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And Braver Still

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All Ages |  Ace!Tenth Doctor x Ace!Rose

The Doctor and Rose talk about their relationship.

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The Doctor was sitting in the TARDIS library with the copy of ’Gaudy Night,’ the novel he and Rose were currently reading, resting on the side table. (Rose was a huge fan of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. ‘Harriet and Peter remind me of us, Doctor, you know if we were earthbound and solving crimes and still denying our feelings.’)  Rose had developed a sudden craving for blueberry scones and had gone into the kitchen to bake up a batch.  

They had been enjoying the nibbles at the harvest festival on Astiea when one of the bakers had overheard Rose commenting that she would love to know how to make the little spiced cakes.  They had offered to teach her and, after her first lesson, Rose had decided that she absolutely loved baking and the TARDIS had had an abundance of freshly baked goods ever since.  Not that anyone was complaining.

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I hope you can understand why this song reminds me of Doctor Who.

fic: the best policy

Ten/Rose ficlet. The Doctor and Rose have something to tell Jackie. Literally pure fluff. There is no substance to this. It’s just candyfloss. Or popcorn. Or something.

“How are we going about this, then?” the Doctor asked quietly, as he and Rose entered Jackie’s flat.

“We’re just gonna make her dinner while she’s out, then sit her down with a bottle of wine and some good food, and then just…announce it. Yeah?”

He wrinkled his nose. “What, like a big production? Should we really draw attention to it too much? Isn’t it better to just sort of hint?”

They walked into the kitchen and dumped the carrier bags full of shopping onto the counters.

“Doctor.” Rose tugged on his arm, pulling him in front of her, and met his gaze steadily. “Do you want to go back to the TARDIS?”

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Donna won't forget in FANA!?

I’ve already answered you privately, BUT. This is a great chance for me to remind everyone of this Very Important Difference between the Timelessness ‘verse and canon.

There is no metacrisis in this story. There was never going to be, given that the inciting incident for the metacrisis is the big, “running to each other” reunion in the street that the Dalek interrupts. Obviously, with a Doctor and Rose who aren’t separated, the need for that is eliminated.

And then to make doubly sure that there’s no metacrisis, when Jack bumped into the Doctor and Rose in chapter 5 of TISAF, he handed over his Doctor Detector… and the Doctor did the smart thing and burned it, instead of just keeping a part of his body floating around for months on end. 

Journey’s End is entirely a Bad Wolf!Rose story. Rose and the TARDIS work together to find a very unique solution to the Dalek problem. I’m very, very excited about it and very impatient to get there. Is it February yet?

And all of that means that yes, Donna gets to keep her memories. She will be an occasional TARDIS traveller for a long, long time to come, and a part of the Doctor and Rose’s family circle until the day she dies (far in the future).

He knows it’s a dream, even before he opens his eyes. The warmth, that sweet scent of her, blurs the edges of his brain’s perception, and he falls, willingly. He will ignore the danger, just for a few moments. It’ll be worthwhile.

When she looks at him with those wide, amber eyes, there is only love, no sadness. As though they’d never been parted. As though she weren’t trapped in that universe, untouchable. As though his hearts hadn’t been broken for centuries.

She questions the tears before he even knows they’ve trailed down the deep creases of his face.

To him, she is as glorious, no, more glorious than any star. Radiant, vibrant, so full of youth and life. As though time has no hold on her.

He curses this body, curses this face. Why did it have to be this one? Hardened, and withered, skeptical and quick to anger. He looks to her again.

“Do I look no different to you?” The Scottish brogue rolls his r’s, and he curses even this, for no other reason than it belongs to the rest of the package.

“You never do to me, my Doctor.”

He threads a shaking hand through her tresses, tears streaming down his face more liberally now. He can feel the pain in his right temple, reminding him that this perfection is simply an illusion, and it shatters the remainders of his fragile hearts.

He presses his lips to hers once, a bittersweet goodbye, and lets her go.

Time to wake up.

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Prompt for you, dear Larxy! Eight x Rose, World War II spies

The Doctor is a legend in the force, a man who seems to be anywhere and everywhere at once. Rose had heard stories as she was going through training, learning her background and practicing her accent, listening with wonder at some of his exploits.

No one really knew who he was. Some said he was an elderly gentleman who enlisted the help of his granddaughter to avoid suspicion. Others said he was much younger with blonde hair. And some people were adamant that he was a curly-haired man who stood out so that he could blend in better.

Rose, however, was trained as a messenger, carrying documents over the border and sometimes people. Women in Germany were looked down upon and she played that to her advantage, pretending to be the submissive, quiet women society expected her to be while walking away with top-secret documents in her baggage and, once, in her underthings.

She was on her first unsupervised mission, working as a barmaid in a small pub in Berlin that smuggled people out on the side, when a man dressed in dirty and torn clothes slipped through the door. His voice was gruff and his curly hair was matted and dirty, but he had bright, intelligent blue eyes and for all he acted drunk, he was stone cold sober. 

Rose was wiping down a table near him when he said, quietly, “They say this country is ruled by the stuff of legends.”

She didn’t react, but said noncommittally, “So does every other country.”

He quirked a smile as she gave the cautionary response. “And yet I’m inclined to believe them.”

Rose ignored him and finished cleaning, the looked towards the barkeeper. “I’m taking a break.”

He waved absently as he continued chatting to the man in front of him. Rose slipped out of the back, and a few minutes later the dingy man from the pub approached. “Rose Tyler, I presume?” the man asked. 

“If you want to get technical,” she said. “Here, though, I’m Liesel.”

He shrugged. “I’m here for help. I’m trying to plan a heist and I need an associate.”

Rose crossed her arms. “I’m no one associate, mate. You may rank higher in the military, but when it comes to the German government, we’re equal on the firing range.”

“I wasn’t implying that we weren’t,” he said, surprised. “I really do need your help, and I was told you’re the best.”

“Well, I’ve rescued over a hundred people, not that I’m trying to brag.” She shifted her weight. “Not like I’ve been thanked. They told me I would be trusted with more important assignments by now.”

He grinned. “Well now’s your chance. What do you say about posing about French nobility?”

She considered him. “My accents rubbish.”

“You can be my English wife.” He replied, his accent perfect. “Regardless, we have an invitation to the Fuhrer’s private dinner party, and a beautiful woman on my arm.”

“I’m not gonna seduce him,” she replied.

“Not asking you too. But if you can become friends with his paramour, all the better,” he replied.

Rose sighed. “Alright, anything to get me out of here. Robert can handle the operation on his own.”

He took her hand and bowed over it. “I’m in your debt.”

“I don’t even know your name, though,” Rose said as he walked her back inside. 

Just before she hit the main room, he gave a mischievous smile. “For the sake of our identities, I’m your loving husband George. But between us, you can call me Doctor.”

Rose stared after him, open-mouthed in shock, as he slipped out the door and into the night.

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Drat, I have Music Feelings again. This time I can't stop listening to Amaranthe's "Burn With Me." The lyrics don't match exactly, but it makes me think of Bad Wolf Rose, and Dimension Hopping Rose, and Rose facing down the Daleks, and all the times Rose was fierce and a badass and staring something in the face fighting to have a chance at being with the Doctor. #every song is rose x the doctor Yes, yes they are. XD


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Oh, my goodness, you know what this reminds me of? Those fics when dimension hopping Rose finds alternate Doctors and has to keep searching for HER Doctor…

It’s been a while since I broke out my favorite dimension-hopping fic list…

Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone who participated in my first Tumblr Awards! I’ll make up a page of the winners and start the promo within the next few days. If you need a reminder of what you’ve won, check the original post here, or ask me if you have questions.

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A/N: The story of this here ficlet is long and turbulent. To begin with, I needed a break from academic writing. First, I came up with a cracky thing which I wound up being discontented with. So I wrote out a deliciously angsty interlude. Then I hoped to incorporate it to the said cracky fic. Didn’t work. I deleted the said fic. Couldn’t get the angsty idea out of my head, though. Restless, I dug a bit through @timepetalsprompts. Found an old, old theme –– Do you think I could try again? Got excited. Tweaked and changed and rewrote a lot. And here is the final product.
Summary: The Doctor and Rose think their entire life was a projection as they struggle to communicate in a foreign dimension which imposes other identities on them and meddles with the memories. Angst ensues. And fluff, in the end.
Rating: T
Pairing: Ten x Rose 
Side note: This is not RPF. 


“Kiss me,” he ground out, his voice a mixture of pleading and demanding, urgent. “Kiss me, remind me that I still exist. Remind me that in some other life you have loved me, even if you don’t now. Please … Billie.”

Rose inhaled sharply and took a step back, fruitlessly trying to escape his intent gaze.

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Can you write a 10too and Rose fic? The thing is, The Doctor is freaking out in the day that his daughter is borning, 'cause he doesn't know he'll make it right.

“Doctor, calm down, you’re making me go into premature labor,” Rose grumbled.

He froze mid-step. “What?!”

She huffed. “Not really, but will you sit down? You have that look on your face which means something drastic is about to happen, and I’m getting nervous.”

The Doctor ran a hand through his already mussed hair and gingerly sat down next to her. “Our baby is going to be born in a week.”

“So says you,” she replied. “For all we know, little miss tap dancer could be impatient, or procrastinating.”

He shook his head. “One week, Rose. Trust me. Thing is…” he hesitated.

Rose looked at him in concern. “Doctor, what is it?” Alarm laced through her voice. “Oh, my god. Is there something wrong with the baby? Have you been hiding something? Doctor, is she sick?!”

“No, no, Rose, calm down,” he hastily replied, pulling her into a hug. “The baby is healthy, don’t worry about her. It’s me.”

She slugged his arm, but at the awkward angle she barely delivered a glancing blow. “Don’t scare me like that!” After cuddling for a few seconds, she continued, voice soft. “What is it?”

The Doctor placed a hand over her stomach, feeling their daughter wriggle. “You know I was a dad once,” he replied. “And… I was terrible. I didn’t even know I had a granddaughter until a small black-haired toddler was placed in my care. My son died, and I…” he shook his head. “I’m scared, Rose. I don’t know how to be a parent. What if I try my best, and she still hates me?”

Rose pulled away from him,  only to press a kiss to his forehead. “You know, I had the same fear three months in.”

He gave her a confused look. “But…”

“Shhh. Everyone has those fears, Doctor. It’s natural, and besides, you’re part human now. That comes with human fears and insecurities. You’ve been nothing but supportive so far, Doctor, and if the way you get along with Tony is any indication, I already know our baby will be a daddy’s girl.”

“You really think so?” he asked.

“I know so,” she replied. “Besides, you’re just a big kid yourself. I’m going to have to watch out when she starts to walk, I’ll be cleaning up after twice the mess and getting my family out of twice the mischief.”

He smiled. “She’s going to be quite the tinkerer.”

“Now you’re making things up,” Rose replied, rolling her eyes. “Now, as I was saying before you started panicking, I’m craving mum’s shepherd pie, so you need to go pick it up for me.”

He nodded, but before he left he leaned his forehead against hers. “I’ll never deserve this, you know. This life, our family. It’s too good for me.”

She stroked her fingers through his hair a few times so it looked relatively in control. “Good thing I’m here then, to remind you that it’s because of you I’m able to have all this.”

He kissed her briefly before bounding up. “Right! One shepherd’s pie, coming right up!”

He was nearly at the door when Rose’s voice stopped him. “Doctor?”


“Remember what I said about our baby getting impatient?”

Star Burst

This was written for @timepetalsprompts weekly drabble theme ‘Ten or Tentoo x Rose, meteor shower/storm’, prompted by the lovely @on-the-drift! This was inspired by this lovely piece of fanart, drawn by the ever-talented @anniviech!

Tentoo x Rose; ~375 words; heavy teen

The Doctor takes Rose to watch a meteor storm.

“…are traveling on the same parallel path and at the same velocities so that to someone observing from Earth, it appears that they’re all radiating from the same central point and…and you’re not even listening to me! Roooose!”

They were sprawled on a blanket in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere an hour outside London to watch a meteor storm. The Doctor had been excited for weeks and hadn’t stopped reminding her of what they would be doing on the weekend of November 16th.

(“This meteor shower occurs annually, Rose, but it peaks every couple of decades into a meteor storm! Thousands of meteors can be seen per hour! Per hour, Rose!”)

She loved seeing his enthusiasm for his life with her; he seemed so excitable by the smallest things, and she loved it. She loved him.

Just now, he was going on one of his long-winded explanations on meteors or weather or long-dead scientists or something. Quite honestly, she’d tuned him out when he started talking about star dust, and instead was admiring his profile in the moonlight while enjoying the cadence of his voice. The contours of his face were thrown into sharp relief by the silvery light and she couldn’t help but stroke her fingers across cheekbones, his slightly-upturned eyebrow, his dented left ear, the stubble of his jaw. He was the most beautiful person she’d ever seen.

Rose rolled over and threw her leg over his hips to straddle him before she leaned down to press her lips tenderly to his.

“I love you,” she murmured against his mouth when they eventually broke for breath.

He smiled shyly up at her, his cheeks tinged pink, and she couldn’t help but catch his bottom lip between her teeth. He let out a low groan as she nibbled on his lip and threaded her fingers through his hair.

It didn’t take long for the moonlight to be glinting off of their bare skin. Moans and whimpers echoed through the night, with nothing but rolling hills and grass to hear them. Words of need and want and love were gasped onto each other’s skin, and as stars burst behind their eyes, the sky above them exploded with light.