remnant society

Mythology Prompt List
  • All mythology is true yet false. if you look for it, it will never be true. That is why the gods of myth reveal themselves in back parking lots at 3am to tired students and children lost in clothing stores. They are not looking.
  • One mythological creature governs human invention so that it may one day be made. But its creators keep giving up on the project that will one day make them.
  • In the future when humans are all gone, the technology they have left behind elevate their creators to mythological status. Any remnant of human society is celebrated. 
  • It is not the mythological gods that are true and come to reclaim and govern earth, it is the elder gods. They do not understand why humans have such needs as ‘light’ or ‘tacos’. 
  • A time traveler travels back to see the worship of mythological gods but is instead mistaken for one with their powerful ‘chariot’. 
  • The new gods have no idea they are. They effect the environment around them in inopportune ways. (One poisons the water they nearly drown in…which is a whole lake, another hunts for food but revives every animal they touch, a city-rat finds that from their footsteps spring flowers which breaks streets, etc…)

Today of all days, if you see someone using Dr Martin Luther King Jr quotes as #fitspo and #weight-loss motivation, please stop them and say something!

When Dr King talked about faith and moving forward, he wasn’t referencing your desire to go to the gym and drop a few pounds. His quotes exist within the context of challenging race relations and urging people to never rest until all remnants of a segregated society have disappeared. 

The entire reason why Dr King was such an influential element of the Civil Rights era was that he advocated for living your life through greater moral and philosophical purpose in order to benefit the community as a whole. Do not disrespect him by pulling his words completely out of context and applying them to your own desires. He deserves more than that. 

If you want to fight for the individual’s right to pursue their own personal interests, then at least steal a quote from Ayn Rand or something.

Red Wolf, Marvel’s first Native American hero, is getting his own comic book

I’m interested in picking up the upcoming Red Wolf series when it hits in December. It’s particularly compelling that Marvel chose to showcase a character plucked from America’s Frontier Era, rather than one of their precious few contemporary Indian characters. This choice seems to invite a comparison of William Talltrees’ “man out of time” position to that of Steve Rogers…

…with one fairly noteworthy twist.

Instead of awaking to find that his people won their war, he discovers his people overrun by the whites, with the remnants of their societies confined to deplorable ghettos.