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Dinner at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.


Queue-ing this one up because PlumbBob knows when I’ll be able to upload it if not! Belladonna Cove Public Library, my entry for the Totally Maxis Community Lot Remodel Challenge

Before pictures on the left, after pictures on the right, and some interior extras.

I always loved the concept of this lot, but thought that there was still room for improvement. The exterior got some subtle changes and I kept the feel of the original the best I could, and the interior… well, the restrooms are still there xD Really, they could have just called it a bookshop instead of a library and it’d be still on point.

Got rid of the “secret room” (because if it has wall-length windows that can be seen through by the entrance area then it’s not so secret) and added more space for books and sitting areas, also added some computers on the other side, for research, and a front desk for a librarian? The chess tables and even more bookshelves are now at the brand new 1st floor, along with a nice seating area with some armchairs and plants.

Don’t ask me why the social bunny bust, but yeah, social bunny bust :P

Havenmore revamp to-do list
  • Build houses for the two new sims coming in Year 2
  • Remodel existing houses
  • Tweak hood deco
  • Build restaurant for one of the new residents
  • Fill out Households page on blog (almost done, just working on posting the tag links)
  • Fill out Stats page
  • Make the two new sims
  • Make intro posts for the two new sims

This beautiful cabin retreat is situated on over 800 feet of river frontage on the Roaring Fork of Woody Creek, Colorado. An angler’s paradise, the newly remodeled 2,147 square foot (199 square meters) main house includes a newly constructed river pavilion located on the river’s edge. The residence is designed with clean interiors featuring contemporary furnishings, wood beamed ceilings in the living, dining and kitchen areas and plenty of natural light with high ceilings and skylights. This is the ultimate angler’s retreat with a “honey hole” right outside your back door. What do you think of this cabin paradise retreat, could you spend your holidays here?

Things I want to see in a new Animal Crossing game:

1.) Easier remodeling (like in HHD)

2.) Gender/name changer in-game

3.) less gendered things (like sabel can’t say ‘oh that’s from our men’s department but ig it’d look ok on you’. Idk i feel like it would upset some people and I just want everyone to enjoy ac ya know?)

4.) new villagers (maybe some of the rejects?)

5.) Couple villagers maybe? OR siblings/friends! (with some m/m, w/w, and nb/nb relationships of course)

6.) longer spaces for greetings/sayings

7.) being able to be gone for longer than a day w/o your villagers all moving away

8.) and on that note, villagers won’t leave until they talk to you first (maybe?)

9.) more QR space

10.) shelves that can be used as storage (like a closet)

11.) Maybe on mainstreet there’s an apartment where all the workers live after the stores close? (give Isabel a house dangit)

12.) The ability to grow all super fruit even if it’s not the native fruit

13.) Ability to go visit old villagers (outside of just seeing them on mainstreet)

14.) more public works projects

15.) Maybe a mini game where after you help Gulliver, he takes you to the place he was traveling to and you can do fun stuff there?

that’s all I can think of right now but yeah! 


Totally Maxis Community Lot Remodel Challenge

The challenge for this month is another Totally Maxis’ building/remodel challenge!

Everyone knows how awful Maxis/EA lots are. Weird floor plans, questionable decorating choices, awful landscaping. This month pick a Maxis COMMUNITY lot to Remodel and/or Makeover. 


Only Community Lots for this challenge. 

DO NOT submit any pictures of your makeovers to us. Tag your post “Totally Maxis Community Lot Remodel Challenge”. We are tracking the tag and will reblog all participants.

Include the name of the lot in your post (i.e. 91 Road to Nowhere, 190 Sim Lane or 35 Bard Boulevard).

Include a “Before” picture of the Exterior and Original floor plan of the lot in your post.

You may not remove or add to any exterior walls.

You may only change the layout of the interior.

You may change placement of exterior doors and windows.

You may change the roofs of the houses. 

You may change any extra outside structures. 

You may use Custom Content.

You may tag up to 3 entries.

Please add the name of your blog in the description of your submission.

I think that’s it! If you have any questions just ask. I DO have anonymous questions enabled. Please do not make me regret that.

The “Submission” button is right below the site’s header. Submissions for the Totally Community Lot Remodel Challenge will be excepted through February 1st.

Have fun!