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20 questions

I got tagged by @iammissimpossilbe (thank you soooo much!) and I’ll happily do this now! 

Rules: Answer 20 questions and then tag followers you’d like to get to know! 

Name: Olivia-Louis

Nickname: Liv, Livi (and sometimes Olive)

Zodiac sign: cancer

Height: 180cm, orrrr 5.9f

Sexual Orientation:  straight but sometimes confused, maybe bi?

Ethnicity/ Race: white

Fav Fruit: apples

Fav Season: the inbetween time, the times of change between two seasons, that’s what I like most, but besides that autumn!

Fav book series: Lockwood & Co by Jonathan Stroud / Graceling by Kristin Cashore / Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan / Bartimaeus by Jonathan Stroud 

Fav flower: Freesias! Oh I love them, their smell always reminds me of my mom.

Fav scent: freesias and roses, but only real flowers, not bottled in perfume etc.

Coffee, Tea, CoCoa: Cocoa, I’m an addict, seriously…

Cat or Dog person: BOTH

Average sleep: 8+ hours, since I’m a rational person :b

Fav Fictional Characters: Anthony Lockwood, Fred Weasley, Captain America, Frank Castle, Dustfinger, Percy Jackson (seriously, I could go on and on and on and on…)

Number of Blankets you sleep with: Two, ususally, but in the summer only one, in winter it could be three!

Dream Trip: DISNEYLAND (please, someone take me…) 

Blog created: in June 2012

Fav Tv show: Parks & Recreation, probably

Number of followers: 830 wonderful people 

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The Night She Took (My Breath Away) SMUT (NSFW 18+)

A/N: Hi guys. I have no idea where is came from but here it is. The titles is from this song I Don’t Know Her Name by Bad Boy Blue and I think the lyrics are perfect for this song. Also, idfc by Blackbear helped me with the smut. Thank you thank you thank you to @writing-obrien for helping with this. She’s such a lifesaver, She’s always there to jump in and take over.

Warning: SMUTTT, Slight alcohol abuse(I mean their drunk so), mentions for drugs

Word Count: 5482

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So I gave myself a sad on the way home from work. I’m not masochistic (or sappy) enough to write all of it, but I’m sharing a bit, anyway.

(Implied spoilers for episode 103.)


The third time Percy dies, it’s an instantaneous thing. Maybe the whole process has changed somehow in the last 60 or so years, since the last time he did this. Whatever it is, he’s grateful for the lack of drama. 

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Imagine the can of whoop-ass Farah would empty on Friedkin if she found out that he held a gun to Amanda’s head and literally took a shot at Todd.

He threatened not one but both Brotzman siblings and hoo boy, Farah is not having any of that nonsense on her watch.