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The Marquis of Athlum

This is my first attempt at art nouveau, featuring my favourite young lord, David Nassau. I’m including a close up of the centre filigree on the Gae Bolg because I drew it… and then covered it

Stunning Viking sword unearthed: 
Warrior who brandished the ornate weapon may have been chosen by King Canute for English battle.

For Viking warriors, swords were not only deadly weapons, but a symbol of power.

A unique example with gold details and a mysterious inscription has been unearthed in southern Norway.

Experts believe the elaborate weapon could belong to one of King Canute’s hand-picked men who fought in battles with King Ethelred of England.

The sword, found in the village of Langeid in 2011 but has not go on display until now, dates from the late Viking age and is embellished with gold, inscriptions and other designs.

It measures 37 inches (94cm) long with a well-preserved handle and is thought to have belonged to a wealthy man because of the use of precious materials.

The weapon was pulled from a grave in a Viking burial ground by archaeologists from the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo.

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 2015 cosplay round-up time!

While there’s a chance I might make something before the end of the month, I’m going to call it. 2015 was straight up a terrible year for me, it’s been a gigantic struggle and my health has been terrible. Cosplay, however, was on point. In order of appearance at cons:

Ronan the Accuser: done in record time for the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay, wherein I proceeded not to place and mostly just fainted a lot wearing a mostly rubber suit. Took it out again and swept First Place and Best In Show in masters category elsewhere.

Lady Loki (again): I wanted to wear Lady Loki, made a new dress in like two hours out of trash. Loki is trash, and so am I.

Scarlet Witch (Age of Ultron concept art Avenger uniform): Made out of two 5$ upholstery leather remnants from Hancock Fabrics, took two days. Wore for a photoshoot and never again.

Olwê of Alqualondë: King of the sea elves for a shoot at Katsucon, had been in process for a while but I panic-finished it to shoot and ended up loving it; I’ll probably do more with it in the future with a better wig.

Black Widow (CA:TWS suit): I’ve wanted to be Black Widow for years, I’m not sure why it took me this long. Of all the costumes on the list it’s probably the one I’ve now worn the most, since I use it for a superhero charity group, but I have no pictures :(

Winter Soldier: That’s not me but I’m including it here instead of my commissions list because it’s my husband and I have converted him to the dark side of both cosplay and Bucky/Natasha shippers. Yes, good, let the fandom flow through you~  (also the costume sucked to make, tyvm)

Maedhros (part 2: Silmaril Boogaloo): Revamped and replaced everything except the armor, to wear Maedhros for the NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay where I took first place in my division! (and was called Tauriel, a lot). Definitely  a huge passion project, going on about 600 hours of work over the last couple of years now and I think I can finally declare it done. It’s been cleaned and is sealed in storage and though I love it, I don’t want to see it for a while.

Not shown/done on commission; Thranduil(x2), Loki, Margaery Tyrell(x2), and a few dozen prop orders before I dropped off the face of the earth on indefinite medical leave in July.

This year I spent the majority of conventions lying on the ground and leaving early, which does tend to suck the fun out a bit. I kind of hit the end of the line, as far as health and chronic illness goes, which is putting a damper on things. This coming year, my only halfway solid con plans are KatsuCon (because it’s a gift), and NYCC (because I already have passes). Fingers crossed I recover, can get back to teaching, and be able to hit the con circuit hard by the time summer comes around.

And thank you to some of my favorite fun and supportive cosplay friends in no particular order and probably missing a lot; @daretomarvel @ambrorussa @theshatteredsilhouette @alexandriathegeek @tk9336 @leonardnimoy @aviva0017  @marilladesigns