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TVD 1x19 Review ... tipsyish (heavy on the ish)

1.       Love the way Elena smiles at Stefan.  And how they smile when they kiss.

2.       Also like when Elena says “We’re going to be late” and Stefan is like oh let me grab my stuff, Ill be right behind you, she has a slightly crestfallen expression like, we’re not going to walk in together? But…

3.       Why exactly didn’t John just kill Damon and then tell the town that he was a vampire? Why is this plot elaborate when it doesn’t need to be?

4.       Legit, Damon’s smile is like the Grinch’s.

5.       BONNIE.

6.       That weave is fucking terrible.

7.       “I’m here on behalf of my mother.” “Behalf of or in spite of?” I don’t understand this as a response, it’s supposed to be witty but like … is Damon saying that Anna is here, as in on the world, despite her mother who is “destructive”? Am I just too buzzed to understand the response or is it actually just misplaced? It feels misplaced. It’s going to bother me.

8.       Ofc Bonnie is back and no one is really talking about her grief, like Elena “tries” but Caroline interrupts and is Caroline but when Caroline tries to gauge if Elena will drop out of Miss Mystic, I love that Bonnie has this grin on her face like lol, MF still the same.

9.       Aww, Stefan and Elena hanging up with “I love yous”!

10.   Lol I like how Damon is acting like Stefan stealing blood bags is the only thing that’s compromising their safety in MF as if John, who he tried to kill doesn’t know that he’s a vampire and as if it wasn’t his damn fault that the council was altered to vampires in the town in the first place.

11.   Why do they keep making a big deal of Pearl and Katherine being best friends? Like there really is no significance to that.

12.   One of my favourite SE dances! They are so goofy! This is so adorable.

13.   Literally never see Elena this goofy with Damon.

14.   Even in Bonnie’s grief, she has to say she won’t put Elena in a situation where she has to choose sides. Can’t even let her be angry and resentful and sad freely.

15.   I kind of like Anna’s butterfly earrings.

16.   I would expect the MMF pageant to have its own hair stylist but I guess not.

17.   I just realized they’re playing a string version of “Clocks” in the background when everyone is getting ready at the pageant.

18.   Now I want to listen to Clocks. It also reminds me of that Peter Pan trailer.

19.   I think I got a glimmer of Old Elena in her exchange with Amber because Amber is anxious and freaking out about being the centre of attention and Elena is all “oh do you want privacy so you can change?” but when Amber opts for air, Elena has this smirk/grimace on her face.

20.   LOL so Damon and Elena actually had NO scenes together for 21 minutes and 25 seconds, they’ve barely interacted this ENTIRE season, it actually isn’t that much of a love triangle when they’re BARELY together but oh yes, 1x19 the EPIC DE episode, the EPIC DE scene that is SO contrived.

21.   This entire thing just reminds me of Stefan’s very valid point in season 8 when he’s like so you could’ve helped me, you could’ve tried to look for me but you chose to dance with Elena instead except of course him dancing with Elena is like … she hasn’t done anything for you to do this, Damon, it only makes sense if you’re trying to stick it to Stefan, which is what this entire episode is about. He constantly talks about how Stefan is drinking human blood but doesn’t actually do anything to help him then he goes to Elena and is basically like so your boyfriend isn’t Mr. Perfect anymore and then he chooses to dance with her instead of being a decent brother. Trash.

22.   Laugh my MOTHERFUCKING ASS off to that anon who said Paul was a terrible actor. That agitation and anxiety and high and lows and desperation and guilt in this ONE scene with Amber is fucking everything.

23.   “That’s the first time I felt it. How sexy he was.” Really? Because you look like you’re about to throw up, my girl.

24.   I used to give them the MF dance but it’s actually not that sexy/charged of a dance it just so happens to be the sexiest/most charged dance of the DE dynamic, which isn’t the same thing at all. Like Nina’s trying to bring it with her eyes but Ian has no presence, he’s just squinting his eyebrows.

25.   And she has that little grin and I’m like …  I guess? There isn’t anything particularly special about this dance though, but like whatever, let’s make something out of literally nothing because it’s the Delena way.

26.   Blood on shards of mirror doesn’t automatically mean vampires, but whatever.

27.   Out of control, addicted, spiralling Stefan is mid-feed but he hears Elena’s voice and he stops feeding. This is an example of showing not telling.

28.   Also I get that Bonnie wanted to stop Stefan from possibly hurting Amber so that’s why she used her magic to stop him but legit if it were me and I was supposed to have the rage that Bonnie had, I would just make Stefan finish Damon off and then incapacitate him later.

29.   Stefan and Elena’s second “You shouldn’t be here”

30.   DE fans like to compare this scene to the compulsion scene that Damon fails in season 4 because when Stefan says, “Why would you risk it?” she says “Because I did this” and when Elena has faith that Damon will fight the compulsion he says, “Why because Stefan did?” and she says “Because I love you, because you love me” but here is the thing about context, Elena has repeatedly said that she loves Stefan in this scene without saying I love you. “You shouldn’t be here.” “I know.” “All you did is expose me to who I really am.” “No, you can’t scare me off.” If it was simply a matter of her feeling guilty then she wouldn’t have to be the one in the room, it could’ve been Damon. She says “because this is my fault” because she’s devastated that her blood started his downward spiral and psychological break, this entire scene is about love and their love conquers this part of Stefan’s life. Damon said sorry and sped away.

31.   “Stefan, I’m not going to give up on you, I BELIEVE in you” I just realized that when Elena confronts Stefan about the blood at the pageant he says, “Elena, I thought you believed in me…” and she’s showing him that she does. Makes this scene ALL THE BETTER.

32.   Even the way she strokes his hair as he’s spiralling downward, that physical need to comfort him through his pain. Lmfao, DE could never. SC could never.

33.   And the way she tries not to cry before stabbing him with vervain.

Thanks for reading! I was vaguely tipsy in the beginning and quite sober by the end.

“Neverland is home to lost boys like me.”

BBS as the Lost Boys <3

Their Gang Beasts outfits reminded me of the Lost Boys’ outfits in Peter Pan, so I just watched the movie and got this idea. :-)

(I added Ohm instead of Mini since Mini’s been showing up less in the group videos, and Ohm’s been making more of an appearance lately.)


pls give this kids a break!

so in this chapter Gilda said what we all think

how will that girl convince the kids to follow her?

here are my thoughts

1) she is a young girl, not a 12 year old kid, so she could be a girl who escaped long ago (what if she was from Grace Field and Gilda knows her? maybe she is the owner of this doll mama kept in her secret room

 I know it’s unlikely, but the author loves to do this kind of triks)

but if she is human why she wears a hood? it’s just for suspence or her appearance is altered? 

2) her robes reminded me immediately of the “lost boys” in Peter Pan’s story (Peter Pan himself is dressed in a leaf dress…. coincidence?)

3)about the suspicious timing she appeared: maybe she was testing the kids to see if they were able to survive (if we think about it the pen, the books and all the clues Minerva left are useful only if you are smart enough to decipher them)   ….so when Emma collapsed and Ray was found, she decided to help them

It’s a bit far-fetched but it’s the only solution I came up with

(also sorry for my bad english)

anonymous asked:

Jake, your behavior reminds me so much of Peter Pan- you're so cheerful and think on the bright side! (One of my other "identities" behaves similar to that! Maybe you'd like him)- A

Aha, I’ve been told if I never got famous I’d be Peter Pan at a Disney park :L

Thank you ^_^ I’m sure we would!

evergreenwriter  asked:

You remind me more of Wendy from Peter Pan. Very youthful and having child-like optimism, but also very caring and mature like a mother.

That is the sweetest thing! Although I think you think a little too much of me not gonna lie!

Peter Pan

The still attic had a calming peace to it as you stood within the darkness. You weren’t scared at all, having living here for years; everything that was stored up here seemed like lost treasure.

Cursing yourself for not bringing a flashlight, you walked cautiously in the darkened attic feeling around so you wouldn’t knock over anything. You made it over to the other side of the room that held a single window grasping onto the string to lift up the curtain.

Your eyes squinted a little at the dimming sunlight that poured through the window. You turned around to see the revealed boxes and objects hidden by sheets draped over them. Everything seemed to be covered in dust as you made a mental note to do some spring cleaning up here but for now, you just wanted to explore.

Deciding on the first box beside the window, you knelt down as you opened up the box to see what was hidden in it. Your eyes wandered over the items in wonder as your hand reached inside. Your fingers grazed over some books until they stopped at one in particular. You grasped it in your hand pulling it out as you stood up.

You dust off the leathery cover of the book, noticing the worn out pages that were kept inside. Opening up the cover to reveal the first page, your eyes widened incredulously. It wasn’t just any book, but a diary. Familiar feelings started to wash over you as your fingers grazed the words that you poured out into this very page. Eyes starting to water and a smirk tugging at your opened mouth, you were unable to believe you had found this diary as you began to read.

  “Whatcha reading?”

He had appeared out of nowhere when you first met him. Knelt down in front of you with his arms hanging in front of his knees and a playful smirk, he stared right into your eyes. You looked from left to right, wondering why you hadn’t noticed him come up to you before until you let your attention fall back to him.

“Poems.” You answered nonchalant.

He leaned a bit forward to peer at the inside of your book letting you stare right at the back of his head. You furrowed your eyebrows at the nerve of him to invade your privacy not knowing who the hell he was. He leaned back with a pout at his lips as he cutely stared at you.

“Why are they depressing?”

Was he serious? Appearing out of nowhere and then invading the privacy of a stranger, the nerve of people these days. You didn’t have to answer his question if you didn’t want to. You ought to have given him a piece of your mind. Why did matter if your poems were depressing, it wasn’t his business.   

He cocked his head at you, still wearing that cute little pout. You shook your head out of your thoughts.

“Because they just are, why do you care anyway?”

“Because depressing is no fun.” He said with his pout turning into a broad smile. He stood up quickly while leaning his hand down out to you.

“My name’s Baekhyun by the way.”

You looked at him curiously as you reached your hand up to shake. You yelped in surprise when he instead grasped your hand and pulled you up into standing position. You were flustered at how close you two were as he stared into your eyes.

“And yours?” he asked casually. You pushed back from him as you let out a breath.


His mouth turned into a smirk as he stared at you in wonderment.

“That’s really pretty.”

You cursed the blush that spread over your face as you muttered out a ‘thanks’ while running your hand through your hair. It was unusual how this boy was making you feel so shy. You looked up when you noticed he held his hand out again for you to take. He smirked and cocked his head to the side.

“C’mon ___, let me show you how to leave the world behind.”

You didn’t really know what had possessed you to take his hand that day. Having various meaning to what he had said you still went along with him anyway, and you didn’t regret it.

A couple of months passed as you spent your time with Baekhyun. Almost every day you met with him at the same spot and the two of you would go on little adventures. They consisted of walking around, going out to cafes, attending parties or events in town. He never failed at keeping you entertained.

You couldn’t deny after a while, you enjoyed his company. Each day he made you see the fun things in life that could keep you happy. The more time you spent with him, the more you opened up. You talked to him about your life, about how much hurt and pain you felt within yourself. Not once had he ever judged you though. As if he understood what you were feeling, he only comforted you more with his presence.    

“You know you kinda remind me of Peter Pan.” You said chuckling one night on your way home.

Baekhyun looked to you with a smirk at his lips. “So what, you want me to dress in all green and throw pixie dust at you?”  

You laughed out loud nudging him with your elbow. “No silly,” you giggled. “I’m just saying, you’re like Peter Pan. Coming out of nowhere and whisking me away to your Neverland.”

Baekhyun stopped in his tracks making you look back towards him in confusion. He had his hand on his heart as if he had been struck by your words.

“___, are you confessing to me?”

You rolled your eyes at him unable to hold the chuckle that escaped your lips.

“You wish.” You retorted back. “Now c’mon, walk me home.”

Before you could turn and start walking without him, Baekhyun grabbed your wrist pulling you in an opposite direction.

“Baek what are you doing?” you asked agitated.

“Before you go home, let me show you something.” He answered hurriedly dragging you up a grassy hill. You realized where his destination was, as he led you to the oak tree that stood proudly on top of the hill.

He let you go as you took the time observing your surroundings. The calming air enveloped you as you watched the little lights of fireflies. You turned your attention to Baekhyun smiling widely as you waited for his next move. He stared at you seriously as he moved closer to you, as if he was nervous.

“Relax for me, kay?”

You did as you were told continuing to smile. You felt his hands envelope yours as he lifted them up to chest level. He concentrated on your hands for a while looking at them as if they were supposed to do something. You looked at his furrowed eyebrows longing to raise your hand to his face. Afraid to be caught by your staring, you looked back down at your hands noticing something happening.  

A small glow began to show within your hands that seemed to be produced by his. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing wondering if you had catched a firefly.

Baekhyun watched the way your lips turned into a wide smile making his heart pound. He smiled as well when you looked up at him staring into his eyes deeply.

In that moment with the tiny light between your hands that shone bright along with the fireflies in the night, Baekhyun leaned slowly towards you capturing your lips with his in a sincere kiss. That had done it for you, his soft lips caressing yours. Deepening the shared kiss more, you knew your heart belonged to him.   

The soft taps on your window stirred you out of your sleep as you groaned. Throwing the covers off, you got out of bed to open your window. Lifting it up you couldn’t keep back the smirk as you stared at the boy keeping his balance on the tree branch in front of your window. He grinned at you from his squatting position even though he was at risk of falling.

“Haven’t seen you in a while Baek, what do I owe the lovely visit?” you inquired playfully.  

“A little help inside your room would be a start.” He answered back reaching out his hand. You grasped it with yours pulling him inside with much effort. Once inside, you didn’t waste any time wrapping your arms around him in a hug. He squeezed back, making you giggle when he shuffled you both over to your bed dropping down onto it.

You both sat up trying to quiet down your laughs. He reached over to you tucking a strand of hair behind your hair making you blush.

“I’ve missed you Baek.” You said quietly, happy that he was with you now. He smiled and leaned forward kissing your lips as he whispered the same. But that smile disappeared when he leaned back and looked at you with something on his mind. You face mimicked his, unhappy that he looked this way.

“What’s wrong?”

His swallow was visible as he straightened up more and opened his mouth to speak.

“___, I’m leaving soon.”

You blinked, taken back by what he said.

“What do you mean leaving, where are you going? You’ll be back right?”

He took your hand in his in hopes you would calm down. He gave a tiny smile that earned him a released breath from you.

“I’m going somewhere far away but-”

You shook your head as you tried to swallow away the lump that was forming in your throat. Blinking the sting in your eyes you held back a whimper.

“I don’t want you to leave,” you managed to get out. “I need you.”

Baekhyun scooted closer to you rubbing your arms to comfort you in some way. You finally felt the tears roll down your cheeks as you started to tremble. You gripped his arms, afraid he would disappear right in front of you.

“Please don’t leave me.” You whimpered out. “I’m really happy when I’m with you. You make me see the joy in life. Y-you chased away all of the sadness I’ve always felt. Please Baek don’t go, just stay with me.”

You pleaded to him not being able to let him go. His eyes gleamed as if he was going to cry, but only smiled softly as he let his forehead touch yours.  

“You’ll see… that I have never left you.”

You didn’t want to but knew it was of no use. He was leaving and you could only hope that he would return. The tears didn’t stop as you released him from your grasp. He wrapped his arms around you rubbing your back as you silently cried into his shoulder. He lied you down into bed as he brought you closer to his chest.

After a while the tears did stop as you continued to lay in Baekhyun’s arms. You were feeling tired but tried to keep awake in hopes he wouldn’t leave. But you knew in your heart he would.

“Goodbye Baekhyun.” You whispered out feeling yourself grow sleepier.

“Don’t say goodbye,” He said kissing the top of your head. “Because goodbye means you’ll forget.”  

You shook your head and snuggled closer to him. “I will never forget you. Will you forget me?”

“You are written in my memories, you can’t be erased.”

You smiled a little at his cheesiness and felt yourself even more drawn to falling asleep, but not before you whispered out your final words.

“I love you…”

You faintly heard him answer you as you drifted off into dreamland.

“I will always love you, and I will always be waiting.”

You didn’t know how long that had been but you were glad he stayed that night with you. You turned to the last page that was in scripted all about Baekhyun. Unable to bring yourself to read it, you closed the diary keeping your hand on the cover.

Looking up out the window you realized how much time had passed seeing the sun setting. Setting the diary down on the box, you walked towards the window looking up at the sky getting ready to darken. You smirked and closed your eyes as you straightened up. Clasping your hands together, you held them close to your chest as you made a silent wish.

Our story is not over,

Because we will meet again.