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I honestly didn’t know about this. I was just going by the posts I had seen when I first joined the Ship a few months ago. (People saying to keep the ship out of the main tags and that Mark and Jack requested it.) I was really just trying to help and I’m sorry for anything I’ve caused due to my post.

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when you speak of the self and how it doesn't exist you mean the way that each of us are or the way that we look? do I have doppelgängers across the planet who have the same life mission as me? or are they people who look like me who are actually nothing like am. please elaborate

Well I kept seeing a bunch of people who looked like people I knew very distinctly. Like I would go to Germany and see like a German version of my friend or like in India I would see someone who would remind me of someone from back home. In Cambodia I saw me which is probably is the craziest experience of my life and it’s not something Im ready to talk about publicly but maybe in a couple of years.


Forrest Curran

Chapter Three

 My Girl 

 "It’s hot in here"


Sorry I took so long to update I actually forgot about this! I had it written but I just forgot to post it! Someone should remind me to post the next chapter in a few days becasue I’ll forget

 All throughout second period I was thinking of the “plan.” I don’t even know how I’m going to act around Jack. I really hope this plan works out. “Remember y/n, Jack is in your next period you have to be as Cam says: "flirty and confident.” I reminded myself.


 "Alright, I can do this.“ I told myself while slowly walking to next period. Just as I turned the corner the late bell rung. "Great.” I said to myself sarcastically as I reached the classroom. “Walk in there confidently, remember Jack is in that class.” I kept reminding myself. I slowly turned the handle and opened up the door. The teacher didn’t even start the lesson yet. He was on the phone with his back towards the door. I silently thanked God that I wouldn’t be marked late.

 I looked around the room for Jack, and saw him in the back corner watching me. “You got this y/n.” I told myself. I smirked at him and started to make my way back to the corner to sit next to him. While I was walking up the aisle of desks I passed Cam and winked at him. He smiled in return. I quickly took a seat next to Jack. “Hey Jack.” I said confidently. 

 "Y/n..“ He said while smirking. "What made you decide to sit back here today?” He asked. 

 "Because it’s part of the fucking plan.“ I thought to myself. 

 "Because I wanted to sit next to you.” I said while giving him a fake smile. 

“Well I wouldn’t blame you, what girl wouldn’t want to sit next to me.” He said with his cocky attitude. I literally had to stop myself from rolling my eyes at him.  

“Alright, sorry guys for the hold up, let’s start today’s notes!” The teacher said. 

When we were taking notes I decided to use one of Cam’s tips. 

 Don’t be afraid to show a little skin. 

 "Ugh it’s hot in here.“ I said quietly to myself, but I made sure Jack heard me. I started to take off my little jacket and tie it around my waist.

 I then crossed one leg over the other and sighed dramatically so I could get Jack’s attention. I could feel his eyes wandering up my body. I quickly looked up from my notes and caught Jack staring at me. I smirked at him. "Do you need something Jack?” I asked innocently.

 Jack coughed. “Um no, but we’re still on for tomorrow night right?” He asked while biting his lip. 

 I must admit, Jack looked really good when he did that. “Of course.” I said while smiling. 

 "Great.“ Jack said. I looked to the front of the class and saw that the teacher was focused on writing the notes on the board. I quickly reached over and grabbed Jack’s phone from his front pocket. He didn’t even have time to react to what I was doing. "What are you doing?” Jack asked while laughing a little.

 I just ignored him and added my number to his phone and I put some emojis next to my name. “Here.” I said while handing him back his phone. 

 "What did you do to it?“ He asked. 

 "I added my number, so you can text me.” I said confidently. As if it was on cue, the bell rang indicating that class was over. Jack didn’t say anything he just kept staring at his phone, shocked that I actually took his phone and did that. I was shocked too. I didn’t even know I had the courage to even do that. I gathered up all my stuff and stood up to leave. Jack was still sitting down, but now he was looking at me still confused. I just laughed. “I’ll see you later Jack.” I said while smiling and walking out of the class to catch up to Cam. 

 As soon as I walked out of the class room I quickly looked around for Cam. I saw him walking towards the staircase. “CAM!! CAM!! CAMERON ALEXANDER DALLAS!” I screamed. People around me just looked at me strangely, but didn’t say anything. Up ahead I saw Cam turn around and made eye contact with me. I smiled at him and ran over to him. “HEY OH MY GOSH I DID IT!” I told him excitedly. 

 "Woah, calm down y/n.“ He said while laughing. 

 "What did you do?” He asked amused. 

 "Jack and I are going on the date tomorrow night.“ I said.

Previous Chapters

Chapter Two

Chapter One

I’d like to find someone that reminds me of a bridge in a song. Someone who at first could be misinterpreted to be a lullaby, but as time passes, tension builds and builds and it leads to something more. A hopeful, beautiful something. A something that is more than just that someone, and a something that is more than just myself. You can never finish a good song without a bridge that interlocks the middle to the end. I’d love to find my bridge.

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You remind me just how gorgeous Brown girls can be. If only I find someone with this confidence and sexiness physically closer to me!

Never forget how gorgeous brown girls are

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character: hate them | don’t really care (or don’t know enough :/) | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  Kira, obv. 2cute5me

general opinions: For some reason God Sky is associated with salt? I hear he is spoken of much like the one known as Tucker Boner.


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  ??? idk who’ve they’ve really interacted with

general opinions: Reminds me of someone who’s first name is Rowena. I have not yet learned much of her yet, so I say ‘like’ loosely.


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  End

general opinions: Why must you be so precious and why can’t you just do what needs to be done to stop the war, milady? I pride myself in guarding you milday, though I have already failled my job twice…I am glad you are happy with the new accomadations…I truly hope you remain yourself.


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  Mot, Goss, Earth, JAKE (jk…maybe)

general opinions: I say precious, but not to his face. Perhaps out of possible mutual respect. After all, he is mighty. Still want pinch his cute wittle cheeks someti- I mean…what? You didn’t hear anything. Love will suit to his face, though perhaps ‘devotion’ is a better term. Who knows.


Dear you,

Thank you for spending your time with me. Though we both far away from each other, you never failed to remind me of things to do. Tbh, you remind me of someone. Though I’m sick right now, you manage to make me smile even to laugh. I know, in this week things will change, like what they says enjoy the moment, so I’m just enjoying everything.

I don’t know, how you manage talking to a pathetic boring person like me, but I’ll like your company. Thank you, future Architect. :)

My Top 10 Favorite Characters from Anywhere!

I was tagged by tylerswick to do this, and while it was a huge undertaking, I highly recommend others do it!

1. Hermione Granger, Harry Potter series

Originally posted by daily-harry-potter

Hermione was and is my ultimate role model. She’s someone who values hard work and intellect, isn’t afraid to be proud of her accomplishments, and displays a constant sense of selflessness that everyone should strive to achieve. Flawlessly portrayed by Emma Watson, Hermione will always be my favorite character.

2. Charlie Klemeckis, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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A character from one of my favorite books, Charlie is someone I can closely relate to. Charlie reminds me that having a dark past doesn’t mean you have to have a dark future.

3. Wonder Woman, DC Comics

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What can I say? The ultimate example of a strong woman who doesn’t need a man to help her. I’m the biggest fan of her animated Justice League incarnation, but I’ve never seen a Wonder Woman I didn’t like. Excited for her newest appearances coming soon!

4. Princess Peach, Mario 

Originally posted by oh-so-pichi

I really can’t pin down exactly why I love her, but I do. She’s adorable and strong-willed, and there’s something about a woman who hits her opponents with a frying pan that just can’t be ignored. I always play as her in a game whenever possible.

6. Sabriel, Abhorsen series

The heroine from my favorite book of all time, Sabriel is a talented mage who steps up to ward off an ancient evil and protect an unfamiliar world. Garth Nix writes her as a captivating and multi-faceted individual, which is something I love.

6. Miranda Priestley, The Devil Wears Prada

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Fashionable, flawless, and fiery. Miranda Priestly is someone I want to become, and there is nothing more iconic than her heeled foot stepping out of her company car in that first introductory scene. What a goddess.

7. Sailor Pluto, Sailor Moon

Originally posted by fadingchildhooddreams

While my favorite Sailor Scout is Sailor Jupiter and always has been, there’s something to be said about Sailor Pluto. She watches over the galaxy from a cold, lonely distance, and she CONTROLS THE GATES OF TIME? Like….. I dare you to be cooler than her.

8. Man in Chair, The Drowsy Chaperone

Originally posted by bonhamcarterboy

When I was a sophomore in college I had the privilege of designing costumes for a full-scale production of The Drowsy Chaperone. The Man in Chair character is really the only living character in the musical, the central role who tells the audience about his favorite musical from the 20s. He’s a lonely man who looks back on this overlooked piece of history almost with regret, a metaphor for how life can also be riddled with similar sentiment. 

9. O-ren Ishii, Kill Bill

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Badass. Moving on.

10. Sun Kwon, LOST

Originally posted by maliras

Probably the most under appreciated character from my favorite TV series, Sun is a courageous and brave woman with a past. She’s cunning, clever, and knows how to get shit done. 

I’m not completely happy with this list, but it was so much fun paring down some faves! I challenge discopopteen, leaaahhk, bysummerfall and vivalakota

She's My Ride Home
  • She's My Ride Home
  • Blue October
  • Foiled

I’ll be reaching for the stars with you (honey)
Who cares if no one else believes
So I, set fire to everyone around
But I told you
I told you
We’d do it

So ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha
Yeah we won

We talked
Together sharpening a knife
Like killing partner for a life
Hey we can hide the bodies on the ride home
Cause we’re going home