reminds of like kings and shit

This time last year I was lookin for a place to rest my head

Shit ain’t perfect rn but it’s a step ahead of where I was at and I’m grateful

This shit is for anybody who feel like they at the bottom
If you stay motivated trust me you can get outta that rut
I gotta remind myself that sometimes

Y'all folk keep ya head high and don’t let them evil forces tricc you

Love 💜

The signs in royal court

Aries: the hotblooded prince that can’t wait to be king

Taurus: that one guard/knight who would rather be a gardener but still won’t let you pass

Gemini: the socialite that gets everywhere and knows everybody’s plans but doesn’t give a fuck

Cancer: the princess whom everyone likes even tho they can be super melodramatic

Leo: is the king and everyone has to know it but otherwise is super chill

Virgo: the trusted advisor that always reminds the royal family they have shit to do and makes a list for them of what that shit is

Libra: the queen that tries to keep everyone’s shit together and looks super fab

Scorpio: the count who could probably rule themselves but won’t betray their royal family /don’t like the limelight so they just pull strings from the shadows 

Sagittarius: the prince who’s always out on a quest and brings home dragon heads/eggs with glee

Capricorn: the neighboring overlord who seems very intimidating but is actually a okay ruler

Aquarius: the resident alchemist who is way ahead their times with ideas for technology, probably sells their shit to Capricorn and keeps the rest for ‘later’

Pisces: the royal magician who’s a little mad but nobody questions them

my honest to god favorite thing about trc is the fact that Ronan Gansey and Noah live together. by themselves. that means they have to go grocery shopping for themselves, and that means that at some point in the canon universe, Ronan Lynch has had to stand around debating to himself what brand of macaroni and cheese to get, only to be interrupted by Noah, and inevitably Gansey, and the three of them are standing there taking up a whole aisle bickering over fucking mac n cheese. like Noah you can’t even eat food what do u care and Gansey stop telling Ronan the nutritional value of this shit he knows good and well he’s gonna be dead by thirty stop reminding him. and all the while innocent shoppers are holding witness to a tattooed, shaved-headed, raven-bearing boy, along with the king of Virginia son-of-future-Mrs President himself, along with this weird boy who keeps seeming to drift in and out of sight despite never moving????

these poor souls attract the utmost attention w/o even trying like how in the world Blue Sargent managed to go her whole life not knowing these boys existed is beyond me smh

Episode 8 of Yuri on ice take away


Idk i guess incest from my beautiful italian babbu mickey

Sassy south korean baby is also a sexual parrot and i think thats beautiful

Jean-Jacques Leroy makes me a proud canadian with his sassy “lady’s first” remark

“"Out of my way, pig”“ uM YuRIo mind yo manners child

(hes so sassy and angsty and i think i love him)


Yurio got suuper jealous when victor kissed yuris skate


Seung gil lee’s animal plush that people throw onto the ice is a fucking dog wolf thing and thats presh

Yuri gets plushy sushi and thATS SO PURE


Yurios grandfather couldnt make it to the preformance and i cried for like 10 minutes because he got so shook

Yuri and victor supporting yurio™

Yurio was a beautiful but he reminds me of the pumpkin king from nightmare before christmas

JJ is so sassy and i just love him and his little purple outfit.

JJ has a tattoo and i love that because its a maple leaf i mean COME ON




anonymous asked:

Ello, miss! A bit of an odd question, but would be each of the Straw Hats' favorite Disney movie?

Now that’s adorable ^-^

Luffy: “Aladdin” and “Treasure Planet” what’s not to love there? Will is a cool dude and Abu an awesome companion

Zoro: Zoro? Zoro doesn’like Disney. (It’s “Mulan”)

Nami: Nami loves “The little Mermaid” and “Frozen”

Usopp: “Moana” and “Pinocchio”, Moana is just a badass adventurer that he admires and Pinocchio reminds him of himself

Sanji: “Ratatouille” is probably right up his ally

Chopper: This boi LOVES “Tangled”

Robin: She thinks “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is great, and Quasimodo is an awesome protagonist

Franky: Oh my gosh Franky loves “Tron”

Brook: “The Aristocats”, Brook loves that cute white kitten

Jinbe: Jinbe would totally say it’s for kids and shit and hide his “The Lion King.” DVD

Carrot: “Lilo and Stich” also “Zootopia” omg, Lilo and Judy are just kicking ass left and right


if he will not wear your love like armor, he does not deserve to wear your sheets like a king’s robes. if he will not go into battle for you, you do not have to get into bed for him. and if he tells them that you are a whore, crush his larynx beneath your boot, and remind him what a queen is capable of.

So this isn’t what I normally post, but I recently got into Hamilton, and by ‘recently’ I mean ‘just today’. And right off the bat, this dude was my favorite character HANDS DOWN. I’m so in love with him, I’m scared. Looks like I’ll have to kill his friends and family AHAHAHA hahaha hehehe heehhhhhh……

No but seriously this musical is the SHIT if you haven’t listened to the soundtrack yet go on youtube and EDUCATE YOURSELF!!

Also, I do take drawing requests :) Don’t hesitate to ask

Pynch fluff, yes, I know, so cute and shit. But consider: PYNCH BREAKUP

  • Ronan was drinking. He’s been doing that a lot since Kavinsky.
  • They got in an argument over something stupid, and it gets louder and louder, and then, suddenly, Adam gets really quiet
  • because Ronan just reminded him of his father
  • and he can’t bear it so he says something along the lines of “if you talk to me like that, i’m gone faster than you can say another word.”
  • and ronan stops mid sentence as adam walks out
  • as soon as the door closes he realizes what just happened and punches the wall so hard his knuckles start bleeding
  • and then once more because the pain overscreams his bleeding heart for a second
  • he sits down on the floor and burries his head in his hands
  • and this is the first time Ronan cried since his father died
  • Adam is right outside and hears him and it terrifies him more than anything because the person he loves most still reminds him of the person that made his life hell
  • he can’t stand hearing ronan crying any longer and he’d go back if he would stay
  • and Adam Parrish swore to himself once he won’t go back to people who make him feel this way
  • Ronan stops showing up to Latin Class because he sits next to Adam and he wouldn’t be able to stay calm if the boy he loves would be close enough to smell him
  • the gasoline and the faint smell of dirt and grass
  • he wouldn’t be able to look at his beautiful hands without breaking inside a little more each time
  • Adam starts waiting outside Monmouth until Ronans BMW drives away before going in
  • sometimes he waits the whole night
  • when they see each other on the hallway, Adam ignores him and Ronan can’t help but stare and hate himself for losing this miracle of a boy
  • Cabeswater tries to cheer Adam up and lets flowers bloom in his closet and on the wooden floors of his room at St. Agnes
  • but somehow they’re always as blue as Forget Me Nots so Adam keeps pulling them out
  • Ronans dreams get darker and darker and when he wakes up one morning, the smell of gasoline and dirt on his hands and one of Adams favourite sweaters next to him, he knows it’s too late to get him back


I know I talk so much shit about black men how yal ain’t shit but real talk yall are gods !!

All black men short tall fat skinny light dark skin albino you all look so good ,like God created yall in the vision of him 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

The struggle yall face everyday breaks my heart and I will forever be here to support you guys in any way possible and remind yall you guys are kings every day

I love all black men !!!!

I would like to remind the haters that 

  1. Not all Kings fans are bandwagoners
  2. Not all Kings fans are sore winners OR sore losers. We know when we’ve gone too far. 
  3. Drew Doughty has done nothing wrong except be a great defenceman.
  4. We do have feelings, and your hate makes us feel like complete shit.
  5. Some of us DO track the Kings tag, and we DO see the hate you guys spew at us. 

So please do try to remember that and please stop tagging your hate.