reminds me of an office au i read

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hi.. can you please rec top!jungkook fics for me? i need loadssss of them..hahaha dominant jungkook is LIFE~

Yes!! is life!!!

I am reading this right now! And is pretty nice! :P

-Pour up (Drank) by Mindheist

If you can read this, take another shot.

And let’s see..

- Up Above the Parachutes by lethallergic

Taehyung is a flight attendant, Jeongguk catches his eye (and his pants).

- Up Above the Static by lethallergic (The sequel from Up above the parachutes)

When casual hook-ups on planes takes landing.

-Never Let Me Go by mindheist

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. (I really love this, like, REALLY LOVE)

- Want You Baby by reinesdesloups

They say love makes people do crazy things - well, being horny does too.
It’s been a tough week at the office for everyone; the company is getting ready to publish the novel from their biggest author and everyone has been working overtime to get it done, especially Jeon Jungkook. He’s basically been camping out at his office for the whole week, and he’d love nothing more than to go home and release all his stress in a bed with Kim Taehyung in it.
Kim Taehyung has other plans, and these ones include desks, ties, and rolled up sleeves. [It’s office sex]

I really recommend wowoashley’s college au series. I think Jungkook is mostly topping in this series, which reminds me I have to read again just because….

Is not that much, because my network is bad, really bad, and I couldn’t read much. Hope you enjoy!! ♥