reminds me of cody

raven’s home was cheesy as fuck but it also made me laugh a bunch and it reminded me of when I came back from school and watched zack and Cody

Also it’s really good to see Raven Symone back and she’s real good


My clone shoot my down - by REX

Codi and Obi Wan - real feels.

This reminds me Missmollyetc’s Fan fiction “And there goes the atmosphere”.

idk why Cody and Paul remind me of Light and L it’s like these two forces, obviously smarter and better than everyone else around them but in very different ways, going at it. And Light ultimately ends up defeating L like Paul ultimately ends up defeating Cody, but in the END, L kind of wins because Light was defeated BECAUSE of L (fuck Near). So in the end, Paul was defeated by Cody’s vote…so it’s like Paul won the battle…but Cody won the war…this season wasn’t so bad after all.

“Best. Gift. Ever.” (Gift pt.2 Cody Christian Imagine)

Prompt: You and Cody are best friends and know everything about each other, something he doesn’t know about you? You’re in love with him but you don’t tell him, why lose the best friendship you ever had just because you want more when he probably doesn’t feel the same, right?

Abbreviations: Y/N (Your name), Y/L/N (Your last name)


Author: Ross

Word Count: 1968

A/N: a sarong is like a cover up girls wear at the pool/beach 

Warning: Can you say smut? lol. Smut, Fluff, and all that good stuff. 

Part 1

“In love with who?” says a familiar voice, I spin around to find Cody leaned up against the frame to the entrance of the kitchen, “Lex I’m gonna have to call you back, yea love you too, bye.” I hang up and stare down at my phone then place it on the counter, “So how much of that did you hear?” I ask while I sit myself on the counter next to my phone and nervously fumble with my fingers. “Enough.”

 He says while walking over to me, he doesn’t stop until he’s in between my legs.When he is, Cody places his hands beside my thighs as he looks me in my eyes and asks, “What did you mean? Who were you talking about?”

I shake my head as I chuckle nervously and continue fiddling with my hands as I say, “I don’t want to destroy one of the best friendships I have in my life by telling him that I’m in love with him.” “You didn’t answer my second question Y/N.” Cody reminds me as I look anywhere but his face, “That’s because it’s you Cody, but please lets not do this tonight I don’t want to ruin your party, so lets just discuss this tomorrow or something and go open your birthday gifts yeah?” I begin to try and slide off the counter but Cody’s hand on my waist stops my movement.

           He uses his other hand to bring my attention to use face where a small smile rested as he said, “Why, when the only gift I want is right here?” my eyes widen as a shocked facial expression takes over my senses as he say, “Why didn’t you ever tell me do you know how long I’ve waited to think there was even a sliver of a chance with you?” I find my voice as I speak and say, “Cody what I—I don’t get it what are you saying?” he takes in a deep breathe before looking me in my eyes as he says, “Y/N Y/L/N you are the only gift I need, you always have been.”

           Then before I could make any response his lips are on mine is a soft but sweet kiss. He pulls back to look me in my eyes, to gauge my reaction but I don’t give him the time as I pull his face back to mine and kiss him with a passion that we’ve had pinned up for years. I bring him closer to my body as I wrap my legs around his waist and he locks his arms around my waist. I place my hands in his hair and tug earning a slight moan from him that sends a delicious vibration running through my body. His hands move to the back of my thighs as he lifts me off the counter top and carriers me to a room downstairs and lays me on the bed without breaking our kiss. As he lies down on top of me I feel his hardened erection against my core causing me to let out a moan.

            He takes full advantage of the opportunity as he slide is tongue into my mouth deeping the kiss. His mouth moves around my neck until he finds my sweet spot earning another moan from me. He continues his path down my body and doesn’t stop until his head is in between my thighs directly in front of my core. He moves my sarong out of his way and runs his finger along the fabric of my swim suit bottom as he looks up at me and says, “May I?” unable to speak I bite my lip as I nod my head. He looks up at with a sexy smile as he slides my bottoms down my legs and throws them on the floor. Leaving me feeling utterly exposed and vulnerable, my cheeks redden as Cody comes back to my core and gasp as he run his hands along my thighs as he whispers out, “Beautiful.”

           Seconds later his tongue is on my throbbing clit and I cant help the loud moan that escapes my mouth. He swirls his tongue around my clit causing a knot in my stomach to begin to form in the most pleasurable way. As the knot grew tighter and tighter he stuck two fingers into my dripping core causing me to gasp while I bucked my hips in appreciation. The sensation of him moving his fingers in and out of me, while his tounge worked my clit gave me pleasure I’d never experienced. I moaned out his name while my hips bucked again as he found that right and continued to hit it as he moved his fingers.          

           He brings his free arm on my hips to hold me down and keep me from moving forcing me to focus on the pleasure he was giving me. I put my hand in his hair and tugged causing him to let out a moan that sent a wave of extacsy through me that almost made the knot unravel, as Cody continued to pump his fingers I said, “Cody i—I’m so close.” He slowed down the pace of his fingers and tongue going at a tourtously slow pace and making me call out, “Cody…” he stopped all together and I let out a frustrated moan and soon Cody’s face was in front of mine as he leaned down just above my lips and said, “I know baby but I want you to come while I’m inside you.”

 He moves from above me and removes his swim trunks, seconds later he’s above me and kissing me. I taste myself on his tounge and pull him closer to me, he brings a hand up above my head to support some of his weight while he uses the other one to guide himself to my entrance, he stops there and rubs his erections against my folds and I let out an impertinent grunt before shift my body down so that the tip of his cock slip past my lips causing us both to gasp. He continue to sink into me slowly until he was all the way in. 

He gave me time to adjust to tremendous size and then he started to move slowly being sure not to hurt me but I wanted more, I needed it. I began to move my body below his meeting him with every thrust he gave me. Soon he got the message and picked up the pace, he started going faster and I couldn’t help as I moaned out his name, in the blink of an eye I was on top, straddling him and he laid beneathe me. If it was at all possible it seem as though he sunk deep into me and I moaned his name loudly.  I began to move up and down his length while he watched the space where our bodies meet and I saw the pleasure evident on his face. He sat up and unhooked my bikini top that was practically already off as he took my harned nipple into his mouth causing me to slow the pace I moved along his cock as I focused on the pleasure his mouth was yet again bringing. He nibbled down on my nipple and I grinded down against his cock as I cried out.

           He released my nipple from his mouth as he laid back down, I placed my hands on his chest where I found the stbality I needed to pick up the pace. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled in the room in addititon to our moans and grunts. Cody rolled us again and he was back on top and as he rocked in and out of me and that knot started to build again. He moved in and out of me faster hitting that perfect spot every time, I was so lost in the pleasureable sensation I didn’t feel his hand roaming down to the space between us until his thumb was moving in circles on my clit making me let out a loud moan as I closed my eyes and stammer out, “Co—Cody I’m gon—gonna come.” He leaned down, placing his forehead against mine as he whispers, “Open your eyes baby I want to see them when you come around me.”

            I obey his command and my eyes shot open to be met by Cody’s blue orbs staring back at me. I took in a deep breathe, as I was on the verge of my release Cody eyes searched my own for a moment before he said, “Y/N I love you so much.” and that was exactly what I need to push me over the edge, I called out Cody’s name as he continued to pump in and out of me making my orgasm spiral on. As my walls were close around his cock he gave three more sloppy thrust before he stilled pouring his come inside of me.

           I shut my eyes as Cody fell on top of me while we both tried to catch our breath. Soon he pulled out of me and I couldn’t keep back the moan that slipped past my lips as he length slides out of me. He held himself up on his arms above me as he closes his eyes and takes in deep breathes as if he’s nervous and I realize it’s because he said he love me.

           Wait he said he loves me, and after what we did it couldn’t have been like that crappy best friend I love you we said to each other before he really… loves me. “Cody…” I say as I wait for him open his eyes, he looks down at me with a slightly worried facial expression, I bring my hand up to caress his cheek as I say, “I love you too.” He gives a me breath taking smile that shows all of his pearly whites before he leans down and places a sweet his on my lips. As he pulls back everything comes back to me as I place my hands on his chest and say, “We have to get back to your party! You have to open your gifts.” he thinks about it for a moment before he says, “We don’t have to, plus I’ve already gotten the best gift. You.” I blush while I giggle as he leans down to kiss me again, this time with much more passion but I stop him before things can heat up to much and we go for round two.

           After we put out swimsuits back on we make our way back out into the backyard and Dylan comes running up to us. “Dude where have you guys… been.” after he looks between the two of us he smirks as he says, “Never mind, um Y/N you might want to fix your hair a bit and Cody watch those scratches don’t want them getting infected.” After a wink he walks off leaving me baffled and Cody laughing his ass off. I slap his chest and face him as I say, “It’s not funny! I don’t want people looking at us funny.” He places his hands on my arm then slides them down to my waist as he pulls me close and says, “I don’t care what people think.” Then he leans down a places his lips on mines, for a moment I resisted, not wanting everyone watching us kiss then I couldn’t help but kiss him back as I wrapped my arms around his neck closing the small space between our bodies.

           We heard hoots and catcalls causing me to pull back but Cody wouldn’t let me get far. He leaned his forehead against mine as he look into my eyes and said, “Best. Gift. Ever.”