reminiscing with grandma


Joyeux Anniversaire!

It’s been a wild year lmao, y'all remember when the first Korean dub episode came out and everyone was just waiting for some saint from above to at least upload the episode but when they did we were all stumped bc the majority of us didn’t speak a lick of Korean

Y'all also remember when someone (I think it was the uploader or someone else who spoke korean ) made a translation post?? Or when people actually subbed the episodes but with commentary that just pure gold… good times, good times.

Y'all remember when the Valintines day episode came out (lol I do that was the first time I stayed up til 4 am on a school night) and we all ate that episode up??

Or what about in the earlier days when we all assumed Marinette and Chat would dislike/hate each other just bc we forgot they were friends in and out of the costume (and cus ladrien was the win/win senario) but then the Evillustator episode aired and Marichat bc the sinship overnight??

Omg- how could I just leave out that time the French version of the theme song came out and that was all the we listened to for a week or maybe more (so we could sing along) we died with the duet let’s be real.

Good times, good times…

It’s been a wild year my dudes and here’s to many more

Reminiscing With Grandma
David Newman
Reminiscing With Grandma

“You were the boy, weren’t you─the servant boy who got us out? You saved her life and mine and you restored her to me. Yet you want no reward.”
“Not anymore.”
“Why the change of mind?”
“It was more a change of heart.”