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Pirate!Stan doodles from tonight! I really like @bam-o ’s design of the pirate Stanley! (I’m also a huge fan of potc hah!) Also, where’s the rum at?!

* Yooo, y’know how to make Moderator Jim really happy?

* Link him some sick Nyeh Heh Heh/Bonetrousle remixes/covers at any time. (Or draw him a doodle of himself and Papyrus being cool best friends)

* I need more of them in my life to get through the week. 

* I already know of the following, so no need to link these; Bonescuffle, Fibulafight, Symphony of Bones, Bonetrousle KAZOO’d, Bonetrousle for Electric violin and Bonetrousle Rock Cover.
EDIT: So far, some awesome new additions to my collection have been Bonetrousle Acoustic Cover, BoneklezmerBonetrousle Gooseworx Cover, Bonetrousle DasDeer Remix, Bonetrousle 16bit, Boneprocessing, Bonetrouble, BackboneBonetrousle Banjo-Kazooie Style, Papyrus Bounce, Skeleton Boyfriend and Sans & Papyrus Go for a Wonder!

* Also just in case someone wasn’t familiar with it I NEED to share one of my favourite Undertale remixes/medleys; Bones to Pick. It’s sooo good, you guys.

* Some badass Dummy!/Ghost Battle remixes are highly wanted too if you got ‘em! Just send me a link or two via the live chat system! (If you don’t have a chat yet, send me an as over to my art blog and I can infect you with the chat system if you want!)

* Other than that I just want to let you know, that the last assignment at my illustration class is now a go and I will be uploading a little bit less comic content than usual, because of college work. As you helped me decide though, I will be reblogging Undertale illustrations from my art blog on this blog as well!
(Stilllll overwhelmed by the massive positive response. You are wonderful.)

* On another note, a buddy of mine has started a Mettaton & Alphys ask blog and so far their replies have been pretty hilarious (and their Alphys is so cute!), so I figured to be a bit of a shill and put a link to that fabulous blog riiiiight here!

* Have some chill times and some good fun,

* Nyehfully yours,

* -jim