.

Bina: As a start, let’s consider the usefulness of wood in our current world. It’s solid, unbendable in normal conditions, (usually) buoyant, and fairly light. It can also be carved/split/shaped, is available in huge amounts, and is a renewable resource. Things that are good for being made of wood are items that are commonly needed, needed in large amounts, created often, and (sometimes) desired to be easily pretty. Not to mention, wood items are also best not exposed to fire. Things that are suited to wood construction usually fit those factors. Here’s a short list I can come up with off the top of my head that might massively hinder technological/social development just by being gone:

[Mod Miri Note: Synth had some non-tree alternatives for Bina’s points, and I’m matching them up in the below discussion. Bina is the numbers, and Synth is the -> items. Our Pylons are pretty great!]

1. BOATS! Wood can float, there’s lots of it, and can be shaped to your will. Perfect for building things to explore the seas. Unless a metal alloy has been forged that is suitable for boat construction, there won’t be any sailing or discovering new lands across the sea anytime soon.

-> Reed boats are a thing! Your planet might lack huge trees, but perhaps reeds and grasses are plentiful. Thor Heyerdahl’s expeditions proved that it was possible to cross oceans using a reed boat, although overall they’re not quite as durable as a boat built of wood planks, and may be more likely used for local trips, like hopping between the islands in an archipelago.

2. Portable, replaceable tools. Wood is light and easy to carve, stone is not. However, metal can replace wood in this case if your people have alloys/metals that are as light as wood.

-> They have livestock, which means access to a steady supply of bones. Lightweight and sturdy like wood, and can be machined and hand-worked in similar ways, though it’ll be tougher to shape than a lot of woods, aside from some of the super dense hardwoods. Also it smells terrible when you sand it.

3. Paper. But I’m assuming that other plant matter exists in your world, so this one shouldn’t be a problem for you.

-> Parchment (also called vellum when it’s made from calfskin, specifically) is paper like material made from animal skin, and papyrus paper is made of, well, the papyrus plant.

4. Many instruments. While I’ve seen lovely music made using stone “xylophones,” and brass and percussion instruments do exist, you can forget about woodwinds coming along. With the exception of the flute, all woodwinds use a wooden reed to produce sound. Synthetic reeds are a thing, though.

-> The reeds for woodwind instruments are, as can be inferred from their name, made out of reed. A kind of cane, to be specific, and the species *Arundo donax* to be really super specific. Very much not a tree, so as long as your planet has some kind of cane-like vegetation, I don’t see there being too much delay in the development of various types of reed aerophones. Bone makes an appearance again as a material that could be used to manufacture the body of the instrument.

5. Easily-movable/ornamental/artistic furniture.

-> Wicker! Wicker furniture is super light, and varied weaving patterns can add ornamental flair. Sourced once again from those versatile reed plants.

6. Toys that young children can hold without struggle and can’t easily harm themselves with. Although clever smithing/metallurgy would take care of that, I’m sure.

-> [see #9 response]

7. Slow-burning fires for ceremony/cooking/smoking/exploration (although depending on what flora other than trees you have in your setting, this can be worked around as well)

-> [see #8 response]

8. Renewable source for warmth and energy. While coal exists, it isn’t really considered a renewable because it takes so gosh-darned long to make, especially if all the plant matter in your world is being used for other things. If coal is as common as ore in your world, I doubt anyone will consider that they can run out of it, but in the far future it’s definitely something to consider.

-> As long as there is other vegetation on this planet, you’re probably good. Get any plant matter dry enough, and it will burn. Maybe not in as convenient a fashion as wood does, but if the populace has been living like that for generations, they’ve probably figured out some workarounds.

9. Low-level craftsmanship. I’m pretty sure anybody can turn a regular stick into a pointy stick if they had access to a sharp edge. But turning raw ore into a sword? Chipping rock into a blade? Even the prep (choosing the right stone, pulling from quarries, extracting ore from mines) takes serious practice and skill. There won’t be any experimental artisans, you’d probably need a mentorship to learn anything remotely useful.

-> Take a look at bones again. Most things that could be sculpted out of tree wood can be carved out of bone.

-> Peat is a thing too. 

If your planet has bogs and muskegs and other such wetlands, it has a ready source of peat. Many places right here on Earth use the burning of peat for home heating and large-scale energy production.

As always, we hope we’ve helped, and feel free to come back if you have further questions or other ideas to explore! Best wishes with your writing!


33 Problems Only Youngest Siblings Understand
  1.  You have zero baby pictures of just you. An older sibling/cousin is ALWAYS in there.
  2. You have gotten used to sleeping on the floor on family vacations. You get to sleep on a couch if you’re lucky.
  3. No matter what game you played, you were always picked last, and you were always first out.
  4. You are compared to your older relatives by pretty much everyone.
  5. You will never grow up in the eyes of your aunts, uncles, parents, and/or grandparents. You will always be seen at the little 5-year-old.
  6.  By the time you reach important life milestones (getting your license, graduating, getting marries), everyone is bored with them already. Yours is no big deal.
  7. You can rock hand-me-downs like its nobody’s business.
  8.  You don’t have a baby book.

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Mario Kart

Characters: Dean x Readers

Words: 1213

Summary: the reader buys a wii and xbox for the bunker, anger and fun ensue.

Warning: cursing present (because who doesn’t cuss in mario kart?“

After playing a round of Mari Kart with my brothers, I got this idea. And of course, there is fluff. Because face it, I’m a sucker for fluff. If you haven’t figured that out yet, now you know. Anyways, enjoy!

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I looove this speedpaint. The way they color the skin, especially where they put reds around the eyes and shoulders is very similar to what I do/am trying to improve. Most of the watercolor speedpaints use techniques and have styles that are eons away from mine and so remote I can’t actually learn anything from them but this one is right in my range!

The shading here is a lot more soft than mine. I use hard lines and they blend them out with a dry brush - a technique I’m really going to have to try because the softening effect it has on the shading is gorgeous.

Distant exploding stars—called supernovae—observed by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope are providing astronomers with a powerful tool. The gravity of these exploding stars brightens and magnifies light from more-distant objects behind it, allowing astronomers to capture a magnified view of the remote universe. Learn more about this new research.

Two teams of astronomers working independently, including Or Graur, a research associate in the Museum’s Department of Astrophysics, have found three such supernovae, far behind massive clusters of galaxies.

Learn more about this new research.

Be an Intern with LOA!

Almost three years ago right after Umrah, four brothers sat together discussing something that had been playing on their minds for a while. The ongoing trend in Islamic reminders was that they were quite unattractive, and mostly in a monotone color. Green?

We decided that this had to change. Now the funny thing was we knew what we wanted to do, but we didn’t know how to do it. None of us had any prior experience in Graphic design but Alhamdulillah slowly & steadily we kept getting better day by day.

Today by Allah’s blessings we are among the leading websites for Islamic Typographic Reminders.

We receive a lot of requests for poster designs and other services which we unfortunately cannot handle due to the lack of time and Alhamdulilah only with the Help of Allah our daily reminders reach almost 1 million people on our social media network.

Recently we have received many requests from some wonderful people around the world wanting to be a part of this cause and wanting to work with LionofAllah. We as a team decided that we will take interns to work with us on some exciting new projects that we have planned.

Alhamdulillah, with our new Internship program you have a beautiful opportunity to work for the Deen with LionofAllah. Interns will get a lot of hands of experience working on projects, while getting creative guidance & assistance from our team.

The Internship period is project based, and upon completion signed certificates will be issued. We urge you to send your applications to before the end of July, as only limited positions are available.

Update, Feb. 14, 2015

My father is doing poorly and his condition is precluding a tissue match right now– everything is on hold as far as a living donation right now, and I will give an update as soon as there is more info. I want to sincerely thank everyone who has reached out, thank you for your support and love and prayers. God bless.

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Possibly weird question from New England archaeologist. Do digs in Alaska/up north have to be done differently? Down here we just wait for summer and then break out the shovels, but is there enough melting in the right places in summer to do that up there? Are there digs done where the snow doesn't melt, and do they have to be done differently? Just curious, sorry if this is phrased weirdly.

Yup. It’s basically the same up here. From about October to May, depending on the weather and how harsh the winter was, we’re stuck in the lab analyzing artifacts, or more often writing reports. However, a couple coworkers did make an “emergency” run to a project area in November where they found the ground to be frozen. They used a butane torch to warm up the first couple of inches and they were good after that, but we try not to do this method, as it’s time consuming, and inevitably more costly to the client. 

In the spring, you can also run into issues, like a couple years ago when I was out on a project around Solstice, late June, and in areas where the sun doesn’t often hit, like a dense spruce forest, I couldn’t dig much past 20cm before hitting frozen ground. 

In some instances, like you said, there are places where the snow never melts. Generally, we leave these places alone, although while I was working in Denali National Park, my principal investigator did do a test unit in an ice patch. I don’t believe he came up with much though. 

But it’s important to know why he chose an ice patch in which to excavate. Archaeologists and those in tune with their environment, have come to understand that during the summer, caribou, to escape the heat and bugs, will find patches of ice in which to relax. Not only is this a cool area, but with a slight elevation, the landform often promotes wind. 

People in the past understood this, and would attempt to harvest caribou by coming to these locations. What this means is that this was a prime location for hunting activities. This also means that hunting gear could be easily lost in the ice if it failed to bring down a caribou. So what we do is circumnavigate the ice patch, taking special note of its base to see if anything has melted out of the ice patch over the summer. While walking around the patch, trails created by caribou can be seen, along with their poop. This landform has probably seen thousands of years of caribou migration pass by. 

So on occasion while surveying these ice patches, you do end up recovering organic technology such as antler projectiles that would otherwise have been lost to the ravages of time had it not been for it being long-preserved in a frozen state. 

And even more exciting although maybe less aesthetically alluring are pieces that are rarely ever noted in an archaeological context, such as wood dart or arrow shafts

Unfortunately though, many of these ice patches are completely melting. The ice patch seen in the photo with the caribou disappeared in 2011 after being monitored since the late 90s after producing a couple of antler projectile points and arrow shafts. I was on another project near Nome where satellite imagery from 2001 showed some intriguing ice patches. However, when we got around to the on-the-ground survey in 2009, any evidence of ice was gone. So, personally, I believe it’s best to identify these features and get out to visit them before they all disappear. 

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What do you think of klayley? Do you think they'd make sense together? Do you think they have chemistry?

Oh lord. You might want to sit the fuck down and get yourself a glass of water, because this is something I have not even begun to rant on. In short. No. Hell no. Fuck no with a side of get it away from me and a sprinkling of let me claw my own eyeballs out of my head on top. Klayley is by far the most fucked up, viscerally disturbing and nonsensical ship in the history of TVD and TO. Every single aspect of their one night together felt so awkwardly contrived and made no sense for the characters of the narrative at large. Not to mention they were an absolute black hole of chemistry (and as a JoMo fangirl who has watched literally all of his work I can say without a doubt that he has never had chemistry with anyone that was more awful than his chemistry is with PT). 

And no, no way in hell would they make sense together. I can’t even make sense of the fact that they’ve managed to go this long without trying to murder each other. People make a lot out of the ways in which their characters parallel each other. And their characters do parallel each other, in every single way that would make them mortal enemies. I mean really, they’re both self-absorbed, violent, narcissistic, paranoid lunatics. And what is to me the complete nail in the Klayley coffin is that they’re two people who are fundamentally incapable of empathizing with other people. Klaus has spent his entire existence as a vampire trying to eradicate his human empathy, because he sees empathy as weakness and his ultimate obsession in life is to feel powerful. And Hayley has repeatedly demonstrated that she has trouble with relating to people and understanding their feelings, probably because (if her varying backstories are remotely truthful) she never learned how to form attachments to people in her childhood and therefore literally doesn’t know how to relate to bond with or even understand other people. And two people who aren’t capable or willing to relate to others are going to have a pretty difficult time maintaining a relationship, romantic or otherwise.

But even pushing that aside, even if Klaus and Hayley had everything in the world in common Klaus would still hate Hayley. Hayley would literally trigger every negative emotion within Klaus just based on what she represents to him. I mean, Klaus is terrified of losing control of things and he got Hayley freaking pregnant. And seriously this is not my Hayley hate speaking, Klaus has said this in the show, Hayley was basically a disposable object to Klaus that he can’t dispose of now. To not only have her get pregnant “without his consent”, but for her to be a werewolf, an aspect of Klaus that has made him so conflicted throughout his life, for her to be such an unexceptional person when Klaus sees himself as a near demi-god, he would absolutely hate her on those grounds alone. He would feel (and has expressed this feeling on more than one occasion as well) that he was somehow forced into this situation that was not of his choosing, and we all know how well Klaus reacts when someone forces his hand. And for fucks sake, we’re talking about a man who murdered his own mother and who’s mother has spent the last millennium trying to murder him. Having Hayley shoehorned into his life in this way would just detonate that massive misogynistic mommy issues bomb that has grown inside Klaus for his entire life, and without question I think he would kill Hayley because of it. I mean he never trusts anyone, he especially doesn’t trust women, and he would kill her just to prevent her from screwing him over and out of some warped idea of protecting his child in the way that he wasn’t protected. Hayley is a complete physical representation of everything that Klaus hates and fears, and there is no way that their relationship could result in anything other than Klaus killing her.

The one positive thing I can say about Klayley, though, is it’s given me something to be unequivocally and absolutely Team Hayley on. My ultimate issue with Klayley’s relationship thus far isn’t that it doesn’t make sense and is OOC, it’s that it’s actually one of the most fucked up portrayals of any kind of relationship I’ve ever seen. The fact that the narrative normalizes Klaus’ physical, emotional, and psychological abuse of Hayley in the way that it does is profoundly upsetting to me. One of the clearest and most consistent messages of the story line of TO is that Hayley’s physical safety and life are not as important as Klaus’ emotional state. To think that there is actually a story like this playing out on a TV show aimed at young women is one of the scariest things I’ve seen in modern media. And I see some people saying that Hayley and Klaus should be together because Hayley accepts Klaus for who he is instead of trying to change him. And my only response to this is are YOU OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MIND?!?!?! In what world could Hayley’s acceptance of that kind of treatment be considered a positive goddamn attribute of that relationship. Violence isn’t romantic. Sacrificing yourself to fix someone else isn’t romantic. And I sure as hell hate Hayley from sunup to sundown but I will never ever be comfortable watching this kind of dynamic play out. Every single thing about it is terrible, and if the writers are smart they’ll never explore Klaus and Hayley’s romantic relationship again.