7. Final Hours
  • 7. Final Hours
  • ChrystalChameleon

The #7 Spooky Scary Zelda Tune is…Final Hours!

6 hours remain before the foreboding moon destroys Termina and all its inhabitants. This theme imbues feelings of hopelessness, dread, and anxiety as time quickly runs out, failure imminent—yet the nightmare has only begun.

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New remix video. I actually put proper effort into the video for once. Granted, effort that would’ve been better spent on mixing. Still, this was a much-needed bit of fun.

(by the way, Bee Movie is unironically a great movie)


I found a lovely music box cover of Re-Ray by R3 Music Box

// Letters to YVYNYL //

isle&fever - Keep On (Bay Ledges remix)

 / I tend to drift away from remixes and I haven’t even really told myself why I don’t like them, but every so often I feel in the mood. Donald Eley and Tiger Smith reached out to some of their LA friends on this one, so they break off some of the electronics and enter into the computer-realm with a natural hum. But fear not, the balance that implies the woodseenness of the track only gets shaken off a moment in.

Hey, Mark,

I’m writing this letter from a window seat on an Alaskan Airlines flight heading back to LA from Portland.  I bought tickets to the Brian Wilson show up in Portland in January before he announced the Hollywood Bowl date.  At least I got to experience some solid rain—it’s been too long.

Brian was surrounded by a talented crew, which included Al Jardine, and Al Jardin’s son, who took over any falsetto parts that Brian prefers not to reach for anymore. The sustain on the end of his notes are not what we are used to hearing from the recording of Pet Sounds, so the lyrics are more stark, not cloaked in the soaring melodies.  This was most apparent in the song “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” where he states “Sometimes I feel very sad” in a spoken-word type way.  It was still an amazing experience and he left us with a near perfect remembrance of “Love and Mercy” as the final encore song.  Anyhow, I’m looking fwd to being home.

At the core of it all, we are extremely thankful to have an outlet (and excuse) to do something we love.  The music is already there for us to discover and tap into. Like meditation or playing a game of basketball, it’s a way for us to focus on the breath and just live in the moment. Let’s stay in touch.

Thanks for posting about our new project, isle&fever.  Super humbled to be on this blog.  My music partner Donald and I have been in three different projects together (The Sea of Cortez and Blacks&) but this is the first one where it’s just the two of us doing everything.

A typical session starts with passing around various instruments in my basement studio until a groove becomes clear.  The usual culprits are the Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Bass (¾ size), Roland Juno-106, MicroKorg, Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano, Rhodes, Strats, midi triggered drums samples, and (most importantly) a combination of random handheld percussive instruments.  Mezcal or whiskey is our choice of late night fuel for the vocal chants that turn into trackable melodies, which are reworked with different lyrics until it feels right.

We are trying to put a live version of the project together, so we are relearning all the parts that we played.  Most of those parts were only played once—at the time they were written and tracked. The live project currently consists of myself, Donald, Thomas Bowden (a new father who plays drums like Steely Dan’s Aja), MACK (amazing female vocalist/guitarist with her own EP coming out soon), and Anthony Polcino (who is in Beat Club and releasing his solo project Antoine Diligent this month).  



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1 - Chris Buxton - In Too Deep (feat. 12AM)

Download - https://goo.gl/2Lcl8V

2 - JZAC - Bad Guy (Prod. Rocky Horror & Juice Wayne)

Download - https://goo.gl/yU7z9j

3 - Tree Thomas - 4T$ (feat. Kevin Gates & IAMSU!) [Prod. by 50 Keys]

Download - https://goo.gl/II0Xin

4 - J-Wright - Left Alone (feat. Scotty B) (Prod. TellingBeatzz)

Download - https://goo.gl/bZsJU8

5 - Night Lovell - Shaded Summers

Download - https://goo.gl/xosbWw

6 - [Hip Hop] Aer - By A Mile

Download - https://goo.gl/JjQ410

7 - JZAC - Dice Rolls (Prod. Dream Life)

Download - https://goo.gl/KN6736

8 - [HipHop] Ryan Caraveo - Tell ‘Em That

Download - https://goo.gl/5SDrgi

9 - Packy - Save The Pleasantries

Download - https://goo.gl/gwsU7Q

10 - [Future Bass] - Austin Cramer - Talking Body

Download - https://goo.gl/GCuX52



Long story short, you have about 30 minutes to watch this video before we have to bury it deep in the Earth’s core for humanity’s well-being.


(WARNING: FLASHING IMAGES) I can’t stop listening to this and it keeps giving me chills

Just listen and enjoy.

Sounds like Overwatch a.k.a “Aardvark from Above" by HaveLuckGoodFun