Every year since the World Press Association gathers in Amsterdam to pick a picture of the year. Here’s every photo that’s won from the past 55 years or so. Powerful stuff.

1963. Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc sets himself ablaze in protest against the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government. (Malcolm W. Browne)

Ms L:  Remonstrating with anonymous bullies… and just a trifle cross with bullies and cowards – and all bullies are cowards, darlings!  

Especially those who cower and hide loathesomely behind anonymity on the Internet.


Ms L firmly believes in stomping the shit out of the creepiest  human worms. 

 The actual kind are beneficial to the soil, of course.  Lovely things, real worms.   And the Arrogant Worms are great Canadian heroes and humourists..  

But when the little weasels  tried to bully a sweet-faced innocent-looking elderly woman and silence her? 

*^!?$*!% !@#6% you!!!  

(Ms L is Canadian; we are notoriously polite.)

When bullied anonymously, or bullied period, however, Ms L goes postal..



Not for the bulies, of course… The remonstration demonstration can be rather painful for them… 

Ms L gets very tired of having to discuss their failings with them very very firmly… 

It hurts her small and delicately formed hands, and her sweet feet get calloused from kicking the shit out of the little snots!

Sigh.  Am such a nice sweet polite funny Canadian, as are we all. Until we are invaded or attacked… Then we go down to your place and set fire to your White House! 

So beware: Cranky Elderly Woman on the Prowl! 

 Do not piss me off!  If going to insult, do it in person, sign your name, and do it with wit and style!

The below is a charming British example of such.  Humourless Americans were not amused, & demanded an apology. 

Sigh.  The humourless entitled privileged whiny wieners are even worse than bullies..  

Ms L considers a good Canadian Wiener Roast.  As the good Canadian joke goes, “It’s all fun & games around the campfire, until someone loses a wiener..”

Ms L has even been accused of roasting whiny wieners.  Moi?

That rumour is not a myth.  She even started her very own winery to have the appropriate accompanying wine to roast the whiny ones with.  Ms L recommends Flaming Wiener White and a touch of rosemary to tenderize the tougher wieners…

Also comes in Roasted Wiener White, Red, & Rose.  Perfect for the summer months, and with a nice sausage, well-roasted over an especially hot flame…

Many other fine wines to follow.   The Ms L Flaming Wiener Winery! 

There are so many wieners to roast that require just the right wine to accompany them – and baste them in first… 

Ms L will be offering recipes to tenderize even the toughtest wiener!

Ms L enjoying Flaming Wiener White, and a fine roasted wiener…

Poaching, sauteeting, or frying works a treat too.  

Worked well on the last one! 

Steven Cunningham was delicious… 

Well, you did stalk and rob me, dear. 

Hope your life wienerless is as delightful as you tried to make Ms L’s.  

Ms L does’t respond well to fear-mongers… 

Pisses us off, and we mentioned what good Canadians do when you invade us.. and invading the sanctity of our homes definitely counts as invasion, dear Steve…

So unless you give me back the $43 fish card for the Comox Street Farmer’s Market within the week, we will be acting on the above offer!

Just try using the keys you stole, please dear Steven! 

Would be worth going to jail just to make this joke a reality… in spite of the fact we’d look lousy in prison stripes!

Orange is NOT the New Black to Ms L.

Witty British wags taunting and celebrating the War of 1812.

Ms L suggests you consider surgical implantation of a sense of humour!

Emulate Ms L.  She loves being eviscerated with wit and style, & enjoys doing same.  

Have atcha, varmints!

And another thing...

I have a suspicion that the writers of Series 6 didn’t take Tara’s character particularly seriously. For example: when Steed shows up to take her to case the bad guys’ lair in “Invasion of the Earthmen,” she’s not even dressed yet, even though he told her precisely when he’d be arriving. She complains that she has to shower and do her nails before they go, among other things.

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‘I glanced over it’, said he. 'Honestly I can’t congratulate you upon it. Detection is, or ought to be, an exact science, and should be treated in the same cold and unemotional manner. You have attempted to tinge it with romanticism, which produces much the same effect as if you worked a love-story or an elopement into the fifth proposition of Euclid.’
'But the romance was there,’ I remonstrated, 'I could not temper with the facts.’

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson discussing about The Study in Scarlet story written by Watson - The Sign Of Four, sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Or when we are told that the stories aren’t much about the cases, that this IS a love-story. Doyle explains to us how should be treated a detective story, and how he/Watson chose not to write it this way.
And I love the fact here Watson doesn’t ever explicitly say the romance is about Jefferson Hope’s story. A Study in Scarlet is a romance. This the way Moffat and Gatiss chose to write the story as well.