It’s May 22nd 2018

Here’s a good Dan song remix to listen to today: I’m A Cool Guy by NightOwl

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Cool Spot

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
When Dan was about six years old, he watched Miyazaki’s movie Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. But as he grew older he forgot parts of it, especially its name, and struggled for a very long time to remember what it was. He then one day described it to Arin and Suzy and Suzy was able to tell him what it was and they all watched the movie together. He loves it and definitely recommends watching it if you’ve never seen it before.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:


Goldfrapp — Ocean (feat. Dave Gahan)

I enjoy this Pennywise remix by Dubstep Universe on youtube, even though dubstep isn’t something I’m usually into; thought I’d do a IT edit to it. 👦🏻⛵️🤡🎈

Danny Phantom Theme Rebooted
Danny Phantom Theme Rebooted

In the spirit of us imagining what Danny Phantom would be like if it was rebooted today, I went ahead and re-composed the theme!

Feel free to use this for anything, just credit me if you do! If you need the audio file, message me and I’ll send it to you.


It’s out!

The “Boy, You’re Cute” music video is hawt. x)