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Jeff really reminds me of Dexter Morgan for some reason in this, probably because he’s killing another killer… I dunno its cool though ^_^

Tomarry Favorite Fics Rec!

This is just a list of Tom x Harry fanfiction I’ve enjoyed, this isn’t really sorted into through any sort of system or anything but hopefully it’s helpful for those who have trouble finding Tom x Harry fanfiction! These are primarily Tom x Harry fics and not Voldemort x Harry but if anyone wants me to do rec on that ship I will! 

There are no rules in a war, Harry knows, when he decides to go back in time to be the father he thinks Tom Riddle should have had. Except that nothing goes quite as planned, and the rules of what’s proper and what’s not are twisted and tried by Tom, who is ready to do anything to keep Harry by his side. (Please bear in mind that this fic is WIP)

Harry Potter and Tom Riddle are nemesis, born adversaries, prophesied leaders of opposite fractions.

2001 to 1932, forty-seven days to change the fate of the Dark Lord.

This is a ‘Harry travels back in time to raise Tom’ story. An unfortunate tale of one man’s failed attempt to mold young Tom into a decent, law-biding citizen. Instead, as Fate will have it, young Tom grows up to become the same twisted psychopath, who is hell-bent on winning the love of his adoptive father. Harry’s consent be damned. (In case you didn’t guess from the title this fic is dark and also a WIP but don’t let you put that off, it’s a great read, at least it has been so far!)

7th Year Gryffindors learn why it is never a good idea to piss off Ravenclaw Hadrian Morgan. His payback during Professor Slytherin’s class is BEAUTIFUL. In carrying it out, orphaned pureblood Hadrian catches the interest and libido of the present Lord Marvolo Slytherin, who – with the assistance of the entire Slytherin student body as well as a few other surprising characters – tries to lure Morgan into his life and his bed. But just how naive is Hadrian Morgan, really? (Also a WIP, wow there’s a lot of those here… This fic is completely au and if you hate James and Sirius bashing I suggest to maybe stay away from this one because there’s a lot of that, all in all I love this fic because it really isn’t like the other Tomarry fics out there!)

Anything by The Fictionist!:

AU. The Devil’s Playground was the most exclusive nightclub in London, if not all of Europe. So, frankly, Harry wasn’t entirely sure how he came to be bathed in its flawlessly concocted ambiance with music pounding in his ears, and an entirely delicious drink cold against his palm. But it had something to do with the deaths. (This fic contains dubious consent, if you like short fics check out her AU Twists series)

AU - Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal inspired. After recent events in his life, Hermione refers Harry to the renowned psychiatrist, Doctor. T. Riddle. He is unlike anything Harry ever expected or imagined, and soon proves to be a great help against the very shadows and name that haunts his waking hours. If only it remained that simple. (If anyone loves the show Hannibal, needless to say you’ll love this fic!)

You always get the stories where Harry goes back into Tom Riddle’s time, then either stays or gets sent back. End of, unless he tries to make Voldemort good. But what if thing’s went differently…what if, just once, someone followed a time traveler back? (Honestly I love the way Tom is portrayed in this fic, and also in Past’s Player because he’s just clever and just yessss! I know I keep raving about The Fictionist but honestly she’s fantastic so go and check her other Tom x Harry fanfics even if none of these catch your fancy)

Harry wakes up on the first of August 1943, and Tom Riddle’s presence seems like the least of his problems… until Tom makes Harry his problem. Old cliché, new design. Slash HPTR (This was one of the first Tom x Harry fanfics I read and honestly it’s just sort of stayed with me, if you like possessive, obsessive Tom, this is for you)

LV/HP Slash: AU: How different would Harry be if he was given a life without the expectation of saving the world? How different would he be if his hero-complex was still intact, but so twistedly dark, that he has to go through desperate means to hide it? (The author says in the notes that this was inspired by Dexter but it also very much reminds me of Death Note though Tom is definitely no L)

As a last resort to believe in love, Tom calls for his bonded one and pulls Harry through time, to him. TomxHarry (This is also a possessive Tom fic, which is still updated, albeit rather slowly)



My cover of the Ok-KO! Let’s Be Heroes ending theme. It’s just so sweet and expository and cool. (Schizonoid444 on Youtube!)

This show is awesome, you guys. It reminds me of the old-er cartoons (Dexter’s Lab, Cow & Chicken, PPG, all manner of Hanna Barbera shows, etc.) and me being in my early-ish 20s, it feels so nostalgic. The music kills, the characters rock, the writing is hilarious and moving, the animation (and the way it spans styles, eras, etc) is so nice and versatile… I love it. <3 Here’s to many more episodes and seasons! @ok-ko

Dark Shadows Book Club

I feel like I could organize a Dark Shadows book club; maybe not now, but if I was a housewife in the seventies who was a big fan of the show?  Anyway, there should be two categories:

Books referenced in the plots of Dark Shadows:

Jane Eyre


The Turn of the Screw

The Devil on Horseback (or other Victoria Holt novels)

The Manchurian Candidate

The Lottery

Return of the Native

Wuthering Heights

The Crucible

The Dunwich Horror


Books that just kind of remind me of Dark Shadows:

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Conjure Wife

The Haunting of Hill House


Northanger Abbey

What books would you add to the list?


gah finally, here’s the majestic booyah nice party with:
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crazy Mona vs crazy Spencer? Who is your favourite


Troian is just the best actress on this show imo. Don’t get me wrong, Janel is a close second in my mind. Mona is just a juicy character Janel portrays really well.

But Troian..Troian is a queen. Everyday Spencer, school, sleuthing, the romance scenes, the A scenes, she shines in all of them, but the Radley storyline? The pill addiction storyline? SHE FUCKING NAILED THOSE.

She has this angsty, real quality about her acting, she makes you feel things, I can’t even describe it. It’s visceral, raw, pure. And those mentally unstable storylines just fit well with her ability to go to that dark emotional place, that not many actors can reach imo. 

She is going to do some great things after this show. She actually reminds me of Jennifer Carpenter, she played Deb on Dexter and she had these scenes where she would just totally unravel and cry and talk and it was SO REAL, so emotional, so totally broken. 

Troian has this power too, to just completely throw everything she has into a scene and that’s what makes it feel so real. I just fucking love her.