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Ooc: Who do you ship Remus with?

[The long answer: Remus is very hard to ship with anyone, as he is full of self-issues, afraid of the werewolf inside him and all in all neither very confident, nor self-accepting.

He sees himself as being too skinny, with too large ears and nose, hiding his body that is covered with scars under layers of clothes. On top of it all, he can be a danger to anyone close to him, either due to biting, scratching or killing them in his werewolf form, or as in a form of social suicide, in case his secret ever comes out.
He is too afraid to be revealed as a werewolf and pushed away, doubting that anyone could ever love him the way he is.
So to actually be with someone, he would need to have a very deep trust in that person, to reveal who he truly is, and it would need a lot of convincing for him to actually accept a relationship and let anyone near him.
So generally, it is only someone he trusts, someone he’s close with, whom he could start a relationship with.

Short answer: My OTPs are Remus/Sirius and since this RP Remus/Benjy.]

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You have been slipped veritaserum. How do you feel about Sirius, deep down? How do you feel about Benjy? Could you ever love either?

Where … where did that come from …? I … uhm … I … Sirius is one of my best friends. Without him, I’m not sure I’d still even be alive. And … and maybe … during our fifth and sixth year … I guess I kind of felt something that was more than plain friendship. But given the circumstances and my state, and the law any everything, and he’s my friend … I never told him.

And Benjy … Benjy is growing on me … which is kind of the wrong term. I’m starting to trust him, and I like him, really. A lot. He’s the kindest soul I know. But even if I did ever love him, which difference would it make? Things haven’t changed and I … I just can’t …

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I ship you with Benjy both IC and OOC! ;)

You … you do what …?


Awww, thank you (I guess?)
I’ve never been shipped with anyone OOC as well!
And IC … well, those two boys still need a lot of work, I guess ;)