reminds me of saturday :3

About this time now a very grumpy and sleepy Isak is being smooched awake by his sunny boyfriend because they are supposed to meet at kollektivet for breakfast. 

“Come on, Baby. We’re gonna be late”  Even says as he stands up, thinking about taking the duvet with him, but then again he’d never do that to the love of his life (read: he knows he wouldn’t survive this). Isak huffs annoyed. 

“Who makes plans on saturday morning anyway? ‘s the day of sleeping in….who cares if we’re late, i need more time.” he sighs into his pillow. A tad over-dramatic if you ask Even, who chuckles down at him, smiling fondly. 

“Babe, if we are late you know that Eskild will make why are you late, you naughty boys jokes for the whole time we’re there, right?” 

And… good point. With a groan Isak rises from the cozy warmness that is their bed and maybe he will complain a good portion of the way but maybe he will also let Even smooch his cheek and maybe he will even hug Eskild back when they get to kollektivet and his Guru is throwing his arms around him. Almost lifting him from the ground with the force of his hug. 

Maybe he missed his Guru to pieces.

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That misquote with pichit reminds me of this fic i read like Saturday where yuuri kissed pichit 3 times while drunk to see if he liked it or not.

Please send it to me… I’m asking for a friend… ~Mod Star


Remember to spend time with yourself. To just be alone in a safe environment and go through the things in your head. It might seem scary, but trust me, it’ll bring you calm and clarity.
Also these bolsius lavender candles are the best, they really calm me and their mellow scent remind me of clean linen <3