reminds me of call of duty

Imagine Deadpool finally showing you his face.

“Come on!” You beg, waiting for the loudmouth merc to refuse, like he always did.

“You let me fuck you, why would I ruin that with my hideous face?” Wade focuses back on the television, his hands gripping at the Xbox controller.

“Fine. You’re not tapping this ass until you show me your face.” You muse, leaning back into the couch to continue to kick his ass on Call of Duty.

“You stupid beautiful asshole,” He pauses the game and turns to you, “ You wanna see my face? Fine, but be warned. Pure ugliness.”

Wade waves his hand around his face, before slowly peeling off his mask. His scarred face stares at you, waiting for the regular response he usually gets. But you just stare, trying to figure out who he reminds you of.

“Well?” Wade waves his hand in front of your face, grabbing your attention once more.

“Holy shit!” You gasp.

Realization hits you as Wade’s face fell, “You kinda look like Ryan Reynolds.”

“That stupid Canadian? He can barely act!” Wade shakes his head, ready to unpause the game but he turns to you again, “I’m cuter, right?” 

He wiggles his eyebrows up and down, making you laugh.

“Definitely. So much cuter, Wade.”

anonymous asked:

Hey babe, did someone call a hero? Well, here he is! Haha, I saw the most gorgeous flowers on my way rounds today, and they totally reminded me of you. I'd have bought them immediately, but unfortunately I was still on duty. I'll come by with a bouquet after work for sure though when I come pick you up. Reservations for dinner are at 6, and I look forward to taking you home so you can get a piece of my sweet ass. Hahaha. I'm thinking and loving you as always. Forever your hero, ~Nyx

I honestly can’t wait. I’ll see yooou at six, handsome.

     And the comics once again remind me why I love Kataang so much. Aang is the Avatar, so he’s always being called into meetings and missions. And he has to go. But he respects Katara’s decision to go home to help her family as he understands how important that is to her. Meanwhile, Katara wanted to spend more time with Aang and teach him more about her culture. But, duty calls and she understands that he’s needed in the Fire Nation. They both respect each other’s needs and decisions. Call me old fashioned, but there’s nothing I find more romantic than mutual respect.