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there is something really summery and offbeat with sagittarius, they remind me of bongo drums and the smell of coconut sun tan oil. its the party of life with sagittarius, the joy of youth and exploration
the bliss of elderly wisdom, it’s the celebration of the whole vibratory character of being 

snapshot » kth ; m

» request: nope

» genre: fluff, smut

» word count: 2.8k+

» author’s note: i really wanted to write and also try something new with my scenario formatting so here we are ?? anyways, let’s have this photo journalist au and cry about it :’) i also tried to include a lot of details and make it more lengthy than usual, so i hope it sounds okay??? nonetheless, i hope you lovelies enjoy~

» warnings: oral (male & female receiving), praise kink (kind of), 

**also, sorry if some of my photography knowledge is inaccurate; i tried to research as much as possible to make it accurate. even if some of the info is wrong, it probably won’t take away from the fic. and i’m sorry that the ending is kind of sucky, i really didn’t know where to go with it :( i hope you all enjoy anyway.

[nsfw under the cut]

You heave a dry sigh as you stare at the out-of-focus, too-bright photos laying in front of you. You gather them all up from your desk and shove them into your bag, embarrassed that you’re the only one falling behind in the photography class. In the front of the class, your professor drones on and on about using your free time on the weekends to practice printing in the dark room. If only you could teach properly, the voice in your head complains, maybe I’d have some decent prints. You zone out into your thoughts as he begins to show off some of his own prints he created, ranting on and on about how easy the techniques are.

You are stirred from your thoughts when someone slides into the seat next to you, nudging your arm. “I saw your prints,” the deep voice contains a twinge of amusement, and you let out a low groan. Taehyung chuckles lowly from beside you, the air around you suddenly increasing in temperature from the warmth radiating from his body. 

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→ immortal!reader x exo; aeon’s lovers

♔ masterlist

You smiled, pointing to the heap of pictures in your other hand, gesturing to the picture on display on the top. “This is me on the great wall, I think this is actually in the more recent years; not too long ago,” You paused, moving the photograph down on the coffee table to reveal the next underneath. “and this is me in Macau. This was in 1977. A trip I remember vividly.”

Detective Do was in a daze; his full attention on the many photographs lining the coffee table and the thick bundle in your hand that was almost too fat to hold with one hand. Moscow, Kabul, Manila, New Delhi, Zurich, Paris, Oslo, Brasilia, Hanoi, and Nairobi. Dancing, writing, traveling, eating, driving, skydiving, learning, observing, kissing and swimming. 1950, 1962, 1969, 1972, 1976, 1979, 1982, 1984 and 1986. He was being presented with so many experiences and travels in the form of old photographs; the latest ones being 2 years old and the earliest being 70 years old.  

“And here,” You suddenly whispered, glancing down at the next photograph appearing on top of the bundle. A picture of you in front of the very familiar  Gyeongbokgung Palace. Kyungsoo’s eyes widened at the image, and he looked up into yours. “is me in Seoul, 1987. Just a few days before I met the young university student, Kim Jongin, who was only 19 at the time.”

“He was your next lover?”

You nodded, placing the photo down onto the coffee table. “This is the next chapter.” The new, revealed photo was of you and a young, handsome man with tan skin, black hair and a lean body. He was kissing your cheek, his strong arm slung lazily around your waist as he held you against his chest. You were in front of the Namsan Seoul tower sometime at dusk. 

“Kim Jongin, handsome as you can see, as well as young, showed me a good time for a few weeks until I decided that I just wasn’t able to tame the stallion and let him go… I let him go.”

Seoul, South Korea, 1987

The only lights illuminating the late night of Seoul was the dim lights that hung over the small street, casting a cloudy glow over the many different booths selling food. You admired the slightly gloomy image, finding it nothing short of beautiful. It was a late Friday night, but you weren’t worried about time as you munched happily on your yakgwa, an old favorite of yours. 

You skipped along, drying your hands on your jeans when you were done eating before you dug your hands down into the pockets of your denim jacket. The rows of booths were soon coming to an end, and the dim lights turned into little-to-no lights, yet you were not afraid. You stopped underneath a single lamp when you heard whispers and hushed chuckles. 

“Who’s there?” You asked. The people observing you paused, seemingly surprised that you actually spoke Korean before stepping out from behind a corner. They were students, university students; four boys and two girls. The boys were all lean, two tall, and the girls were pale, short, cute.

“Hello,” One of the boys greeted. “we didn’t mean to spy on you, Miss.” 

You waved dismissively. “No worries, that’s alright. But what are you all doing up so late?” You smirked, causing the group of students to all laugh. One of the boys, tall and tan, stepped forward.

“And you? You’re no older than us.”

With his words, you were once again reminded of your state and sighed. “Oh, believe me, I am.”

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Torn Up (Part 3)

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

As promised, here’s part 3! As usual, a few disclaimers:  

I know it sucks that I’m only updating twice a week, believe me, but thank you all for being patient and wonderful! I just want to make sure each part is as good as it can be before posting 

This one is a bit of a filler, mostly for character development, so maybe y’all can convince me to post part four a little early… But I hope there’s enough going on for it to be at least a little entertaining :)

Warnings:  the usual gratuitous swearing (I have no self control), probably some rude jokes (again, sorry), mention of a sports-related injury and surgical scars (nothing too graphic, I promise), and a little bit of baseball

Parts One through Five

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greedisgreen  asked:

O HO HO! Let's do this. ;) Non-Baelishes/Modern AU: Petyr is teaching young Sansa how to drive, and is very unconventional with his corrections.

“Sansa! Are you paying attention?”

Sansa looked up, startled, clutching the driving book in her lap. “Yes, Mom.”

Her mother, rolled her eyes. “Oh for pete’s sake, Sansa. If you had been paying attention, you’d know they called your name.”

She nodded, tucking some hair behind her ears, with one hand, and gripping the book to her chest with the other. She walked past the rows of chairs at the driving school her parents purchased her lessons from. The portly man who stood by the open door glared at her and held his hand out.

Sansa looked down at his cracked palm and then back up to his bloodshot eyes, and shrugged her shoulders nervously, not understanding. “You can’t take the book into your test. And you can’t do the field work, until you’ve passed the written part.” He sounded like he had something caught in his throat as he talked.

Reluctantly, she let go of the book, and gave it to him before walking through the archway to the exam room. It was empty, but for a paper exam and a number two pencil on the desk. Sansa looked around in disbelief before sitting down and picking up the pencil. Surely, there were other people who needed to pass this test? Sansa had been studying for weeks for this. Where was the moderator?

Occasionally, she was distracted from her work by the movement outside the open back door that lead towards the parking lot. She filled out line after line about various traffic codes and what different signs meant, all the while listening to a muffled conversation outside. As the men neared the door, she was able to hear it more clearly. “…just take the job.”

Another voice sounded less than pleased. “I don’t owe you anything!”

“Yeah? Not twelve grand, then? No, that’s what I thought.” Sansa heard the original man retort. A set of keys jingled in the air, and Sansa looked up to see a man backing up past the door to catch them. He stood in her line of sight as he stared at the person he’d been talking to. “Nice. You know, I could make you back twice that if you’d just quit stepping on my dick.”

He was a thin man, older, some grey dusting his temples. Flecks of that same shade of grey sprinkled throughout his goatee. He wore beat up jeans and a black sweater with a silver chain around his neck, a nice watch to match. He glanced through the doorway at her and then did a double-take, smiling as he brought his hand up to rub at his mouth. She recognized that gesture as something men did when they were quickly evaluating things, she’d seen her father do it a thousand times. Her father, did it, but also never changed his stance. This man, on the other hand, seemed to be. He turned quickly, “You know what? I’ll do it. It’s not a problem.”

Sansa had just folded the test over and was rising from her seat to turn it in, to where, she didn’t know, when the man sauntered through the door. He extended his hand to shake hers, but she thought it was to collect her test, and she thrust it towards him. He chuckled and set it on a nearby desk, and held his hand out again, “I’m Petyr, I’m your instructor today, what’s your name?”

“Sansa,” she spoke barely above a whisper, uncomfortable by all the inside information she had concerning his recent acceptance of the role of her instructor.

His smile was inappropriate, and nothing she hadn’t seen before from any of the boys at school. She slid her hand in his, allowing it to grip her as she considered him. While she was no stranger to leering, there was something about the way this man looked at her that told her she would be in over her head with him. The boys at school could check her out all they wanted, and smile as they pictured screwing her in their backseat. This man however, looked like he would do a lot more than that, offer her more than that. He emanated experience and she wondered if she could keep up with a man like that.

As soon as the thought entered her mind, she shook it from her head. It was just a look. How full of herself was she to think that one look meant so much? He licked his lips and flashed her a grin, “Well, Sansa. Right this way.”

She followed him out to the parking lot, to the car with the driving school sign attached to the roof. Her cheeks reddened, feeling embarrassed over the prospect of driving the vehicle that all other cars on the road would make superficial lane changes to avoid. He waved his hand for her to get in, and he hopped in the passenger side.

Sansa took a deep breath and looked over all the controls of the car. It was not one of her parent’s vehicles and therefore she needed to acclimate herself to it. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him looking at her, her lap in particular. She turned to face him and his head shot up quickly, “Alright, Sansa. Go ahead and start the car.”

She glanced down noticing how high her mini skirt sat, and how her legs had to part to reach the peddles. Had he seen anything? No, he couldn’t have. She looked on the dash for the button to start the car, finding nothing. “Um, I’m sorry. I don’t see the button.”

He moved next to her, laying one arm around the back of her seat, and chuckled as he handed her the keys. Amusement filled his voice, “Apologies, I forgot to pass you the keys.”

Sansa took them from him and found the keyhole on the steering column, silently scolding herself. She knew the car took a key, she’d seen them get thrown at him before they left. She was simply nervous to officially be behind the wheel of a vehicle. She glanced over at him, startled to see how close his face was to hers. He hadn’t moved back, his arm still draped around the back of her seat.

His cologne filled her nostrils and she’d be lying if she said her body didn’t respond to it, shifting in her seat. Clearing her throat, she reached forward and turned the key, listening to the engine roar to life. “Where to?” She tried to sound casual, as she tucked some hair behind her ear again.

He caught her hand, so close to his face, and brought it to his nose, closing his eyes as he inhaled. “You smell absolutely delicious.”

Her eyes bulged and her mouth went dry. She panicked not knowing what to say, staring at him. Luckily, he kept talking. “It’s light and sweet, almost edible…it’s a fruit isn’t it?”

“Pomegranate,” Sansa answered, with the single word she could manage.

His grin grew as he repeated, “Pomegranate, you don’t say?” He dragged his nose over her knuckles again. “It’s not a common scent, is it? I mean most girls–women, choose things like vanilla, strawberry, coconut. All the shit you can find in a car freshener, really.” He inhaled again, letting her see his eyes light as he leaned further in, “And, if we’re being honest here, coconut makes me gag. It reminds me of all the fake-and-bakes women tan in at laundromats, and the last thing I want to think about when I’m smelling a woman, is fucking a leather couch.”

“What?!” A shocked laugh slipped out, leaving her jaw open, hanging in disbelief.

He chuckled, “Sorry. I probably shouldn’t have said that.” He let go of her hand, and let his eyes travel her as he said, “I only meant that you’re miles ahead of women many years older than you.”

“It’s alright.” She knew she shouldn’t feel so complimented by that, but she did. It was with this new confidence that she put the car in reverse and backed out of the parking space, looking in all directions before traveling to the end of the parking lot. His words swirled around her head, smelling a woman, fucking…

She took a deep breath and asked again, “Where to?”

He smiled like there was something he knew that she didn’t. “Take a right up here.”

She followed his instructions, her movements more jerky in this foreign vehicle, but adequate all the same. As they drove, she noticed the traffic and businesses were getting further and further away. “Where are we going?”

“Docks,” he answered simply, popping a mint in his mouth before turning around and asking her a question. “How old are you?”

She laughed uncomfortably, “Old enough.”

“Oh?” That got his attention. His eyebrow raised, “For what?”

Sansa made a show of glancing around her and shrugging her shoulders. “For driving. I assume that’s what you’re referring to.”

He chuckled, “Sure.” He leaned over her shoulder again, mint filling her nostrils as he covered her hand on the steering wheel with his. “I need to correct your positioning, Sansa.”

She felt her heart speed up, a million butterflies taking flight in her stomach. “What?”

“Your hands aren’t where they’re supposed to be.” She couldn’t help glancing at his groin when he said that. Instantly, she clamped her eyes shut tight and refocused on the road, cursing herself for looking. As if he didn’t notice, though she was sure he did, he brought one hand down lower on the steering wheel, rubbing her thumb with his.

“Yes, they were,” She disagreed, a slight tremble to her voice, that she hoped he didn’t notice. “They were at ten and two.”

He leaned further over her, his breath hot on her breast as he brought her other hand down lower on the steering wheel. “I’m sorry, Sansa, but that’s incorrect. Here, park over there.”

They had, arrived at the docks and there was plenty of parking spots. When she put the car in park, he explained, “If you get into an accident, and the airbag goes off, what do you think will happen at ten and two?”

“Uh, I don’t know. My arms will fly up,” Sansa shrugged.

“Exactly.” Again he reached for her hands, lifting them above her head, not bothering to hide the way he ogled her breasts as he did. “This hand will hit your window, and this hand will hit the roof. It will happen at such speed that it could shatter your knuckles if not simply just break your hand altogether.”

Sansa stared into his eyes, her hands still held up in the air as she pictured it. Hovering inches from her face, his minty breath brought her out of the imagery. “You’re going to need your hands working. If you’ve been in an accident, you need to get out of the car immediate. Before it sinks, before it blows. You will have to cut your seat belt, bash through your window and climb or swim out. You can’t do any of those things with broken hands.” He brought them back down, and rubbed his thumbs over them again. “These are what are going to save your life.”

The seat belt and her bra became restraints as her chest heaved at the intensity of his words, and the picture they painted. She swallowed a couple of times, trying to get the saliva in her mouth moving as he brought her hands back to the wheel. “You want your hands on five and seven.”

Feeling too rattled to ask, she tilted her head in question. He smiled and said, “Because, when the airbag sets off, they will fall back into your lap.” He tugged her hands from the steering wheel, and pressed them down against her thighs.

Her eyes fluttered when he let his fingers brush against her skin. He licked his lips as he smiled, “See? Your legs are much softer to land against than the car. No broken bones.”

Sansa opened her eyes, and glanced at the chain dangling around his neck. A wicked thought popped in her head and she imagined yanking him down by it to kiss him. She knew he’d be minty, but wondered about the taste beneath it. Boys tasted differently, she’d learned. As she took in the grey at his temples, she wondered how men tasted.

He dragged his fingertips slowly off of her thighs, and opened the passenger door. “I’ll be right back.”

She watched him through the windshield as he walked down a dock, to a couple of men standing on a boat named, “The Dornish Man’s Wife.”

Sansa spread her legs further, and brought her fingertips down to confirm that she had soaked through her panties. “Fuck,” she sighed. She chided herself as she watched him pass something to one of the guys. “He touched your hand, Sansa. That was it. You complete and utter horn-dog.”

She closed her legs and sat up straight when she saw him walking back up towards the car, a self-satisfied smile on his lips. She wondered for a moment if the man was ever not happy. She watched him tuck something in his belt behind his back and fix his sweater over it before he got in the car.

When he opened the door and got in, another waft of his cologne filled her nostrils and she smiled as if on reflex. He rested his arm around the back of her seat again, “Ready to head back, Sansa?”

She nodded, feeling like if she spoke aloud, he might somehow know what was going on between her legs. It was a silly thought, and she knew it, but couldn’t make herself respond any differently.

They drove back towards the city, traffic increasing and stores popping up everywhere. Occasionally, he would lean over and tell her to change lanes, or use her signal. A couple of times she forgot to, and waited for him to say something. When he didn’t, and she glanced over, she would catch him leering at her. Part of her wanted to tug at her skirt, and pull the neckline of her shirt up. Another part of her wanted to shift in her seat to allow more flesh to peek out. She told herself that was wrong, that she was just flattered by the attention, like she would be with any guy checking her out. However, she couldn’t deny that there was a big difference between the smile she got from their attention, and the tingling she felt to be free of her constraints at his.

When they pulled into a parking spot and turned off the ignition, she reached for her belt buckle. He was quicker, “Let me.”

She inhaled, her eyes wide at the sudden ache low in her belly as she stared back into his dilated pupils, hovering so close to hers. His lips must have been inches away, but they felt like mere millimeters, the gap between them easily closed with a shot of courage. He looked down at the belt buckle in his grip, slowly retracting, letting the back of his hand slide against her belly, his thumb grazing the underside of her breast.

Her nipples stood at attention, fighting the weight of her shirt, to reach towards the man touching her. Again, her mouth went dry when stared down at his hand against her, and she shifted in her seat a little, arching her back for him. It was an unspoken request, a dare to cross the line. She knew she shouldn’t, but it felt so good to.

Her movement seemed to snap him out of his trance, because he flashed her a grin and said, “Next week, Sansa?”

A deep breath wouldn’t control the slight tremor through her hand as she gripped the handle, stalling. “You’re not really a driving instructor.”

“Why would you say that?” He asked, the picture of innocence and confusion.

She glanced down to his hands, and said nothing.

He leaned forward, and touched his hand to her leg. There was no pretense, nothing to hide behind in this contact. “Does it bother you?”

She laughed uncomfortably. “No. I mean–you shouldn’t say you’ll see me next week, when you won’t.”

His lips pouted playfully as he looked down at her lap, watching his thumb brush further under her skirt. “Sounds like you are bothered.” His fingers gripped her inner thigh more, the heat between her legs radiating as she spread her legs. “Mm, hot and bothered.”

“Sansa!” Her mother’s familiar voice called out from across the parking lot. “Sansa!”

“Looks like you’re mom’s looking for you.” He let the very tip of his middle finger just barely brush against the outside of her sodden panties.

Her body felt on fire, a deep blush consuming her as her tits ached and her clit tingled at his tease. She didn’t think it was possible to get any wetter than she already was, but wondered if when she got up, there might in fact, be a puddle on the seat.

As her mom approached the car, his hand withdrew from her skirt. He rested his elbow on the dash, letting his chin rest on his fist, and gave her a naughty grin.

Her mother rapped her knuckles against the window. “Sansa, let’s go! Stop taking up this poor man’s time. We have to pick up your brother from basketball, and your sister from archery. And then there’s all those lemon squares I have to bake for key club. Why did you pick lemon squares? I swear, sometimes you live to make things more difficult.”

Sansa’s blush deepened. Mothers dealt in mortification. She shouldn’t have been surprised, and yet she was completely sideswiped by the way her mother cock-blocked her. Well, that wasn’t exactly right… It wasn’t his cock that was teasing her, yet.

“Why are you all flushed? Do you have a fever?” Her mother fussed over her. “Oh for pete’s sake, Sansa! Are you getting sick? I don’t have the energy to deal with you sick right now.”

“Sansa?” She heard his voice call to her, and she turned to look over her shoulder as her mother shuffled her away.

He turned to sniff his finger and sigh, “I’ll see you next week.”

“Of course you will! We paid for the whole eight week course!” Her mother answered for her.

“Eight weeks,” he grinned. “Perfect.”

A jolt of excitement and anxiety rolled through her as she realized the man who smiled at her as he inhaled her scent, would be the same man that took her virginity. If her parents had anything to say about it, it’d be within the next eight weeks, too.     


GUYS OMFG CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING????? A short gay animated film. I MEAN THIS IS SO CUTE? And the characters reminds me of fcking KAISOO A LOT. Look at that tan man and how the other one looks so fragile omfg. WE NEED TO SEE THIS.

Dumplings Part 1

Because the issue of the dumplings was never resolved, and I’m terrible shipper trash.

This ended up being so long that I had to split it into three parts because I can’t resist making things complicated, apparently.

Also I wasn’t lazy and actually did research on regional foods of the Kyushu region where Ikitsuki island is, since I’m assuming they parted ways at the end of the anime somewhere around there. Tsuke-age are basically fish cakes. Writing this made me hungry.

Also, I’m assuming Fuu is 16 when they end their journey in the show, otherwise my math concerning the number of dumplings consumed wouldn’t work if she was still 15.

Shout-out to roolph for being my beta for these! She’s a fantastic artist, go check out her stuff!

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1.) You’re on my mind, but you’re not on my lips anymore.
2.) Do you even know how much your blue fucking eyes have messed me up? I hate looking at the sky most days because it reminds me of you.
3.) I just got my first tan in years by accident. My skin reminds me of the color of yours now. Maybe that tan happened to torture me some more.
4.) I have seen little parts of you in so many strangers, it’s like you’re everywhere I go.
5.) Sometimes, I really wish you’d run into me so you’d have to look at me and maybe you’d remember how much you love me.
6.) It’s been way too long since I last heard your voice, God I’m going to be sick.
7.) You didn’t say goodbye last time you came over, you said “See you later.” Please tell me when later is.
8.) My friends hate you for me. After everything you put me through, I can’t find one spot of me that can detest who you are.
9.) I care about you so much. I just want you to know that. Even if you don’t care about me.
10.) I just love you, okay.
11.) I really fucking love you. I don’t know why I’m stuck on you. I just am. No other person can compare to you. You are an entire ocean to me and everyone else is a drop of water.
—  Eleven 3 A.M texts I never sent

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They will let the wedding rumor die as they did with the inminent wedding the summer of 2016. Said Enema is an asshole is too kind for the woman who is killing Fassbender career in the benefits of that average (only ugly cry is good) with worst fake tan (besides Trump) actress. She reminds me Something about Mary's old woman tanned character

Lmao Magda? Oh my gooniss

This reminds me so much of our family! Except for the hair, make-up, tan, thigh gap, tattoos hinting at an dangerous-yet-intriguing past, delicate jewelry, rested eyes, impeccably tailored clothing, and overall will to live. Other than that, this is exactly what having twins is like.

Submitted by Elizabeth Knaster

Like a Good Neighbour (A Calum Hood Smut)

Rating: R

Requested?: No, but feel free to hit me up!

Word Count: 2,205

A/N: Hiya! Because I got such a crazy response to Last Night (seriously, over 150+ in less than 24 hours) I decided to share some Neighbour Calum smut because it’s my fave (excuse the bad State Farm refrence). Hopefully you’ll all be as hooked as I am when you’re done! - Mxx

I’ve always been terrified of murderers breaking into my flat and attacking me. Maybe that’s why I chose to live on the fourth floor of my complex. Nothing could touch me four stories up, and that made me feel the safest I could in my downtown flat.

But what I hadn’t taken into account when making my safety a priority was that four flights of stairs was a lot to walk up.

The elevator had broken earlier this week due to some stupid guy trying to fit his entire fraternity into the small shaft. Repairs were still ongoing, and until they fixed it I would be taking those four flights of stairs several times a day. At least I could skip the gym.

I hadn’t purchased much at the shops, but my bags of groceries seemed heavier as I stared at the looming staircase. Living on the fourth floor was such a bad decision.

Beginning my trek, I tried to psych myself up. I can definitely make it up the stairs! This will be a piece of cake! Look, you’re already up a floor! Three more floors and you can sit on the couch and watch crappy television until class on Monday! No big deal at all.

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Detour To Work [Bobby Smut] M-Rated bed scenes and language

“Hmm, babe… I need a couple more minutes of sleep…” I groaned, rolling over in the warm bed and pulling the covers over my head.

“We don’t have time to sleep. We have to shit to do today.” He was strict on waking me up. “I’ve never seen anyone else sleep in later than me. Now I know what my parents felt like, trying to wake me up.”

“Fine. But you asked for it.” I groaned and threw the covers off me, revealing me in my “pajamas”, which was really just a pair of blue boycut underwear and an oversized black sweatshirt.

“Jesus Christ!” He looked surprised but wouldn’t stop looking at me.

“Good morning Jiwon.” I crawled to the edge of the bed and got on my knees to kiss him. I felt like being a tease today.

Our lips collided, but he didn’t seem surprised at all, and in fact took initiative to slide his hands down my sides and grasp my hips, a movement that would eternally make me shudder. Over and over our lips collided, Jiwon growing more ferocious and turned on than ever.

“Hey, stop. I need to go shower and get dressed.” He was planting love kisses on my neck.

“Screw it…” He muttered.

“No, you woke me up because we have important stuff to do today. I need to get ready.” I pushed him away lightly and stood up so I could peck his lips before waltzing away.

I grabbed clothes from my closet, light-wash destroyed shorts, a white tank top and my oversized red flannel, so I could hop into the shower for a quick wash and then apply my makeup. Simple eyeliner, mascara, concealer. The basics. I don’t want to look like one of those plastic girls, always wearing too much makeup and not enough confidence.

“Babe, are you ready?” Jiwon knocked on the door.

“Almost.” I tucked in the front of my tank top and rolled up my sleeves. “Ready.” I opened the door and Jiwon was leaning on my dresser, waiting for me.

“Shoes?” He looked at my white painted toenails.

“Here.” I grabbed my steel toe boots and a pair of sport socks.

“Let’s go Lizzie.” He grabbed my hand and dragged me to his old beat up truck. The crusty tan leather was a comforting sight, reminding me that Jiwon and I were really together.

“So what are you doing today? Anything big?” I asked him.

“No, I don’t think so. Just some general practice. You?”

“I think we each get to pick a dance to do a cover of. I might choose Girl’s Day Something. It’s a good dance.”

“What?!” He gripped the steering wheel so hard his knuckles went white.

“Yeah, why not? I’m tired of being the girl who’s constantly cute.” I smirked and tried to hide my laughter. I absolutely love teasing him!

“But, I like the cute you…”

“You like the cute me, but do you love the cute me? Does the cute me turn you on?”

“Yes to both, if you must know.” He smiled.

“Aww, that’s sweet,” I smiled, “but I’m still doing the cover. I think I’m going to post it on YouTube, if it turns out well.”

“No! You can’t let any other man see you doing something sexy!” Jiwon growled. He pulled the truck into an empty parking lot and grabbed me into a rough possessive kiss, that I totally surrendered to. His hands roamed my body, dragging fire wherever they went.

“God, I swear…” I tried to make some words. “That you’re the only man who could jumble my mind with one look.” I grasped the hair at the back of his neck for leverage, giving me the ability to tip his head back and climb over to his lap.

“And I better be the only man who ever gets to see you like this. Don’t do the cover.” He moaned out as I trailed a couple kisses down his sharp jawline.

“It was supposed to be my gift to you for your birthday, you idiot. I wasn’t actually going to post it.” I took his lips for my own and he, again, glided his hands down my sides. Once they hit my hips, he wiggled them under the tight fit tank top to graze my bare skin, over and over, appreciating my sides. He knew that was how to really get me turned on.

“Well then we can just repeat this later. That’s a great gift.” He decided to take control and cup my neck so he could lavish the base of my neck. I slid my hand between our heated bodies and cupped the growing bulge in his pants. “Fuck!” He shouted against my skin. Then he started sucking, taking some of my skin into his mouth and taking care to leave a large bruise.

“Ohh…” I moaned quietly. It was embarrassing, so I tried to contain it, but he started to rub me through my jeans, looking at me with that devilish look in his eyes, like he wanted to hear my moans fill the car and go straight to his head, where they would make his brain work on thinking of more ways to make me moan louder and harder.

“Do you like that?” He looked at me, waiting for an answer. I bit my lip and nodded. “Good.” He growled. Jiwon went in to bite my lip, tugging on it with his teeth.

“Damn it, put me on the back seat.” I growled, getting tired of this foreplay.

“Wait like a good girl.” He moaned. I slid my hand down the waist band of his pants, ready to make him regret having to wait. “Oh fuck…"He groaned is reply to my stroking. His dick got harder with each pump of my hand, and he started rubbing me harder and faster in response.

"Do you still want to wait now?” I growled against his lips. He opened the door and guided us out, me still in his arms, to lie me down on the back seat where he closed the door behind us. He lifted my hair from behind my head and splayed it out around me, making room for him to love my neck again.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He moaned before kissing my lips and pushing my flannel down my shoulders, past my elbows, and all the way off my arms, bunched up beneath my waist.

“I’ve heard it a couple times, but I’m going to need you to make me believe it…” I arched my back as he took my waist in his big hands and pressed his lips on my skin all the way down to the edge of my tank top.

“If you need it, than rather than telling you again, I’ll make you feel it.” He growled into the space between my breasts that was waiting for his loving.

Jiwon ripped my tank top up to reveal my pastel blue see through lace bra. His eyes went wild with lust, but he was shocked still, so I guided his head to the side of my breasts on the edge of my bra. Having collided with reality, he sprung into action. His hand flew up and groped my tit while his mouth worked on my nipple through the rough fabric, giving me a new sensation of insanity that I was enjoying all too much.

“Babe…” He groaned against my sensitive body. “I think I’m going to have fun with you today.”

“Really?” I asked, not entirely sure what he meant by that. “How do you plan to do that?” I was breathless from his hands electrocuting my entire body relentlessly and my mind was racing with only thoughts of clouded pleasure.

“Like this.” He growled and traced his tongue around the edges of my bra, then ripped if off. He started making a path down the middle of my stomach, little hickeys left everywhere, to where he finally collided with my unbuttoned jean shorts.

His hands deftly removed my shorts and panties, leaving me completely undressed, my clothes on the floor, and totally vulnerable to his tortures. Jiwon instantly dove into me, leaving no room for improvement of the way he was eating me. His tongue traced my clit then his teeth nipped at it, forcing me to buck my hips. His hands were playing with my inner thighs like they were a joke, and he was looking me in the eye from in between my legs.

“______, are you ready?” He whispered against my thigh, lightly placing a kiss like a feather where his breath caressed my skin.

I couldn’t find it in me to respond, my mouth and brain forgetting words, so I resorted to primal actions and shoved my hips back to his magical mouth. He understood my cave woman speak and started pumping his fingers into me, hooking them just right to hit my G-spot with each stroke.

“Fuck!” I cried out, my hands reaching for his long black hair to tangle their fingers into the mess of darkness. His rhythm never slowed or sped up, and his mouth never left my clit.

“Jiwon,” I managed to form a word breathlessly, “fuck me.”

This took him by surprise and he stopped. His small eyes grew in surprise and he looked up at me.

“Condom?” I sat up.

“Uh, glove compartment?” He looked confused and was breathing heavily. I stretched to the front seat, the rough material rubbing against my sensitive skin, and quickly searched the glove compartment to find the small square package of goodness that prevented me from getting pregnant. I tore it open.

“Ah, I can do it myself.” He took the condom from me and rolled it on after stripping himself.

“You just took half the fun…” I kissed him, still wanting the feeling of this fuck to run through me.

“Mm, whatever…” He mumbled into my mouth, our tongues tangling and dancing like there was no tomorrow.

My hands groped his abs and his hands caressed my sides. He pushed me back and continued to kiss me. The next thing I knew, he was inside of me and my eyes popped open like deer in the headlight’s. He was bigger than I’d expected, and it didn’t help that this was my first.

“Are you okay babe?” His eyes momentarily cleared of lust and his hand cupped my cheek lovingly. He was so perfect, I knew I was doing the right thing being with him.

I couldn’t respond because I was overly emotional, so I kissed him as sweetly as possible instead. Things quickly took a turn for being tremendously passionate again when he started ravaging my mouth. Jiwon’s hands became rougher and more possessive with their movements and he started rocking his hips to a beautiful rhythm, sending shockwaves of pleasure and insanity throughout my body.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms found their way to his back where I dragged my semi long nails down his skin. He moaned with ecstasy, the pain driving him crazy. His pace picked up speed with each thrust and soon we were both moaning in ecstasy, close to coming.

“Damn it, fuck me like you’ve never fucked any other girl!” I growled, not in my right mind. He groaned, appreciating the dirty talk and started nibbling my ear.

“You feel amazing, are you ready?” He was whispering dirty talk into my ear, continuing with things I don’t remember, because his rocking hips lead the building knot in my stomach to tighten one last time before releasing a huge wave of ecstasy. The pleasure continued to lap at me a few times and in the next seconds Jiwon joined me. His body collapsed on top of mine, both of us sweaty and panting, our slick bodies gliding against each other.

A thought crossed my mind, and I pushed Jiwon off of me. “We’re late for work. B.I’s going to kill you, yell at me, and Mina is going to strangle me!” I frantically reached around him for my panties and shorts.

“Haha! Don’t worry. The company was planning on celebrating your birthday today. There won’t be anything big.” Jiwon winked what little he could with his small eyes and casually got dressed.

“Where are my shoes?” I looked to the floor for my last item of clothing to put back on. Jiwon was fully dressed again too, fixing his hair through the rear view mirror.

“Probably outside. You kicked them off before I closed the door.” He stated casually, opening the door and slipping my shoes into my feet. “I love you.” He whispered before kissing me lightly and dragging me to the front seat so we could finally get to work.

turnupforkimbap how is it? You inspired me to write something of my own…