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Am I the only one who finds it...odd... That Liam was nominated TWO YEARS AGO by Cheryl Cole for the ice bucket challenge? Are these stunts planned that far in advance or wth?

Hello my Anon and why on earth did you have to bring back this idiocy??? People were getting buckets of water on their heads for charity promo. And here is the video of  Liam doing the ice bucket challenge as it was posted on his IG on Aufust 21 2014. If you notice, he says that he was “nominated by Cheryl Cole” and not Cheryl Fernadez Versini, despite Cheryl being married for more than a month!

Less than 2 months later, on October 14, Big Payno’s remix of Cheryl’s “I don’t care” was announced! Till this day I find very funny the fact that the info about this remix’s release came ONLY from Cheryl’s team/twitter as Liam could not be arsed tp tweet about it!. On the contrary, he tweeted many times about people making remixes of “Steal My Girl” and of his remix too!

So I think that having the same management and Cheryl being in the X Factor judge panel (cough, Simon Cowell, cough) is what brokered the deal. I do not know if Cheryl’s marriage to Jean-Bernard was legal or not (because this too has been written in the press), but it seems that this whole team that we call 1DHQ already had key players in [;ace years ago and when the time came, they simply used them. It’s like a game of chess. 

And I cannot help but feeling very bitter about it because if the Boys’ team had put half the effort in promoting their music and their career than they put in their schemings, the Boys would have done far more and better things and would have the acknowledgement they deserve! 


Pandaman - Collective Rhythm Nightmare…

Or Lizbet’s Rhythm Dream… where she can translate Pandaman… but he only tells people to give him money, making his friends uncomfortable!

Ok so… I really like the final image of the Citrus Remix… and this is based on the First Contact game.

I really liked doing the Lumbearjack piece… so I might do more of this if I can find a fitting game and characters

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