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snapshot » kth ; m

» request: nope

» genre: fluff, smut

» word count: 2.8k+

» author’s note: i really wanted to write and also try something new with my scenario formatting so here we are ?? anyways, let’s have this photo journalist au and cry about it :’) i also tried to include a lot of details and make it more lengthy than usual, so i hope it sounds okay??? nonetheless, i hope you lovelies enjoy~

» warnings: oral (male & female receiving), praise kink (kind of), 

**also, sorry if some of my photography knowledge is inaccurate; i tried to research as much as possible to make it accurate. even if some of the info is wrong, it probably won’t take away from the fic. and i’m sorry that the ending is kind of sucky, i really didn’t know where to go with it :( i hope you all enjoy anyway.

[nsfw under the cut]

You heave a dry sigh as you stare at the out-of-focus, too-bright photos laying in front of you. You gather them all up from your desk and shove them into your bag, embarrassed that you’re the only one falling behind in the photography class. In the front of the class, your professor drones on and on about using your free time on the weekends to practice printing in the dark room. If only you could teach properly, the voice in your head complains, maybe I’d have some decent prints. You zone out into your thoughts as he begins to show off some of his own prints he created, ranting on and on about how easy the techniques are.

You are stirred from your thoughts when someone slides into the seat next to you, nudging your arm. “I saw your prints,” the deep voice contains a twinge of amusement, and you let out a low groan. Taehyung chuckles lowly from beside you, the air around you suddenly increasing in temperature from the warmth radiating from his body. 

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there is something really summery and offbeat with sagittarius, they remind me of bongo drums and the smell of coconut sun tan oil. its the party of life with sagittarius, the joy of youth and exploration
the bliss of elderly wisdom, it’s the celebration of the whole vibratory character of being
Voice Crack

Friday 5

– today is our last day of spring break. My plan for today was having a picnic at our camp in Cypremort Point. The weather is beautiful today. Sitting in the sun- wind blowing over the water- waves hitting the rocks. A nap on the pier– anyway. Instead I’m cleaning out my daughter’s bedroom 😝. It needs to be done so I’m pretending that I wanted to do this instead.

– AND one of my favorite things about summer is smelling like sun tan lotion. It reminds me of the beach. I love the beach.

– my 14yo’s voice has decided to start changing. It’s bad enough I’ll have one in high school and one in middle school. He needed to start sounding like a man now!!!!😥. Every time his voice squeaks I’m reminded of Peter Brady and that episode when he sings– yeah anyway I guess I am old enough to have kids this old if I’m referencing old Brady Bunch episodes.

–Beezus hurt her paw. No clue what she did. I’ve looked at it several times. I don’t see anything. I push and squeeze gently and no reaction. But she’s limping and is constantly licking the pads on her toes.

– well the upside to this day is that hubby wants to take me to dinner. Always a win for me. Last night he actually asked me to come in the back room and watch Agents of Shield with him. (Yes- we really watched it) I’m voting for somewhere with chips and salsa.

Hope you’re all having a great Friday ☺️

unchary  asked:

you're so angelic, I swear you're an actual faerie! you remind me of tan blankets and pink sweaters and half-burnt-out candles on a beach and the full moon on a distant but constant night. also of the number 1994 and 6. your personality, to me, is soft and smells of nostalgic laundry detergent and freshly folded sheets out of the dryer along with a teddy bear. I hope that makes sense. I have synesthesia so my senses are all jumbled, but that's just how you are to me. xx

!!! wow! you should be proud of your synesthesia, because those are all the most beautiful and elegant and soft visuals! incidentally, some of my very favourite things, as well. 😌thinking of them gave me the warmest feeling in my stomach, and i couldn’t ask for a better emotion right now. thank you to the moon and back little angel, i adore your descriptions, and my heart could not be more flattered and loved. :,) ♡

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The attitude toward Klance reminds me of the Att@ck on T!tan fandom. A lot of Er*n/L*vi antis ship L*vi with Erw*n, and they shove it in the former shippers face, yelling about how canon it is (though there is no more support for it than anything else in AoT) and "why ship e*eri when you can ship e*uri". I now can't stand the ship (erw*n/l*vi) and their interactions in canon were ruined by antis constantly twisting it to fit their ship. It's why I haven't started VLD.

Literally I fucking hate the attitude in some fandoms where people act like one ship is superior than another like people can ship whatever tf they want your ship isn’t any better than any other ship just let people ship what they want and enjoy what they want this isn’t a competition of ‘which ship is better’

Dumplings Part 1

Because the issue of the dumplings was never resolved, and I’m terrible shipper trash.

This ended up being so long that I had to split it into three parts because I can’t resist making things complicated, apparently.

Also I wasn’t lazy and actually did research on regional foods of the Kyushu region where Ikitsuki island is, since I’m assuming they parted ways at the end of the anime somewhere around there. Tsuke-age are basically fish cakes. Writing this made me hungry.

Also, I’m assuming Fuu is 16 when they end their journey in the show, otherwise my math concerning the number of dumplings consumed wouldn’t work if she was still 15.

Shout-out to roolph for being my beta for these! She’s a fantastic artist, go check out her stuff!

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I feel like Hawkfrost as a lynx point makes more sense not only bc its genetically correct, but his name would also seem more reasonable?? Idk but the more whitish tan reminds me of frost while the brown for a hawk. Kinda like a frost bitten hawk pft

yea i feel you!! and he would get to keep his icy blue eyes

1.) You’re on my mind, but you’re not on my lips anymore.
2.) Do you even know how much your blue fucking eyes have messed me up? I hate looking at the sky most days because it reminds me of you.
3.) I just got my first tan in years by accident. My skin reminds me of the color of yours now. Maybe that tan happened to torture me some more.
4.) I have seen little parts of you in so many strangers, it’s like you’re everywhere I go.
5.) Sometimes, I really wish you’d run into me so you’d have to look at me and maybe you’d remember how much you love me.
6.) It’s been way too long since I last heard your voice, God I’m going to be sick.
7.) You didn’t say goodbye last time you came over, you said “See you later.” Please tell me when later is.
8.) My friends hate you for me. After everything you put me through, I can’t find one spot of me that can detest who you are.
9.) I care about you so much. I just want you to know that. Even if you don’t care about me.
10.) I just love you, okay.
11.) I really fucking love you. I don’t know why I’m stuck on you. I just am. No other person can compare to you. You are an entire ocean to me and everyone else is a drop of water.
—  Eleven 3 A.M texts I never sent
Like a Good Neighbour (A Calum Hood Smut)

Rating: R

Requested?: No, but feel free to hit me up!

Word Count: 2,205

A/N: Hiya! Because I got such a crazy response to Last Night (seriously, over 150+ in less than 24 hours) I decided to share some Neighbour Calum smut because it’s my fave (excuse the bad State Farm refrence). Hopefully you’ll all be as hooked as I am when you’re done! - Mxx

I’ve always been terrified of murderers breaking into my flat and attacking me. Maybe that’s why I chose to live on the fourth floor of my complex. Nothing could touch me four stories up, and that made me feel the safest I could in my downtown flat.

But what I hadn’t taken into account when making my safety a priority was that four flights of stairs was a lot to walk up.

The elevator had broken earlier this week due to some stupid guy trying to fit his entire fraternity into the small shaft. Repairs were still ongoing, and until they fixed it I would be taking those four flights of stairs several times a day. At least I could skip the gym.

I hadn’t purchased much at the shops, but my bags of groceries seemed heavier as I stared at the looming staircase. Living on the fourth floor was such a bad decision.

Beginning my trek, I tried to psych myself up. I can definitely make it up the stairs! This will be a piece of cake! Look, you’re already up a floor! Three more floors and you can sit on the couch and watch crappy television until class on Monday! No big deal at all.

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Dragon Age Cast Part 2: Gentlemans

Here we go! Part 2 with our mens! Let start from… Oh god, I can’t decide… OKAY, LET’S START FROM TRAITOR. 

Rendon Howe | x Alan Rickman

You know what’s funny? His nose reminds me Howe the most. Beside this fact, they are really similar. And Alan plays good as black character.~

Sten | x Dwayne Johnson

I don’t know. I chose him, because he is muscular too? It was really hard to find good actor for sten. 

Riordan | x Keanu Reeves


Zevran | x Craig Horner

Time for our horny elf boy. Okay, for me that was like butthurt. There doesn’t exist actor who looks similar to Zevran in our world. BUT WE HAVE RICHARD CYPHER- I MEAN CRAIG HORNER. YES. 

Irving | x Jeff Bridges

Hi ferelden Gandalf/Dumbledore/First Enchanter ~ You looks great. My fav old wizard from dragon age ever <3 Jeff would be perfect Irving. 

Greagoir | x Donalnd Sutherland

Jeff and Donald would make perfect duet, ( In my imagine I see this rivalry friendship. And you know what? IT’S AWESOME. ) that’s why I chose Donald for Greagoir. 

Oghren | x Peter Hambleton

Who doesn’t love Oghren? 
Maybe you don’t reminds this guy, but he played in Hobbit as dwarf ( Gloin ). YES THIS IS GLOIN. 

Solas | x Christian Monzon

Previously dwarf, and now eggelf. You know what makes me laugh? That Christian doesn’t need FAKE ELF EARS. THEY ALREADY LOOK LIKE THAT. And of course their baldness shines like the shell of an egg. 

Eamon | x Ian Mckellen

Time for The Grandpa of grandpas. Eamon and Ian have this type of ,,warm apperance", that brings to mind image of beloved grandfather. What do you want more?

Teagan | x Viggo Mortensen

Someone can say ,,WHAT HAVE YOU- HE IS ARAGORN, WHY TEAGAN, YOU CAN’T-“. Of course, I can. Viggo reminds me Teagan a lot. For irony, he has red hair on this photo, like Teagan. And come on! Teagan and Eamon are brothers. Looks who could play Eamon. NOW YOU SEE WHAT HAVE I DONE? Aragorn&Gandalf ftw!

Cole | x Mads Mikkelsen

When the time was come, to searching good fit for Cole, I thought ,,..Oh fuck, it will be hard.”. But no, it wasn’t. When I saw Mads in TV I said ,,..omg, it’s Cole!“. The whole story.

Carver | x Elijah Wood

Yes, yes. Let me introduce. Caver - Elijah Sorry Carver, we don’t like you. 

And now, the time has come for the best part of cast - COOKIES. Yes, cookies. I call this like that, because precious, handsome men are like the cookies - we want a whole box of cookies at once ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Blackwall | x Christian Bale

Christian is just Blackwall. Any other arguments are invalid. 

Dorian | x Robert Downey jr

Don’t judge me, ok? He really reminds me Dorian. A little more tan, mustachos, and he could be mr. perfect. 

Cailan / Maric | x Chris Hemsworth


VARRIC | x Gerald Butler

My lovely Varric. I spent 2 hours for searching good actor for him. After this 2 hours I gave up. And then I saw Gerald. First reaction: ,,Nooo.. he is my bae Phantom from opera” but his beard changed this in ,,Oh my gosh, yes. Come to my cast".

LOGHAIN | x Crispin Glover

Reason? He has the same cold eyes and frozen gaze. Perfect Loghain <3 

JOWAN | x Ian Somerhalder


FENRIS | x Luke Pasqualino

Little boy with eternal grimace. Just like Fenris.


Ow, Sebastian. I know, that a lot of people don’t like him, but I’m different. I LOVE. YOU. THAT WHY I GAVE YOU JUDE LAW. 

NATHANIEL | x Ben Barners

Second Howe. Good Howe. HOTTER HOWE ( Why there is no romance options for Nathaniel? ). AS HOT AS BEN BARNERS. 

Finally, the time came for my three favorite cookies:

ANDERS | x Tom Mison

He is Anders. Purrrfect. That was not mine idea to give Tom Anders role, but when I saw comparison I was like ,,OMG. REAL ANDERS". I approve Tom as Anders <3 

ALISTAIR | x Jensen Ackles

I think that nobody is surprised. Many people compares Jensen to Alistair. At first I was determined to find other actor for Alistair, but I didn’t found anyone, In that case I chose… Jensen Ackles. It’s not bad choice, but I expected something else. 

CULLEN | x Kellan Lutz

<Heavy Breathing> I FOUND. I FOUND HIM, I FOUND HIM, I FOUND HIM. THE PERFECT, REAL CULLEN. It was like a dazzle. I browsed “Twilight” actors, until I saw Kellan ( Emmett Cullen ). BOM! DAZZLE. CULLEN AS CULLEN. BRILLIANT. 

Hope you like it, and you have fun. Maybe I make part 3 in near future.