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All the twilight talk is reminding me of that one story Robert had about a stalker of his - she was outside his hotels day after day for weeks on end, and finally he agreed to go on a date with her, but then on the date he made himself as boring as possible and complained about his work until she had her imaginary version of him completely shattered, like what an #icon


Send in a prompt!

1. Why does your hamster look like Adolf Hitler?
2. I understand I said get me anything, but this?
3. Are you kidding me? That’s your favorite Pokemon?
4. Fuck man… You broke my grandma’s urn at the party last night.
5. You want what shoved inside you when you die?
7. I’m bi and ready to die.
8. Don’t speak to me or my tiny boyfriend ever again.
9. Aren’t you lactose intolerant?
10. Welcome to McDonald’s. The fuck you want?
12. I’m trying to control you with the force.
13. What do you mean you can’t swim?!
14. Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.
15. Hey baby, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because your face looks like a disaster!
16. I have magic hair that glows when I sing.
18. Hello, this is the Suicide Hotline.
19. I’m afraid of storms, okay?
20. You’re telling me you’re from an alternate dimension?
21. Please explain to me how my kitchen blew up.
22. I just ate an entire bag of glitter.
23. Remind me why we’re robbing a Burger King?

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What signs are the Disney Princesses?

i don’t know, but i have written a lot of posts about the zodiac archetypes expressing in disney stories 

Sagittarius/Jupiter Aladdin

Virgo - Conscience

Capricorn ~ Cinderella

Aries - Maleficent

Gemini - Peter Pan

Libra - Snow White

Cancer - Wizard of Oz (not Disney but follows archetypal theme)

can’t remember if I have done anymore, if I do all add them. What I think is Scorpio emulates Beauty and the Beast because she must see more than what’s in front of her. The Little Mermaid reminds me of Pisces-Aries, coming from the safety of wintery sea into new life, Aries has sea legs cause they are just learning to walk. The sort of grand celebration and also grand sadness in the forced performance of Dumbo reminds me of Leo. Aquarius, Robin Hood -  “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor”. Uranus is a wacky, acidy planet so Wonderland is appropriate for Aquarius too. Taurus ~ Scrooge McDuck. Lol. Or maybe thats Capricorn too lol. But Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Taurus loves a nap. Sleeping Beauty, like Pisces, Venus exalts in Pisces, Pisceans could sleep for centuries and be awaken by true love’s kiss, that is the kiss of God 


remember when jasper woke up for the first time since he was speared and everyone was surrounding him showing so much concern but also immense relief that he was awake …theyd been protecting him from murphy they had so much faith in him…and even though hed literally missed death by like a centimeter he was still jovial and being cute with monty and octavia and clarke… thinking about that reminds me of how we were all robbed of a recovery arc

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Rob reminds me of a kitten. He just seems so vulnerable and in need of protection. I'm glad Aaron can be that for Robert as well as it being the other way round. They really seem to ground each other and I love them and their love for each other. I also bet Rob needs constant validation from Aaron because he's so scared that Aaron will leave him one day and that breaks my heart

*whispers* Robert Sugden has a praise kink…

Honestly I just want to hug him because he’s not a bad guy. He’s just a messed up little kid in a 30 year old body. It breaks my heart. Even he knows no one is there for him and it makes me hate everything. His biggest fear in the world used be being alone, but now it’s  being alone because he doesn’t have Aaron. I just….PROTECT ROBERT SUGDEN.

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rob ur sleepover post reminded me. i had a dream that me and a few of our mutuals went 2 a sleepover @ ur house and all ate cheese sandwiches together

CHISKY THAT’S SO SWEET……………. unfortunately i live in a dorm so maybe it will be a little cramped. also since it’s my room my rules, we are having tomato soup with our grilled cheese sandwiches.


Welcome to the Con Part 20

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Summary: Your friend Lauren and yourself are having the best time at a Supernatural convention. You meet Jared and Jensen in the photo op, and they’re just as awesome as you imagined. Jensen is charming and you seem to click right away. But as life goes, you sadly have to say goodbye. During the panel, however, the unexpected happens….

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A/N: Look what’s coming out on Friday instead of Monday! I hope you like it. Also, cookies for whoever gets the Nerd HQ reference. 

“Two years, huh?”

“To the day.”


“I know. The convention even matched up. I was really impressed.”

“What do you think Jensen has planned?”

“I don’t know. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

“Oh really?”

You grin evilly at Gen through FaceTime.

“I have a lovely evening filled with Batman movies, cuddling and a purchase I made at Victoria’s Secret last week.”

“Those kind of tricks.”


“Well, I’m sure you’ll have fun. Although you may like Jensen’s surprise more…”

“Genevieve….do you know something?”

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Final Curtain

[ Submitted by @wonderange​ for the 2017 Louden Swain SPN Mini Bang]

Rob and the guys took to the stage. They had taken a few years off, taking time for family and themselves. Those few years turned to several, time slipping away from their fingertips. Rob received the call that the next convention was going to be the last for one of the long standing characters. Conference calling the other band mates, they decided to reunite. It had been so long since Michael, Billy and Stephen had seen Rob. You could hear the enthusiasm in the way they talked about song choices and how many sets they should do.

“I want to do Suit and Tie for Mark, it reminds me kinda of Crowley’s character. Sorta suits him” Rob said over the line. “That sounds like a plan.”, Michael chimed in. “Do you think he will get the connection and not be offended, since this is his last convention?” Stephen questioned. “Nah, I think he will get the humor in it, especially the last stanza.” Billy added before everyone hung up. Each member started setting up their schedules, warming up the vocal chords and guitars.

Several months later, Louden Swain get together for drinks the night before the con started. The camaraderie picked up as if it were just a few days since the had last seen each other. Hugs made the rounds, as well as beers. Each one talking over the other, but never missing what the other was saying. The bond these men shared rivaled that of Jensen and Jared, they would stand behind each other, love them like a brother, and be inspired by one another.  They were their own little family within the Supernatural Family.

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The Pack Parkour
  • Jerome: So many statues of Mitch. I feel like we're on the shrine of BajanCanadian
  • Rob: Like where's the merome? Like what
  • Jerome: The only time I feel weirder than this is when I sneak into his bedroom at night and watch him sleep. That's what it reminds me of
  • Rob: There you guys have it
  • Lachlan: You heard it here first
  • Preston: We're confirming new things
  • Jerome: He's just going to wake up one night and there's going to be lit candles and just flower peddles
  • Preston: Oh my gosh, Jerome you are the best boyfriend
  • Rob: He'll know exactly what's going on

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5 7 15 22 49 ❤💀🔪

5. Name a few songs that reminds you of someone, and who it remind you of.
scarecrow by ministry, again, reminds me of you and p, and i cry every time, lol.
black no. 1 by type o negative now reminds me of myself because of you.
dragula by rob zombie reminds me of my sister??? i don’t know why

7. Define your “aesthetic”.
long shirts that look like dresses with offensive remarks on them, fishnets, dr martens, tattoos and piercings is my aesthetic, lol.

15. What’s a philosophy you agree with, but fail to live by?
shit, i really don’t live by anything besides live life but i guess i’m failing terribly at that since i just stay home, eat and smoke, lol. homebody life *throws hands in air*

22. Would/have you ever pierced your genitalia?
*cringes* my nipples are enough, lol

49. What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you? And the best?
worst?? man, i can think of one thing but it’s a trigger warning so i’d rather not say it, lol.
and best time? probably graduating from high school, yayyyy

thank you for asking my lovely wife 🖤💓❤️😎😊😜😘 lol