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My Thesis is complete!
The Remix Tales are a collection of Fairytales rendered to genres of music relevant to their country of origin. These four are a Scandanavian (Denmark) Death Metal Princess and the Pea, A Chinese Pop Cinderella, A French Cabaret Beauty and the Beast, and finally a British Punk Jack and the Beanstalk.

So Beauty and the Beast officially comes out in my country tomorrow

and for the past month

practically all that’s been playing in my head

is a remix of “Tale as Old as Time” and a really annoying Hebrew song called “Zahav” (gold)

and now to prepare myself for the final act

accidentally memorizing all Beauty and the Beast songs

and learning them by heart

and singing them non-stop for the next fifty-eight years


The Tale of Two Brothers

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The Tale of Two Brothers

Choose your own ending

emonroe said to 5minutefanfiction: ( @emonroe )

3- a one shot thing were the reader is in love with both sam and dean and gets pregnant take it from there love your stuff

Authors Note: Ok, as we spoke about I did change it slightly and mixed it with an idea that I already had. Hope it’s ok. xx

WORD COUNT: *cough* its’ long sorry just under 9000 words. Grab a coffee or coke or whatever and enjoy.

‘Sammy,’ Y/N squealed, running down the stairs at the front of her farmhouse.

Sam grinned as she leapt into his arms for hug, almost knocking him over. Wrapping his arms around he breathed in her sweet earthy scent.

‘Hey gorgeous.’

‘Gorgeous my arse, I look like a train wreck. But I’ll take it,’ she grinned, planting both feet back on the ground.

Sam looked her over, there was nothing train wrecked about her. She was as always stunning, even with the dirt marks on her face and the piece of straw stuck in her hair. Sam wiped the dirt smudge off her cheek and pulled the straw out.

‘Still gorgeous, even without the added natural beauty.’

Y/N snorted and grinned at him.

‘I’m lodging a complaint about neglect,’ Dean called from the impala.

Sam watched as her grin grew bigger and she headed over to him.

‘I’m wanting running and hugs Y/N, you can’t play favourites,’ Dean joked.

Y/N jogged lightly and very dramatically hugged the older Winchester.

‘I’ll bet my arse if you were my favourite it wouldn’t be an issue,’ she winked.

‘I’m willing to take that bet,’ Dean chuckled.

Sam watched feeling his heart sink a bit. He knew the two were close, although they have both denied anything has happened or would happen. It still bothered him. He’d been crushing on Y/N his entire life, but one thing or another always prevented him from being able to tell her.

The men followed Y/N inside. Watching with a grin as her border collie, ran up to them.

‘Hey Oreo,’ Dean grinned.

He had to admit Oreo was the only dog he tolerated and most of that was because he was Y/N’s mutt.

‘I still can’t believe you called him that,’ Sam laughed.

‘That’s my punishment for drunk bets. Besides it was the better option out of the list Dean wrote out that night.’

‘I was hungry.’

‘And horny apparently.’

Dean chuckled, remembering how the poor dog was almost called Muff, Vajayjay or BJ.

‘Good times.’

Sam squatted down and gave the dog a pat. He had to admit he did look like an Oreo.

‘So how’s things?’ Dean asked.

‘Meh, can’t complain. Was shoulder deep in cow earlier, but otherwise quiet.’

The two men looked at her in surprise.

‘One of my cows had trouble giving birth, I needed to assist.’

‘Always charming to visit,’ Dean grinned.

‘It’s a shame you didn’t come earlier; you could have helped.’

After the boys had settled in to their rooms the three of them sat outside on the porch and looked out over Y/N’s farm.

‘So what brings you here?’

‘Witch in town,’ Sam told her, absent mindedly playing her hair and rocking the swing.

‘The Daws death?’

‘That’s the one.’

‘Thought it might be. I had Carl send over what he had on it. I was going to look at it tonight.’

Dean nodded, he figured she would. She was a small time hunter, doing local cases mostly while trying to keep her family’s property going still. He shifted his chair and propped his feet up on the banister. He loved this place. More than he cared to admit. It was isolated, quiet, there was no sirens to be heard, no fights to listen too, no neighbours to worry about. It was similar to being at Bobby’s. Just less cars. If he ever retired, he could happily stay here. He looked back at Y/N and watched the way Sam smiled at her. He couldn’t figure his brother out.

Sam looked at Y/N like she was the only person in the world, always had done. And yet he had gone and got engaged to Jess and set up a whole apple pie life that didn’t involve her. Dean had thought of making a move several times, but every time he thought about it. He thought of Sammy and changed his mind.

Both men had confronted each other about her in the past. Both denied their feelings, both declared that they only looked at her as a friend. And yet both had wanted more with her. Dean loved her, but wasn’t sure he was in love with her.

Sam was in love with her. Head over heels, breath takingly, would give up the world to be with her in love.

The night wore on and Dean eventually excused himself and went to shower and go to bed. Sam and Y/N continued to catch up on the events of the past few months. Sam’s heart racing as she shifted so she was facing him on the chair, the thoughts of confessing his feelings, kissing her, pushing his hand through her hair to bring her into him all flashing through his mind.

‘God I’ve missed you,’ Sam said quietly.

‘I’ve missed you too Sam. It’s really been too long.’

He pushed his hand back through her hair and was leaning in to make his move when her phone rang, causing them both to jump.

Y/N got up and answered it, she was gone a good few minutes before returning to the porch.

‘Carl’s got another body.’

‘I’ll go get Dean,’ Sam sighed.

‘I’ll go change,’ she smiled sadly.

Y/N was the county coroner and often helped the police with their investigations. Everyone knew she was the go to girl for weird and wacky. No one bothered with the fact that having her investigate was probably illegal, solely because they knew she stopped bad things from happening.

They arrived at the crime scene and Y/N looked over the body. Death by drowning, in the middle of their living room. While she wouldn’t know for sure until she got back to the morgue, it was pretty obvious. She looked over at Sam and nodded. Both Sam and Dean went hunting for a hex bag, finding it hidden in a vase of fake flowers.

Arriving back at Y/N’s place, as the sun was rising. The three of them were past tired. Dean trudged up the stairs, after declaring a three hour nap before working on the case. Y/N went into the kitchen to get a glass of water, before heading off to bed. Sam followed her in, hoping he still had courage.

‘Y/N?’ Sam asked, nervously.

‘Mmm,’ she mumbled.

Sam took in her tired appearance. Watching as she rolled her head, trying to crack her neck and release the tightness in it. He sighed and decided to wait.

‘Get some sleep. Do you need anything done?’

‘You’re not tired?’

‘A bit, but not much.’

‘Nothing major. I need to check on the cattle. But that can wait.’

Sam nodded. Y/N finished her water and walked out past him, she grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze and stood on her toes and kissed his cheek. Sam gripped her hand tight and caved, he went to kiss her. Stopping when he heard Dean yelling for Y/N.

The two went up stairs and watched as Dean pointed to a tiny white fur ball in his bed.

‘What the hell is that?’



‘My kitten, Milk.’

‘You named your kitten Milk?’ Sam asked laughing.

‘Yup, now I have Oreo and Milk,’ she grinned.

Dean couldn’t help but chuckle, before sneezing.

‘She won’t hurt you, I promise.’

‘It’s a damn zoo.’

‘Yeah, just a bit. Did I tell you I got ducks too?’


‘Yup Sunday and Roast.’

‘That’s mean,’ Sam sighed.

‘Technically I didn’t name them,’ she explained.

Dean’s face fell and he realised he did.

‘Crap that phone call last month, when I was drunk.’


‘If either of you ever have kids your both banned from naming them,’ Sam sighed.

Y/N grinned at him and scooped Milk up off the bed, handing the cat to Sam.

‘There’s antihistamine in the draw,’ she offered Dean.

Sam cuddled the kitten, she was rather cute. He watched, as Y/N left for her room.

Y/N was out of bed an hour later, saddling up her horse to go check the cattle.

‘Want company?’ Sam asked approaching the stables.


She helped Sam saddle up “his” horse, Bacardi. He shook his head at the poor horse’s name. He watched as Y/N mounted Scotch. He mounted his own horse and followed her out.

‘You really suck at naming things,’ he grinned.

‘There’s a chance that’s true. I had a ewe give birth to twins last season, I called them Pete and Repete.’

‘That’s bad.’

‘I know.’

‘And then there was lamb chop.’

‘He made a good roast.’

‘That he did,’ she chuckled.

The cattle were fine and the two stopped off for a rest under the willow tree, on a hill overlooking the creek that ran through the property. Y/N sighed and rested her head on Sam’s shoulder. He placed a gentle kiss on her head and spent the next hour watching her rather than the view. The more he watched her, the more his heart swelled. The deeper in love he became.



‘Do you think, that maybe, if your interested. No pressure. We could, look at the possibility of-.’

Sam’s phone rang interrupting him. He groaned and answered it. Dean was up and wondering where they were. Y/N stood up and gathered the horses, and waited for Sam to finish.

‘Heading back?’


‘What were you saying before?’ she asked curiously.


‘It didn’t seem like nothing Sam.’

‘Just wondering we could hang around after for a while if there was no case.’

‘You were nervous about that? You two are always welcome here. Short or long term.’

They headed back and helped Dean with the research. Well, they researched and Dean played with Oreo and Milk, using Y/N’s laser pointer.

‘If I had of known you wanted something to ride…’ Dean smirked as they came inside.

Y/N laughed at him, ‘Worst pick up line ever.’

‘Damn I’ll have to work on my approach.’

‘You do that hot stuff, I’ll be waiting.’

‘I’ll sweep you off your feet one day Y/N.’

‘Sure, you will.’

20 minutes later Dean spoke again.

‘I’m no organ donor but I’d be happy to give you my heart.’

Y/N looked at him confused for a second before grinning.

‘Awww that’s probably your worst best one yet.’

‘I like every bone in your body, especially mine?’ Dean tried.

‘Dean that’s gross,’ Sam complained, annoyance oozing through his tone.

‘I’m no weatherman, but you can expect a few inches tonight.’

Y/N snorted.

‘You’re on my list of things to do tonight?’ Dean grinned.

Y/N shook her head.

‘Damn it Y/N I’ll be forced to do the the easy way and just kiss you.’

Sam glared at Dean.

‘That’s cheating,’ Y/N laughed. ‘Keep thinking, as much as it hurts you might one day find one that works.’

She got up and left for the bathroom.

‘So you do like her?’ Dean commented quietly.


‘Sammy it’s obvious,’ Dean told him, shifting his focus back to the animals.

‘Is it an issue?’

‘No, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to hook up with her. But I have a feeling your feelings run deeper than mine.’

Sam sat there quietly not saying anything.

‘I’m not going to make a move if you like her Sam. But if you aren’t interested, and have no plans to then I’d like the chance.’

‘I am Dean. I try, it’s just I keep getting interrupted.’

‘So seize the moment and make it happen. She’s not going to know other wise.’

Y/N came back into the room, grinning at the two men.

‘I’m going to go into town and have a look around,’ Dean explained.

‘Ok. You want help?’

‘Nah I’m good. You two nerds keep at the books. I’ll bring back lunch.’

Y/N nodded and watched as Dean left.

‘Coffee?’ she offered Sam.


He followed her into the kitchen, watching as she moved about.

‘You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams,’ Sam tried.

Y/N turned around and looked at him, smiling.

‘Nice. So much better than Dean’s.’

‘Did it work?’ he grinned.

‘Depends on what your hoping for?’

‘You,’ Sam told her seriously. ‘To have you love me like I have you for so long.’

He watched as her face softened.

‘Sam,’ she said quietly.

Sam moved closer to her and held his breath.

‘I love you, have for ages. I’ve tried to tell you but we keep getting interrupted.’

Y/N smiled shyly at him.

Sam smiled and lent down and kissed her. Finally getting to taste her lips, to feel them against his. He let his hands wander, taking in every curvy, every inch of her body. He let his lips wander, allowing them to do the same. Her moans music to his ears. He was in heaven. The next hour was nothing but pure bliss.

‘Probably should have done that in the bedroom,’ Y/N commented sleepily.

‘Really? Cos the bench was kinda fun.’

‘Yeah but the floors cold and so is my arse.’

Sam chuckled and kissed her, helping her find clothes. They made their coffee’s and headed into the living room to keep reading through notes, files and internet research. Y/N laying with her head on Sam’s lap while she read police reports. Sam’s hand resting across her stomach. He watched as she kept drifting off and waking herself up.

‘Sleep. I can read through this.’

‘That’s not fair on you.’

‘That doesn’t bother me.’

Milk jumped up and curled up next to Y/N and soon they both fell asleep. Sam found himself once again watching Y/N, letting his mind wander to what life would be like if he gave up full time hunting and moved here with her. He pictured the morning coffees, the rides to check on the cattle, tending the veggie garden she grew and the orchard. Taking stuff to the farmer’s market. Nights in front of the fire and home cooked meals. A life, a family all with her. He wanted nothing more than that right now. He was seriously considering it. If things went well, he might set up base here.

Dean called to say he thought he found the witch. The ringing waking Y/N up. He agreed to meet Dean at the address he gave soon.

‘I’ll grab my gear,’ Y/N told him, shifting Milk so she could get up.

‘You can stay and sleep, let us handle it. You look exhausted.’

‘I’m fine. Really. Tiredness isn’t anything new.’

She lent in and kissed him. Sam forgetting Dean’s call altogether. He pulled her so she was sitting on his lap facing him and just enjoyed the feel of her pressed against him, her mouth on his. God he had wanted it for so long.

Oreo barked, indicating he wanted out. Y/N groaned and got up, letting him out and grabbing her bag. She threw Sam the keys to her truck and climbed in the passenger side. Watching as Sam grinned from behind the wheel, she drove a Chevrolet Colorado and he loved it.

They arrived at the house and met up with Dean.

‘I’ll check the yard,’ Y/N told them, tiredly.

‘I’ll do that, you stay with Dean,’ Sam offered.

He saw how tired she was and he didn’t want her fighting anything alone right now. Sam gave her a quick kiss and left to search the yard, while Dean and Y/N picked the backdoor lock and went inside.

‘You ok Sweetheart? You look like crap,’ Dean commented quietly as they moved through the house.


‘Sammy finally tire you out,’ he asked sadly.

Y/N gave him a look.

‘It’s about time he made a move,’ Dean said, a hint of sadness in his voice.

‘You good?’ she asked.

‘Yeah. I’m happy for you two.’

They heard a noise and Dean put his arm up, shifting Y/N back behind him. Both raised their guns and looked around.

‘Do you hear that?’ Y/N asked.

Dean strained but could faintly hear Latin being said.

‘Son of a b-.’

Y/N groaned softly as she woke up, her eyes blinking trying to adjust to the dark. She felt someone move beside her and smiled. God it was about time the Winchester made his move. She rolled over and snuggled into his arms, kissing his chest.

‘Y/N?’ Dean mumbled, confused.

Y/N yelped and jumped back.

‘Holy shit, you’re not Sam. What the hell are you doing in my bed? And…,’ she checked herself under the blankets. ‘Oh my God, Dean tell me your dressed, please tell me you’re dressed.’

Dean hesitantly shook his head. He took in Y/N’s appearance; they had totally had sex. Her hair was messed up, there was love bites across her collar bone. God he wanted it for so long, but not like this. He tried to remember what happened but couldn’t. Last he knew they were hunting a witch, and Y/N and Sam had finally hooked up. He was gutted, but he knew they both liked each other and he was happy for them. He had no idea how they ended up here.

‘What did we do?’ she sobbed. ‘Sam’s going to kill us.’

‘I’m so sorry Y/N. I don’t know. Well I know, we you know. But I don’t know how or why. Last I remember we were at the house.’

‘Oh God, Sam. He’s still there with it.’

‘Y/N? Dean?’ Sam called.

Y/N looked at Dean in a panic. He yanked on some pants and threw her a shirt and her jeans.

‘Baby?’ Sam called opening the bedroom door.

He looked at the two in shock, anger, pain, hate all crossed his face. Tears welled in his eyes. Y/N tried to talk but he held up his hand stopping her.

‘I didn’t take you a slut. Him yeah, but you?’ Sam sneered.

‘Hey!’ Dean growled. ‘She didn’t deserve that.’

‘Really cos she slept with me only hours ago.’

‘Sam, it wasn’t. We didn’t. It wasn’t us. We woke-.’

‘Save it Y/N.’

Sam stormed out and Y/N burst into tears again. She felt every bit the slut he thought she was. She tried to hold the sheets up and bury her head in her hands all at once.

‘I’ll go try and talk to him. You didn’t do anything wrong Y/N.’

‘Really cos I just slept with my boyfriend’s brother, less than 24 hours after we finally got together.’

‘You didn’t exactly have much of a say in it. And if we’re lucky nothing happened.’

‘No, it did. It’s messy,’ she told him quietly.

Dean nodded in understanding.

‘Clean up, get dressed. I’ll go talk to him.’

Y/N came down stairs after showering and more crying. She could hear the boys arguing over what happened. Sam wasn’t listening, and she didn’t blame it. Not from what she had heard. He had been in love with her since they met. Apparently so had Dean.

‘Hit me, yell at me, do what ever you need to. But don’t you ever talk bout her that way again,’ Dean growled. ‘She didn’t do this. She didn’t ask for it. The first thing she did when she realized it was me and not you, was freak because it wasn’t you. And I gotta say as much as I would never do this to you, that hurt.’

Y/N stood on the stairs not knowing what to do.

‘I’m sorry it happened Sammy, but neither of us planned it. One minute we were hunting then we woke up. We can’t remember anything. If we’re lucky when we find the witch and gank it everything goes back to how it was and this never happened.’

Y/N walked down the stairs into the living room. Sam took one look at her and walked out. Oreo following him.

‘Great so I’ve lost my boyfriend and my mutt,’ she sobbed. ‘And I can’t even go home to be alone and cry about it.’

Dean felt terrible, he couldn’t hug her to comfort her like he normally would. Not with how things were, if Sam walked in it would make things worse.

Y/N tried to talk to Sam several times but he ignored her. She knew he was hurting. She felt horrible, but she had no idea how to fix it.

‘This is why I hate witches,’ Dean muttered as they got ready to go again.

‘This is why I’m out after this,’ Y/N told them.

Both boys looked at her surprised.

‘This stuff, it ruins lives. Lord know we’ve all lost more than our fair share. I can’t keep doing it.’

Sam looked at her, really looked at her for the first time since he walked in on her and Dean. She looked like hell. She looked worse than she did after her parent’s died. Her eyes were blood shot and swollen, her face pale and blotchy, her nose red. She’d been crying for most of the day.

She got up and walked outside, unable to take it anymore. Just needed some air. Sam followed her out. He wasn’t ready to forgive her or Dean, rationally he knew it wasn’t their fault. But it still hurt like hell. He also needed to apologise.

‘I’m sorry for calling you a slut,’ he said quietly.

‘If the shoe fits,’ she muttered.

Sam sat down next to her. Not knowing what to say.

‘God I wish I could say I didn’t know what happened. I don’t exactly know what happened, I just know we did. I didn’t want it Sam,’ she told him, sobbing. ‘I wouldn’t, couldn’t. I’ve been walking you since we met. I was gutted when you left for college, when you hooked up with Jess. I tried moving on, but you were the reason Carson and I ended things.’

Sam looked at her surprised.

‘I won’t deny that I didn’t think about hooking up with Dean, once you left. But it was nothing more than me needing comfort. But it never happened. I always felt like I would be betraying you even though you had someone else.’

Sam felt his own tears falling now.

‘The worst part, up until earlier, you were the second person I had ever slept with.’

Sam looked at her shocked.

‘I was waiting for you. Carson was the only other person. Until… I am so sorry Sam.’

Sam had no idea, about any of this. He thought there had been more men. He thought she wasn’t interested.

Dean cleared his throat from the door.

‘Sorry, but we should go.’

Sam nodded slightly. Dean went back inside and left them alone. He prayed that Sam wasn’t stupid enough to throw her away because of this. That he realized she didn’t do anything. Although he understood how Sam felt, he would too if it was him who had of walked in on the two of them.

Sam came back inside and grabbed his gun.

‘Y/N’s staying here.’

Dean nodded. For so many reasons that was the best option.

The boys found the witch in her house, and Dean raised his gun. The witch cackled and muttered something. The next thing Sam knew Dean disappeared.

‘How’s your girlfriend?’ she sneered.

Sam’s stance faltered slightly.

‘She enjoying her time with your brother? How long do you think it will take them this time?’

Sam’s heart dropped. He shot her between the eyes and took off, tearing through the streets to Y/N’s farm. He ran up the stairs and found Y/N curled up on her bed, partially dressed sobbing. Dean sitting awkwardly next to her, holding her and trying to talk to Y/N and calm her down. He felt jealousy stir in him. He knew that Dean holding her was innocent, it was a comfort thing. He knew he had done it plenty of times before. That despite the witch’s spell, they were friends. But he couldn’t help it.

‘We didn’t…,’ Dean told him. ‘The witch she…’

‘I know,’ Sam said quietly.

His heart broke seeing her like this. He went over and climbed into the bed next to her and took her from Dean. She broke down even more.

Dean got up and left the room giving them time alone.

Y/N fell asleep in Sam’s arms. After a while, he shifted her so she was lying in bed. Pulling the blankets up and tucking her in, he headed down stairs to find Dean.

‘This has messed her up,’ Dean said quietly.

‘It’s messed everyone up.’

‘Sammy I get it if you hate me. But as much as I like her, I wouldn’t.’

‘I know. Deep down I know. I just. I don’t know.’

‘I get it.’

Y/N came down stairs later that day. She found the boys packing up their gear. She didn’t blame them and a part of her was grateful she needed time alone.

‘You’re going?’ she asked quietly.

‘Yeah, a case in Montana,’ Dean explained.

Y/N nodded and watched as Dean headed outside.

‘I’ll talk to you later.’ Sam said quietly. ‘I just need to process and sort some stuff out.’

Y/N frowned at him.

‘So you need to process it by leaving me but going with Dean?’

Sam looked at her, slightly annoyed that she was upset about that.

‘He’s my brother and hunting partner, so there’s no choice in that.’

‘Right. Do whatever you need to,’ she sighed, walking off.

She got it, but it didn’t make it easier. He was still punishing and blaming her for what happened. She was in his eyes, still a slut.

The two men went to the hunt in Montana and then one in Indiana, Kentucky and then headed back towards Y/N’s farm.

Sam wanted to talk to her, to fix things. She was no longer talking to him and it hurt like hell. While she would answer if he text, it was short. One word, two if she absolutely had to. If he called she hung up. Sam had asked Dean about what was wrong. She was a sore point between the two men. Not because of what had happened, but because of Dean’s anger at how Sam handled it. At how he had made her feel.

Dean couldn’t understand why Sam was acting like such a bitch over it. Why he had forgiven Dean but not Y/N. Dean had spoken to Y/N, and heard about what was said before they left. She had a point. Both of them were involved in this, why was she alone being blamed.

‘It might be best if you go see Bobby or something,’ Sam suggested as they pulled up.


‘Give me and Y/N some time alone. My girlfriend and me time alone.’

‘She stopped being your girlfriend the moment you called her slut Sam.’

Sam shot him daggers but didn’t say anything.

‘I’m not leaving you here alone to upset her some more. She doesn’t deserve it.’

‘No she doesn’t,’ Sam admitted quietly getting out the car.

The two men took in the farm house, the smoke from the fire. The wet grass and fields. Winter had definitely hit. They had been gone about two months.

The walked up the porch steps and knocked for the first time ever, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Y/N answered the door in sweats. The Winchesters taking in her appearance, she looked worse now than she did before. Her face was drawn and grey. She looked sick.

‘I didn’t expect you to come back,’ she told them.

She shivered slightly as a gust of wind hit her and the rain started again.

‘You know me,’ Dean grinned. ‘I missed the mutt.’

Y/N gave him a tired smile and moved so they could come in. She gathered up and shifted some blankets off the sofa and quickly cleaned up a bit.

Sam looked at her concerned, this wasn’t like her at all. She was normally neat and tidy. Happier, more bubbly. He knew things with them were crap but this, it didn’t seem right.

‘You feeling ok?’ he asked.

Y/N looked at him in surprise. She wasn’t expecting him to talk to her.


Sam sighed, even her verbal answers are one worded. He looked at her eyes and he knew Dean was right he had lost her as his girlfriend.

She grabbed a novel and headed upstairs.

‘Y/N?’ Dean called.

‘You know where it all is, help yourselves.’

Sam knocked on her door and let himself in, finding her curled up in bed.

‘Can I get you anything?’

She shook her head.

‘Can I talk to you for a minute.’

She shook her head.

‘Please,’ he pleaded.

‘We’re past talking Sam. Things are more complicated than that.’

‘I’m sorry for what I said, how I acted. You didn’t-.’

‘Don’t. Please.’

Sam watched as tears welled in her eyes. He sighed and nodded.

‘I just. I’m sorry but I can’t, not right now. Maybe later, but we all need to talk first.’

Sam frowned at her, but nodded. He watched as she started crying. He pulled her into his arms and just held her while she broke down.

She calmed herself down after a while and got up to go clean up. She headed down stairs and found the boys in the living room. Dean was bringing in wood and Sam was patting Oreo.

‘We need to talk.’

Both boys nodded and sat down. They watched as she went to talk several times but struggled to find the words.

‘It’s not the flu.’

‘What is it then?’ Sam frowned. ‘You’re not sick, like dying are you?’ he panicked.

Y/N caught Dean’s eye and she knew he had figured it out. All of it.


‘I…I,’ Y/N tried, tears flowing again.

‘What’s going on?’ Sam asked, trying to stay calm.

‘She’s pregnant,’ Dean said quietly.

Sam froze. He had wanted this more than anything with her, and now he had a chance to have it, but it might be his brother’s baby. That changed everything. He couldn’t set up a life with her if it was his brother’s kid.


‘When did you find out?’ Dean asked quietly.

‘Few days ago.’

Sam didn’t say anything. He was in shock. He wanted nothing more than to rush over and hug her, tell her it was all going to be ok. That he loved her. They would figure it out. But then Dean kept flashing in his mind. If it was Dean’s kid. None of that mattered.

‘Sam?’ Dean asked.

Dean knew this was hard on his little brother. He also couldn’t even begin to imagine how hard on Y/N it was.

‘We’ll figure it out,’ he mumbled.

Y/N stood and walked back upstairs to her room. Dean coming in later.

‘He loves you. He’s a douche at the moment but he does love you. And he hates himself for how he acted.’

‘I find that a little hard to believe,’ she mumbled into the pillow.

‘I can’t say I was expecting this though,’ Dean commented, sitting on the edge of the bed.

‘No one was.’

‘We will sort it out Y/N. Regardless of who the Dad is, we will sort it out. The baby won’t grow up without a father.’

She scoffed and him and flew up, Dean shifted out the way as she ran for the bathroom. He followed and moved her hair and she threw up. Sam came in with a glass of water after hearing her.

‘Here,’ he said quietly.

Both Winchesters had mentally prepared themselves for the same thing. This woman, that they both loved, one deeper than the other, one more physically and one more emotionally. was pregnant with one of the two men’s baby. Both were determined not to be a drop kick Father. Both determined not to make things worse.

For the next week they helped out around the place, while Y/N spent most of her time throwing up. It started easing and she ventured out into the living room to finally talk to them.

‘I’m sorry,’ she told them quietly.

‘It’s not your fault,’ Sam told her.

His words surprised her, she was expecting him to blame her for it.

‘I was an idiot and I’m sorry,’ Sam apologized.

‘It’s not your fault and we have your back on this. We will figure it out. But right now you two need to talk,’ Dean told her quietly.

He kissed her head and headed outside.

‘I shouldn’t have acted like I did,’ Sam said softly. ‘I love you Y/N, I know it wasn’t your doing. I know you didn’t have a say in it. You didn’t deserve how I treated you. I should never have said it, or even left how and when I did.’

Y/N closed her eyes and tried to grasp what was happening.

‘I want nothing more than to come over there and kiss you right now. To fix this, to fix us.’

She gave him a sad smile. They both knew he couldn’t. They shouldn’t. Not yet anyway. They had bigger issues to solve and until then there was no relationship. Despite their feelings.

‘We need to get a paternity test,’ she said quietly.


‘How do you explain that to a doctor?’

Sam looked sadly at her and then at Dean as he came back in with an arm full of wood. He had heard what she said as well. Both boys felt sorry for her, regardless it looked bad for her.

‘Cas?’ Dean suggested quietly, as they watched some old movie on TV that night.

The two men looked over as Y/N in the arm chair, she was curled up fast asleep.

‘Do you think he could tell?’ Sam asked.

Sam got up and placed a blanket over Y/N, making sure she was covered.

‘I hope so.’

Dean said a prayer for Cas, hoping he could help.

The angel arrived not long after and took in Y/N sleeping form, as the boys explained what had happened. He nodded and shifted the blanket placing his hand over Y/N’s stomach. He reached in and read the soul of the unborn child. Reading all there was to know about the baby.

‘Are you ready to find out?’ Cas asked quietly.

‘Let’s wake up Y/N first,’ Sam suggested.

He gently kissed her temple and woke her. The two men explaining what Cas had done. Y/N’s hand moved quickly to her stomach.

‘The baby is fine. It didn’t hurt her. She is quite healthy.’

‘Her?’ Y/N sobbed.

‘Yes. Sorry was I not supposed to say.’

‘It’s ok Cas,’ Sam told him. ‘Gender reveal is kinda the least of our concerns. Although I’m glad to hear she’s healthy.’

‘Her Father is…’






Ah I’ve been running around and ignoring art in favor of having a social life for a short time! I’m a terrible artist, I know. But I have been working on a few things. These are from my latest thesis project - a french cabaret beauty and the beast~ Beauty is rather obvious, but I have been discussing the appearance of the beast with my teacher for sometime and I decided to go with this. Since a non-human beast was out of the question, seeing how he would be a little too fantastical to match my other thesis projects, I focused on the other interpretation of the beast. A deformity- the story says. Unfortunately my other thesis projects are on the glamorous side as well so doing something completely unsightly wasn’t going to work either. I ended up making him an albino since it is a physical abnormality with a certain horror-glamor of its own. The reaction I got was good! (though everyone says he resembles david bowie. It was completely unintentional, I swear. )

Now it’ll be back to revising my old projects and finishing this new one in the next two weeks. It’s going to be a lot of work.

Dear George Lucas

Do you even mythic hero, bro?

You realize Star Wars is a myth, right?  An actual honest to god modern myth.  You did that.  But here’s the shitty part: myths don’t change.

You wanna know why we liek TFA but could care less about the prequels (unless you’ve seen Clone Wars)?

Because TFA is just remixing ANH.

That’s what myths are.  That’s what they do.  The same story, over and over, remixed by each tale-teller to be relevant to their time and their circumstances.  A story that never happened, but always happens.  Is happening, right now.

Come on, dude.  You read Joseph Campbell same as me.  Stop sulking and rejoice, for this myth you’ve made us will live forever.  You’re Homer, dude.  Relax.