reminds of like kings and shit

I swear Max is the best damn driver on that grid when you don’t take into account who has the best car, so ya know, raw freaking talent, and this coming from a die hard vettel fan

He overtakes like nobody’s business every damn time. He’s the overtaking king. Or the overtaking prince. Because he’s 20 ffs. 20 and already I see a potential legend right there.

Safe to say I got two favorites now. It’s hard not to be touched by how much passion Verstappen has for racing. Like woah.

I’m gonna hear shit from this but yes, his driving style reminds me a lot of Senna’s. Like A LOT.

anonymous asked:

Did you and Rumlow have a sexual relationship?

since brock rumlow is a helicarrier-sized douchecanoe, and there is mercy in the universe, no. we did not.
please. i do have some taste.


“Holy shit, Alfor, that’s fucking huge!”


“Oh sorry - holy shit, your majesty, that’s fucking huge!”

Because I have this headcanon where Coran and Alfor were actually besties, and Alfor had to remind him all the time to actually call him “your highness” or “your majesty” and treat him properly around others because “Coran you’re my best friend but I’m also supposed to be your king, remember?”

my honest to god favorite thing about trc is the fact that Ronan Gansey and Noah live together. by themselves. that means they have to go grocery shopping for themselves, and that means that at some point in the canon universe, Ronan Lynch has had to stand around debating to himself what brand of macaroni and cheese to get, only to be interrupted by Noah, and inevitably Gansey, and the three of them are standing there taking up a whole aisle bickering over fucking mac n cheese. like Noah you can’t even eat food what do u care and Gansey stop telling Ronan the nutritional value of this shit he knows good and well he’s gonna be dead by thirty stop reminding him. and all the while innocent shoppers are holding witness to a tattooed, shaved-headed, raven-bearing boy, along with the king of Virginia son-of-future-Mrs President himself, along with this weird boy who keeps seeming to drift in and out of sight despite never moving????

these poor souls attract the utmost attention w/o even trying like how in the world Blue Sargent managed to go her whole life not knowing these boys existed is beyond me smh

Thoughts on trailer

- shut up little Littlefinger SHUT UP, you got a voice over in the last trailer and I’m sick of your divisive voice.

- Sansa’s was so salty that she didn’t get to be in the stride teaser clip with Jon, Dany and Cersei she took up half the final trailer with her own stride lmao

- if the leaks are true I’m guessing the first clip of Jon is him preparing to catch a Wight, JS: “com on lads if we want help from the leaders in the south we better catch a wight and drag it all the way over there to prove it to them” some guy probably: “ur grace wouldn’t it be easier to-” JS: “LADS”

-Cersei looks round: “who’s at the door” Jaime: “its Jon Snow and his Wight” Cersei: “tell him i’m out”. ok i’ll drop this now

- Daenery’s stroke of her map reminded me of the way Cersei stroked that septa and kinda like the way Jon stroked the chairs in Winterfell, parallels idk, maybe you just start to weirdly stroke everything in a seductive way when you become King or Queen

-Arya looking powerful on a horse, Jaime walking dramatically while back turned to the camera and LF looking as creepy af as per. Standard mid way through trailer shit right there

-when the previous owner of your new house leaves his ugly décor all over 

-guessing Jon is talking to Daenerys here, but even though the Starks did bend the knee to the Targaryens for many years, they didn’t actually fight together on any occasion right?? the Starks have always been very reclusive and kept out of southern wars right?? am I missing something, am I not nerdy enough I rlly try, I should probably read world of ice a fire at some point, I’ll read it when if you write winds George

-Tyrion looks pained, probably thinking about his inevitable family reunion, everyone’s looking forward to the starks loving reunion which is fair but the Lannister’s reunion with their little hate triangle full of blame and resentment may be even better

- Brienne and Pod were absent from the entire first trailer and most of the promo pics (apart from the occasional back of Brienne’s head of course) but now they appear, it may only be for a second and a half but never has a second and a half been so well spent they waltz in like the embodiment of medieval Batman and Robin that they are, well done guys, hope you get some actual lines this season Pod.

- Sandor’s made it north then. yay.

- really hope that wasn’t Greyworm being deaded, if it is and he also has sex with Missandei this season it will solidify that if anyone gets together in got either one or both of them will die soon after: Robb and Talisa, Jon and Ygritte, Renly and Loras to name but a few.

-yh okay loads of fighting scenes

- Bran: “Hodor’s dead so I guess i’ll have to get an actual wheelchair now”

- who’s the old man with Bran he looks a bit like bloodraven but he’s dead so…

- wtf Beric didn’t even need a fire to light his sword, how??? is he the prince that is promised or something he’s not even alive in the books ffs

- Daenery’s ships have wings?? babe I know you’re a dragon queen and everything but don’t you think you’re taking the aesthetic a little to far

- so Jaime is charging in a field on his own with fire everywhere looking kinda of manic, it looks like he might be trying to fight a dragon “ JAiME dO NOt try to fight a DRAgON you will get yourself KILLeD, r u mad son” god I hate my favourite character.  

- Theon and Asha Yara look like they just witnessed the firework display of the decade

- the last 10 seconds are so much I don’ t even know what to say

- I actually yelled when Sansa quoted her daddy, at least someone reads the books. 

-where’s Gendry

songs n shit.

from @naepittanunmul

a song you like w a color in the title: frank ocean pink matttteeerrrrr (biyOOOTCHHH!)

a song you like w a number in the title: jay- z 99 problems (dont fight me, it’s a fucking classic)

a song that reminds you of summertime: miguel  leaves.

a song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about: ree$e molly(LOUDPVCK REMIX) :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) mm.

a song that needs to be played LOUD: mykko montana,k camp do it (i. get. so. hype. if you ever wanna see me twerk…play this)

a song that makes you want to dance: lil kesh, davido, olamide shoki

a song to drive to:(well i dont drive, but i can pretend!) zion.t, crush two melodies

a song about drugs or alcohol: afroman because i got high

a song that makes you happy: got7 confession song

a song that you never get tired of: crime mob knuck if you buck

a song from your preteen years: regina spektor the entire soviet kitsch album

one of your favorite 80s songs: chaka khan ain’t nobody

a song that you would love played at your wedding: diamond, ne-yo marry you

a song that is a cover by another artist: christina aguilera tough lover (etta james)

one of your favorite classical songs: john williams suo gan

a song that would sing a duet with on karaoke: specifically with @junmyeons-fursona (idk its tradition now) exo drop that (yes i tagged a fan made video)

a song from the year you were born: 2pac california love

a song that makes you think about life: daniel caesar loose

a song that has many meanings to you: afroman colt 45

a favorite song with a persons (my) name in the title: kings of leon mary

a song that moves you forward: janelle monae sally ride

a song that you think everybody should listen to: gene miller, liz callaway love will find a way(lion king 2)

a song by a band you wish were still together: idk. im indifferent about band bands breaking up.

a song by an artist no longer living: aaliyah are you that somebody?

a song that makes you want to fall in love: outkast prototype

a song that breaks your heart: frank ocean self control

a song by an artist with a voice you love: slipknot pulse of the maggots

a song that you remember from childhood: mase, diddy  breath, stretch, shake

a song that reminds you of yourself: freshberry, b-free super saiyan god

all songs are linked.

i tag: @junmyeons-fursona @imbackyetagain @fivesuns


I’ve loved Godzilla since I was 7 years old, I legitimately remember asking my mom if she believed in Godzilla– like as if he actually existed, hiding somewhere out in the ocean, and bless that woman she said “yes” just to keep my imagination flaring. I always knew Santa was mom. But Godzilla was some real shit goddamnit and I knew it.

So anyway Im about to be 25 now, and Godzilla still to this day has me in awe. I love giant monsters and battles. coolest shit ever. so naturally, going into monster hunter I’ve more than once wished that capcom would team up with TOHO and put in a special event quest or something where u can actually hunt Godzilla. (AND THEN CALL THE QUEST  "KING OF THE MONSTERS" :D) Much the same way they did special quests in japan where u could get Attack on Titan armor and look just like mikasa and eren, but u had to hunt a giant giant giant duramboros.

Did alot of Black Gravios hunts today for everyone’s urgent quests, and it just reminded me so much of Godzilla with its color, fire beam and general size and slowness.

ANYWAYS. I did a thing. I wish it was real. Hope yall like it. Happy hunting everyone.

Hi friends this is your reminder that TS does not control BAPs Japanese comebacks, King Records does. When things are being released for a Japanese comeback (like the cover images) thats King records, not TS, so thats why the scheduling doesnt always match up and why King always uses the Matoki head, even when TS isnt

this has been a PSA about how shit works! ^^

(i would assume the BLUE cover image will post at noon KST)

friendly reminder that the trope of the ‘older, predatory gay man’ propagated by shit like King Cobra or neighbourhood watch meetings was first introduced to mainstream media in 1895 during the Oscar Wilde trials.
back then, mlm relationships followed a more classical format of the young, beautiful student and the old, wiser teacher, so many of Wilde’s lovers were between 18-25
the press and prosecution sold the guilty testimony on this concept of the evil sodomiser corrupting these innocent YOUNG boys; lots of emphasis on their youth to try and smear him as a paedophile without any evidence to support that claim; and this image spread rapidly as Wilde’s public image tanked.
remember that this image of every older gay man being some sort of pervert preying on underage, naïve young boys was invented by straight people to further ruin the public image of gay men.

quick reminder

Arlene Hanscom, Ben’s mother, is probably the best parent in the entire book. she cares so much about Ben, she talks about how proud she is and how smart and wonderful he is, she loves him so much. she works hard to raise Ben as a single parent, she encourages his interests, she cares for his safety. I know y'all wanna demonize the kids parents and like I get that, I do, most of them had shit families. but Arlene is honestly the best mom ever. appreciate her please

The signs in royal court

Aries: the hotblooded prince that can’t wait to be king

Taurus: that one guard/knight who would rather be a gardener but still won’t let you pass

Gemini: the socialite that gets everywhere and knows everybody’s plans but doesn’t give a fuck

Cancer: the princess whom everyone likes even tho they can be super melodramatic

Leo: is the king and everyone has to know it but otherwise is super chill

Virgo: the trusted advisor that always reminds the royal family they have shit to do and makes a list for them of what that shit is

Libra: the queen that tries to keep everyone’s shit together and looks super fab

Scorpio: the count who could probably rule themselves but won’t betray their royal family /don’t like the limelight so they just pull strings from the shadows 

Sagittarius: the prince who’s always out on a quest and brings home dragon heads/eggs with glee

Capricorn: the neighboring overlord who seems very intimidating but is actually a okay ruler

Aquarius: the resident alchemist who is way ahead their times with ideas for technology, probably sells their shit to Capricorn and keeps the rest for ‘later’

Pisces: the royal magician who’s a little mad but nobody questions them

Voltron HeadCannon PT 2 or 3?

-was married
-had a child, lance reminds coran of his child
-said child was the 4th gen blue paladin
-Coran makes dad jokes, with out noticing
-he hated zarkon from the beginning, he knew something was off about that purple bastard.
-buys gifts for everyone on the castleship
-spoils lance the most
-wanted that kick ass King Alfor facial hair aesthetic
-loses his shit when he tastes pizza/garlic knots for the 1st time
-hides shit everywhere in the castleship
-genuine chill
-fears Allura will work the paladins into the ground

-doesn’t know shit about makeup
-very asexual, would like to keep it that way
-favors the mice out of everyone on the castleship
-enjoys sparkly stuff. Lance brought her geodes once (no one ever thought to split one open??), she thought they were fugly rocks until lance split one open, she lost her shit.
-doesn’t hate all Galra, she’s just wary
-can benchpress Shiro, Hunk, and Kieth in one go
-was arranged to marry zarkon’s first born, this means Lotor.
-looses her shit.
-enjoys word searches
-her chill is fake af
-fears the destruction of Voltron

-certified genius
-cryptid gang or die
-will bitchslap lolzor and tsarfon
-mental stability?? Tf is that shit?
-mutters cusses, so they don’t disappoint space dad
-a meme
-they can and will meme at anyone
-frequent meme-offs with lance
-tends to go to lance for motherly support
-rickroll coding to fuck up galran tech
-misnames anyone just to fuck with them
-“Voltron is love. Voltron is life.”
-doesn’t need the glasses, they wear them for Matt.
-will fight anyone, anytime.
-fears nothing

-Cryptid Gang founder
-dedicated to finding Mothman.
-is hella gay, loves hunk
-Shiro and Him are Bros™
-watched Over the Hedge like a religion
-believes in science
-can art. Like whose mans? The fuck?
-archives alien races, goes into extreme detail
-scared of being shunned for the galra ½
-quotes archaic emo bands
-lowkey watches RuPaul’s drag race
-will scream into the void

-The best chef
-Allura thinks he can out cook Coran
-Coran thinks so too
- thinks Lance is the bestes little bro any guy could have
-is willing to talk peace, unless you come at him or his boyfriend
-bi and is always ready to cry
-has tattoos
-two moms is better than one mom
-lilo and stitch BC he relates to lilo more than he’d like to admit, only he was taken away from his kupunawahine, who was too old to properly take care of him
-taught lance how to speak Hawaiian
-never really felt the need to learn ukulele until lance came in the dorm crying and pulled out his ukulele and sang Como La Flor to himself
-scared of being alone

-blue boi
-puns or death
-listens to all music
-sings Broadway like a fucking pro
-dances any genre, and figure skates
-some alien thought iceskates were meant for hardwear
-nearly lost his shit
-gender norms? Wat that?
-has pastel clothing for when he feels like it
-into being a little, but he wings it bc who the fuck in gonna teach him in space?
-Shiro is his daddy
-the actual space mom. Allura doesn’t have shit on Lance’s mothering
-one time he nearly erradic an entire race bc they hurt Kieth, Hunk, and Pidge’s feelings.
-found a guitar, ukulele, and a piano in an Authentic Earth™ store
-made Allura buy them with his kitten eyes
-fear Lance’s kitten eyes
-fears that he has no place in Voltron & the inevitability of death

-little spoon

-Space dad
-into being Lance’s daddy bc he knows lance needs the mental grounding
-pansexual? He doesn’t care who he dates as long as its mutual affection
-lowkey scared of Lance’s mental/emotional breakdowns
-fears his PTSD fits coming in when lance is in subspace
-the cuddler™
-steals all blankets and pillows so he can make a giant fort in the common room
-“Im six! Let me live!”
-listens to hood gang rap.
-he will curb stomp anyone that talks shit about his and Lance’s dynamic
-even if they’re a paladin
-talk shit get hit.

-big spoon

(i’ve been busy all day making the video, having my brother here and doing lots of stuff i feel like i didn’t have time enough to enjoy this ;_;)

I love, I LOVE that Touka made Kaneki worry about such banal things like trying to understand a girl and literally having teenage worries. We’re talking about Kaneki, a character that has suffered A LOT, a character that is constantly worrying about the safety of his friends, his own life, the traumas that chase him… he doesn’t have time for dates, he doesn’t have time to cry for the plot of a book because he has more important things to cry about, he has to worry about so many important things, that being able to rest from all that shit AND FOR ONCE have a NORMAL worry like being nervous in front of a girl… I think it’s beautiful? because it’s a reminder that he has a life. His life isn’t meaningless, his life doesn’t start when he becomes a king… he’s a person, and he has the right to care about stupid things like this one, a girl asking him if he’s a virgin. It’s such a human and natural moment for Kaneki, I love it.   

Saving the World is Easy

*Pynch Week 17, Day 2 Prompt: Superhero AU (see notes at the end)

FYI: this one starts out as Gangsey banter and ends in a fairly steamy Pynch makeout session because SUPERHEROES

look alive sunshine 109 in the sky and the pigs won’t quit you’re here with me dr. death defy i’ll be your surgeon your proctor your helicopter pumpin out the slaughter-matic sounds to keep you live

[KING]: Ronan

a system failure for the masses anti-matter for the master plan louder than god’s revolver and twice as shiny this one’s for all you rock and rollers all you crash queens and motor babies

[KING]: Ronan!

listen up the future is bullet proof the aftermath is secondary it’s time to do it now and do it loud killjoys make some noise!


*cut music*

[DRM MCHN] What the hell, Gansey? I thought we were using code names!

[KING]: You weren’t answering the comms! Turn off that racket; we’ve got a job to do.

[DRM MCHN]: Fucking lame, old man. This is my GAME TIME soundtrack. We can’t go into battle without some good shit playing!

*cue Ride of the Valkyries*

[COLA]: Now this is just pretentious. Only villains listen to opera, KING.

[MIRROR]: Oh, thank you, COLA for reminding these amateurs how to use code names. And I agree. Opera is a no go.

[KING]: BEEBOY and GHOST get a vote, too! C’mon guys, back me up. Also, MIRROR, see what I did there? Code names.

[MIRROR]: Yeah, we’re all super impressed.

[BEEBOY]: If it’s not “Like a Virgin” then I don’t want to hear it.

[GHOST]: …this is completely unfair because I know y’all will turn mine down.

[KING]: Noa—I mean, GHOST, don’t say that.

[GHOST]: Um, DRM MCHN can you help a guy out?

[DRM MCHN]: I got you, BOO.

[GHOST]: …that’s not my name…

[COLA]: Hey, don’t go calling other dudes “boo.”

[DRM MCHN]: Sorry, babe.

[MIRROR]: Is anyone gonna play something?! We have a mission we need to be getting to.

[DRM MCHN]: Yeah, yeah, one second…



[DRM MCHN]: *diabolical laughter*

[BEEBOY]: Ugh, your DJ rights are revoked. Permanently.

[DRM MCHN]: Try and stop me, motherfu—

[KING]: ENOUGH! God… MIRROR, what’s the sitrep on the ground?

[MIRROR]: Hostile invasion of GREENMANTLE forces in the southeast quadrant. They’ve set up a base in the drug store.

[KING]: Curses!


[KING]: Whatever, trying to keep the airwaves clean.

[DRM MCHN]: Okay, Captain America.

[COLA]: I suggest sending BEEBOY for recon, GHOST for diversion. The rest of us will contain them. Set to stun?

[KING]: Roger that.

[MIRROR]: Time to show these assholes that Henrietta is not their playground!

[DRM MCHN]: MIRROR quit stealing my lines, you midget.

[COLA]: Someone has been watching too many action movies…

[MIRROR]: You know what, you two can—

[BEEBOY]: Oh shit! Guys, they have K CORPS drones on site! Looks like they’re preparing to launch. DRM MCHN, COLA, you guys are up!

[DRM MCHN]: Fucking finally! COLA, watch my six, I’m goin’ in.

[COLA]: I got you. MIRROR and KING, don’t let any sneak by. GHOST, get that diversion going ASAP.

*lots of fighting happens. DRM MCHN swears a lot. there is much yelling. chaos! mayhem! anarchy! and yet the RAVEN TEAM wins the day*

Later… back at the secret base aka the first floor of Monmouth Manufacturing

“Yee-haw!!!” Adam yells, yanking off his helmet and shaking his hair out. Sweat goes flying and Ronan swears he’s never seen a more beautiful sight in his life (he thinks this every time).

Ronan drops his helmet to the concrete and picks Adam up, spinning him around while Adam sends up another victory cry. They’re both laughing and giddy, hearts pounding, adrenaline pumping…

“Oh my god,” Ronan pants, “if you do not get me out of this armor right now I am going die.”

Adam cups Ronan’s face in his gloved hands and kisses him. And keeps kissing him.

“Guys!” Blue yells. “Get a room! I don’t need to witness your post-battle makeouts all the time.”

Ronan holds Adam to him with one arm, a feat that’s mostly accomplished because Adam has his legs wrapped securely around Ronan’s waist, and flips Blue off. He doesn’t stop kissing Adam for a moment. Post-battle makeouts are the best makeouts.

Henry says something to Gansey, then Blue, and the three of them retreat upstairs. Noah has already made his exit.

“Kind of them to give us the whole first floor,” Adam comments as he starts helping Ronan out of his armor. It’s a complicated process but Adam’s done this countless of times and he’s the best at it; Ronan gets frustrated too easily.

“Hmmm,” Ronan steals a kiss before Adam pushes him back against the wall.

“Patience.” Adam’s smile is a tease, so is the slow trace of his fingers down Ronan’s spine as he peels off the skintight suit that they wear beneath the armor. Ronan’s skin is hot, sweaty, making it difficult to work his arms out of the long sleeves.

“Parrish…” Ronan groans, trying to lean forward to kiss Adam again but Adam pulls back, keeping Ronan’s wrists trapped in the sleeves of his suit.

“Patience.” Adam’s lips press against Ronan’s wrists, then the crook of his elbow, his shoulder, the side of his neck.

“Why do you live to torment me?” Ronan hisses.

Adam laughs quietly and finally frees Ronan’s wrists. The lightweight armor keeps him from feeling the heat of Ronan’s bare chest pressing against him but he doesn’t mind, especially when Ronan really enjoys making out with him while he wears his armor.

“Why are you such an armor junkie?” Adam asks. His voice comes out huskier than usual.

Ronan wraps a leg around Adam’s waist, pulling their bodies together. His arms twine around Adam. There isn’t a bit of space between them, just the thin material of the suit that clings to Ronan’s hips and legs, and the hard, smooth armor encasing Adam from foot to neck.

“Why are you so hot?” Ronan replies.

Ronan’s hands are in Adam’s hair, his back chafes against the brick wall. Adam smiles against Ronan’s neck, breaths in the scent of him, hands moving down to grip his ass.

“Why are you so… so…” Adam’s thoughts melt away, articulation lost.

Ronan bites Adam’s lower lip.

“Cat got your tongue, COLA?”

Adam moans a little. “No code names during…” Ronan yanks on his hair, which derails him for a moment. “…you really want me to call you DRM MCHN right now?”

“Ugh. No, nevermind. Total buzzkill. You know I hate that codename.” Ronan makes a face and Adam kisses the corner of his mouth.

“Had to take your ego down a peg, babe.”

“Not working,” Ronan smirks and bites kisses along Adam’s jaw.

“You don’t play fair,” Adam pants in Ronan’s ear.

“Never did.”

Adam covers Ronan’s mouth with his and kisses him for so long that his jaw starts to hurt, for so long that it’s only Ronan’s quiet whimper that snaps him out of it. The rough surface of the brick wall is scraping Ronan’s back, his skin bright pink, especially along his spine.

“I’m sorry—” Adam starts but Ronan tackles him to the floor before he can finish.

“Don’t you dare apologize,” Ronan huffs as he straddles Adam. “This is pretty much the hottest thing we’ve done since… well, the last time we had a battle.”

“The perks of saving the world,” Adam jokes.

“Uh-huh,” Ronan agrees, “now get the hell out of that armor.”

Adam’s grin could light up a power grid. “Yes, sir.”

[Lyrics at the beginning are from the video intro to “Na Na Na” by My Chemical Romance. Ronan & Adam’s suits/armor are kinda based on what Jaeger pilots wear in Pacific Rim.]

Some more art of young Garon from the FE Cipher event surfaced today and it reminded me that me and @lululeighsworld have a HC that Gunter and Garon used to be BEST BUDS until shit hit the fan and what not and I forgot which one of us suggested it first (I have a feeling it was me because I like causing her pain) but I just…….. can’t stop thinking……… about them being buds………

okay, so here i am: most of a bottle of wine, 2.5 bowls, and entire pint of ice cream down, watching 10 things i hate about you, because it’s the ultimate sadness reprieve movie and my beautiful future wife lady m is on a flight out east AND

  1. where is the 10 things i hate about you/she’s all that/90s romcom fic of my dreams where yuuri katsuki gets the makeover on a dare but victor nikiforov has literally been in love with yuuri katsuki since they were both six and yuuri katsuki ate glue
  2. 10 things i hate about you is actually a drama because it reminds you of how bitchin’ 1998 was, even in tacoma fucking washington, and you just miss!!! the late nineties!!! so much!!!
  3. okay but really in high school au it’s more like victor running around like, “someone bet me money to ask yuuri katsuki out???” and everyone is like, “you’re already dating him, dipwipe,” and he’s like, “PLEASE, DARE ME. SOMEONE PAY ME $50 IF I TAKE YUURI KATSUKI TO PROM AND HE WINS PROM KING,” even though literally everyone was already going to vote for him for prom king anyway, stop rubbing this shit in our face, victor??
This time last year I was lookin for a place to rest my head

Shit ain’t perfect rn but it’s a step ahead of where I was at and I’m grateful

This shit is for anybody who feel like they at the bottom
If you stay motivated trust me you can get outta that rut
I gotta remind myself that sometimes

Y'all folk keep ya head high and don’t let them evil forces tricc you

Love 💜

welcome home

my fourth entry for klanceweek! this time, for prompt #4: welcome home

still debating whether or not to cross-post these entries on ao3 so let me know what you think. again, you can also find these short ficlets on twitter!

day 1 / day 2 / day 3

“You’re sure this will work?” Lance blurts.

Pidge types furiously, while Hunk peers over her shoulder at the lines of code on the screen. Lance, on the other hand, can’t seem to sit still. His legs are practically begging to move. And he happily obliges, pacing anxiously from one side of the control room to the other.

“It should,” Pidge assures him. “Even Slav seemed to think so.”

The alien in question is nowhere to be seen. Lance could really care less; he has more important things to worry about right now.

A few days—or quintants—ago, Pidge managed to detect Shiro’s presence. It was faint and, unfortunately, the reading placed him smackdab in the middle of Galra territory. Based on the coordinates, he was trapped in another Galran prison.

Once his location was determined, Keith made his decision without a second thought: they would rescue Shiro.

No one opposed him, of course, and the castle ship was scheduled to teleport across the universe as soon as possible. The rest of the team came together and offered to do whatever they could to help. Lance refused to leave Keith’s side throughout the entire process. There’s no way he was leaving that reckless bastard alone.

But, even under Lance’s watch, Keith was captured.

Not in the conventional sense either. Lance didn’t completely understand what happened but suffice to say Keith and Shiro were stuck in an alternate dimension. The astral plane, as Pidge dubbed it. And when Lance found out, he… okay, maybe he went a bit overboard.

For an entire week, Lance didn’t sleep. He didn’t need it, not when two members of the team were stuck in another dimension. Finding Keith—finding them was far more important than maintaining his precious sleep schedule.

(Not that Keith ever needs to know that.)

To his relief, Lance didn’t have to order the other paladins around. They were just as desperate to save their missing teammates, and finally reunite the Voltron paladins. Even Coran and Allura spent their days helping Pidge and providing useful information about travelling between alternate universes.

And now here they are. Seven quintants later, they’re ready.

“It has to work,” Lance mutters, lowering his voice.

The extracting device is bizarre, covered in numerous buttons, knobs, and gauges. Coran had found it and tasked Hunk with fixing any of the broken parts. Pidge updated the software, and Lance volunteered to double check the program for any bugs. Sure, he doesn’t have as much experience as Pidge, but he still knows his way around a code.

Pidge skims through the data and pinpoints the weakest spot in the surrounding space. Thankfully, it’s far enough from the Galran prison ship to avoid drawing attention to themselves. The machine hums softly as it charges up. A loud bing fills the room, the only sound to be heard, and Pidge taps the space bar on the computer built into the device.

A brilliant blue ray, unlike anything Lance has ever seen before, fires from a wide barrel attached to the ship. The beam strikes a seemingly random spot in the void of space. Lance pauses, shoulders tense, as he watches the beam quickly fizzle to nothing.

The silence is heavier than before. Lance can’t seem to breathe properly and turns to Pidge. “What just happened?”

“That… I don’t know.” Pidge bows her head.

“No.” Lance chuckles bitterly. “No, no.” His eyes flit to Hunk. “No.”


Suddenly, a sharp sound cuts through the air like the crack of a whip. Lance doesn’t have time to react before he’s collapsing to the ground, trapped beneath a panting, half-naked Keith Kogane.

Someone screams—Hunk, maybe?—and Lance barely glimpses Allura tackling Shiro in a hug. There’s another figure, too, caught in what appears to be a bone-crushing embrace. The head of chestnut brown hair seems strangely familiar. “Matt!” Pidge cries as she continues to squeeze him. Ah yes.

Meanwhile, Lance struggles to breathe but for a completely different reason than earlier.

“La—Lance?” Keith pulls back enough to make eye contact. A flush extends all the way from the base of his neck to the tips of his ears. Even his chest looks a little pink. “Why are—oh my God.”

Keith immediately scrambles to his feet. Lance goes to join him, but pain in his lower back keeps him from moving quite as quickly. Figures, he thinks with a sigh. But then everything sinks in and—

“Holy shit, Keith,” Lance gasps. He doesn’t care if he has an audience; he’s going to hug the fuck out of Keith. “You’re alive!”

“Yeah? You act like—oof!”

Lance wraps his arms around Keith and lifts him into the air, spinning him in a circle. “Keith is alive! You can suck Voltron’s massive mechanical dick, Zarkon—“

“Lance,” Shiro groans.

“—because Keith Kogane, king of the mullets, is alive!” To his delight, the outburst draws a laugh from Keith. A real laugh.

His back chooses that exact moment to remind him it hurts, and Lance winces. Slowly, he sets Keith back on the ground. Lance can’t tear his gaze away from the flushed cheeks and blinding grin directed his way. Keith has never looked more attractive and, boy, if that isn’t an interesting development.

“You know,” Keith drawls, glancing around the room. “I’m not the only one who lived through that, Lance.”


“Shit, yeah, um,” Lance splutters. He shoots Matt and Shiro an excited thumbs up. “Congrats on living, guys!”

They exchange a knowing Look, and Lance feels his stomach sink. He’s happy to see them reunited, but Matt is a Holt, after all. Plus, the two have been friends for ages. I’m in big trouble.

Once the others break off and start chatting amongst themselves, Lance returns his attention to Keith. His smile has softened but retains the same ‘knock Lance flat on his ass’ quality. The bare torso thing is also quite distracting. Lance swallows down the lump in his throat and mirrors Keith’s smile.

“Welcome home,” he croaks, voice thick with some emotion he’d rather not put a name to.

“Yeah.” Keith’s grin widens. “It’s nice to be back.” 

SO I have just finished ACOWAR and this is what I have concluded..

(chronologically from my notes)

-Feyre is so badass at being undercover

-long distance relationship feels

-Ianthe is a piece of SHIT

-Dagden and Brannagh are like Desda and Eska from Legend of Korra

-Some similarities between Tamlin/the wall/Hybern early in the book are looking reeeeeeal relevant to some certain *ahem* political things going on in the USA rn


-Eris makes me suspicious considering he is literally named after the goddess of Discord who famously sowed the seeds of the Trojan War

-more invisible hands!?!? *wink wink* hey Manorian i c u

-Feysand being the ultimate relationship in YA/New Adult lit to look up to because C H O I C E  and  E Q U A L I T Y dammit!


-Amren Nesta friendship

-omg could you imagine them and Manon all hanging out.holy mother

-Rhys’s self sacrificing tendencies hurt my heart

-i want to see stuff from Rhys’ perspective while Feyre was undercover

-The library reminds me of the Guggenheim museum and if you disagree you’re wrong

-Rhys is the Mom Friend™

-in ACOMAF i thought the bone carver was just baby Rhys but OMG its their future kid. holy shit

-When it was mentioned that a Fae warrior’s blood ran into a human line.. HMM who could that possibly mean??

-Seraphim interesting interesting

-Elain is PSYCHIC 

-Feyre falls face first into mud when she falls asleep sitting up. DEAD

-”You are selfless, and brave and kind.” p 376 OH INTERESTING RHYSAND ARE YOU DIVERGENT

- “…wear that crown to bed. only the crown.” p. 402

- “You bow to no one” p 402- this made me think of LOTR but alsoooooo of a certain someone who is heir of ash and fire and will bow to no one….

-Helion makes me think of Apollo

-Helion’s thighs

-feminism for all the wives/mates to become HIGH LADIES fuck yeah

- “50 years of Gossip”

-When Tamlin rolls into the meeting

- “The sun was shining when I left you”

-Amren being attached to the blood ruby 

-Amren and Varian


-Azriel attacking Eris

- more with the GENDER EQUALITY PLS (Viviane, yas girl)

- “I shall Consider” remember in EoS…. Remember???

- Helion’s bisexuality

-Helion is LUCIEN’s baby daddy

-Helion’s thighs

-Elazriel !!!

-Bryaxis is bae

-Nesta the witch

-the focus on how being narrow minded is bad!!!! very relevant

-Cassian reminded me of Achilles during the first battle scene

-when nesta detects Cassian’s injuries: Maaaaaaaaates


-a few pages later:


-”I need to-to die for it to be stopped?” 529. NO SARAH NOT AGAIN PLEASE

-crying because the suriel died

-p 552-3, the cauldron looking back at them reminded me a lot of the Palantir and of the Eye of Sauron. loved the LOTR parallels whether or not they were intentional.


-when Elain got kidnapped by the Cauldron i just pictured it skirting up to their camp and her getting in and it driving away like nyooom nyoom

-it was late at night dont judge my sleep deprived brain

-aw Tamlin did something right for once



-i didnt seee that coming but omg it makes so much sense

-Andromache, again a reference to the Iliad (Andromache was the wife of Hector)

-p 600- when they are gonna have the big battle while the Made ones nullify the king’s power over the cauldron- LOTR parallel to when the Rohan and Gondor forces draw out the orcs and the Eye while frodo and sam Do the Thing™

-in short… Feyre is Frodo


-YAY monsters

-When Spring and Autumn show up!!! love that trope

-oh shit more Hybern… theyre all fucked…

-AcCePt!!! Seraphim and MR ARCHERON

-and VASSA

-sidebar, Vassa being the firebird is an interesting parallel to Russian folklore and history. not to mention the Weaver reminds me of Baba Yaga a little bit but ANYWAYS



-Enchanted Cauldron Journeys™ 2.0

-The entire scene between Nesta Cassian and Mr. Hybern King


-ugh yes.

-punt that bitches head like a deflated football!!!!!!

-yeah i said it.

-Amren is….. Satan?

-That was the Lucifer story, right? Are we all in agreement there??

-The cauldron is a big ol womb

-Mother+Cauldron=life, gift of life

-its the universe

-Rhys dying literally ruined my life

-even tho i knew it was gonna happen ( i saw a spoiler by accident)

- “Be happy, Feyre” Tamlin redemption arc?

-Rhys’s first words when he is Rhysurrected™

-Oops dont overcook Amren!!

-Nesta spat on Hybern’s corpse

- “We’re opening the fancy bottles”


-one more time for good measure:

Helion’s thighs

ugh. This book i swear to god


what are you doing to me sarah!??!!??