For you
Move mountains for you
Drink the youth’s fountain for you
Because I’m with you
Time is timeless
No sense of age there’s no getting old for your love
Always young and fresh
Like it’s the first date every time
Like chivalry is apart of mankind
Showing the gentle side of a man I guess that’s why it’s called man-kind

Got Irresistible Real Love for you
No other one thinking about you
Hiiijack my heart and I surrender my all to you

Can The Cool Be Loved?

I live for the presence, gifted
My mood is this, uplifted
I do this for the love, of writing
Don’t try to chew my words up, biting
My style is not for you

Can the cool be loved?

Why not
That’s like not saying the kettle is black by the pot
Well ain’t that the bottle calling the kettle black
It doesn’t have to all make sense matter of fact
It’s a matter of facts that cool can be loved
Your heart has to be open
Cant close down shop don’t try to fix what’s not broken

Can the cool be loved anymore?


I know. You know. You ain’t the only one in the wrong.
Played the. Victim. Way too long.
Tried to break me but I remained strong

I thought we were passed the days of not trusting each other
You want to leave but out there, there ain’t another
You must be DUMB

Thinking I’m going to repeat the same cycle
Love got affect accidentally and you’re the one I hold liable

Red Light Special

The vehicles of love
Controlled by a traffic light
Bumper to bumper satisfaction with no end in sight
“Baby it’s yours (all yours)” She says
We like to follow direction, Simon Sez

Don’t go too fast when the yellow light flashes
When we reach a peak I know we can go past this
Just when it’s on green
We can do anything
Go from cool and sensual to hot and building steam

She said
“I need someone, a real man…
I need someone, who understands..
I’m a woman, a real woman”
She knows just what she wants and I’m a do all I can


Maybe you could’ve been right
Maybe I could’ve been wrong
Maybe you had the electricity to really turn me on

You was my outlet
Shopping around with my card yeah you was in them outlets
Dedicated and loyal so i couldn’t stay upset
So when we separated i didn’t know what the hell to do next

Maybe we should’ve met halfway
Maybe then you would’ve stayed
Maybe your feelings wouldn’t haven’t went astray
Maybe I was in love

Belong To The World

I may be a fool to love someone who loved anything that walked on two feet
Swimming went too deep
Almost drowned in your love
Luckily I had a chance to be shallow but I stayed afloat
Your currents were strong as you helped me rock the boat

But the ship sailed along with every dose of my conscious
I’m just being honest
I’m a fool that you taught me all these things and I have nothing to show for it
You belong to the world and honestly you deserve it

Twenty Eight

An unwelcomed guest makes herself right at home
In my home
Something I didn’t condone
Longer than our time alone
I guess i should’ve been against knowledge last night I guess I got con dome
It may have been a good
But the bad thing is….
Now you’re infecting my conception and perceptions that have an inception on me causing deception
Give me a second

Cuz I’m so wrong
I’m so wrong
To let you in my
To let you in my home

Now you know where I sleep
Hey there lonely girl
I don’t like to kiss and tell like you did
But whom am I to kid
myself into thinking anything more would come from us more than we’ve already did
I’m so over it

I’m so wrong…………..

…….Then I realize it was only a dream

The Way

This feeling inside
Got me trying to go seek it and I don’t want it to hide
Got me saying
“I don’t wanna be a player no more”
Taking one for the team
Coaching me to a better man
Build up my self esteem

You like how I’m thoughtful with words
Mental dictionary
You and me forever
A true visionary
You know my ins and outs to a T
And you alphabet that I like to keep it G

And while you say

“I love the way….I love the way”
The way that I love you
Ain’t no doubt that I wanna be with you


Meaning at some point I had to be open to the possibility
But I was open minded to your close minded intellectual activity
Stupid me

To think that this could go somewhere
That little engine that could get that effin train up out here
There was not a track on this path in which we set out to embark
The end was inevitable right from the start

But thank you again for the stepping stone Rosetta
Now I understand the language of love a lot better

Thinking Out Loud

Shadows shadow all of our inner truths
The real is falsified by environmental perceptions
I often can see the misconception
Why hide our inner selves
As we try to be our selves
Well I’m just thinking out loud
Or just thinking on paper
Or just pressing keys on my iPhone
But it makes sense doesn’t it
As I listen to music, I ponder myself
And the answers still remain to be found

The One

You know very well
That I’m a star
Shining down on you was my intention
Love started when we were both 20 so u know it was in our vision
Heart collision
Smash into you

Yeah we’ve had a few
Maybe one too many
But you’re the only love
That gives me good and plenty

My juicy fruit
I don’t know nothing about an owl
But I swear you’re a hoot

I don’t need no one else
Without you I’m incomplete
Too strong to breakdown
Just your love gets me weak

You’re the one

How Many Times?

How many licks
Take to get…
To the center of your attention
U got that out the world shh
Taking me to another dimension
Your love making you feel good got me wanting an inception
Love inside your love inside your love
Layering through your heaven
Blessing these pearly gates
As we drown in each other’s sins
And then when we’re done, we do it all again

How many times?
Can we?…make love


Walked miles in these vans sneakers
Black on the outside, some couldn’t tell by my demeanor
Sometimes it was only me a pen and a paper
Fat kid at heart trying to get that cake n vanilla wafer
Only by putting work work work
No limit on my pay roll
As long as I’m driven by success then let the good times roll.

Ever since I was young been looked at as the super rich kid
To be frank I guess I been around fake friends
Channeling Orange thoughts I guess my spilled ink a little different
It has something that you lack n I call that commitment

I be up all night
Trying to make some sense
Trying to make change
By putting in my two cents
And hard work then paid off
Cuz all of all this work

Tunnel Vision

I know you lied
Heard over and over
So can I come over, Red Rover Red Rover
To make it right
I know it can’t happen overnight
I’m diggin myself into a hole and I’m trying to find your light
It might seem like I’m catching something
Some people call it feelings
Yes I have had my inner demons of infidelity
But with my utmost sincerity
I clearly was blind and now
I see
I got that Tunnel Vision for you
And I only see you

Body Party

If my body is your party
Then your eyes are my invitation
Your mind is the body guards
I wanna make love in this club
So you let me in
Your lips are our first dance
Vivid imagery just like music
Our movements are the dj
Fast pace then slow all forms are ok
And girl you should know that
That ill always be on your mind
And there’s always that one person that will always have your heart
And for that I hope I do
Both songs apply as the summarize I hope you’ll always be my boo


Fatal attraction
Caused by mental distractions
Come to find out that while I was gone someone was giving you the satisfaction

Exciting the stimulus
Can’t believe I’m dealing with this
Just wanna fold, don’t wanna stay
Because I’m bound to hit something or someone if I sit around and play
Guess he likes to poker
Got all these cards in my possession and didn’t expect I was to be the joker

When I come back
Just know
He can’t make you feel this pretty
Beauty comes from the inside and not just when he goes inside
Letting him do these things to you it hurts your pride
And imma whether this storm and let this turbulence subside
No more fun time for you, time to get off this ride

Cold Sweat

Ice. Bath
Something. New
Just. Relax
You know what to do
The fire of our love burns deep
Hot enough to make this ice melt
You haven’t experienced anything until you know how this cold felt

We’re hard in all places
You hold on while you shiver
And when the temp drops…
The more your body quivers

So ice. Dripping.
My pleasure
Taking interest. In all your endeavors
Ice. Dripping
Cold. Sweat.


Unbreak my heart
Been shattered across numerous pieces
Each piece pumps the blood in my veins
To the instances when the games continued to be played
And foolish me I stayed
Why do fools fall in love
Well be that as it may

It takes one to initiate the interest
Two to complete the union
One opportunity for love to crumble
And one to cause the ruin

4 crucial pieces of my heart but that’s not all
And I don’t want to go back to that if I don’t have it all
I don’t wanna start anew
If I don’t give my all
I don’t want the Pieces

Holy Grail

You took the eyes from my head
So you could see what I see
You took the soul from my body
So you could say that you were me
Empty shell but I know my souls knows its owner
Use my words when I die called me the spilled ink donor
So I can say that my words live even in the after life
Cut throat ink flow too hard to cut with a knife
Chivalry was dead and I reincarnated it with my swag
Holy Grail incarnated for those who can’t see it read it in Braille

It’s amazing that I’m in this maze with you
I just can’t the code
One day you screaming you love me
And next day you’re so cold
One day they I’m here
One day I’m not there
It’s not fair
Well sip from your cup till it run over
Holy Grail

What You Need

It’s funny how the human mind can play tricks
It shows women the treats of their inner desires
But it’s what’s behind the outer facade that’ll keep the logs burning the fire

He’s what you want
Yet are u sure he’s what u need
No ma'am not indeed
Let your inner feelings combat temptation and in the end you’ll succeed

I wanna do everything for you and not just everything to you
No one will stop me but you have everything that’ll stop you
If fighting for you is what u want
I guess I have to fight for what u need
Because he will come and go but I will never leave