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A Former Speechwriter Looks Back On His ‘Hopey, Changey’ Years With Obama

David Litt was 24 years old and just a few years out of college when he landed a job writing speeches for President Barack Obama — an experience he calls “surreal and completely terrifying.”

Though he was initially assigned the speeches no one else wanted to write, Litt eventually became a special assistant to the president and senior presidential speechwriter. His duties included writing jokes for the short comedy routine Obama performed annually at the White House Correspondents Association dinners.

Litt says a lot of those jokes worked because they were coming from the president. “As I re-tell them, I often am reminded of this, because people give me a look like, Really? That was funny? And I’m like, Yeah, you have to hear the president tell it.”

Other speeches led to unintentional political controversy. When Litt wrote Obama a Thanksgiving address that neglected to mention God, conservative media criticized the president for the omission. The blowback taught Litt a valuable lesson. “Your job as a speech writer is not just to write good speeches,” he says. “Your job is to keep in the back of your mind the fact that there’s a whole industry of people trying to take your words out of context — and that’s politics.”

Litt’s new memoir is Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years.

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Can you write a scene where Sirius finally telling Remus he loves him? xx

It had become a game.

An excruciatingly pointless game of endless tongue biting, seducing, and prodding on both ends. It was Sirius’s fault really, for making such a big deal of a few words.

And for his innate stubbornness.

Maybe Remus’s own headstrong self had a role in this dance of theirs.

But really, it was Sirius’s fault.

Perhaps he ought to explain himself.

It all began with a slip of the tongue. And of course, a simple dare.

As it always does.

They had all been lounging in the common room: Sirius, Remus, Peter, James, and Lily. They were scheming an elaborate plan to make the oblivious Dorcas and Marlene profess their love to one another. A plan that included a singing choir of toads, an invasion of the kitchens, and a choreographed ice skating routine on the Black Lake.

All of which was mainly orchestrated by Remus himself.

The group was laughing themselves silly at the purely idiotic ideas James was rashly throwing out, his girlfriend trying (but failing) to cover his mouth with her hand.

At that point in time, Sirius and Remus had been together for all of seven months. They had wholeheartedly, hopelessly fallen in love.

Except for the fact that they hadn’t yet said those three magical words yet.

And that was the night Remus nearly said it.

“That’s an awful idea, Prongs,” Sirius exclaimed through his snorts.

“How dare you! Marlene loves sonnets and I’m a wonderful poet. Isn’t that right, Evans?” James looked at her with hopeful eyes.

Lily looked away, avoiding his gaze. That was all the answer he needed.

Peter, Remus, and Sirius burst out laughing, Lily joining in with them.

James feigned offense, burrowing into his girlfriend for emotional support.

Remus had lost interest once Peter asked Lily how she really knew that Dorcas and Marlene were in love - not just crushing on each other. Sirius was tucked between his legs on the loveseat, his raven hair splayed upon Remus’s chest as he ran his fingers through it absentmindedly. He tuned out the laughter and voices out, simply staring down at his boyfriend’s curved lips, dark eyeliner, and glowing cheeks.

And then Peter said it.

“Remus, how do you know you’re in love with Sirius?”

The bastard.

Remus’s eyes popped open. He blushed furiously as he panicked, accidentally kicking Sirius out of his lap and onto the floor.

“What the hell, Re?” Sirius looked up at him with a question on his face and mirth in his eyes.

“I, uh…Well, um…” he stuttered.

“Oh, spit it out!”

“Oi! That’s my boyfriend there, Prongs.”

“Go shove it.”

“You go shove it in Lily’s - ”

“Boys!” Lily yelled out in frustration, instantly stopping the fight that was undoubtedly about to occur. Four sets of eyes turned to her as she fumed.

“You,” she glared at James, “need to control yourself.”

Sirius snorted.

“And you,” she turned to him, “don’t get to tell my boyfriend where to shove it, thank you very much.”

All the boys got silent, hanging onto her every word. Pleased by what she saw, Lily continued.
“Remus, please explain to Peter how you tell the difference between love and infatuation. So we can move on and continue planning. That iced over lake won’t be there forever.”

Remus’s eyes darted to Sirius, who was smirking at him with a challenging glint in his eyes.

“Thing is, we haven’t… er, we haven’t exactly had that conversation yet,” Remus explained timidly. He went on quickly as James gasped (a little dramatically, if he might add). “But you can just ask James and Lils here, Wormtail.”

An awkward silence enveloped the room as no one said a word. James shook his head, looking like a disappointed parent as Lily burned a hole into the back of Remus’s head across the room. Peter was merely hanging off the edge of his seat like a child.

“I would like to have that conversation, you know.” Sirius broke the pregnant pause. “Because I do… you know.”

“Sorry, I don’t know. You’ll have to be more specific,” Remus countered back with a raised brow.

Sirius gritted his teeth, picking himself off the floor as he looked down at his boyfriend on the couch. “I’d rather have this conversation in private.” A meaningful look around the room.

“I think we’re fine here.”
“I agree,” James piped up.

The animagus threw up his hands in exasperation and groaned. “You’re impossible! I know how you feel. You know how I feel. Why are we still beating around the bush? I’ve known since the moment you held my hand all night after I was kicked out. It’s just three words, Remus. Just say them.”

“Or what?” Remus tested.

A step closer. “Or I’ll seduce it out of you.”
An audible gasp from the peanut gallery.

“I dare you.”

And here they were now. Two weeks later, and barely holding it together. And Remus was losing. By a lot. Without even had said those three words, Sirius was absolutely doing what he’d promised. Seducing him to nothing but a hot pile of goo.

He had even written fanfiction for them, he was so helpless.

But then today arrived and everything changed.

It was eleven o’clock on a Sunday, and Sirius stood up from Remus’s four poster bed after a gloriously lazy morning of seduction on his behalf. Naked under his sheets, Remus watched as his boyfriend buttoned up his jeans.

“That should be a daily thing,” Remus smirked up at him suggestively.

Sirius chuckled with humor and replied, “If only we could convince James to sleep over Lily’s every night… Oh, wait. I almost forgot he was a straight, horny teenager.”

Remus snorted. Sirius finished changing and checked his watch.

“Duty calls. Lily is having me charm paper into cranes for The Plan.” Sirius leaned down to kiss him gently before pulling away (to Remus’s dismay) and walking towards the door. He saluted, sighing as he realized that he was walking away from his very shirtless boyfriend in bed.

“Have fun getting bossed around by Evans.”

“Always,” he clutched his heart, feigning disappointment. “I can’t believe you think you’d have to remind me of such a thing.”

A pillow was promptly thrown at his face. He, of course, ducked effortlessly.

“I’ll be back tonight, my love,” Sirius blew a kiss, opening the door to exit.

“Bye, I love you.”

And just as the words left Remus’s lips, he froze with horror.

Sirius’s head snapped back as he clapped a hand over his mouth. The next words out of his mouth were not ‘I love you too’. No. They were, instead, these words, which were screamed theatrically into the occupied Gryffindor common room:


And that’s the story of how Sirius Black received a beating from Remus Lupin as the rest of the House cheered him on.

It also happens to be the story that James Potter, the best man, tells at their wedding six years from then.

Imagine Deadpool finally showing you his face.

“Come on!” You beg, waiting for the loudmouth merc to refuse, like he always did.

“You let me fuck you, why would I ruin that with my hideous face?” Wade focuses back on the television, his hands gripping at the Xbox controller.

“Fine. You’re not tapping this ass until you show me your face.” You muse, leaning back into the couch to continue to kick his ass on Call of Duty.

“You stupid beautiful asshole,” He pauses the game and turns to you, “ You wanna see my face? Fine, but be warned. Pure ugliness.”

Wade waves his hand around his face, before slowly peeling off his mask. His scarred face stares at you, waiting for the regular response he usually gets. But you just stare, trying to figure out who he reminds you of.

“Well?” Wade waves his hand in front of your face, grabbing your attention once more.

“Holy shit!” You gasp.

Realization hits you as Wade’s face fell, “You kinda look like Ryan Reynolds.”

“That stupid Canadian? He can barely act!” Wade shakes his head, ready to unpause the game but he turns to you again, “I’m cuter, right?” 

He wiggles his eyebrows up and down, making you laugh.

“Definitely. So much cuter, Wade.”

Childhood Friends and Adult Foes - A Prompt List

Anonymous said: Ahhhh your prompts are A M A Z I N G. could you do some where the villain becomes the possessive hero’s prisoner?? maybe they were close friends years ago???

Anonymous said: Lol so i loved your prompts of villains taking care of their sick heroes. Could we have heroes taking care of their sick villain? Extra points if the villain is whiny and clingy xd

wanderingmind18 said:Hello! Could you do a prompt where a hero helps an injured/sick villain or vice versa? If that’s already been done, then sorry for asking twice but can you please direct me to it? Thank you so much! Your prompts are always inspirational :)

Anonymous said:more hero and villain childhood friends prompts? 

1) “I promised I’d save you,” the hero said. 
The villain glared up at them, expression edged feral and desperate. “I don’t want your help! I don’t need your help! There’s nothing wrong with me.” 
“They’d kill you if they caught you, after what you’ve done,” the hero said, as if they hadn’t even heard the villain. “So for your own safety, I’m going to keep you here for a while.” They knelt down, looking at earnestly at their enemy, cupping hold of their face. “I wish it didn’t have to be like this.”
“If you wish that - fucking uncuff me!”

2) The hero looked down at the villain, pallid on the bed, bent over and wracked with coughs that hacked through their lungs so hard it made tears spring to their eyes. They couldn’t help reaching out, rubbing their back, fussing over pillows, stroking their hair. They couldn’t help noticing, too, the way that the villain melted into touches with fever-glazed eyes. Docile. Nasty as anything otherwise, when they felt so wretched, but instantly docile at a touch. It would be very wrong to feel powerful. Not proper. And yet - they wished it was that easy to render their enemy harmless normally.

3) “Don’t look at me like that,” the villain rasped. They appeared utterly pitiful - hair lank and greasy, eyes bagged, nose blocked and reddened, shivering with temperature. “Like we’re still friends. We’re not friends. Don’t do this. I don’t need your help!”
“Of course you don’t,” the hero agreed placidly. “This isn’t help, it’s guard duty. You’re no use to us dead.” And if that was a truth, but not the whole truth, they looked away. Tried not to be hopelessly reminded of the young kid they used to know, because oh the villain seemed so much younger like this. 

4) “You forget, I know you.”
“You think-” 
“-I know you,” the hero said, more fiercely now, flatly. “I know how you think, your fears, your dreams, your first crush. I was your best friend. So drop the fucking act and tell me what the hell you’re playing at that or I’m calling your mother.” 
The villain gaped at that. 

5) “How exactly did you manage to wangle getting me into your custody?”
“Save the world once, people will give you anything you want,” the hero said. “Perhaps you should have tried it.”
“Anything in the world you could have and you picked me? I’m flattered,” the villain purred to hide their unease. “Feeling guilty that you didn’t nip me in the bud back when we were kids?”
“Guilty? No,” the hero said. “But you are my responsibility, and you know I take my responsibilities seriously.”
 It sounded rather like a threat and the villain shifted. “Ah, you shouldn’t have. Wouldn’t want to put you out. I’m sure there’s plenty of prisons you could come and visit me in to perform your heroic duties.”
“Plenty of prisons you can escape from, you mean?” The hero tugged them inside. “Nah, I think I’ll keep you. The world doesn’t know what to do with you.”
“But you do?”
The hero smiled. 

Kingdom Come Pt. 1 [Damian Wayne x Reader] AU

A/N: You got a Dick Grayson series (kinda), you got a Jason Todd series, you got a Batsis series… now prepare for a Damian Wayne series! 

Tags: @batboysimagine @batfamily-imagines @tim-help @memento-scribet @saramdeuli 

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Princess!Reader

Warnings: None… yet :D

Word Count: 755



Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a beautiful princess. She was a young princess, innocent and naive and clueless about the world. All she knew was the world behind the castle walls, the world that was her own little kingdom, and what a gorgeous kingdom she had indeed. For everything thrived and there were no disloyalty or burglary, there was only love and peace.

Her castle was her bedroom chamber, high above on the east wing of her father’s domain. It towered above her little kingdom, where rows of magnificent roses, blooming dandelions and vibrant bougainvillea grew. Further west, there was a sparkling pond where the merpeople lived.

It was her own kingdom, seen only by the eyes of her imagination, because she was often lonely. She had no friends, no partner-in-crime. Her handmaidens were all older than her and they tended to her every need, nothing more, nothing less. Her guards only existed to give their life for her, not to befriend her. Therefore, she created her own friends with the power of her mind… and loneliness.

But one day, something quite extraordinary happened.

A knock resonated through the princess’s bedroom, causing her to move from her place by the window. “You may enter.” she informed the person outside. The oak door to her bedroom opened with a creak and one of the servants of the castle entered, bowing before straightening himself.

“Your Highness,” he said with a clear voice, “the King and Queen requests your audience.”

She nodded at the servant. “Tell them I will be there shortly.” The servant bowed once more and left her room, closing the door behind him. As soon as he left, she called her handmaidens to change her clothing. When meeting her parents, she had to be dressed appropriately, and a casual gown such as the one she was wearing now was unfit for such occasion.

Once she was ready, she headed through the stone corridors towards the throne room, accompanied by her loyal guards. All her subjects that she passed bowed or curtsied to her, their princess.

“Her Royal Highness, Princess [F/N].” she heard someone announce before the large doors opened for her.

When she entered the throne room, she immediately noticed there were a few unfamiliar faces. Though she was only a young girl at the mere age of nine, she was well-educated and mature for her age. From the way they were dressed, they were Knights.

Everyone lowered their heads as the princess entered and no one spoke a word. She walked up to her parents and curtsied before speaking. “You have summoned me, father?”

“Yes, my dear.” her father stated kindly, reminding her that even under formal circumstances he was still the same man that tucked her to bed every night, no matter how busy he was, “I have called you to meet your new personal guard.”

“My… personal guard?” [F/N] repeated, confusion laced in her voice, “is there a reason for this? I have many already…”

Her father sighed and gave her a weary smile. “I’m afraid I have to remove most of them from their duties guarding you.”

“Why?” she asked, slightly alarmed.

“You do not need to know the reason now, my child. Now, come.” her father urged, beckoning her forward. Although she was still clueless to what was happening, she did as she was asked.

From the corner of her eye, she saw a young boy, about her age or perhaps a little older, step forward. Though small like her, he certainly didn’t look weak or feeble. He wore the clothes of a knight and had a sword strapped to his belt.

“This is Sir Damian, of House Wayne.” her mother voiced, “as you know, House Wayne has been loyal to the [L/N] family for generations. They are the most skilled warriors of this land. The young man is tasked with protecting you. He will go where you go, fight your battles, and if needed, lay down his life for you.”

[F/N] nodded and turned back to study Sir Damian. He had sharp features with a slightly exotic complexion. His tanned skin brought out his emerald eyes, something she decided she liked most about him.

She watched as he got down to one knee, lowering his head. He said his oath, swearing to protect her, before raising his head to look at her. Not knowing what to do, she simply smiled kindly at him.

And that was when everything changed.

Negan imagines -The Blame Part 9

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A/N: Doesn’t it feel good to be back?! I have missed this fic and I have missed The Walking Dead. I am so excited for this half of the season and so excited to see where I can take this fic :) So Happy Valentine’s day sweeties and I hope this is okay for y’all :)

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)(Part 7)(Part 8)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Living with Negan has some conditions. Some conditions you’re not too happy with…

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 1,622

Warnings: Explicit language, Negan being Negan, 

Your fingers circled over Negan’s chest as it rose and fell with his shallow breathing. He had his eyes closed in bliss and his arm wrapped around you. 

“Negan?” You whispered. Negan hummed in response. However before you could ask what you wanted, a knock on the door interrupted you. 

“What?!” Negan called from his bed. The door opened and in came Dwight along with two other of Negan’s men. 

“Sir. Sorry, Sir.” One of the men apologised as they had interrupted. Negan climbed from the bed and pulled on his jeans. 

“What’s so damn important you just had to interrupt when I specifically said not to?” Negan asked, he tossed you one of his shirts as he had ripped your own and then picked your panties off the floor. He threw them at you with a hearty chuckle.

“Negan.” Dwight reminded him that they had news. 

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thus, with a kiss

bughead fanfiction - unbeta’d - period piece au - something different that fit my mood today xoxo


“We were nothing more
than star-crossed lovers,
tangled up in what could
have been.”
—Angela Marie Alfaro

She meets him on her eleventh birthday, her father’s Housekeeper, Geraldine, scolding him as he is caught stealing food from the kitchens. A stable boy, with scraggly hair and blue eyes she’s heard her sister read through thick texts of that would akin them to clear skies and rapid waters.

She hears his name is Forsythe, and her fingers curl around the thick wooden door to watch as his cheeks flush at the older woman’s stern voice. His stomach growls loudly, her own ears catching the rumbling from her hidden position at the doorway.

“Now, swab the floors in the barn at once before punishments are imposed on you, Forsythe.” Geraldine’s voice murmurs, her gray hair perched in a tight bun on her head. “If the job is done well, I shall save an extra roll of bread from my supper for you. Is this agreeable?”

“Yes, Miss Geraldine.” The boy with dirt covered cheeks replies, excitement in his tone at the prospect of more food being presented to him.

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OK so I haven’t updated in a while but here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • defeated Jasmine, so jot that down
  • moseyed on up to the lake of rage, captured the red G, named him Habanero (tho he is destined for the box, I am only using johto mons)
  • teamed up with Lancey pants to wreck the Mahogany rocket base
  • the pryce is right(ly defeated)
  • went on a well deserved holiday to the whirlpool islands for some spelunking, completely ignoring the rocket takeover in goldenrod
  • further shirking my rocket beating duties, I slipped and slided through the ice path
  • Picknicker Gina called to remind me passive aggressively that shit is going down in Goldenrod
  • To the sweet beat of the rocket takeover theme on my radio, I explored Blackthorn and the surrounding areas, catching the last member of the team: HONEY
  • grinding on route 45 to level up my bear and the other buds - Marigold finally evolves and is a fiery force to be reckoned with
  • flew to Goldenrod, but rather than tackle the rocket issue, went shopping in the department store for multiple copies of the elemental punch TMs, ignoring several rocket goons on my way and still blasting the rocket theme from my radio

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I'm suddenly so confused about the Dragon thing now...

We’re supposed to be confused, don’t worry :’) Speculation is part of the fun.

Imo Kaneki is probably Dragon. His kagune matches the Nagaraaj  down in the 24th ward,

and when Furuta announced that he’d be calling his project dragon, it showed the three first-gen Quinx, which reminded me of the time Urie sat down with everyone and said that it would be their duty to “kill Sasaki” if he lost control when Arima is gone.

I have a long-running theory that the original OEK was a Washuu (or a creation of the Washuu), which is why Furuta said he’d name Dragon after his Washuu roots.

^ scar under his right eye, hair matches the way Nishiki pictured him

He also explained that the Washuu figured out how to control the masses by continuously creating enemies and taking them out. It boosts trust and grants the CCG more political power.

If there’s one thing that could make Kaneki snap at this point and totally throw away his pacifist approach to handling the CCG, it’s going to be the slaughter that just happened within Goat’s camp. Harm coming to Touka is completely asking for Kaneki to follow in Arata’s revenge-seeking footsteps. 

Shark Week

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Leonard McCoy x reader

(All credit to gif owners. Also, I do not own Star Trek or any of it’s characters, only this story.)

Words: 960-ish

Imagine having your period on the USS Enterprise

Authors Note: So, I thought I would write this today to make myself feel better and keep my mind off of the cramps. And why not do so with my new fandom? I’m sorry if it sucks, but i hope you all like it! Also, sorry about any spelling or grammatical errors, along with anything I got wrong in the fandom.

You woke up and groaned, rolling over in bed. A certain unwelcome surprise came last night and you were not looking forward to the following week. After a few minutes you get up and shower, getting ready for your long shift on the bridge.

You grab coffee from the replicator before walking to your command desk, grunting slightly in pain as you sit down. You would have to go to sickbay shortly to get something for the pain.

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ryan doesn’t do painkillers. he just doesn’t.

he likes to be wholly in control of his brain, and all facilities that come with it. painkillers tend to leave one loopy or tired. and not only does he really, really hate that feeling, but he simply can’t afford it.

under painkillers, his reflexes are lowered, his inhibitions dropped. he’ll grab someone’s arm hard enough to bruise if they try to pull his mask off, regardless of his mental state, but if he’s dosed up, it’s much more difficult to keep someone from doing whatever they want. if someone really, really wants to take the mask off of him while he’s flying high on morphine, he won’t be able to stop them. and that’s dangerous enough as it is, with his identity as his most prized possession after so many years.

but then there’s the talking.

under the mask, ryan haywood is a nice guy. he’s personable. hell, you can even call him chatty. so when he’s spaced out on painkillers, his tongue gets away with him. he doesn’t pay attention to what he’s saying, what he’s doing. he’ll mumble away about anything and everything that comes to mind, regardless of how personal it is.

that’s how the crew found out his name. a slurred word in a narcotic haze.

( to their credit, no one but gavin called him that afterwards, carefully sticking to vagabond after jack warned everyone that he might not take kindly to them suddenly knowing who he was. this continued until he’d finally looked up one day, exasperated, and said ‘i know you assholes know my name, just fuckin’ say it.’ to which michael had belted an off-key rendition of ‘say my name’, one that geoff and gavin had joined with greater enthusiasm than knowledge of the lyrics. )

they remind him that he’s not superhuman. they remind him that ray numbs the pain with weed, that geoff numbs the pain with booze. they remind him that he can just shut himself in his room and no one will bother him.

( they will. they care. )

he reminds them of gavin falling asleep on guard duty.

( ‘it’s like that, but gavin being high as fuck and also me.’ )

he reminds himself of how it felt to fail in the past. how it felt to not be able to pull the trigger on time. he reminds himself that it could happen again, more easily if he were high on painkillers.

( bruised ribs, he reminds himself, are bullshit if you think about any of his crew dead because you were too sleepy to act fast enough. )

so he just takes two aspirin and never calls in the morning.

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hi! based on book text, do u think brandon stark would have made been as good a Lord of Winterfell as ned was? ofc its a tragedy what happened to him, but catelyn and the ppl of winterfell were pretty well off when the second son ended up becoming heir. brandon seems to have drawn comparisons to robert in stuff like fanfic, that he may have been a bit of a womanizer, but idk if that meant he wouldn't have been an honorable lord. what do u think of him?

It’s unfortunate that we don’t know much about what Brandon was like as a ruler. We know what he was like as a person in less formal situations– Barbrey describes him as someone lustful yet extremely compelling, Ned laments that Winterfell and its problems were meant for Brandon (he was “born to rule”), Catelyn describes him as someone whose “mirths were as wild as his rages”, and we know that he’s prone to huge emotional reactions to what he perceives as dishonors (as evidenced by his reaction to Lyanna being crowned and Lyanna being kidnapped).

It should be noted that no one doubted his ability to rule. Despite his hot-headedness, he clearly had a penchant for finding a way into peoples hearts (and beds, as it so happens). The most we hear about Brandon as a ruler comes from Ned to Catelyn as he’s distraught over Robert’s offer:

That brought a bitter twist to Ned’s mouth. “Brandon. Yes. Brandon would know what to do. He always did. It was all meant for Brandon. You, Winterfell, everything. He was born to be a King’s Hand and a father to queens. I never asked for this cup to pass to me.”

The bolded is the most telling part of that statement, yet also the most baffling. From what we knew of Brandon by that point, it seemed that Brandon’s actions were often impulsive ones, a fact later confirmed when Ned describes his brother and sister’s “wolf’s blood” to Arya. Maybe he was referring to situations where Brandon was level headed and not in a mood– or maybe Ned was just disparaging himself and complimenting Brandon out of his own downtrodden emotions.

Catelyn is also reminded of Brandon when Robb defends her before Rickard Karstark:

“A mother’s folly?” Lord Karstark rounded on Lord Umber. “I name it treason.”

“Enough.” For just an instant Robb sounded more like Brandon than his father. “No man calls my lady of Winterfell a traitor in my hearing, Lord Rickard.“ 

Brandon is spoken about favorably enough (even Jaime was willing to admit that Brandon was “more like me”, not long after Jaime insisted that there was “no one like me”) that I think he would have made a good Lord of Winterfell. He clearly felt some sort of duty to his family and a need to protect their honor. What can be perceived as faults, like sleeping around or hot-headedness, isn’t enough to send the North into shambles, tbh. Regardless of whether or not he wanted the position, Brandon was still raised to rule. He had undoubtedly been taught everything there was to know about being a Lord of Winterfell and grasped its responsibilities. His true fault lied in his impulsiveness. Impulsivity is not a desirable trait in a ruler. Brandon can’t be driven by emotion 100% of the time without there being consequences at some point (as evidenced by the events that led up to his death). Maybe marriage and full assumption of his birthright might have served as decent impulse control.

Comparisons to Robert are fair enough when examining things like their tempers, their lustfulness, and their abilities as a warrior, but one thing we must remember is that Robert straight up doesn’t care about people– not even the people he loves, and not even his brothers. He is very self-centered and self-serving, it’s his way or the highway, etc. Brandon, at the very least, cared about certain people. He certainly cared about his sister, which is sadly more than can be said for many men in Westeros.

Meet Me in the Hallway

this (along with other things i’ve written) can also be found on ao3

The hands Feyre and Mor held in front of their mouths did little to stifle their giggles as they watched Amren raise a fork of cooked lamb to her face. She sniffed at it, and her nose wrinkled. Lucien Vanserra sat between Elain and Azriel. It was impossible to discern which of the males was more uncomfortable as Elain tried to maintain a conversation between the three of them.

But none of this diverted Cassian’s attention from the empty chair across from him. It had been mutually decided to give her space, if that’s what she needed. But it had been days without so much as seeing her outside her room, much less at a meal. She wasn’t stupid enough not to eat, but that didn’t stop the worry from gnawing at him. It was Cassian’s only company since returning from the camps.

The legs of his chair made a hair-raising screech against the floor when Cassian abruptly pushed out of it. Every pair of eyes landed on him. Running a hand through his hair, Cassian said to nobody in particular, “I’m just going to check on her.”

He did his best to ignore the almost pitiful look on his High Lord’s face when he left the dining room. The walk to Nesta’s door wasn’t far, and it had been made shorter by his long, purposeful stride. His knuckles were tentative against the wood, but the sound seemed to echo through the empty hall like thunder.

A deep sigh. “I’ve already told you, Feyre. I’m not–”

“It’s Cassian.” He interrupted. “Can I come in?”

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Once Again || Klaroline

Klaroline AU Week Day 2: Adversaries

A broken engagement leaves hearts hurting, but Caroline doesn’t know what to feel when her former betrothed returns to polite society - especially when she’s already promised to another.

It was like time had stopped.

Caroline might have sworn the air was sapped from the room, but that would mean she could have even tried to breathe at the moment she saw him. Her champagne glass had started to shake from where she held it in shock, still inches from her lips.

“All right, gorgeous?” a familiar voice asked, his steadying hand warm on her elbow. Enzo’s other hand reached for her glass, a finger grazing intimately along her glove.

If she had been imagining Klaus Mikaelson standing frozen on the other side of the ballroom, that illusion was shattered by the fierce possession in his eyes as he tracked the closing distance between her and her fiance - a position he had held only a year before.

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Okay okay so sorry I'm about to fan girl all over the place. One little thing I noticed in the most recent chapter when Touka was making all the silly pained expressions was Kaneki saying "Are you?" And while it could end with "okay?" I'd like to think Kaneki was asking "Are you a virgin?" (He seemed sorta surprised to me maybe because a few chapters ago she was cooly asking about his virginity so maybe he assumed?) also his tears!!! Was he crying out of happiness? Sadness? His inner haise???

Fangirl away, anon, if there was ever a time for it, it’s now! Think you might be reading a different translation than me, ‘cause in the mangastream version he definitely says “Are you okay?”

He was crying for the same reason he did when he first saw her in :re (and it’s a deliberate callback to that). The fact that he can be with someone he loves and, crucially, who loves him back, is enough to move him to tears. This chapter was a moment of pure affection between the two of them. No mention of any tragedy or responsibility or the outside world at all. In that moment, it was all there was. Can you imagine his sense of relief? It kind of reminds me of a poem by John Donne called ‘The Sun Rising’ , especially with the reversed 19 referring to the Tarot for the Sun this chapter. Doubt Ishida’s read it, but I thought it was fitting.

She’s all states, and all princes, I,
              Nothing else is.
Princes do but play us; compared to this,
All honor’s mimic, all wealth alchemy.
              Thou, sun, art half as happy as we,
              In that the world’s contracted thus.
        Thine age asks ease, and since thy duties be
        To warm the world, that’s done in warming us.
Shine here to us, and thou art everywhere;
This bed thy center is, these walls, thy sphere.

You’re My Hero

Words: 1125
Bruce Banner x Reader
Request: “If you’re still taking requests, could you please do one where Bruce and the reader are slowly in the process of becoming friends and watch Wreck It Ralph together and then for his birthday the reader makes him the “you’re my hero” cookies from the movie and Bruce realizes that the reader has feelings for him? Thanks!” -Anon

“I thought for sure you’d be outside training with the others.” Bruce Banner said as he stepped into the Rec room where you were watching a movie.  

“Turns out Bucky’s idea of training while Steve’s on vacation is just making everyone run sprints in the rain and following that up with a ten-mile hike, also in the rain. Clint and Nat followed along willingly, but I’m good.” You shrugged. “Tony and Sam disappeared somewhere too.” You tore your eyes away from the glowing screen and looked over the back of the couch at Dr. Banner. “You?”

“Yea, anything where I could possibly elevate my heart rate to a dangerous level is always a hard pass. May I join you?” He asked, indicating the couch. You nodded and he came to sit next to you.  

“Must be a pretty good movie.”  He said, noticing how you’d barely looked away from it. He also noticed you’d bundled yourself tightly in a fleece blanket and were practically nesting on the couch.

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HELLO PEOPLE IN THE UK this is your reminder to drink some water and stay in the shade today!!

Luckily for me, I’m spending one of the hottest days of the year on dementia duty, so sunburn seems unlikely

My grandma is so cute, she keeps saying “hello puss… is that what you call a cat… he is a nice cat… a little puss puss… I like your dress, Anwen… Oh look, a cat!”

Game of Thrones: Episode 4 thoughts

I am just so…….overwhelmed by this episode. It was superior to every other episode in so many ways. The symbolism, the acting, everything was so brilliant. A few things which really impressed me:

- Bran Stark’s “Chaos is a ladder.” Bran really improved this episode. I wasn’t too fond of his character the past season, but this episode really reflected how much he’s changed, and how the things he’s seen have changed him. Also, the fact that they included an entire dialogue between Catelyn’s (one-sided) lover and Catelyn’s favourite child was very significant, personally. I’m really looking forward to Bran’s character. I’m personally hoping that he DOES become the Lord of Winterfell, because it was always his dream, but that seems unlikely now. I love how Baelish now knows not to mess with, or lie to, Bran.

-Arya and Sansa’s matured and yet, innocent meeting. The tension felt in their scenes really mirrors their past relationship. They left on bad terms, and somehow, despite having gone through hell and back, they’re still unsure of each other. However, the sisterly love is now evident, and hopefully, will last. Sansa’s insecurity of having her two younger siblings so changed is a testimony to Sophie Turner’s acting skills. The fact that she reminded me so much of Catelyn was astounding.

-Arya, Sansa and Bran at the Godswood. It’s actually surprising how much ‘Starkness’ is in this episode. The final three. I loved this interaction, despite people thinking it was rather detached. I think I felt a little tug of old Bran in this scene, for some reason I can’t explain. Yet again, Sansa’s dejected expression at Bran calling himself a “cripple” just further shows how much she cares for her family, again alluding to her mother and the Tully saying of “family, duty, honour.”

-Arya’s spar with Brienne and that glare at Baelish. Brilliant.

-The ancient carving of the Children of The Forest. The entire mine scene was beautiful.

- Jon’s meeting with Theon. Just how I wanted it to go. Why is Theon not dead yet?

-Drogon’s entry. Just. I have no words.

-The entire battle was one of the best battle scenes I’ve ever seen. So realistic.

-Jaime Lannister. This battle and his expressions were so so good. The symbolism of focussing mainly on Jaime in this battle was genius. The man who killed her father versus, the daughter of the Mad King. The scenes where the music slowed and Jaime just stood in silence, watching his entire army burn was the most important scene in the entire episode. They didn’t show him seeing any stabbing, any piercing. The scene was just him witnessing his people burning. It showed a man, who had sacrificed his honour to stop Aerys from burning innocent lives, was now seeing history repeat itself. His daughter reducing an entire army to ashes and dust.

-Jaime’s hesitation. When he sees Daenerys pulling out the arrow from Drogon, and hearing Drogon’s cry of pain, he winces, as if he feels it too. He hesitates for a split second when he sees the compassion and love Daenerys has for her Dragon. I feel like this scene was important, as it shows Jaime considering that perhaps, she’s not like her father. And then he sees a Lannister soldier with a spear pierced through his torso and he remembers which side he’s on. Everything about this was so beautifully crafted.


Listen to me loud and clear, when I say that those 4-5 seconds of Tyrion witnessing the battle and the destruction of the Lannister army was probably the best acting in the entire episode. Peter’s expression was superior to any acting I’ve seen for a very long time. With the Rains of Castamere playing in the background, you could see it. The pain. The guilt. The disappointment. The sadness. He was a torn man. And by gods, was his expression one of the most profound and deep ones I’ve ever seen. He was hurt. Because his family was hurt. And it shows, that despite his allegiance to Daenerys. Despite his hatred for his family, he is a Lannister. And so he will always be a Lannister. 

I am in love with this episode. It was so well thought out, so well created. When people tell me that they don’t watch Game of Thrones because it’s “hyped”………’re missing out on something more than just a show. It’s hyped for a reason, and it deserves all it’s overrating and more.

A is for: Attagirl

Notes: This is my submission for the ABC’s of Simon Challenge. I feel so terrible that it’s being submitted the last day, but with a lot of medical issues going on in my life, it was difficult to find the time to sit down and actually write. BUT! Ideas for this have been floating in my brain since I took this challenge on, and man, I’m so happy I was able to get it done. It really, really kick-started my muse again. <3 

For now this is a one-shot, but I might continue it in the future!

Tagging: @simons-thirst-squad

Warnings: Language

Characters: Simon x female OFC 

Rating: SFW (few mentions of innuendos, sexual tension and what not, but nothing explicit)

Word count: 2,445

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Judging by the scowls upon the faces of the Saviors as they come rolling through the gates, I guess that the little trip to Alexandria hadn’t gone well.

It comes as no surprise, really, when we are all summoned to the courtyard with our fearless leader glowering from above, declaring with his usual bravado that we are going to war. Negan is, as usual, stunning; he’s tall and lean and so damn commanding, and yet for some reason, I always find my eyes straying from him, wandering instead to one particular Second-in-Command that is never terribly far.

Simon looks irritated, hands dangling in front of his thighs, thumbs looped through the belt holes of his jeans as he stands just behind Negan, who is now ordering everyone who is capable and willing to begin training to fight. To win. To demolish Alexandria.

One of my hands strays to the gun at my belt absently as my gaze continues to flicker from Negan (trying to listen, I swear) to Simon (who, for some reason, makes listening really fucking difficult). I’ve been with the Saviors for what must be close to a year now, keeping my head down, doing my work. Kitchen duty had been a nightmare, at first, until at last someone had seen my skills on the firing range and promoted me to gate patrol. It’s nice, I’ve always thought, being able to zip myself into my warmest jacket on cool nights, with the crisp air in my lungs and the moon high above me, the weight of my gun in my holster comforting and familiar.

Usually, night patrols were peaceful, uneventful. Just how I liked them. Which is why I was surprised to find that we’d had an intruder from Alexandria several nights ago; Negan had been furious, of course, in that strange way of his. I’d only been glad that it had been my night off. I wasn’t fond of the idea of meeting the iron, like Carson. Like Dwight.

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Diplomatic Negotiations (long)

The characters in this story belong to @cyikemen from Midnight Cinderella otome game and inspiration with plot portions from @incorrectmidc. Thank you @incorrectmidc for giving me permission to use portions of your story.

NSFW, some smut, cursing

Wysteria had recently chosen their new Princess Elect. Her. She had been completely unprepared, because who on Earth would really be prepared to wake up one day and become a princess? Either way she was it now. A commoner who lived in town and tutored students now attempting to rule a country. *sigh* What’s a girl to do.

It’s been about a month since her coronation as princess and she’s taken heaps of lessons on a whole array of things: language, Wysterian history, dancing, etiquette, and other important skills to run a country particularly diplomatic negotiations. Now, that was her favorite subject to study. Not because it meant going over old documents about previous trade agreements and current sanctions. No no that’s not it at all. Rather it had something to do with a mysterious country with tenuous ties to Wysteria and a particularly handsome king. 

They met at her coronation and exchanged a brief introduction. The Princess was immediately drawn to him in his dark, pressed clothes and shiny, dark hair. As far as she knew he was off the block to be her prince consort. Why would he be if he barely communicated with Wysteria as it is? But God he was hot as fuck.

A few weeks after the coronation she confirmed it for herself. He was hot, he knew it, and he knew what to do with it. Their first round of diplomatic negotiations had been solved in a rather unconventional way. 

“Princess, what are the terms of trade,” he whispered huskily in her ear as Byron proceeded to kiss his way down her neck, “gold, food, or textiles?” His teeth grazed the spot in the crook of her neck and it made her hot down to her very core. 

“Food,” she moaned as his tongue smoothed over the same spot he just nipped,”for textiles.” Byron was running his hot hands all over her body. Even through her clothes she could feel the heat of his hands roaming everywhere she wanted them to and all it was doing is making her hotter and hotter. Her breath was ragged and panting. He was in no better shape. 

He could feel how supple her body was in her hands and her ragged breath was hot as fuck. She let out a moan as he kissed his way along the top of her dress. Her moan was hot and husky and it did nothing to help the tightness growing in his pants. The princess’s hands were hot and soft as they pulled out his shirt and slid their way up his chest. He wished they would slide lower instead she started to unbutton his shirt, slowly and painstakingly for him. Fuck he couldn’t take it and grabbed her by the ass she wrapped her legs around him while he carried her to his desk.

His cock was hard as fuck and it was rubbing against her ladyhood in all the right ways. It made her so hot she wanted more. She moaned right in his ear as he lifted her and walked her over to the desk. The friction between them was ah-mazing. As soon as she was seated on the desk he smashed his mouth on hers in passionate kiss his tongue exploring her mouth. While they were busy kissing she was making quick work of his pant buckles. He pulled away.

“Princess,” he groaned his forehead on hers as he watched her hands on his pants. It was hot as hell watching her hands pull out his full length and when skin hit skin he almost lost it. 

“Princess, shall we seal our deal?” He was rubbing her through her panties while she writhed on the desk stroking him.

“P-Please…I’m- aaaahhh,” she moaned while one finger teased her entrance. Her panties were off and hanging around one ankle. She leaned back on the desk as he slowly entered her dripping entrance. 

“B-By- King Byron…”

Fuck her moans were so hot he slowly pumped in and out and she wrapped her legs tighter around his waist pulling him deeper into her. Her moans were getting higher, but she was quickly undoing the ribbons to the front of her dress and he was eager to assist her. Once the ribbon was undone her breasts tumbled out nipples erect and begging for his mouth. He obliged.

“Byroooon. That feels so so ahhhh.” He voice was high pitched and he could tell she was getting close so he slowed his thrusts and paid closer attention to her breasts. Fuck they were the perfect handful and her skin tasted so sweet. His tongue swirled around one nipple and pinched the other. 

He surrendered her breasts after thoroughly teasing the other nipple ans whispered in her ear, “Shall I continue princess?”

“Yes, yes. I need you King Byron!”

Her saying his name was almost his undoing. He continued thrusting picking up speed. Her moans were non-stop and the higher the pitch in her voice the faster he went. God he was so close and he worried she wouldn’t get her pleasure before he came. 

“Byron..I-I’m gonna..” Before she could finish her sentence her climax wracked her body and she trembled in such utter pleasure. Watching her climax made King Byron lose it. He came harder than he’d ever done before and he couldn’t help but moan leaning his head back as he gave a few small pumps to finish.

The princess sighed as she came down from her pleasure then feeling his hot seed fill her up was the best part hands down. He pulled out slowly and she stood leaning on the desk while she fixed her dress. Byron quickly redressed as the princess pulled up her panties. 

“Thank you for your participation in these negotiations, King Byron.”

“It was truly my pleasure Princess. I’ll have Albert draw up the documents for you to sign.”

“Very well.” She smirked as she looked at him

And so it went for the next few months. Every chance they had they were in bed together. If it was diplomatic negotiations were always held in a study preferably on a desk and personal was usually in one of their chambers. There was one interesting time where diplomacy and personal intertwined in the library. There was a desk, but far fewer documents and a couch. Personally, it was one of her favorite times they had been together. 

It was far easier to negotiate in Stein than in Wysteria. Less nosy bureaucrats and far fewer people. Plus, they could be far louder in Stein.

Now the bureaucrats were getting pushy. They were upping the ante ‘encouraging’ her to pick a prince consort. There were plenty of Dukes vying for her hand, the captain of the Wysterian knights was an attractive man, but a bit vanilla in conversation. Llyod Grandier was definitely something else. Very experienced and knew what he liked. Sid was flighty though and often disappeared for some time before returning and their encounter only happened after a bit too much champagne during a ball the kingdom hosted for the dukes and archdukes in the country. There was a knock on the door to her study snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Come in.”

“Princess, I have a few documents for you to look over and your dance lesson begins in 30 minutes,” Giles handed me the documents. I promptly added the documents to my pile I was reviewing. 

“Thank you, Giles. I’ll be sure to make my way to the ballroom promptly.”

“Very good Princess. By the way the bureaucrats asked me to remind you about your duties to pick a Prince Consort.”

“Giles,” I sighed, “Please remind them I’ve not forgotten and am still trying to determine who to chose. They need to have a bit more patience.”

“Very well.” 

Giles left and I called in Nico who promptly arrived. 

“Nico, could you do me a favor?”

“Of course, Princess. What can I do for you?”

“I suspect Louis will have me practicing my lessons quite hard today. So, do you think you could have a warm bath ready when I’ve finished?”

“That should be no problem, Princess,” Nico smiled cheerily and walked with the Princess to her dance lessons. They chatted lightly about gossip from around the town. 

Her lessons concluded and she made her way back to her chambers for a lovely, warm bath before dinner. Nico, certainly kept his word the water was heavenly. She lay soaking in the tub because just as she suspected Duke Louis had made her work hard on her lessons and quite frankly her feet were killing her. While she soaked enjoying the warm water around her a thought occurred to her. “Wasn’t she supposed to start her cycle today?” 

A tendril of dread and anxiety wormed its’ way to her. Oh shit. She was supposed to start today and she was like clockwork every month. The Princess started thinking back to when she and King Byron had been together. According to her math the last time there were together was roughly two weeks ago. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought about what they had done during their last meeting. 

There’s no time to dwell on those thoughts the princess needed to think of a plan. How long does one wait to determine if they’re pregnant? Two days? Five days? A week? There’s no way she could ask the royal doctor to examine her because he would go to Giles right away even if he promised no to. Then Giles would hover and her suitors would fret and worry and bother her till she got ‘better’. 

No she would wait five days just to give it plenty of time to decide and show up. After that she would figure out how to contact King Byron. Yep, that will do for now. The Princess got out of the tub, dried herself off and put on a casual summer dress for dinner. Nico arrived shortly there after to walk her to dinner. 

Over the next few days the Princess went about her breath with baited breath and anxiety. No one really noticed a change in the Princess except Nico who at one point inquired how the Princess was handling her day to day. She was able to quickly reassure him that she was indeed ok. She was not; as the days passed she panicked more and more. 

Finally, during the afternoon of the fifth day the Princess called for Nico to meet her in the garden during her free time. While the Princess sat on a bench soaking in the sunshine as Nico arrived with a tea cart and lovely snacks for munching. 

“Princess? I’ve brought tea and snacks.”

“Oh, Nico, thank you very much.” Nico began pouring tea for them and remarking on the beauty of the garden. 

“Nico, I’d like speak with you.”

Nico sat on the bench next to her. “Of course, Princess. You can tell me anything.”

“Can you keep a secret for me…and maybe help me out?”

Nico was taken aback by my question. “I can keep your secret Princess and I can try to help you as best I can.”

“Thank you. This is going to be hard to say, but I appreciate your confidence. I think I’m pregnant.” The Princess looked away from Nico blushing and trying to calmly sip her tea. Nico stared at her a bit dumbfounded then his expression softened. 

“Ok,” he smiled at the Princess,”what do you want to do next?”

The Princess was the next one to look dumbfounded. “You’re not going to ask whose it is?”

“No, I’m pretty sure I already know whose it is.”

“Whaaat? You do?”

“Yea,” Nico smiled at her, “King Byron’s, right?”

“Nico, how did you know?!”

“Princess, I know you don’t visit Stein as often as you do because you like the scenery.” Nico chuckled lightly.

“Well then,” the Princess remarked. “I guess you can help me after all. I need to get a message to King Byron about this preferably without alerting the bureaucrats or Giles.”

“Well you could write out a letter send it via pigeon.”

“Aren’t pigeons kind of dumb and easily confused?” The Princess asked hesitantly. “What if I do write a letter and have you deliver it to Stein?”

“Me?! What makes you think I would get into Stein?” Nico was taken aback by the Princess’s suggestion. 

“I know that we were in Stein that you would meet with King Byron on occasion. So you must have some sort of ties to him.”

Nico rubbed his neck and chuckled nervously, “I guess I could. I should be able to ride to Stein at night and have the letter to King Byron in a few hours.” He was hesitant.

“Look, Nico, I won’t tell anyone about your ties with Steins. I mean you’re keeping my secret and helping me out.”

“Alright Princess. We can get the message to King Byron.”

“Thanks, Nico. I really appreciate your help.”

After we finished our tea and conversation in the garden I went to my study and began writing my letter King Byron. 

King Byron,

I hope this letter finds you well. It has been some time since our last meeting. I would like to inform you of some important news. I suspect that I am pregnant. Our last meeting lines up appropriately and I thought you should be informed. 

Best wishes,

Princess of Wysteria

That evening Nico left with the Princess’s letter and made his way to Stein in the cover of night. Fortunately, Stein castle was roughly a four hour ride from the Princess’s castle. 

Stein Castle

“King Byron! King Byron!” Albert rushed to King Byron’s chambers where he had just retired after a long days work. There was an urgent knock on the king’s chamber doors. 

“Enter.” The king’s steely voice echoed in his room. Albert entered panting furiously with a light layer of perspiration on his forehead. 

“Your Highness, and urgent letter from Wysteria.”

“What? Wysteria? It’s so late,” King Byron’s voice was soft. “You may go Albert.”

Albert took his leave while King Byron stared at the letter. “What on Earth could Wysteria have to notify me of that is so urgent?” He opened the letter and read it quickly. 

King Byron was stunned. His mind had gone blank. He had no idea what to think. “The Princess is pregnant and I’m the father?!” Byron was elated. He was going to be a father! There were a few hurdles to tackle until the Princess was with him so he could care for her and their growing baby. He needed to bring her to him through permanent means which could easily be arranged. However, he was unsure how long she could keep this concealed from the palace staff. Someone must know how else would the letter of gotten to him. He needs to begin making arrangements for her arrival, but first she needs to know he got her letter. He left his chambers still partly dressed and headed for his study to write her a letter

“Albert,” Byron called for his Captain of the knights.

“Your Highness,” Albert was promptly by the king’s side, “what can I help with King Byron?”

“Bring me Spinner and when the staff awakes tell them to begin preparing the Queen room.”

“Your Highness?”

“I’m responding to the letter from Wysteria,” Byron stopped and turned to face Albert in the corridor, “in the morning I’ll be extending a proposal to the Princess of Wysteria.” Albert truly looked shocked and taken aback.

“My King? A proposal? Why have you made such a decision at this hour?” Albert inquired as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“Nevermind why Albert. Please do as I have asked you.”

“My Lord.”

Albert left to retrieve Spinner for King Byron. Byron continued to his study and sat down and promptly began to write his letter to his Princess.


I have received your letter and I will care for you. Have some patience while I work things out.


King Byron of Stein

 King Byron stood and looked out the window in his study at the stars while he awaited Spinner. Shortly thereafter Albert arrived with Spinner. Byron attached his letter to Spinner and stroked the bird’s white feathers. He spoke to the bird in a quiet voice, “go to the Princess you know the way.” King Byron opened the window and off flew the white bird.

“King Byron what is going on?” Albert dared to ask his king.

“Don’t worry about it Albert. Get some rest until the staff awakes.”


Just before dawn the heard hooting on her balcony and she rose to check on the owl that she knew would be Spinner. That means King Byron received her letter. She removed the response from the owl and stroked his feathers. Reminding him that he is a good bird. After the brief affection Spinner departed for his home before the sun rose high in the sky. She read the letter even though it was brief.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Nico entered.

“Princess you’re already awake. I expected you to still be asleep.”

“No Nico I’m awake. I heard Spinner at my balcony with King Byron’s response so I have remained awake.”

 “Good news from Stein?”

“King Byron simply said that he will care for me and to have patience.”

“I trust King Byron has a plan.”

Nico helped the Princess get ready for the day and they proceeded to the dining room for breakfast. Giles went over the Princess’s schedule for the day. Busy as usual. I’m not sure how Giles thinks she was going survive being that busy. Just then one of the servants brought in a letter to Giles.

“What is this?”

“A letter from Stein,” the servant noted.

The Princess’s interest was piqued and watched Giles read the letter while she continued to eat. Giles read the letter furrowed his brow and read it again. The Princess was growing far more concerned as the time ticked on.

“Giles?” She asked.

“Princess,” Giles paused brows still furrowed,” the Kingdom of Stein has made you a marriage offer.”

She stared at Giles pretending to be shocked at the unexpected offer. Truly, she wasn’t all that surprised. King Byron did say he was going to take care of her and this would accomplish that goal. She thought of what this would mean and really she could find no fault in the plan. The Princess remained quiet and thoughtful for a moment.

“Princess? Are you alright?”

“I accept Stein’s proposal of marriage. I feel it will benefit both countries to have such a bond.”

“Are you sure? Do you need to give it more thought?”

“No, I’m certain. This is something that needs to be done.”

‘Very well. I’ll notify Stein and make arrangements.”

A week later the Princess and Nico were on their way to Stein as the Princess was headed there to be with her fiancé. She was glad Nico came with her and that he would be staying in Stein with her. Her things had been sent before her so her room would be ready. The carriage ride was rough and it jostled her much more than usual or she was becoming queasy much more easily.

At last they arrived after a few hours and King Byron greeted them out front which was very unusual for him. Nico stepped out first and King Byron assisted the Princess out and placed her hand on his arm wishing to keep her close.

He whispered in her ear, “Is it true?”

She looked at him with happiness and compassion. “I believe so, it still has not come.”

“Very well, we will get you settled and I’ll have a Steinian doctor examine you.”

“Thank you,” she said smiling at him.

After settling in and resting for a period of time one of the royal doctors came and examined her thouroughly. King Byron entered her chambers after approval from the doctor.

He looked from the Princess to the King speaking with confidence.

“My King, I do believe, with confidence, that the Princess is with child. Not far along I suspect, but definitely in the family way.”

“Thank you doctor. You may go. Do not speak of this to anyone other than the Princess and myself.” The doctor took his leave nodding in agreement.

Byron turned to the Princess and sat next to her on the couch gently touching her cheek. He kissed her softly whispering, “So it’s true. We will be parents.” Byron smiled. “I’m going to be a father.” He appeared wholey satisfied with the current situation. “We won’t tell anyone until we are married. It will be no more than three weeks time.”

“After we can announce that our heir is on their way.” The Princess beamed.

King Byron smiled at his princess, his future queen, and mother of his child.