reminds me why i liked this romance so much

#Lovehacks Appreciation

Okay so it seems that most people don’t like lovehacks very much and this really surprises me. Going into it we knew it would be kind of like a sitcom, that’s how the writers described it so I don’t understand why everyone’s mad about the whole Mark thing. It reminds me of like Friends or How I Met Your Mother. It’s all about these different characters and how their lives intertwine but there’s also one or two central romances between the friends. Ex. Ross and Rachel, Lily and Marshall, Monica and Chandler. I for one am really into this story and look forward to the new chapters.

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Today reminds me why I ship. SC just bring so much joy out. It's a bummer how infectious negativity spreads in our fandom but same can be said about light hearted fun when we get that. These are 2 people who are obviously close enough to joke about butts/private parts in an open setting. I bet they were laughing while tweeting like we were laughing while reading. Friendship v romance? If you ask me it's both. It's a beautiful thing to see and I'll argue anyone who tells me it's wrong to enjoy.


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can i ask why you chose to romance zev? i know a lot of people romance alistair and i haven't played yet so i am wondering who to go with? C:

ooooo tough question. i’ll try and hold myself back from writing an essay..

i think a lot of people go with alistair rather than zev (or any other LI) because right from the get go you can see hes this adorkable witty dude and everyone wants the classic ‘here i got you this rose because it reminds me of you’ romance. i guess its just simple and uncomplicated and nice? and then you have someone like zev who on the surface is only interested in sex and his constant innuendos could grind peoples nerves. but!! today we’ll learn just why hes so much more than that!! follow me under the cut dear friend 

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Hey, I got heartbroken recently and I truly love the 2ps and advice. Any on how to move on to a new guy?

((ah, sorry it’s late… hope you’re feeling better, anon-dear))

If you confessed to a 2P that someone broke your heart–

2P!America: oh… uh… *awkwardly pets your head in sympathy* well… it’s time you understand that guys are assholes. We really are, dollface. Don’t let that guy make you sad; he’s just another asshole you’ll forget about sooner or later, I promise ya. *grins at you*

2P!China: *frowns* …sorry to hear that. But hey… you’re a great girl; I’m sure there’s a bunch of other guys who’d love to have you… *suggestive smile* someone else will come along… Maybe someone who’s been here the whole time…

2P!England: someone… broke your heart…? *snarls* evil creature… would you like me to give him food poisoning? No…? Ah, okay then, if you say so… *calms down and sits next to you, holds your hand to comfort you* Sweetheart. You’re brilliant and lovely, this bloody boy is not worth your tears. Now… can you give me a smile, pretty please?~

2P!France: *sighs* this is why I don’t bother with romance. It ends in nothing but pain, right? Whatever… come with me; let’s go get some of that ice cream you like.

2P!Russia: I can’t say I understand how you feel… I’m not one for relationships, however I can see how much pain he’s caused you just by looking at you… Ah, okay. I suggest you stay away from him so you’re not reminded of the pain. Would you like me to help you create a strategic avoidance plan?

2P!Italy: Oh, bella… *exhales and doesn’t hesitate to hug you close* You poor thing… You really didn’t deserve such heartache. Now, here- *stands back and swiftly pours you a glass of wine* I know just the drink that’ll soothe your pain~

2P!Germany: what, seriously? He did that to you?? Holy shit, he’s a bigger asshole than Luci???? Pshh, fuck that guy. Now get up toots, let’s hit up a party tonight. *smirks* It’ll help you get your mind off that douche.

2P!Japan: My apologies if this offends you… but perhaps this was meant to be. Maybe you’re better off without him; you should handle the healing process as a journey to find yourself. I wish you the best and I know you’ll feel better in the end.

2P!Canada: *awkwardly runs a hand through his messy hair and looks away* oh uh… I don’t really know what to say… *sighs and faces you* Don’t be sad. If it gets your mind off it, want me to set up a campfire and make s'mores with you…?

2P!Romano: My darling… *comes closer and gently smoothes your hair* I’m here for you, don’t worry. *places a strand behind your ear and moves to sit with you* I refuse to leave your side until you’ve gotten over him!~ Now to start off, let’s make a list of things you’ve never liked about him. Then, we’re gonna hit up the mall and check out hotter guys!~ Sounds like fun, yes?

2P!Austria: *scoffs* you don’t need him to be happy, dear. In fact, shall we count down the days until you are yourself again? Ooh yes, I know! Starting today, I’ll ask you in the evening how many times you thought of him, write it down, and with each day we can see your progress of how you’re thinking of him less and less~ Genius, I know.

2P!Prussia: that sounds horrible… I’m so sorry this had to happen. I um, don’t know much about relationships, but I think a nice girl like you will find someone much better. Honestly… you deserve the best in the world…

Thoughts on Civil War

So, I promised I’d talk about this film. And yeah it’s coming a while after it’s released but I wanted to avoid people stumbling onto spoilers at all costs. And also, I forgot.

Speaking of spoilers, there will be some under the cut.

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This might be an unpopular opinion but Poe kind of reminds me of Leia in the sense that in the OT Leia didn't have a personal arc of her own beside her romance with Han(which is why I love Princess Leia and Bloodline so much ) and being revealed as Vader's daughter but aside from that much like Poe in TFA her ideals and beliefs about the Rebellion were never challenged(cont in part two)


Full Confession:

Rune Factory 4 helped me get through a really bad breakup. This is my first time playing the game seriously, as the first time I got distracted and left sometime in Fall of Year 1. But this time I’ve been playing it nonstop as I’ve needed something to make my heart flutter and make me care about something for the first time since the breakup. But when I got to Clorica’s sub event where I married her, I was completely blown away. I had grown up on Harvest Moon and its everything-is-perfect romances so I was completely surprised at how flawed my relationship with Clorica was. The things the characters go through were the same things I went through with my ex. The line “Rules can be binding” hit me especially hard. But that’s why I loved it so much more. Never before had a relationship in a game seemed like a REAL relationship. I love Clorica, not because she reminded me of my ex or I wish she was her or anything, but because they saw their issue where I could not and they worked through it and ended happily. It’s something that I needed to see whether I wanted to or not and I’m thankful for it.


Excerpt: It started slow, with Phil kissing his lips softly as if he’s getting know his mouth slowly, until his tongue swiped in a gentle manner against his lips that Dan eagerly parted. Their tongues met a little unceremoniously, with teeth clashing and spit mixing.

Summary: Dan wore a certain shirt that led to one thing to another.

Genre: sin

Warning: blowjobs and shitty, rushed writing

Words: 1, 558 disgusting sins

A/N: this was written for smutty Saturdays for npn but im too late bc i procrastinated lolzor also I based this on a post but I lost the link lolzor (ty to my virtual wife asianellenpage for beta’ing ily even if we divorce a lot)

When he felt the afternoon sunlight burning through his eyelids, Dan woke up, a little disoriented.

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"When writing couples, I like to use the Kiss Rule: If they have to kiss for you to know they’re in love, you’re not writing a romance right." reminds me so much of riarkle and lucaya

Ha! This is soooo true. It’s a rule I follow in my work, although I’ve never seen it described so succinctly before. A kiss is the PAYOFF for built up romantic tension. But to make anyone care about the kiss, you MUST lay the foundation first.

And that’s why it’s so interesting that the writers described Riley kissing Lucas as a “reward” for him sending her over to Maya. A “true love’s kiss” (as pertains to a romance arc) should not be a sweet little reward peck for services rendered, it should be the culmination of intense romantic build-up between the couple, not involving any third parties.