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A Year Later: Robert

It’s me again, with ya Dream Daddy fanfiction. I can’t be stopped. 

Robert x Dadsona

light cursing, reference to alcohol abuse and depression

3483  words

It’s a warm night. Probably the warmest yet, this year. But, then again, it’s only just now really getting into summer.

“Damien’s hanging out in the graveyard again.”

I look over at Robert who’s peering down at the city through his binoculars. I smirk at him a little even though I know he can’t see me.

“You are so obsessed with him, lately.”

“I think he’s a vampire. 99% certain.” He scans the city some more. Not totally sure what he’s looking for, but he’ll tell me when he finds it.

“I’ll just text Mary. ‘Hey. Is your brother a vampire?’”

“She’s a vampire, too, obviously. Undead siblings wandering the night, seducing young men. Taking them back to their lair where they feed on them for sustenance, draining their body dry. Then they bathe in their blood and offer them up as sacrifices to their dark lord.”

“Wouldn’t they need to bathe in their victim’s blood before draining them dry?”

“How dare you expect internal consistency in my conspiracy theories.” Robert lowers his binoculars. “What did you manage to come up with?”

I turn my hands out to show him my shapely hunk of wood. It’s still pretty chunky and malformed, but it actually resembles a panda.

“Adorable,” he says flatly. He pulls a flask from inside his jacket and takes a big ol’ gulp. It’s not booze. Soda, probably. Maybe sweet tea.

At first he just started cutting back, and was doing a pretty good job of stopping after one or two glasses. The smoking began falling off, too, soon after. Then he started taking anti-depressants, and he took the recommendations not to drink while on them very seriously. There are still bad days where he’ll feed the dog and water his plant like usual but forget to eat himself. They’re becoming less and less though, and every day things are a little better. A little easier. A little more manageable. I’m very proud of where he’s brought himself.

“I talked to Val. She said Amanda’s doing really well at that summer job she got her. Like a fish to water.”

“Yeah. I was a little nervous about letting her go live in the big city, but Val offering her extra room helped. That was really nice of them.”

“Desiree’s coming with her when she brings Amanda back.” Robert looks down at his thumb as it fiddles with the knob that changes the focus of the lenses.

“This’ll be the first time you’ve mey her, right?”


The sounds of the night creep in and around us, settling into place. He brings the binoculars back up to his eyes. After a minute, he hits me in the arm a little.

“Roll out. The mission is a go.” He hops down out of the tailgate of the truck and heads to the driver’s side.

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falling fast

Originally posted by jaayhope

in which jung hoseok didn’t think he would fall in love that fast.

genre: angst (mild), fluff

word count: 3561

― dancer!hoseok x violinist!reader [college au]

a/n: this is part 2 of the two hundred series. also i’m a flute player not a violin player so i apologize for all inaccuracies 

     HOSEOK DID NOT BELIEVE IN LOVE. He believed in infatuation and its damning consequences. He believed in the obsession and lunacy that overtook a person when they experienced what they believed was love. He believed in the destruction of a human being into a vulnerable fool.

If love existed, then it would be a disease.

So why did he crumble underneath her touch as if he were nothing?

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Party Time - A Scarlet Vision Oneshot

So this prompt popped up in my messages box and I fear I got very carried away with it. I hope it’s believable.

The last thing Wanda felt like doing was partying with the rest of the Avengers when they returned from their latest mission, but she couldn’t keep excluding herself from the group and Natasha had insisted she stay. Mercifully, the celebration’s only guests were the rest of the team, unlike Stark’s usual parties, and she found herself having a better time than she had expected.

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