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20 Culpepper House Remodel - CC Free

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms apartment in the Spice District.  § 74,772

Spare bedroom left empty - ready for furnishing!

Includes content from Spa Day, City Living, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out, Get to Work, and Backyard Stuff.

Download tray files here! (SFS)

When placing apartment lots, they will appear in your library as a room! Place over existing apartment and replace missing walls before playing. ♡

onshuu1-2  asked:

As an MtG player, would you like to go back to Kamigawa? We all know your professional stance is that it failed in so many regards and would be much better to do a new "Japanese lore" inspired plane.

I would rather have a blank slate for a Japanese-inspired world. Kamigawa made a bunch of choices I’d rather not be bound to.

Metaphorically, we built a poorly made house and I’d rather tear it down and start over than do a remodel.


Dinner at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Saturday January 3 , 2015

On This Day In The Life Of Elvis

(photo info at the end of post)

January 03, 1956 Elvis performed at the Von Theater, Booneville, Mississippi at 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. Elvis was advertised as “The Folk Music Fireball.”

January 03, 1964 Elvis went shopping for clothes at Lansky’s.

January 03, 1967 For a little while now horses were very popular with Elvis and the boys. They only rent out the Memphian for movies four times this month. Almost everything had to do with horseback riding these days. During the next 2 weeks Elvis would not only purchase his own favorite horse, which he renamed in Rising Sun, but he also bought a horse for his father.

January 03, 1968 Elvis complained to RCA about the mastering of his new single Guitar Man. According to Elvis the sound was different than the sound he had achieved in the studio, where his voice was more integrated with the band.

January 03, 1970 Elvis spent over $3,900 to remodel 2 rooms and a bathroom in the basement of Graceland to be used as an apartment for Charlie Hodge.

January 03, 1974 Due to a toothache Elvis went to the dentist.

January 03, 1977 Elvis flew Ginger and her family to Harrison, Arkansas, to attend the funeral of Ginger’s grandfather.

PHOTO : At Lansky Brothers Clothing Store
Memphis , Tennessee , 1956


Queue-ing this one up because PlumbBob knows when I’ll be able to upload it if not! Belladonna Cove Public Library, my entry for the Totally Maxis Community Lot Remodel Challenge

Before pictures on the left, after pictures on the right, and some interior extras.

I always loved the concept of this lot, but thought that there was still room for improvement. The exterior got some subtle changes and I kept the feel of the original the best I could, and the interior… well, the restrooms are still there xD Really, they could have just called it a bookshop instead of a library and it’d be still on point.

Got rid of the “secret room” (because if it has wall-length windows that can be seen through by the entrance area then it’s not so secret) and added more space for books and sitting areas, also added some computers on the other side, for research, and a front desk for a librarian? The chess tables and even more bookshelves are now at the brand new 1st floor, along with a nice seating area with some armchairs and plants.

Don’t ask me why the social bunny bust, but yeah, social bunny bust :P


Totally Maxis Residential Remodel Challenge
202 Town Center Road- Riverblossom Hills

This RBH lot didn’t have a totally horrible exterior, but the interior… was pretty ridiculous. I mean, did they spend anytime on it at all? I kind of doubt it.  I knocked down all the interior walls and set up a floor plan that I think would be comfy for a single or a couple with no kids- open living/dining/kitchen area, bedroom, bathroom, and a small-ish office with a pull out sofa just in case. Since the rules stated we couldn’t change the exterior walls I left them alone, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t have loved to bump them out a few squares here and there to make the rooms just a little bit bigger.

It is kind of hard for me to decorate when I don’t have an actual Sim’s taste or personality to use for inspiration so in this case of this remodel I imagined the lot belonging to one of my Legacy kids, Blake, and his boyfriend, Philip. In fact I think I’m going to make a copy of the lot and move it to my Legacy hood just for the guys.

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