25 follower special: Shoot the Star - remonrimerorripop

Honk honk, here it is! Again from the unbelievable remonrime. This fanfiction is currently ongoing and turning into a wonderful read. Written in believable first person, the shorter chapters become unbelievably sweet. It’s a personal favorite. :oB Please enjoy.

Summary: “Why is there purple paint in your backyard?”


Archive of Our Own (AO3 one is 2 chapters behind the version. The one on is always updated first.)

You’ve never seen a shooting star before, or maybe you have but never realized it. Either way, the stream of vivid white light that’s lighting up the sky like a firework sure looks neat! It’s practically ripping through the night, shadowing over twinkling stars and leaving trails of glitter and fading light after its wake.
Chapter 6:

“Stay here,” you tell him, swiveling around. When you’re nearly out the door, you halt and turn around again. “Oh! I didn’t get your name, sorry. What is it?”

There’s a moment of silence that leaves the room completely quiet. It’s not a really awkward silence, but it is kind of unsettling. And then finally, he answers.