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You can be anti haghan, like me, but that doesn't mean you do all your might to deny they are dating. they are, tbh and we have to get over it. I have doubts because they are moving a bit too fast for my liking and i want them to slow it down before even thinking about marriage. i am fearful that if they move too fast, it might result in divorce; they have a LONG way before even considering marrying each other. they should give it at least 3 years. tbh

Yeah, you don’t HAVE to like Meghan, that is your choice, I know a few people who don’t like her. That’s fine. What I find annoying and just plain wrong is the level some people will go to DENY that Meghan and Harry are together, It reminds me of something Larries would do. Like, stop saying the photos are photoshopped or something like that, stop saying you have sources when you really don’t. It makes you look that much bitter. 


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Have you been living for the Samson, Sam and Noah on screen the last few days??!?!!! When Samson said a line in the shop I was like My 👏 Son 👏 Is 👏 Incredible👏 And I love the storyline of Sam being a selfless dad and Samson learning that his dad is trying his best and money isn't everything. Sam sliding across the bonnet of the Porsche made my day 😍 Can they PLEASE give this beautiful little family more screen time?? And can Sam adopt Noah????

yes yes yes! I want to adopt Samson. He’s such a little munchkin. He spoke. He’s so cheeky and realistic. Sam is such a darling, always has been. What a great Dad! Bless him striding around in Frank’s jacket and Meghan’s sunglasses. He reminded me a little of Cain in that get up, but a soft pure version. Sam and Samson’s bond just oozes out of the screen. Even if he was calling his Dad a pushover it was without malice, just kinda like that’s my Dad. Oh God, I loved that scene! I paused and rewatched him sliding across the bonnet like a badass a few times. So playful and full of life. Just to entertain his son. I love how Samson was pretending to be reluctant but was secretly chuffed. Then he actually let him choose the shoes. Treating his son will come above dates any day. A lot of people in Emmerdale could learn from him. My favourite part was watching Samson and Noah just chilling comfortably in the background. They are both characters often forgotten, so its kinda amusing to see them together as mates. It was almost like brothers, just a casual relaxed scene. So it’d totally fit if Noah was his son. It’s not like Charity would ever even consider putting her son before her date. Sam is such a decent guy. I’m just living through his happiness and softness. He is what makes Emmerdale the village it is.


Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass

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You honestly remind me so much of Meghan Trainor because your confidence, independence, and your lack of insecurities. I love how much love you show for your followers and the encouragment you give them. I hope your day has been great!!!

I think this is my favorite ask I’ve ever received! I’ve had a lovely day, thank you baby. I hope you’ve had a great day as well!!