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monsta x, 4 and 11

4. An unpopular opinion I have of this group.

  • uhhh the only one i can think of is that i didnt like fighter…. uh OH and also i this is more of a no.mercy thing but i didnt think gunhee wouldve have been good in the group and im glad he didnt make it

11. A tumblr blog that reminds me of this group.

  • literally all yall

Rape tw

I’m trying to decide if it’s helpful that lately I’ve been conceptualizing PTSD as less of an illness, which is something that just kind of passively happens, and more of an injury. For some reason that reminded me this morning of how one time on tumblr someone had the nuclear hot take of “why are all these women with blogs using ‘trauma’ to mean ‘rape’ don’t they know trauma is about PHYSICALLY TRAUMATIC INJURIES like from a car crash or whatever” and at the time I don’t think I fully allowed myself to comprehend how dumb that was especially as someone whose abuser once “accidentally” pushed her down a flight of stairs.

This has led me down a rabbit hole of thinking about all the ways people communicate the assumption that rape is not violent. There’s always this assumption that if you’re raped and you weren’t also murdered it wasn’t physically damaging! That the primary problem for victims following sexual violence is purely about our silly emotions, which is inherently meaningless to people who think that “””logic””” and emotion are separate and the former is always desirable over the latter. Few of these assholes will just come out and say “I just don’t think rape is that bad a thing to experience” but they will say: rape is distinct and different from PHYSICAL trauma. Not all rape is equally harmful. PTSD is a mental illness and who knows why some people are mentally ill and others aren’t.

  • expectation at age 13: will grow up to become the extroverted, witty, and enchanting elizabeth bennet
  • reality at age 22: has grown up to become the introverted, awkward, and stressed out fitzwilliam darcy

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I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜

🐰 Sweet Dreams Usagi 🐰

And if I have to slaughter to keep the world safe for you, to keep your guard down and not having to look over your shoulder every single time you can, that is what I will do. I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe.
—  Lukas W. // Keep you safe
we’re all killers.
we’ve all killed parts of ourselves
to survive.

we’ve all got blood on our hands.
something somewhere had to die
so we could stay alive.
—  if memories could bleed, if dreams could scream | m.a.w