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Did you and Rumlow have a sexual relationship?

since brock rumlow is a helicarrier-sized douchecanoe, and there is mercy in the universe, no. we did not.
please. i do have some taste.


“Holy shit, Alfor, that’s fucking huge!”


“Oh sorry - holy shit, your majesty, that’s fucking huge!”

Because I have this headcanon where Coran and Alfor were actually besties, and Alfor had to remind him all the time to actually call him “your highness” or “your majesty” and treat him properly around others because “Coran you’re my best friend but I’m also supposed to be your king, remember?”

my honest to god favorite thing about trc is the fact that Ronan Gansey and Noah live together. by themselves. that means they have to go grocery shopping for themselves, and that means that at some point in the canon universe, Ronan Lynch has had to stand around debating to himself what brand of macaroni and cheese to get, only to be interrupted by Noah, and inevitably Gansey, and the three of them are standing there taking up a whole aisle bickering over fucking mac n cheese. like Noah you can’t even eat food what do u care and Gansey stop telling Ronan the nutritional value of this shit he knows good and well he’s gonna be dead by thirty stop reminding him. and all the while innocent shoppers are holding witness to a tattooed, shaved-headed, raven-bearing boy, along with the king of Virginia son-of-future-Mrs President himself, along with this weird boy who keeps seeming to drift in and out of sight despite never moving????

these poor souls attract the utmost attention w/o even trying like how in the world Blue Sargent managed to go her whole life not knowing these boys existed is beyond me smh

okay, so here i am: most of a bottle of wine, 2.5 bowls, and entire pint of ice cream down, watching 10 things i hate about you, because it’s the ultimate sadness reprieve movie and my beautiful future wife lady m is on a flight out east AND

  1. where is the 10 things i hate about you/she’s all that/90s romcom fic of my dreams where yuuri katsuki gets the makeover on a dare but victor nikiforov has literally been in love with yuuri katsuki since they were both six and yuuri katsuki ate glue
  2. 10 things i hate about you is actually a drama because it reminds you of how bitchin’ 1998 was, even in tacoma fucking washington, and you just miss!!! the late nineties!!! so much!!!
  3. okay but really in high school au it’s more like victor running around like, “someone bet me money to ask yuuri katsuki out???” and everyone is like, “you’re already dating him, dipwipe,” and he’s like, “PLEASE, DARE ME. SOMEONE PAY ME $50 IF I TAKE YUURI KATSUKI TO PROM AND HE WINS PROM KING,” even though literally everyone was already going to vote for him for prom king anyway, stop rubbing this shit in our face, victor??

(i’ve been busy all day making the video, having my brother here and doing lots of stuff i feel like i didn’t have time enough to enjoy this ;_;)

I love, I LOVE that Touka made Kaneki worry about such banal things like trying to understand a girl and literally having teenage worries. We’re talking about Kaneki, a character that has suffered A LOT, a character that is constantly worrying about the safety of his friends, his own life, the traumas that chase him… he doesn’t have time for dates, he doesn’t have time to cry for the plot of a book because he has more important things to cry about, he has to worry about so many important things, that being able to rest from all that shit AND FOR ONCE have a NORMAL worry like being nervous in front of a girl… I think it’s beautiful? because it’s a reminder that he has a life. His life isn’t meaningless, his life doesn’t start when he becomes a king… he’s a person, and he has the right to care about stupid things like this one, a girl asking him if he’s a virgin. It’s such a human and natural moment for Kaneki, I love it.   

Voltron HeadCannon PT 2 or 3?

-was married
-had a child, lance reminds coran of his child
-said child was the 4th gen blue paladin
-Coran makes dad jokes, with out noticing
-he hated zarkon from the beginning, he knew something was off about that purple bastard.
-buys gifts for everyone on the castleship
-spoils lance the most
-wanted that kick ass King Alfor facial hair aesthetic
-loses his shit when he tastes pizza/garlic knots for the 1st time
-hides shit everywhere in the castleship
-genuine chill
-fears Allura will work the paladins into the ground

-doesn’t know shit about makeup
-very asexual, would like to keep it that way
-favors the mice out of everyone on the castleship
-enjoys sparkly stuff. Lance brought her geodes once (no one ever thought to split one open??), she thought they were fugly rocks until lance split one open, she lost her shit.
-doesn’t hate all Galra, she’s just wary
-can benchpress Shiro, Hunk, and Kieth in one go
-was arranged to marry zarkon’s first born, this means Lotor.
-looses her shit.
-enjoys word searches
-her chill is fake af
-fears the destruction of Voltron

-certified genius
-cryptid gang or die
-will bitchslap lolzor and tsarfon
-mental stability?? Tf is that shit?
-mutters cusses, so they don’t disappoint space dad
-a meme
-they can and will meme at anyone
-frequent meme-offs with lance
-tends to go to lance for motherly support
-rickroll coding to fuck up galran tech
-misnames anyone just to fuck with them
-“Voltron is love. Voltron is life.”
-doesn’t need the glasses, they wear them for Matt.
-will fight anyone, anytime.
-fears nothing

-Cryptid Gang founder
-dedicated to finding Mothman.
-is hella gay, loves hunk
-Shiro and Him are Bros™
-watched Over the Hedge like a religion
-believes in science
-can art. Like whose mans? The fuck?
-archives alien races, goes into extreme detail
-scared of being shunned for the galra ½
-quotes archaic emo bands
-lowkey watches RuPaul’s drag race
-will scream into the void

-The best chef
-Allura thinks he can out cook Coran
-Coran thinks so too
- thinks Lance is the bestes little bro any guy could have
-is willing to talk peace, unless you come at him or his boyfriend
-bi and is always ready to cry
-has tattoos
-two moms is better than one mom
-lilo and stitch BC he relates to lilo more than he’d like to admit, only he was taken away from his kupunawahine, who was too old to properly take care of him
-taught lance how to speak Hawaiian
-never really felt the need to learn ukulele until lance came in the dorm crying and pulled out his ukulele and sang Como La Flor to himself
-scared of being alone

-blue boi
-puns or death
-listens to all music
-sings Broadway like a fucking pro
-dances any genre, and figure skates
-some alien thought iceskates were meant for hardwear
-nearly lost his shit
-gender norms? Wat that?
-has pastel clothing for when he feels like it
-into being a little, but he wings it bc who the fuck in gonna teach him in space?
-Shiro is his daddy
-the actual space mom. Allura doesn’t have shit on Lance’s mothering
-one time he nearly erradic an entire race bc they hurt Kieth, Hunk, and Pidge’s feelings.
-found a guitar, ukulele, and a piano in an Authentic Earth™ store
-made Allura buy them with his kitten eyes
-fear Lance’s kitten eyes
-fears that he has no place in Voltron & the inevitability of death

-little spoon

-Space dad
-into being Lance’s daddy bc he knows lance needs the mental grounding
-pansexual? He doesn’t care who he dates as long as its mutual affection
-lowkey scared of Lance’s mental/emotional breakdowns
-fears his PTSD fits coming in when lance is in subspace
-the cuddler™
-steals all blankets and pillows so he can make a giant fort in the common room
-“Im six! Let me live!”
-listens to hood gang rap.
-he will curb stomp anyone that talks shit about his and Lance’s dynamic
-even if they’re a paladin
-talk shit get hit.

-big spoon
welcome home

my fourth entry for klanceweek! this time, for prompt #4: welcome home

still debating whether or not to cross-post these entries on ao3 so let me know what you think. again, you can also find these short ficlets on twitter!

day 1 / day 2 / day 3

“You’re sure this will work?” Lance blurts.

Pidge types furiously, while Hunk peers over her shoulder at the lines of code on the screen. Lance, on the other hand, can’t seem to sit still. His legs are practically begging to move. And he happily obliges, pacing anxiously from one side of the control room to the other.

“It should,” Pidge assures him. “Even Slav seemed to think so.”

The alien in question is nowhere to be seen. Lance could really care less; he has more important things to worry about right now.

A few days—or quintants—ago, Pidge managed to detect Shiro’s presence. It was faint and, unfortunately, the reading placed him smackdab in the middle of Galra territory. Based on the coordinates, he was trapped in another Galran prison.

Once his location was determined, Keith made his decision without a second thought: they would rescue Shiro.

No one opposed him, of course, and the castle ship was scheduled to teleport across the universe as soon as possible. The rest of the team came together and offered to do whatever they could to help. Lance refused to leave Keith’s side throughout the entire process. There’s no way he was leaving that reckless bastard alone.

But, even under Lance’s watch, Keith was captured.

Not in the conventional sense either. Lance didn’t completely understand what happened but suffice to say Keith and Shiro were stuck in an alternate dimension. The astral plane, as Pidge dubbed it. And when Lance found out, he… okay, maybe he went a bit overboard.

For an entire week, Lance didn’t sleep. He didn’t need it, not when two members of the team were stuck in another dimension. Finding Keith—finding them was far more important than maintaining his precious sleep schedule.

(Not that Keith ever needs to know that.)

To his relief, Lance didn’t have to order the other paladins around. They were just as desperate to save their missing teammates, and finally reunite the Voltron paladins. Even Coran and Allura spent their days helping Pidge and providing useful information about travelling between alternate universes.

And now here they are. Seven quintants later, they’re ready.

“It has to work,” Lance mutters, lowering his voice.

The extracting device is bizarre, covered in numerous buttons, knobs, and gauges. Coran had found it and tasked Hunk with fixing any of the broken parts. Pidge updated the software, and Lance volunteered to double check the program for any bugs. Sure, he doesn’t have as much experience as Pidge, but he still knows his way around a code.

Pidge skims through the data and pinpoints the weakest spot in the surrounding space. Thankfully, it’s far enough from the Galran prison ship to avoid drawing attention to themselves. The machine hums softly as it charges up. A loud bing fills the room, the only sound to be heard, and Pidge taps the space bar on the computer built into the device.

A brilliant blue ray, unlike anything Lance has ever seen before, fires from a wide barrel attached to the ship. The beam strikes a seemingly random spot in the void of space. Lance pauses, shoulders tense, as he watches the beam quickly fizzle to nothing.

The silence is heavier than before. Lance can’t seem to breathe properly and turns to Pidge. “What just happened?”

“That… I don’t know.” Pidge bows her head.

“No.” Lance chuckles bitterly. “No, no.” His eyes flit to Hunk. “No.”


Suddenly, a sharp sound cuts through the air like the crack of a whip. Lance doesn’t have time to react before he’s collapsing to the ground, trapped beneath a panting, half-naked Keith Kogane.

Someone screams—Hunk, maybe?—and Lance barely glimpses Allura tackling Shiro in a hug. There’s another figure, too, caught in what appears to be a bone-crushing embrace. The head of chestnut brown hair seems strangely familiar. “Matt!” Pidge cries as she continues to squeeze him. Ah yes.

Meanwhile, Lance struggles to breathe but for a completely different reason than earlier.

“La—Lance?” Keith pulls back enough to make eye contact. A flush extends all the way from the base of his neck to the tips of his ears. Even his chest looks a little pink. “Why are—oh my God.”

Keith immediately scrambles to his feet. Lance goes to join him, but pain in his lower back keeps him from moving quite as quickly. Figures, he thinks with a sigh. But then everything sinks in and—

“Holy shit, Keith,” Lance gasps. He doesn’t care if he has an audience; he’s going to hug the fuck out of Keith. “You’re alive!”

“Yeah? You act like—oof!”

Lance wraps his arms around Keith and lifts him into the air, spinning him in a circle. “Keith is alive! You can suck Voltron’s massive mechanical dick, Zarkon—“

“Lance,” Shiro groans.

“—because Keith Kogane, king of the mullets, is alive!” To his delight, the outburst draws a laugh from Keith. A real laugh.

His back chooses that exact moment to remind him it hurts, and Lance winces. Slowly, he sets Keith back on the ground. Lance can’t tear his gaze away from the flushed cheeks and blinding grin directed his way. Keith has never looked more attractive and, boy, if that isn’t an interesting development.

“You know,” Keith drawls, glancing around the room. “I’m not the only one who lived through that, Lance.”


“Shit, yeah, um,” Lance splutters. He shoots Matt and Shiro an excited thumbs up. “Congrats on living, guys!”

They exchange a knowing Look, and Lance feels his stomach sink. He’s happy to see them reunited, but Matt is a Holt, after all. Plus, the two have been friends for ages. I’m in big trouble.

Once the others break off and start chatting amongst themselves, Lance returns his attention to Keith. His smile has softened but retains the same ‘knock Lance flat on his ass’ quality. The bare torso thing is also quite distracting. Lance swallows down the lump in his throat and mirrors Keith’s smile.

“Welcome home,” he croaks, voice thick with some emotion he’d rather not put a name to.

“Yeah.” Keith’s grin widens. “It’s nice to be back.” 

The signs in royal court

Aries: the hotblooded prince that can’t wait to be king

Taurus: that one guard/knight who would rather be a gardener but still won’t let you pass

Gemini: the socialite that gets everywhere and knows everybody’s plans but doesn’t give a fuck

Cancer: the princess whom everyone likes even tho they can be super melodramatic

Leo: is the king and everyone has to know it but otherwise is super chill

Virgo: the trusted advisor that always reminds the royal family they have shit to do and makes a list for them of what that shit is

Libra: the queen that tries to keep everyone’s shit together and looks super fab

Scorpio: the count who could probably rule themselves but won’t betray their royal family /don’t like the limelight so they just pull strings from the shadows 

Sagittarius: the prince who’s always out on a quest and brings home dragon heads/eggs with glee

Capricorn: the neighboring overlord who seems very intimidating but is actually a okay ruler

Aquarius: the resident alchemist who is way ahead their times with ideas for technology, probably sells their shit to Capricorn and keeps the rest for ‘later’

Pisces: the royal magician who’s a little mad but nobody questions them

This time last year I was lookin for a place to rest my head

Shit ain’t perfect rn but it’s a step ahead of where I was at and I’m grateful

This shit is for anybody who feel like they at the bottom
If you stay motivated trust me you can get outta that rut
I gotta remind myself that sometimes

Y'all folk keep ya head high and don’t let them evil forces tricc you

Love 💜

I know we talk about Tony in the cave a lot many times, but I want to talk about Yinsen right now. Tony was in the cave for three months, but Yinsen definitely was there longer and he speaks of his family being dead in Gulmira, which we later see is still being terrorized by the Ten Rings faction. Which essentially could mean two things:

1. Yinsen’s village was ransacked or terrorized and he was taken alive by chance.

2. The whole terrorizing was done to take Yinsen. As in, they targeted the place to get Yinsen, and his expertise.

We all talk about Tony’s guilt and his regret at having blood on his hands but can you imagine Yinsen’s? If it is true that his village was attacked to capture him and his family died in this attack, then he had to live with the knowledge that his family died because of him and his genius. He was put in a cave, before Tony, and he must have had to live alone and figure out other Stark weapons for them probably. All the while he thinks about his dead family and he remembers a drunk Stark once in a conference where he had tried to have a decent professional discussion only to lose out to the drink. He doesn’t really know Tony as a person but he remembers that one meeting or so and he has that impression of him to go with this torture of having to figure out Tony’s weapons with the ghosts of a dead family. And then he gets a shot and battered Tony Stark handed over by the very people who presumably killed his family. I want you to see this situation from his eyes: A man who is being forced to work for those who killed his family has been given the man whose weapons they want from both Yinsen and possibly Tony as well. They didn’t give him a dying Tony. They gave him the weapon he needed for revenge, and Yinsen used that brilliantly. 

He kept Tony alive for vengeance at first, because he must have known that if anyone could have a fighting chance against the terrorist faction, it would be a man who could spin world-building theories while being shit-faced drunk. He recognized Tony’s ability. And he cultivated it by consistently and constantly keeping him reminded that his weapons were the crux of the story. Also reminding him that a man who could build weapons could also build something to counter that weapon. Yinsen was no king, and he knew that. A man who can accept his reality is a man who is unbeatable because he will find ways to boost his abilities to make his dream possible. Yinsen was no king. But he was a kingmaker. One who was cold with precision, like the ultimate surgeon, and knew exactly where to cut and remold Tony Stark. 

You can tell me all you want about Tony’s resilience and bravery (and I will wholeheartedly agree) but never forget that this wouldn’t have happened without Dr. Ho Yinsen. In fact, the first Avenger that MCU saw would not be Tony (according to the movies we saw in order). It would be Yinsen, because it was his need to avenge that kickstarted this whole story. 

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Hello! I like the idea of link being a selective mute but I imagine when he's with sidon he sings a lullaby whenever the shark bf has a bad dream or just feels down. Like he would lie down ans place his head on link's lap while link would softly caress his head to reassure sidon that he's there for him. (I like to think of zelda's lullaby but you can choose what other lullaby link can sing or hum)

Excuse me while I scream into the sun


Link comforting Sidon is my jam, you don’t understand.

Just, you know that poor shark is super insecure and I bet he worries about being a good leader, or if he is good enough for his people, or wonders what would have happened if he had been Champion instead. Mipha could have lived and ruled over their people instead, I bet he feels like she would have been a better one. Link just humming or singing to Sidon, while he just tries to get a hold of himself because he is a Prince, soon to be King, he can’t just be crying on Link’s lap.

And Link gently reminding him between songs that its ok to feel insecure and scared, that it doesn’t make him weak or any less of an Heir. That he’s incredible, kind, and will be an amazing King.  

Just. Link supporting Sidon like all the times Sidon supported Link is that good shit. I love it.

I’m actually really pissed off at Vox Machina for like. Helping The Darington’s, if they do. Because like

They’re a shit family. You can’t defend them. 

Don’t. Defend. Them.

They’re a part of a TYRANNICAL governing body. A Government that is literally lead by a Tyrant King, and they’re apart of it. Just because his father made a deal, not a mistake, with some bad people, doesn’t excuse fucking jack shit. 

It’s not like they’re good people. They’re not. 

They’ve made their money on the backs of the people they rule over. They are scared of those people. They are scared to be on the same level as them. 

Howard Darington is very much a classist, rich asshole. Who might I remind you, wasn’t okay with Tary being Gay. He wasn’t okay with him having a relationship with a man. 

Like, I legitimately don’t care how human Matt portrayed him. I have zero sympathy for him.

I honestly just. 

Tary found his family with Vox Machina. They’re his family. And like I honestly would love if they would just. Treat it in the same fashion they so with Vex & Vax’s dad. Or Kevdak. Or literally ANY OF THE SHITTY FUCKING FAMILY THEY HAVE DEALT WITH. 



I’ve loved Godzilla since I was 7 years old, I legitimately remember asking my mom if she believed in Godzilla– like as if he actually existed, hiding somewhere out in the ocean, and bless that woman she said “yes” just to keep my imagination flaring. I always knew Santa was mom. But Godzilla was some real shit goddamnit and I knew it.

So anyway Im about to be 25 now, and Godzilla still to this day has me in awe. I love giant monsters and battles. coolest shit ever. so naturally, going into monster hunter I’ve more than once wished that capcom would team up with TOHO and put in a special event quest or something where u can actually hunt Godzilla. (AND THEN CALL THE QUEST  "KING OF THE MONSTERS" :D) Much the same way they did special quests in japan where u could get Attack on Titan armor and look just like mikasa and eren, but u had to hunt a giant giant giant duramboros.

Did alot of Black Gravios hunts today for everyone’s urgent quests, and it just reminded me so much of Godzilla with its color, fire beam and general size and slowness.

ANYWAYS. I did a thing. I wish it was real. Hope yall like it. Happy hunting everyone.

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Can I have some 2p Austria headcanons? <3

2p Austria Boyfriend headcanons

  • Low-key reminds me of Admin Salt
  • He’s really flirty tbh
  • satan worshiper dios mío
  • May seem intimidating at first
  • Till you meet him
  • he’s up to shit
  • but he’s rlly nice and sweet to the people he likes
  • he’ll go to hell and back for u
  • he’ll go to hell without u too
  • he’s going to hell no matter what, it’s his home
  • treat’s you as his Queen/King
  • a lot of petnames
  • Narcissistic….in a charming way
  • dresses in gothic clothing
  • sadist
  • blunt and creative talking about his…twisted thoughts
  • interested in that black magic, voodoo, fortune telling kinda shit
  • don’t piss him off sweetie :)
  • *Takes out Ouija board* “Let’s hold hands everyone!” (aHEM leT’S NOT)
  • If anyone flirts with you, he’ll sacrifice him to Satan
  • Will protect you
  • He likes Gilen, he protects him too
  • Sometimes Gilen will just awkwardly Third-wheel with Roland and his S/O
  • Loves horror movies
  • will probably watch horror movies for ur dates
  • then you can cling onto him ;)
  • honestly, now that that I think about it, He’s pretty cool!
Brendon Urie x Reader : You’re My Dork

A/N: hello everyone! thanks so much for the love. questions, comments, and requests are always accepted. hope you like this one :)

Anonymous said:
Hey, I was wondering if you could do part two of Date with a dork I just loved it so much

here’s part one:

Brendon and you had been dating for a month now. The day you had met, with the concert and the music shop and the dinner, it was the best day of your life. For both of you. You had agreed upon another date, which led to another and another, and it wasn’t long before you started to think he could really be the one for you. He was so caring and funny and also sexy, but most of all, he felt like you’re perfect match. Almost everything that he said made you smile, and he was so good at reading your mind sometimes it was scary. However, you both felt bad for keeping your relationship under wraps.

There was a time when you were at a meet and greet that he had called you, and somebody had asked you who you were on the phone with, and you had to lie and say it was your manager. Another time, he was on tour and during soundcheck, the boys had to sneak you through the back entrance so others couldn’t see. You mostly stayed on side stage, so that you wouldn’t cause a big fuss. Especially when he periscoped, because you couldn’t just take that out, everything was live. So you had to constantly stay away whenever he warned that he was doing his ‘scopin. Because people would sort of start to get fishy if they saw you attend six Panic! At The Disco concerts in a row or happened to be in every single minute of his periscope feed. It was also tricky with you too, because Brendon often got caught in some of your video footage for your YouTube channel, and you spent hours trying to edit him out. Whether it was just his foot in the corner of the shot or him whistling in the background, it was almost impossible to find a couple minutes without him in the view. Not that you were complaining, you loved having Brendon around. It was just that it took a lot of hard work from the both of you to keep your relationship a secret.

It was lately that you had been talking, probably on what felt like your hundredth date, you hung out so much that it felt like you’d been dating for years, when you both decided it was probably time. You debated doing a social media announcement, or maybe even something at one of his concerts. You were hanging out at your place once, playing Outlast with Brendon for a couple hours, which was a creepy as fuck video game he had introduced you to lately, when you both decided that now would be the perfect time. You’d shoot a YouTube video and he’d start a Periscope, both of you announcing your relationship in classic ways. It was logical that you, being a famous YouTuber, would make a video. And it was a no brainer that Brendon, basically the fucking king of periscope, would announce it that way. However, you were both sort of nervous, you not as much, but you could sense it with Brendon, and you didn’t quite know why. You shrugged it off though, sitting beside him, who was fiddling with your equipment.

“How do you work this piece of shit?” Brendon groaned, hitting the side of the camera in frustration.

“Calm down,” you laughed. “I told you that I’d set it up.”

“But I’m impatient,” he whined like a little kid. “I want to tell the world.”

“The world can wait,” you reminded, kissing him on the forehead before sitting beside him on the couch. “Aren’t you going to start up a periscope?”

“Nah,” he shook his head. “I’d rather have you make the announcement.”

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes. “Suit yourself.”

“Birthday suit myself? If you insist,” he smirked.

“Shut up,” you gave him a playful jab. “You know it takes a day or two to edit and upload my videos. It probably won’t be up until this weekend.”

“That’s fine,” he reassured.

“I thought you were impatient,” you reminded.

“Just anxious and nervous,” he admitted.

“What? Brendon Boyd Urie?” you raised your eyebrows. “The weed smoking, backflipping, stage stripping, periscoping, spectacular singing rock star is afraid of filming a YouTube video?”

“Maybe,” he blushed.

“You have nothing to worry about,” you sighed. “You’ve filmed tons of music videos, and interviews, and you periscope all the fucking time. Plus you are the most photogenic person on the face of the planet. The camera loves you, Brendon.”

“I’m not the YouTube star here,” he clarified.

“Yeah, but you’re a star nonetheless,” you gave him a quick tap on the nose. “Now come on, I’ll show you how to work this thing.”

You fidgeted with some of the buttons, arranged the lighting, fixed your hair in the mirror, and showed Brendon what to do, before you took a deep breath and hit the record button. “Hey! It’s y/n. Remember me? The cringey YouTuber you all know and love?” you gave a short laugh. “Anyways, it’s probably pretty obvious that I have a guest beside me. And if you have the slightest sense of good music taste, you’d know that he’s Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco.”

“Hey guys,” Brendon flashed a hesitant smile and a nervous wave to the camera.

“So you’re probably wondering why the fuck I’ve got this legendary man just sitting on my sofa beside me, and it would be extremely cruel to withhold this information from you much longer, so I guess I might as well announce the news,” you beamed.

“Y/n and I have been dating for a month now,” Brendon grinned. “And it’s been the best month of my entire life.”

“We’ve been in communication a while before we started dating. You’ve might’ve seen some of our older tweet mentions, but I know you guys probably weren’t aware that we’ve actually met in real life. So yeah, we’ve been going on dates and hanging out and doing all that couple stuff,” you winked, glancing at Brendon. “And I have to say, he’s the real deal. I love him to death.”

“Goddamnit y/n, now they’re going to start shipping,” he groaned.

“Whatever,” you chuckled. “He’s just being Brendon.”

“Listen up YouTube people, watchers, subscribers, uh, what are they called again?” he inquired.

“Viewers is fine,” you suppressed a smile.

“Okay, here we go again,” Brendon giggled, then took a deep breath, regaining his seriousness. “Viewers or whatever you’re called, I’m just here to tell you that you have the luckiest person in the world right here. Y/n is dedicated, gorgeous, talented, and almost as funny as I am.” You glared at him and stuck you tongue out playfully, causing him to grin. “And I want you all to know that I’m super excited to have y/n in my life and I thank all of you guys for sharing y/n with me.”

“They all had first dibs,” you joked.

“Yeah, yeah whatever,” he shook his head.

“Okay, until next time guys,” you blew a kiss at the camera. “Tell me what you think of this goofball in the comments, but please try to be nice. He’s a fragile little flower, as confident and egotistical as he might seem. Anyways, we gotta go do cute fluffy stuff so I’ve got to go. I’ll see you all later!”

And with that, you reached out and quickly hit the stop button, something you had done a million times before, about to double check that you saved the video when a sudden sad presence caught your attention, instinctively turning towards Brendon. You softened your expression, staring at him, who looked to be deep in thought, almost worried and scared, and you put a hand on his shoulder, which startled him. “Fuck!” he exclaimed, surprised by your touch.

“Woah there. You okay, bud?” you wondered, watching as he regained his awareness. “You looked sort of lost.”

“I’m just…” his voice drifted off, looking at you with frightened eyes.

“Just what?” you whispered.

“I don’t know if they’ll like me or not,” he shrugged.

“Why would you ever say that?” you wondered, holding his head in your hands and pressing your forehead up to his, looking him right in the eyes. “I love you. I’m sure they’ll love you too.”

“What if they don’t?” he sighed, looking away. “What if they think I’m a stupid fuckboy just looking for attention or something? What if they think I don’t treat you right? What if they say it’s bad for your reputation? What if they start some mean rumor that I did something to you?”

“Calm down babe,” you reassured, pressing a comforting kiss to his cheek. “If they’re crazy enough to fall in love with someone as insane as me, I’m sure they’ll find you just as lovable in a heartbeat. You’re funny and hot as hell, you’re talented and smart, and you’re already a rock star. Most of them probably already know and love you.”

“Hot as hell you said?” he raised his eyebrows, that familiar sly smile and youthful glint in his eyes returning.

“So what if I did?” you winked.

“I’ll show you just how hot as hell I really am,” he smirked, pulling you in for a sloppy passionate kiss. You pulled away, gasping for breath, and then widened your eyes at the red flashing light in the corner of your eyes.

“Oh shit,” you gasped.

“What’s wrong?” he inquired.

“Uh…” you laughed nervously. “I might’ve not turned the camera off correctly.”

“Y/n!” Brendon widened his eyes, and you both burst into laughter, you reaching for the camera and sure enough, the film was still rolling. “Well now they’ve probably got our sex tape too.”

“Sex tape?” you cried.

“Yeah, I assumed you’d be filming it,” he winked. “Who else would?”

“In your dreams,” you giggled. You pressed the stop button, for good this time, and then sighed. “Looks like I’ll have to edit that part out.”

“Yeah,” he agreed quietly. His eyes were still fixed on you, that silly grin still plastered on his face, and you cocked an eyebrow.

“Why are you always looking at me like that?” you inquired. “It’s like you’re analyzing me.”

“I’m just reminding myself of how beautiful you are,” he smiled.

“Fucking flirt,” you shook your head. “Come here, let me kiss you properly this time.”

“You sure the camera’s still not on?” he smirked.

“Shut up,” you sighed, grabbing his shoulders and pressing his lips towards yours, kissing him softly. He tangled his fingers in your hair, trailing his tongue on your lower lip, and you granted him entrance, moving your hands on his back and pressing his chest towards yours, so that you were both leaning against each other. You pulled away and you both laughed, sighing happily and looking into each other’s eyes.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“Love you too,” you murmured, pulling him in for another kiss. When you pulled away, he had the stupidest awkward look on his face. “What’s that for?”

“Oh I don’t know,” he shrugged. “Wondering what you’re next video is going to be like.”

“I haven’t decided yet,” you explained. “I don’t think that far ahead.”

“But I thought we already agreed on the sex tape,” he joked.

“Dork,” you rolled your eyes. “We’re not doing that anytime soon.”

“You sure?” he insisted.

“Dammit Brendon,” you just giggled and shook your head. “You know, you’re one sly son of a bitch.”

“I know,” he grinned. “But you’re such a smooth motherfucker too, so it all works out.”

“Fuck, I love you,” you closed your eyes and pulled him in for another hug. You released the embrace and sighed. “I really don’t know what to do for my next video though.”

“I’m sure you’ll think up something. You always do,” Brendon nodded. “But you can’t start another until you finish the first. Remember?”

“Oh I know,” you reassured with a smile. “I don’t think one will take long at all. I think it’s time we get our relationship revealed.”

“You make it sound fancy,” he commented. “Like it’s a huge event.”

“It might not be huge, but it’s important,” you kissed him on the forehead.

“You’re important,” Brendon insisted. “The most important thing in my entire life.”

“You’re such a goofball,” you teased.

“And you’re a nerd,” he laughed.

“You’re a dork,” you finished, kissing him on the lips again. “But you’re my dork.”

“Good,” he grinned. “I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.”

Things I learned / was reminded of / don't want to forget about last night

·         My friends are amazing and always there for me

·         I mean always it was like two or three a.m.,,, shit man

·         I can talk to them about whatever, whenever, and I don’t have to feel bad about dumping my shit on them (sorry PJ, still tryin’ to get myself to believe that one)

·         Silence on calls is just as therapeutic as talking

·         Somewhere, there is an alternate universe where PJ and I are the Fluff King and Queen and @fluffbird is instead the Angst Nonbinary Royalty™. Everything is right with that world, also h a r r y  p o t t e r

·         My friends make me extremely happy and calm even when I think both of those things are unattainable

·         Beep beep beep b e e p

·         Darkness and Fluff are adorable and I love them. And PJ. I love them all

·         PJ is an actual makeup god, also, dAT EYELINER THO—

·         S q u i r t l e

·         Flipping people off is a sign of l o v e

·         Both Dark and PJ have the literal bests singing voices I cri

·         There is no getting on Dark’s level when it comes to Harry Potter trivia

·         Being sung to sleep is the actual best feeling and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it

·         ‘I think rev is asleep’ ‘wAIT NOPE THEIR EYE OPENED I SAW IT’

·         Anyways I just really love my friends a lot

·         A lot

·         I appreciate them so much

·         Thank you for being in my life @just-my-happy-things, @fluffbird, @darkness-anon


get to know me meme

“My wife wanted us to go organic. Problem is, I kind of like eating shit.”

 ↳ fav movies | the world’s end (2013)



first of all, the tarot refs? are so interesting?I haven’t checked what the spread could mean, but I’m curious if it’s relevant. I mean, the cards are clearly chosen to compliment the characters, but I’m curious if there’s more meaning to them.

anyway, beyond that, the Captain being the Fisher King is really cool! It was a really interesting way to translate that myth.

Judgment reminds me of that fuckin….dog saint story. Which like. SMH @ Gawain. why y’all like this. take 2 chill pills and call me in the morning.

Arthur/Lancelot/Guinevere? Love it. I was ABSOLUTELY expecting them to all shoot each other. and then “Just this once, there could be a happy ending,” litERALLY KILL ME?


The Other Woman (Jensen Ackles AU)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel 

Summary: You were a good girl. But how did you end up as the other woman?

Word Count:  2106

A/N: I don’t mean any harm on Danneel. I love that woman to bits. I am unsure of how this one would go but why not give it a try, I told myself. 


You didn’t want this. You didn’t wish for this.

Your father have always told you you were a pretty one. He would always tell you that one day you would be wed to a man who would love you truly, just like him and his wife. You looked up to the love they harbored for each other. Their love was perfect, you always thought. You loved their tale. Every night when you were younger, you would always ask him to tell you the story of how the both of them fell in love and you would laugh and giggle in excitement. Love sounded divine and you couldn’t wait to find your story.

Your sister, Charlie, thought otherwise. While you are the epitome of sweetness, joy and innocence, your sister, all she wanted to do was pick fight with boys. You had nothing against that. Often you would be cheering her on and she would triumphantly smirk at you. You’re a good girl, so sweet so cute, she told you. The way your eyes lit up at the sound of a romantic tale, seems like your childish actions would never end and your smile would never cease. Charlie swore she would “beat the shit out of” any man who dared break your heart.

One day Charlie just up and ran away from home to pursue her dream of being a well-known photographer. You were sad to see her go but she reminded you that she’d always be there for you.

And that she did.

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