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Headcanon- If he had a cat, King Dice would have a rag doll cat. It's a very social cat so its good with customers and knows who to avoid, it looks pompous enough to be a rich person's cat and its colors kind of remind me of dice. Also he can play the james bond villain trope of stroking his cat when trolling.



(Sorry that the cat’s so hidden, it was both an accident and because I can’t draw cats at all.)

My New Pet (Part 2) ~Jim Moriarty Imagine~

Hello humans! I’m sorry this took so long, but as requested, here is a part 2! I really, really want to make a part 3, so let me know if I should! I hope you enjoy it! :)    

Part One!

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Jim pulled a chair up to mine and sat his torso against the back of it.  
“Please don’t hurt me.” I whispered through my tears.
He stared at me intently before speaking.
“I’m not going to hurt you unless you hurt me, kitten.” He stated calmly.
He tapped his fingers against the chair and sighed.
“First thing’s first though. Since you’re going to be my pet, you need the right attire. There’s a change of outfit for you upstairs. I
want you to put it on then come right back. If you try anything, it’ll really hurt me..and we don’t want that now do we?” He taunted.
I shook my head and straightened up.
“That’s my girl.” He smirked.
He stood up from his chair and untied me from mine, but kept the ropes around my hands. We walked up the dark stairs and into a
very big room that I guessed was his house. He walked me towards a bedroom and opened the door, leading me in. He kicked the door closed
behind him and pointed to the outfit that laid on the bed. The outfit consisted of a black pencil skirt, a white button up with a navy
blue vest, a skinny black tie and a pair of black heels. He undid the ropes around my wrists and leaned against the door.
“Get dressed.” He demanded.
“I’m not getting dressed while you look.” I stated as I rubbed my chafed wrists.
He rolled his eyes dramatically and turned around to face the door with his arms crossed. I knew better than try to run or escape, so I
did what he said. I put on the outfit and heels, then cleared my throat when I was finished. He turned around and looked me up and down
before grabbing my arm again and leading me to the living room. He sat me down on the couch as he pulled out his phone and made a few
calls. I stared up at the high ceilings, then glanced at the paintings on the wall. A tall painted portrait of Moriarty was hanging above
the stoned fireplace and the wall was gunmetal. The couch I was sitting on was black leather and the matching silk curtains were drawn,
making the room slightly dim. I huffed at the thought that for a criminal, he had great taste.
“Lovely isn’t?” He spoke, breaking my admiration.
My eyes met his and I nodded slightly.
“I may be a consulting criminal, but i’m not tacky.” He remarked with a smirk.
I felt my lips try to tug at a smile, but I looked down instead. He sauntered closer to me and grabbed my arm, pulling me up.
“I have a special project for you.” He smirked as he walked me towards the hallway, stopping at door at the end of it.
The door was big and metal and was activated by a small key pad. Jim quickly typed in the code and it opened, revealing a round, narrow
staircase that lead somewhere below the flat. We carefully walked down the stairs, the door closing behind us and entered a pitch black
room. He clapped his hands twice and the lights turned on revealing his gun room. Different kinds of machinery were hanging on the walls
and the horizontal tables held different kinds of bullets. I couldn’t help, but chuckle a bit.
“What’s funny?” He asked in annoyance.
“Nothing it’s just…this is so typical mastermind villain. You kind of remind me of a James Bond villain.” I joked.
He smirked to himself before turning to me with a serious stare.
“I’m glad you find this amusing because this is where you’ll be spending most of the day. I want you to take apart, clean and reassemble
each gun. I want them to shine and I want it done by 6. Got it?” He demanded.
I nodded and sat down on the stool at one of the tables. Jim took one of the guns off the wall and laid it down in front of me.
“Get started.” He hissed before walking back up the staircase and locking me in the room.
I sighed and began to take the gun apart.

2 hours past when Moriarty came back. He examined the guns and nodded.
“Good. You did good.” He stated.
“I had enough time to clean each of them twice.” I reported.
“How?” He questioned as his head turned to me.
“Like you said…I’m Sherlock’s sister, I’m not completely dumb.” I laughed.
He dropped his head and smiled at the floor.
“Your next project is going to involve a change in outfit.” He remarked, looking back up at me.
“What am I doing?” I asked as I stood up.
“We’re going to a dinner event tonight. I’m meeting with some clients and you’re going as my date.” He explained.
I nodded and followed him up the stairs and back into the living room; this time without him holding onto my arm. He opened the same bedroom
door from earlier and let me walk in. He stood by the door frame and leaned against it.
“There’s a dress hanging in the closet.” He said pointing to the black doors to my left.
“How do you have all these clothes for me?” I asked.
“I like to plan ahead.” He sighed before shutting the door, leaving me alone.
I walked to the closet and opened it. A long, one sleeved, emerald dress was hanging on the hanger. As I reached out to grab it, I heard my
phone buzzing. I exclaimed in shock as I pulled it out of my jacket on the bed. I hadn’t even realized Jim had put it back in my
pocket. Sherlock’s name was across the screen as the phone still buzzed. I checked my surroundings, then walked into the closet, closing the door
behind me and answering the call.
“Y/N, where are you?” Sherlock immediately spoke.
“Moriarty has me.” I whispered as quietly as possible.
“I don’t know, but I’m okay.”
“I’m going to find you Y/N..I just need time. Distract him as much as you can and whatever you do, don’t make him angry.”
“I have John and Mycroft helping me so it won’t be long.”
“Okay. I have to go before he hears me.”
I hung up the phone and slid it back into my jacket pocket. I then grabbed the dress and put it on, along with the black heels. After looking in
the mirror, I opened the door and strolled into the living room. Jim was fixing his cuff as he stared into the mirror above the fire place. His
eyes shifted and he looked at me through the mirror. He hands slowly dropped as he turned around to look at me physically. His eyes trailed up and
down my figure as I stared back at him. He was dressed up in a tux with his bow tie neatly done around his neck and needless to say, he looked very
attractive. His lips tugged to the corner of his mouth before finally speaking.
“Ready, kitten?” He asked.
I nodded as he grabbed my hand and led me to the front door.

Part 3!

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Cat Woman and Bond

Rating: T? (Maybe. Probs less.)

Word Count: 883

Request: Garcia is hosting a costume party, and the reader and Hotch has been secretly dating for a while. Reader gets him to go and wear a costume, nothing too flashy, obviously. But the reader drinks a little too much and starts showing Hotch affection, and he tries to play it off as the reader just being like her character. He drives her home when she had too much, and the next day, they have a fluffy convo about last night 

Notes: Hope this is something like what you wanted. It kinda wrote itself and got away from me. Okay. Got all the Halloween fics out. Thanks for sticking with me guys!

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the newest Real Men Wear Tights chibi! I decided to go forth and finish all the humans next so I did Jake. He kinda reminds me of like some strange cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond. Like jungle secret agent… Regardless I love his design much like all the others =3 so enjoy! Next I’ll be doing Jane, I’m actually quite excited about her design I always kind of enjoyed the look of crockertier Jane. With that it leaves only Equius, Tavros, Gamzee, Vriska, Aradia, and Feferi left to draw. =3 Enjoy as always! ~ Kera

Kai: Hiroshima, thanks for today!
it was so much fun.
feels like there were a lot of guys, huh… …
Aoi: thanks, Hiroshima! we’ll come back to meet you guys again!
Reita: great job, Hiroshima! thank you! until that day we meet again. see ya!
Ruki: done with Hiroshima. I had fun. we’ll be back. thank you so much.

Ruki: I do regret that my ear monitor seems to have broken.
ai_Isgk: you really suffer from those ear monitors, don’t you (lol)
Ruki: I guess, I must be cursed, huh (lol)
Ruki: we’re traveling so got some time off  

Ruki: which reminds me, the new James Bond movie was so damn good.
from all the movies I’ve seen this year it’s definitely at the top of the list, I think.
Ruki: did you guys come across any good movies?
Ruki: I don’t really have any horror movie recommendations but I don’t think there’s anything that exceeds the movie I saw the devil*, don’t you think? though that’s just my personal opinion. I’d rather like to watch and find out about some that are even better.
Reita: seriously!
Ruki: oh and, it’s not a movie, but Shitamachi Roketto**, right?
Ruki: as someone who produces things myself, there are lot of parts I agree with and respond to, you know. it’s a really good drama.
Ruki: oh, I got sleepy…
Ruki: I saw my friend sleepiness****

Reita: the book I brought for the trip was so interesting that I’m already through.
Reita: I was reading the novel Hazakura no kisetsu ni kimi wo omou to iu koto***. 

*Korean movie (original: 악마를 보았다, Akmareul boatda)
**Japanese TV/radio drama (original: 下町ロケット, translates to something along the lines of: backstreet rocket)
***Japanese novel (original: 葉桜の季節に君を想うということ, something like: I think of you when the cherry blossoms have fallen)
****referring to the movie he mentioned earlier “I saw the devil”