reminds me of james bond

the newest Real Men Wear Tights chibi! I decided to go forth and finish all the humans next so I did Jake. He kinda reminds me of like some strange cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond. Like jungle secret agent… Regardless I love his design much like all the others =3 so enjoy! Next I’ll be doing Jane, I’m actually quite excited about her design I always kind of enjoyed the look of crockertier Jane. With that it leaves only Equius, Tavros, Gamzee, Vriska, Aradia, and Feferi left to draw. =3 Enjoy as always! ~ Kera

Kai: Hiroshima, thanks for today!
it was so much fun.
feels like there were a lot of guys, huh… …
Aoi: thanks, Hiroshima! we’ll come back to meet you guys again!
Reita: great job, Hiroshima! thank you! until that day we meet again. see ya!
Ruki: done with Hiroshima. I had fun. we’ll be back. thank you so much.

Ruki: I do regret that my ear monitor seems to have broken.
ai_Isgk: you really suffer from those ear monitors, don’t you (lol)
Ruki: I guess, I must be cursed, huh (lol)
Ruki: we’re traveling so got some time off  

Ruki: which reminds me, the new James Bond movie was so damn good.
from all the movies I’ve seen this year it’s definitely at the top of the list, I think.
Ruki: did you guys come across any good movies?
Ruki: I don’t really have any horror movie recommendations but I don’t think there’s anything that exceeds the movie I saw the devil*, don’t you think? though that’s just my personal opinion. I’d rather like to watch and find out about some that are even better.
Reita: seriously!
Ruki: oh and, it’s not a movie, but Shitamachi Roketto**, right?
Ruki: as someone who produces things myself, there are lot of parts I agree with and respond to, you know. it’s a really good drama.
Ruki: oh, I got sleepy…
Ruki: I saw my friend sleepiness****

Reita: the book I brought for the trip was so interesting that I’m already through.
Reita: I was reading the novel Hazakura no kisetsu ni kimi wo omou to iu koto***. 

*Korean movie (original: 악마를 보았다, Akmareul boatda)
**Japanese TV/radio drama (original: 下町ロケット, translates to something along the lines of: backstreet rocket)
***Japanese novel (original: 葉桜の季節に君を想うということ, something like: I think of you when the cherry blossoms have fallen)
****referring to the movie he mentioned earlier “I saw the devil”