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My Digital painting of Chloe Price from LiS, I’m hyped for Before the storm.

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GOT7 react to their s/o jamming out to ‘Despacito’

Glad to be back and thank you for this req! ^^ tbh, I tried not to listen to this song, but i failed miserably and it ended up becoming my summer jam! xD I’m weak T_T

Mark - No doubt that he’d find you super cute and hot at the same time, so he invites himself to join in on your dancing fiesta.

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Jaebum - licks his lips from afar as he low-key wants to join you… So he can show you how it’s done! But, nahhhh! He’s too hot for you to handle! hahaha

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Jackson - He’d hype you up even more - “WOOOHOO!!! BABE!!!! WORK ITTT!!!” “YASSSS!!!!!” - then jam it out with you

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Jinyoung - thinking that he can do it better, but he let you have your moment

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Youngjae - he’d turn into the shy little otter that he is but ended up watching you dance through the entire song

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Bambam - For a split second, he’d seem flustered and shy.. only because he was caught off guard. But swiftly, his inner Magic Mike awakens

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Yugyeom - This boy is wild AF! If he can get down to any Chris Brown’s song, what makes you think he won’t get down dirty and low on this one?! 

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