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falling fast

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in which jung hoseok didn’t think he would fall in love that fast.

genre: angst (mild), fluff

― dancer!hoseok x violinist!reader [college au]

a/n: this is part 2 of the two hundred series. also i’m a flute player not a violin player so i apologize for all inaccuracies 

     HOSEOK DID NOT BELIEVE IN LOVE. He believed in infatuation and its damning consequences. He believed in the obsession and lunacy that overtook a person when they experienced what they believed was love. He believed in the destruction of a human being into a vulnerable fool.

If love existed, then it would be a disease.

So why did he crumble underneath her touch as if he were nothing?

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Party Time - A Scarlet Vision Oneshot

So this prompt popped up in my messages box and I fear I got very carried away with it. I hope it’s believable.

The last thing Wanda felt like doing was partying with the rest of the Avengers when they returned from their latest mission, but she couldn’t keep excluding herself from the group and Natasha had insisted she stay. Mercifully, the celebration’s only guests were the rest of the team, unlike Stark’s usual parties, and she found herself having a better time than she had expected.

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