So you’re telling me that even in her deepest curse state, something deep in Emma Swan knows that she has to save Regina Mills , something about this woman is so deep rooted in her that the very thought of her dying can break a curse and make Emma remember who she is. And somehow I’m not supposed to take that as True Love?

so u tellin me that the dark one rumple in emma’s head said the words, ‘that date was excruciating. can’t stand him.’
that the dark one rumple in emma’s head that is basically there to verbalise all of emma’s deepest, darkest thoughts, said the words, 'can’t stand him.’
that the deepest part of emma’s psychology said the words, 'can’t stand him.’

And Adam says it’s canon.

Emma’s gay panic - Why Regina is under the cloak

In 6x02 Emma goes to Archie to talk about her tremors and her vision.
Watching the scene, the first thing that hit me was her shirt: a white, loose fitting, quite girly shirt. Now, Emma doesn’t wear much white, and when she did in the past it was always with comfy sweaters.

So what does this almost bridal look remind us of?

This scene in 5x02 is well known as the “gay panic” scene (where Emma sees Regina kissing Robin, desperately kisses Hook and then leaves the room with a glance to Regina).

My theory is, these virginal white outifts are a symbol for Emma struggling with her sexuality and feelings. The scene in Camelot quite speaks for itself, so let’s focus on the dialogue between Emma and Archie in the latter episode:

Archie: Emma, this is a safe space. You can trust me.
Emma: The tremors, they come with visions… Or a vision. One vision, actually.
Archie: What do you see in this vision? 
Emma: Uh, all right. I’m on Main Street. Henry and my family, Hook, they’re all there with me. And I’m in a battle.
Archie: Against who? 
Emma: I can’t tell. They’re strong. So strong. I’m giving it my all. I almost start to win. But then my hand starts shaking.
Archie: And what happens then, Emma? 
Emma: I die. That’s the first time I’ve said that out loud.
Archie: Well, I think the more you talk about it, the less it will haunt you.
Emma: You think I should tell my family
Archie: Well, I mean, the question is, why haven’t you? 
Emma: Because I know exactly what they would do. They would tell me to stop doing what I’m doing until they could save the day.
Archie: And what would be so wrong about them trying to protect you? 
Emma: Because I’m the Savior.
Archie: And the Savior can’t take a day off? 
Emma: If I don’t help people, then who am I?
Archie: Well, I don’t know, Emma. I mean, that’s a question you have to ask yourself.
Emma: Okay, I’m not here for some identity crisis. I just want you to help me figure out how to win this fight and protect the people I love.
Archie: I think you’re here for me to help you deal with whatever’s troubling you,  and if that is an identity crisis, then…
Emma: Okay, this was a mistake.

The whole dialogue, and especially the sentences in bold, can easily be the words of someone who is struggling with their sexuality and with coming out to their family. She is fighting her feelings (by being with Hook) and she is almost winning, but in the end they keep catching up to her. She is afraid to talk with her family, afraid they would disapprove (”tell me to stop doing what I’m doing”, that wouldn’t even make sense in the current situation, if it wasn’t symbolic). She thinks that her role as Savior doesn’t allow her happiness, if this means making someone else (Hook, her parents) unhappy (”If I don’t help people, then who am I?”).
Archie immediately understands that this is a deeper problem than Emma admits, but she doesn’t want to talk, she wants him to “figure out how to win this fight”. But going to Archie, and not Regina or Rumple, for help makes sense only if it’s a symbolic/psycological fight.

It’s also worthy noting that both episodes are the second in their season and both features Regina being unusually in life danger.

And that’s why Emma thinks Regina is under the cloak (even is she won’t be, what matters now is how Emma reads her own vision). Her feelings for Regina are what is making her so scared and off lately, and in her vision she is protecting her family from Regina because she is actually protecting them by the hurt that the truth may cause them (Snowing because of the general shock of the relationship, Henry because he may get hurt if things don’t work out, Hook because her duty is to give him his happy ending). It’s not a coincidence that only those four persons are present. The whole vision is a symbol of Emma fighting her love for Regina.

- S.