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autumn sun | part one

summary: jaebum’s quieter, all dark eyes and maybe he just doesn’t care about you at all. yugyeom’s a little louder, a little easier to talk to, but do you really care about him?

wordcount: 1057

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Crème de la Crème: 31



Check.“ I said

"Bathing suits?”

“Check.” I nodded


“Tish.” I rolled my eyes

“Don’t worry baby girl, I got you covered.” She said throwing a box into my lap. “And if he can’t fit those then you probably don’t need that dick. It’s your birthday and you deserve something big” she said
I tossing the black and yellow box to the side “I’m not having sex on this trip.” I said firmly

Tish had spent the night with me so that I had company, also to help me finish packing for the trip.

“Fine suit yourself, I’m thinking about the wellbeing of your vagina, you should too.” She rolled her eyes “Where’s your egg headed brother?” She asked.

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Styles & Co. -Part 2

Authors note: hello all, this is part 2, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Depending on the reviews I receive, a part 3 may be in the works! Part one found HERE

Waking up to an empty bed is a constant reoccurrence. Lately, there’s barely been a time Harry has managed to wake up beside me. Nothing but coldness lays between me and the soft sheets on this relatively cold morning. I sit up in the king size bed, taking my sweet time as I give myself a pep talk to get ready and go to work. I force myself out of the bed and reminisce over the events of last night. What a shame I had to have such a bitter ending to my conversational attempt. Then again— it could have been worse. As I find one of my many work suitable articles of clothing I hear my phone ding, a text message coming through. Please don’t be my boss, please don’t be my boss.

“You’re not at work I see, tardiness is not key, my love. Lunch, say 12:45? X.
CEO. Styles & Co. - Harry.”

“It’s Saturday, I don’t go in for another hour. Yes.
P.S I’m aware you’re the CEO ;)”

“It’s the signature from settings, Ms Smart ass. Don’t be late to lunch, please.
CEO. Styles.& Co -Harry”

“I’m late once and you don’t let it go. I’m going to work, goodbye CEO. Styles & Co. X”

I step into the area of the building I work in, giving a polite smile towards the secretary at her desk as she looks up. “Ma'am, the boss would like to see you in his office.” She kindly smiles, her words instantly making me a little worried and nervous. Please, God, don’t make this a bad conversation. I walk to the bosses office and he instantly gestures me in the moment I reach the door. 

“Close the door.” He instructs, my palms instantly becoming sweaty as I ponder many thoughts. I take a seat in his leather guest chairs just as he finishes off an email of some sort. His eyes glance at me, his lips forming a small smile. 

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Just to give y’all a taste, here’s the first 300ish words of Discards that I wrote tonight.

“How was work?”

Sirius Black folded his lanky body into the passenger seat of the red BMW and pulled the door shut behind him. “It was fine. Quiet for most of the day. Pretty boring.”

“Quiet at the library? Imagine that!” James Potter laughed, pulling away from the curb and into the flow of Seattle traffic.

Sirius rolled his eyes. “I meant quieter than usual. It’s September now. Everyone’s back at school. Speaking of which, how was your day? Did you get all the classes you wanted?”

“Almost,” said James. “I got the last of my core requirements taken care of last semester, but I still have a pretty heavy load. Probably not much time for fun this year.” He sighed regretfully.

“Then it’s probably a good thing you don’t have a girlfriend right now,” Sirius smirked. “You can barely hang onto one when you’re not spouting engineering jargon 24/7. But then again, if you’re not dating anyone, who’s going to remind you when it’s time to change your socks?”

“Hey!” cried James. “How about a little sympathy and support from my only brother? Anyway, I don’t see you dating anyone.”

Sirius shrugged. “I just haven’t met anyone interesting lately.”

James cast him a brief incredulous look as he turned the car onto Yesler Way. “You’re telling me that out of the hundreds of people who pass through the Seattle Central Library every week – smart people, who like to read for fun – there’s not a single one who seems interesting?”

“Even if there was someone, it’s not like I could hit on him while I’m at work. There’s probably a rule about that.”

“‘Him’?” James grinned. “Is this a theoretical 'him’, or an actual flesh-and-blood 'him’ that we’re talking about?”

Sirius scowled. “It’s no one. Just a guy I’ve seen a couple of times.”

anonymous asked:

Hi Brett! Question: How do you manage your time between projects? You post a lot, so I am assuming you are working all day, but are they all just baby sketches or do you have to temper your time around a bigger project? And if you could make your day exactly how you wanted it, how would it go from waking up to bedtime? I ask cause i have a lot of things i want to do and I get stuck trying to get them all done- like which one do I tackle first? (I am not a multitask-er) You are my hero. Thanks!

good question. 

I’ve been extremely busy between projects, a baby, and trying to maintain a life outside of work so managing my time is a tough juggling act.  So I manage by doing a couple of things.  I make a list every night of the things I need to get done tomorrow.  In the mornings, 6:45 AM,  I draw for an hour to warm up and find a happy place by doing whatever I feel like while drinking coffee.  (These are the sketches of goblins or people I observe walking around)  By 8-830 I am starting to write emails or answer these questions.  Absolutely by 9:30 I am on a project for a client.  Lunch at 1:15 with Julie and Finnegan, and then back to work until 5-6PM.  After that it’s volleyball or hanging out with the family.  I make my list of to do list right before bed.  Once they are written I don’t have to think about them until the next day.  Oh, Phone is off at 8 PM until the morning as well.  I find that very important. 

We don’t have cable so that helps but I like movies and games so it balances that portion out.

  I also treat work like work.  While I’m on the clock, I’m business.  Stay on task, turn off the phone and work.  In between feedback loops from clients I will work on my own art or take a break and read a chapter or comic. 

Sometimes deadlines hurt my personal production but that never holds me up for too long.  Luckily I am on the faster side of things and I really only show you the audience about 1/3rd of what I actually make or draw.  A lot of it goes into my idea pile folder.  I’ve got about 10 different story structures and ideas in various forms of thought.

Like right now for instance.  I’ve got a book deal with Penguin Young Adult books, Scholastic young adult books, Henson’s creature shop, A studio in Malaysia on a feature film, and a new idea with Nerd Corps.  Each group knows I am juggling them and make sure that I address their needs in a timely manner.  I’m up front and let them know and they all get their deliverables on time but I scoot around and have a pretty good system in place.  But with that much going on, I need to be on top of it at all times.  I have this next to  my computer to remind me of my day.  I suggest  making one yourself and choose your own priorities.

If I could make my schedule how I would want it: I would keep 95% of this.  I would selfishly add in my friends from Seattle and Vermont and make them live near me.  I would, and plan, on making a new graphic novel after these clients calm down.  And then I plan on pitching and selling and becoming the creative director on my own show.  So I’m currently working towards my even happier place.  But I’ve got good friends, good beer, good wife, good baby, good career, and supporters like you who care enough about my opinion to ask about it.  So yeah, I’m good.

Make your list.  Tackle one task at a time. You can do this.



eg-er-bjorninn  asked:

Spooky Auntie! I have a question... whereabouts in the world are you? Its actually one of my dreams to meet you since you are the one who inspired me to go back into the Goth scene. :3 I'm sorry if this is creepy but i mean no ill will of course!!

I’m in Seattle, WA, sweetie! And pretty easy to spot when I’m out roaming around town.

Which reminds me, it’s time for the semi-regular Auntie Jilli PSA: if you spot me somewhere, feel free to come say hi! Don’t be scared! Come introduce yourself (and warn me if you’re okay with hugs, because I’m a hugger)! I may not have a lot of time to chat, but I always like meeting you peeps!

Meryl and Maks Daily Recap August 12th, 2014

This will be rather short and sweet today, which is good, because I’m about to be putting kids to bed.  

Maks was up at strange hours liking things on IG, in the 2:30-6:30 EST range, not constant.  He was mostly liking photos that his family and friends have posted in the last day or so (photos that he was not in) reinforcing my belief that he was not in LA or NY for the last few day.  Yes, he also liked a photo of JLo.  I have zero problem with this.

He also retweeted the Seattle Times article with the message “One of the ones that got it right…”.  I’ll remind you that this was the article from yesterday where he said, “I just don’t want to replace Meryl and this experience with anyone else — it’s so dear to me, so special, so much emotion involved into it,” he said. “There’s nobody out there that I think will come along that I will be able to connect with on this level … I don’t want to win five, six, seven times, I just want to win once. It couldn’t be more perfect.”  Just in case you forgot ;)  Lizzie also tweeted a link to this article today.

We all got pretty excited today when Sharna tweeted a photo of the ice skating rink with the caption “Guess what I’m doing in Detroit”.  Someone asked her. “Omigosh!!! For ice skating?”,  she replied, “Yup - Choreography”.  No sightings of Meryl or Maks at the rink, we’re not sure if she was working with Charlie or other skaters.  Yet another mystery ;)

Meryl was pretty active on SM, Liking the fams’ photos last night, posting some quotes today.  She also posted a shot of her neon running shoes with the message “did you know exercise can alleviate anxiety, improve self-confidence, and reduce stress?  Today is a great day to #getyoursweaton!”  I for one took her advice and had a great ballroom dancing class today.  Complete with a new pair of smooth shoes and a new blister ;).  A fan later tweeted about how Meryl had inspired her to get back on the ice and Meryl favorited her tweet, because she’s awesome.  :)

Maks’ friend and trainer, Alesya, posted a photo of herself with Maks, Artem, and two other men at a restaurant in LA.  We do not know if this photo was taken last night or before Maks left for MI.  I’m sure we’ll find out where Maks is soon enough.  If he is in LA or NY or anywhere other that MI (and if Meryl is not with him), I’m sure they spent as much time together as their schedules would allow.  

We have the GMA announcement to look forward to tomorrow.  Enjoy your evening everyone!

Sleepless in Seattle Airport

Anonymous Prompt, #62: modern day AU- You fell asleep on my shoulder, but you were too cute so I didn’t want to wake you up (in an airport maybe).

Rated: PG13? For a tiny bit of language. Mostly fluff and OOC!Katniss.

Author’s Note: Thank you JavisTG, once more, for hosting this event, and thank you Anon for the prompt. Thank YOU for reading it, and be aware that I wrote this in less than twelve hours, it’s not even betaread, and to make matters even worse, my internet has been down since Saturday, so I uploaded this from my phone. I hope it’s ok.

Sleepless in Seattle

The sun slants at a funny angle, through the glass wall of Sea-Tac Airport food court, I had painstakingly selected my seat at a small table right against the window, looking down at the airport ramp, because of the way the sun rays fell on it, so inviting and reinvigorating.

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anonymous asked:

I just moved to Seattle, and it seems like the goth scene here begins and ends with Mercury, where you can't get in and make friends unless you already have a friend on the inside... And even if I can get in, I don't know how to make friends with people in clubs anyway. I guess my question is, how on earth am i supposed to make goth friends here if I don't already have any?

Welcome to the difficulty of the Seattle goth scene, and I’m sorry. I know there are other goth-friendly club nights in Seattle, but they are a monthly thing: there’s Isolation, which is post-punk/old-school focused, and there’s Ceremony, which is 80s-90s new wave/goth/industrial. 

How to meet the other goths around here? Tomorrow (Sunday) is Mourning Market, a dark/alternative vendor fair. It’s at El Corazon, and runs until 5pm. You could go wander around and talk to people that look interesting?

Also, go to Gargoyles Statuary in the U-District, because not only do they have art shows (the next one on April 18th!), which is a good place to meet other spooky types, but they also always have flyers for other local events. 

(I’m going to have to eventually make good on my threats of organizing Tumblr goth meet-ups, aren’t I? Someone remind me in May, that’s when I’ll have a bit more free time.)