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Auston Matthews - Welcome Home

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A/N: Pre-writing some stuff, you’re probably seeing this the day after I wrote it. I’m down to my last few requests, so send in more please!! This one also turned out highkey really lame, so I’m really sorry about that.

Request: “  Hey can I request one with Auston Matthews where you come home from studying abroad for a semester or like while you’re studying abroad?? Thanks!!! “

Warnings: None!

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What would Dallas be doing as a career if he didn't become a Baseball player? Does he have any other hobbies?

Hmm. He’d probably study either art, or botany. But he doesn’t really have much confidence in his drawing skills, and he doesn’t think he’s smart enough for science stuff. He’d much rather sit down and listen to his friends ramble. Parker with insects, Malek with marine biology, Phoebus with astrophysics, and so on, and so forth. Poppy also paints, but she’s so talented at what she does, whenever she’d try to peer into Dallas’ notebook, he’d have to stand at his full height and lift his notebook. Seeing a girl as tall as Poppy trying to wrestle a boy as tall as Dallas is probably the funniest, simultaneously cutest thing the baseball team has seen.
Poppy: omg Dallas’ bag
Malek: *taking the bag and hiding it protectively within his arms* Poppy no he trusted you to respect his privacy
Poppy: damn you.. guilt tripping me like this..
Poppy: fine.
Malek: good kid *puts the bag down*
Poppy: *snatch* sike!!!!!!!!
Dallas: *running across the campus* stop!!!!!!!

I had to dig up my old notes for this ask. But I keep reminding everyone that Eerie Crests is like, a sister story to Phoebus and Andromede, and in Phoebus and Andromede, Dallas was a botanist. (Dallas is also Kinda dead in Phoebus and Andromede omfg poor Malek )

Botanist Dallas though? Surrounded by plants all the time, always calm and happy.

The Forlorn Valentine.

Set post ep84, during the coming timeskip. Percy, while drunk, writes to Vex’ahlia and Trinket. 

My dearest Vex’ahlia and Trinket,

Time apart grows irritable. The days are lengthening, my nose aches from Whitestone’s recent pollen attack, and my heart has lost some of its determination.

Cassandra had me organise trade delegations with Kymal. They don’t know what they’re doing, they fluster and ponce around in silken promises and velvet hands, but I cannot blame them. Or I could. It was always easier to talk to you, without restraint or fear that I will offend, or cause that wretched line to appear on Cassandra’s forehead. If I didn’t fear the safety of my hands, I would have measured that line already and told you the exact figure, down to the decimal. So much of my life is in measurements now. I count in the mornings, afternoons, and even in my dreams. If you were here, you’d probably tell me I was talking in my sleep. It would not surprise me.

There’s something soothing about counting money. Or the people we have left in Whitestone. Or the seeds being planted in our new crop fields, one by one finding an earthy home to sink into. Or the letters arriving at my doorstep; from Keyleth, Vax, Pike, Grog, Allura and Kima, and Gilmore. The days are numbered too; I have a wall of black marks made by my greasy fingers. It’s hidden by the door, so Cassandra never sees it when she comes to drag me by the ear to tend to our orphanage construction. We still haven’t decided what to call it, so we’re counting on your return to help us narrow down our terribly long suggestions. All this counting; my head is stuffed with cottony numbers. All parchments might as well be the same.

It is good work here, I am still enjoying the tribulations of deconstruction and rebuilding Whitestone. My new gardening hobby, you might say, though sometimes I severely doubt my green thumbs. But all these numbers, all my counting? Only reminds me, at the end of the day, that all time comes to a close.

My certainty lies in the hope that my sister will release me from my responsibilities soon. If she ever will. If I ever want to leave her. I can’t let her down again. But all I can think about when I lie awake at night is seeing the sky again. The orange plum of Feywild’s twilight; the star bursts of Vasselheim’s cold streetlights; Emon’s skyline as we once knew it, burnt blue. I dream of endless horizons reflected in the eyes of our family. I dream of faces we have yet met, contours of cheeks and skin and mouths that we fluttered by in the past. They have lodged themselves into my brain as useless fantasies, and still I ache to know them. I ache for our lives as they once were. Does that make me a terrible brother?

When you get the time, please tell me about the people you meet. Every detail. I want to know them through your eyes. Let me count their faces in my mind so I can soak into them. Better yet? Let me count the words you would write to me. The amount of times you pause between sentences, and the things you never tell me that would still seep into the page. The lines at the corner where you touched the paper. Or even the kisses you press over the signature. Just give me something. It’s been over four months.

I trust Trinket is doing well? When you head back to Whitestone send me a note so I can have the kitchens prepare him all the salmon he desires. I have new armour for him too, it sits waiting in his room. I added blue ribbons to the sides, and Kynan proves to be a deft hand with sewing. I think you and Trinket you really appreciate the tiny bears dancing around the edge. Vax assured me you would, when he came to visit last month. He looked healthy, flushed with purpose and whatever secret mission he disappeared to the next day. He also gave me a bouquet of marigolds, from Keyleth. I put them in your room in that green vase you’re so fond of. They have yet to wilt, and they seem to shine when I catch a glimpse of their reflection in the mirror. They must be waiting for you to get back to see them.  

This candlelight is burning my eyes. I can barely think around my stuffy nose and itchy throat. And I’m tired, dear Vex. Tired of whatever I’m expecting each day to bring. I can’t demand that the sun will shine brighter, or that the clocks will chime the midnight hour to mark yet another day spent. I can’t command the gate guard to tell me what I long to hear. And I can’t keep walking past your room to see if the flowers have died yet, if the gold petals have sputtered into shrivelled fists on the table.

While you remain away from me, however long you want, know that I am here. Stilted in speech, and shaking hands holding a pen as I try to stare past the candle and think of what to say to you. Try, in vain, to talk myself out of writing to you because I know you will not reply. We miss you. I miss you.

Please tell me you’re well. Just something, Vex’ahlia. I count the hours.



All this marshmallowfury stuff makes it a good time to remind ppl that I’m trans and I support all my trans brothers and sisters and NB siblings. And if you’re a TERF or in any way transphobic or a transmisogynist, you can unfollow me right now. Thanks.

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"i’m best friends with your brother and when we were face-chatting you walked past in your boxers and bent over to pick something up and i tried averting my eyes but that ass" with Barry please

“Dude, that is sick!” You hear your twin brother exclaim, and grab a handful of chips from the bag you’re eating out of and go investigate. You see him sitting at the table with his computer in front of him.

“Who even uses the term ‘sick’ anymore?” You comment sarcastically, and roll your eyes.

“Who’s that?” You hear through your brother’s computer.

“Just my sister.” Your brother responds, looking up at you for the first time. You walk over behind him, crunching on a chip.

“Hey Barry.” You recognize your brother’s friend, and he greets you. You don’t fail to notice how good Barry looks in a t-shirt with his hair all mussed up.

“Must you wear revealing clothes all around the apartment?” Your brother asks as he judges your outfit, a tank top and flannel pajama shorts.

“Need I remind you that you’re the one who showed up at my doorstep begging me to let you move in.” Your brother rolls his eyes, and you move to eat another chip but you end up dropping it, it landing a little to the side of you.

You turn to the side and bend to pick it up, missing how Barry’s eyes widen at how little your pajama shorts cover and your brother rolling his eyes at his friend.

“Bye, Barry.” You wave again as you leave, and he stutters out a goodbye as you head back to the kitchen.


The next day, you hear a knock at your door and your brother calls out from his room if you can get it. You sigh but do ask he asks, opening the door to find Barry there.

“Hey Barry.” You greet him and open the door wider, letting him in and calling out to your brother that Barry was there.

“H-hi.” Barry stutters out, not meeting your eyes. That wasn’t like him. You’d been around him enough to know that Barry usually wasn’t one to shy away.

“Everything okay?” You prompt, and he sighs, looking up to meet your eyes with a faint blush covering his cheeks. He runs one hand behind the back of his head, playing with his hair.

“I-uhh, well…look. I’m best friends with your brother and when we were face-chatting you walked by in your boxers and bent to pick something up and I tried averting my eyes but…” He rambles quickly, getting more nervous and trailing off when your brother shows up and adds on.

“I believe ‘that ass’ is the term you used.” He comments, and Barry’s blush darkens.

“Dude! I didn’t say that!” Barry hisses, and your brother smirks.

“Might as well have. You were thinking it. Anyways I only brought you over here so you could talk to Y/N, so I’ll leave you to that. Just please, if you’re making out can you give me a warning? That is not something I want to see.”

“Wait, what?” You ask, and you could swear you saw a flicker of disappointment dash across  Barry’s face. Shit, you didn’t mean it like that.

“Oh, please. You guys have been eyeing each other ever since I introduced you, but neither of you is making the first move. The tension is starting to kill me. Actually, I’m going to head out for a few hours. Have fun.” He quickly grabs his keys and wallet and leaves, leaving you and Barry alone. He leans against the door, sighing.

“Is he telling the truth?” You ask, and Barry’s gaze snaps to you. “That you maybe, kind of like me?” Barry rubs his hands over his face before responding.

“Uhh…yeah. I do. I like you.” You smile in response, stepping ever-so-slightly closer to Barry.

“Then my brother is right for once in his life. I like you too.” Barry’s face lights up once you repeat his words back to him.

“Then what do you say you and I…give this a shot?” He smiles as he asks awkwardly, motioning between the two of you.

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

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Ah, my printer wasn’t allowing me to scan anything! TT_TT So here, a picture will have to do. Maybe I will be able to scan a better version and add it to my original post later if I can get it to work!
Anyway, I LOVED Simonvs! It was so well written, the big unveiling of Blue was fantastic, and all the little moments in between were perfect. I especially love that moment where Simon’s older sister blocks an attacking pillow with her feet. It reminded me of the antics my sibling and I made :)
I’m glad I finished just in time! Between all my schoolwork, extracurriculars, dance, and just everything going on I was worried I wouldn’t have time to enter. In the end I decided to draw a fall scene with Bram and Simon in honor of this fall contest! Good luck and Oreos to all!

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Greetings! Which 'Johnlock-won't-happen' argument do you hate the most?

Ohhh Boy, Lovely. This is like asking which type of mushrooms I dislike the most (the answer is ALL OF THEM).

Hate is a strong word, one I try not to use often because I do believe in karma. I prefer “dislike”, so which one do I dislike the most? Probably the “John is straight because he married a woman!” argument. Those that use this argument, I feel, do not realize that 1) you don’t have to be straight to be in a ‘straight’ relationship (essentially, they’re all erasing the other types of sexualities and orientations) and 2) that they actually believe that Mary and John are in a “happy” relationship. It’s the latter that genuinely saddens me the most on a personal level, that people truly cannot see how abusive Mary is to John, and how disinterested John is in keeping the relationship stable. These to me point to, sadly, possible toxicity in their own lives and not realizing it. I really honestly feel bad for them… I hurt so much for them… no one should think that it’s a healthy way to live. Some see it and some don’t… I think it’s a matter of perspective.

Let me tell you a little story, to help you understand why I am so passionate about Mary’s not-so-niceness. It gets personal so I’m going to put it under a cut.

TL;DR: People disregarding John and Mary’s relationship as a toxic one is what bugs me the most, that John ACTUALLY forgave her, AND deny John’s bisexuality. There’s more going on below the surface reading; all the clues are there and I think if people really did take the time to sit back and think about it, they would see it all too.

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I was tagged by: @smuteczekbiczo & @kurohabl thanks a lot !

Age : 16 

Birthplace : Arles, France

Current time: 18:06

Easiest person to talk to: My best friends, 3 perfect girls that i love and i know i can give them all my trust

Drink you last had : Water

Grossest memory: Don’t know… My sister always  remind me that when we were children (like 4 for me and maybe 11 y o for her)We were having a bath together and hum… I just pooped in x) 

Horror yes or Horror no : don’t really care but love when it’s with friends and if it’s a good movie (like IT)

In love? Always

Jealous of people? Rarely

Ke $ha: Tik tok? x) of course ! I loved it !  When i was 8 it was perfect xD (i dont even know that it was her before search on google who she was for this question x)

Love at first sight od should I walk by again? Love at first sigh is shit, not really but my last relationship is a first sigh love somehow and hum… It was one year of happiness equaly mix with suffering and everyday i remember him i find him more and more mean

Middle Name : Clémence and also Palmyre ( yes i have two u_u)

Numer od siblings : One big sister !

One wish : I wish the men i love could love me in return u_u

Person you called last : My dad

Question you are always asked : Why am i still here ? / Why i still work and studies?

Reasons to smile : My friends, my familly, pole dance

Song you last sang : I am actually listening to the last album of Orelsan (french fucking perfect artist) i am actually on : Orelsan - San

Time you woke up : Today it was around 9:50

Underwear color : Red bra and random pants (freegun)

Vacation Destination : Paris for this holiday (pgw)

Worst Habit : Stressing, tear off the skin of my fingers when i stress

X-rays: ?? 0 ?

Your favourite food : Don’t know, chicken burger ? Cookies? 

Zodiac sign : Gemini

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The definitive ranking of septas in ASOIAF

(Book spoilers for any show-only watchers out there)

1. Septa Donyse

The wench looked as ugly and awkward as ever, he decided when Tyrell left them. Someone had dressed her in woman’s clothes again, but this dress fit much better than that hideous pink rag the goat had made her wear. “Blue is a good color on you, my lady,” Jaime observed. “It goes well with your eyes.” She does have astonishing eyes.

Brienne glanced down at herself, flustered. “Septa Donyse padded out the bodice, to give it that shape. She said you sent her to me.” She lingered by the door, as if she meant to flee at any second.

Methinks a cupid Septa Donyse shall play. Seriously, any septa willing to pimp out Brienne is an angel, especially one who doesn’t even question her role when the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard sends her to some random lady.

2. Septa Somethingorother (Tyene’s mom)
Let’s just assume she was a blond (aka not Lemore).
This Septa from the Reach is hot-to-trot, has excellent taste in men, and is happy to have visits from her daughter, her daugher’s cousin, and her daughter’s half-sisters. Sure, she read Tyene the bible while the kid was still in a crib, but clearly her daughter didn’t grow up with any weird complexes about sex, so it’s not like there was much damage. And it’s not like this septa has weird complexes about sex herself. We all want our septas to be like Septa Somethingorother, which is why she lands herself at #2.

3. Septa Lemore
Septa Lemore has a sense of humor, and had sex at least once, which puts her well in the top-tier of septas. She also knows CPR and seems totally content to be spending time abroad. Unfortunately, Lemore is also the source of a thousand theories, all of which give me a fucking headache, so we’re going to have to take some points from Griff-indor for that.

4. Septa Saranella

“It’s High Valyrian, it means little brother.” She had asked Septa Saranella about the word, after Melara drowned.

She may not have done the best job of imparting any sense of morality in Cersei or noticing the siblings porking, but she knew her High Valyrian, so maybe she was just a bookish nerd that was hands-off? It’s that sort of benefit-of-the-doubt that plants her firmly at #4.

5. Septa Nysterica

Their smiles withered like roses kissed by frost. The pock-faced old septa was the first to bend her knee. The rest followed, save for the little queen and her brother.

Septa Nysterica had a homely pox-scarred face but seemed jolly

Gotta love the ugly daughters sent to the septa. Is Nysterica Elys and Anys’s kid? Why not. If so, given that she might have been in line for the Vale but instead had to get married to The Father (or whatever it is septas do), the fact that she “seems jolly” is nothing short of amazing. Nysterica also is quick to pick up on the vibe in the room, so she gets some snaps for intuition.

6. The Four Dirty Septas

Brienne sees four septas at an inn together, and they’re huddled at one table wearing dirty clothes.


“And the king is just a boy,” said the oldest of the four septas. “Who is to rule us till he comes of age?”

Treating them as a monolith, they get props for realizing that someone other than Tommen is really in power, but negative points for offering nothing else to the conversation. Good for them for not being scared to go outside?  


7. Septa Mordane

I hope I don’t need to pull quotes to remind everyone of this one. Septa Mordane was pretty terrible to Arya and probably fueled a lot of the tension between the sisters, and also gave Sansa very woolly, typically unhelpful advice. I’m a political prisoner forced to marry my enemy who now might rape me…what did Mordane tell me? “All men are beautiful.” Fantastic. I also have some questions about why fairy tales featured so heavily in Ayra and Sansa’s lessons, and why the one time Mordane’s chaperoning may have actually been useful, she chose to get sloshed and passed out. But hey, “courtesy is a lady’s armor” has been vaguely beneficial for Sansa. Unfortunately, literal armor would have helped Mordane in the end, who got a far grislier fate than she deserved. Which is why she’s as high on this list as she is.

8. Septa Great-Aunt Smallwood

“My great-aunt is a septa at a motherhouse in Oldtown,” Lady Smallwood said as the women laced the gown up Arya’s back. “I sent my daughter there when the war began.”

She sounds awesome. The description of this septa really flies off the page. I bet she has an affinity for decorating with acorns. And she’s cool for taking in a great-great niece…that’s supes generous of her.

9. Septa Aglantine, Melicent, and Helicent

“She is not. I examined her myself, at the behest of His High Holiness. Her maidenhead is not intact. Septa Aglantine and Septa Melicent will say the same, as will Queen Margaery’s own septa, Nysterica, who has been confined to a penitent’s cell for her part in the queen’s shame. Lady Megga and Lady Elinor were examined as well. Both were found to have been broken.”

Septa Helicent lives only in the Appendix, from what I can tell, but Aglantine and Melicent are mentioned in the above quotes. They’re completely unremarkable. If they were the nuns in The Sound of Music it would never even occur to them that the Nazis had cars. I’m not thrilled with them for snooping around Margaery’s vagina, but if I had to guess, neither were they.

10. Septa Eglantine
We don’t know a whole lot about Myrella’s septa, other than that she traveled to Dorne and dyed Myrcella’s hair.

“Oh, yes. We traded places on the Seaswift, on the way to Braavos. Septa Eglantine put brown dye in my hair. She said we were doing it as a game, but it was meant to keep me safe in case the ship was taken by my uncle Stannis.”

She gets props for trying not to freak out the 11-year old, but loses points for not realizing Myrcella saw through her shit. She would be higher on this list, but it’s probable that she’s the same septa who decided to scare the shit out of Ayra, and do it in a kind of classist fashion:

Princess Myrcella and Prince Tommen, Arya thought. A septa as large as a draft horse hovered over them, and behind her two big men in crimson cloaks, Lannister house guards. “What were you doing to that cat, boy?” Myrcella asked again, sternly. To her brother she said, “He’s a ragged boy, isn’t he? Look at him.” She giggled. “A ragged dirty smelly boy,” Tommen agreed.

They don’t know me, Arya realized. They don’t even know I’m a girl. Small wonder; she was barefoot and dirty, her hair tangled from the long run through the castle, clad in a jerkin ripped by cat claws and brown roughspun pants hacked off above her scabby knees. You don’t wear skirts and silks when you’re catching cats. Quickly she lowered her head and dropped to one knee. Maybe they wouldn’t recognize her. If they did, she would never hear the end of it.

The old fat septa moved forward. “Boy, how did you come here? You have no business in this part of the castle.” “You can’t keep this sort out,” one of the red cloaks said. “Like trying to keep out rats.” “Who do you belong to, boy?” the septa demanded. “Answer me. What’s wrong with you, are you mute?” Arya’s voice caught in her throat. If she answered, Tommen and Myrcella would know her for certain. “Godwyn, bring him here,” the septa said. The taller of the guardsmen started down the alley.

Panic gripped her throat like a giant’s hand. Arya could not have spoken if her life had hung on it. Calm as still water, she mouthed silently. As Godwyn reached for her, Arya moved. Quick as a snake. She leaned to her left, letting his fingers brush her arm, spinning around him, Smooth as summer silk. By the time he got himself turned, she was sprinting down the alley. Swift as a deer. The septa was screeching at her. Arya slid between legs as thick and white as marble columns, bounded to her feet, bowled into Prince Tommen and hopped over him when he sat down hard and said “Oof, ” spun away from the second guard, and then she was past them all, running full out.

Pro-tip: Don’t screech at people with whom you think there might be something wrong, especially if they just seem to be disheveled orphan children. Hopefully the Water Gardens taught Eglantine a thing or two about classism.

11. The Startled Septas

“Ser Osmund, relieve me,” Jaime said sharply, as Kettleblack turned to chase the crown. He handed the man the golden sword and went after his king. In the Hall of Lamps he caught him, beneath the eyes of two dozen startled septas. “I’m sorry,” Tommen wept. “I will do better on the morrow. Mother says a king must show the way, but the smell made me sick.”

This will not do. Too many eager ears and watching eyes. “Best we go outside, Your Grace.”

Two dozen septas see their young king crying, and they don’t make one fucking move to comfort him? Were they on Quaaludes and mesmerized by the lamps? If so they should be much higher on the list.

12. Septa Scolera

Had Margaery Tyrell somehow wriggled free of the accusations of fornication, adultery, and high treason? “Was there a trial?”

“Soon,” said Septa Scolera, “but her brother—” “Hush.” Septa Unella turned to glare back over her shoulder at Scolera. “You chatter too much, you foolish old woman. It is not for us to speak of such things.”

Scolera lowered her head. “Pray forgive me.”

This is the septa who stripped Cersei naked initially, and walks behind her during the Walk of Shame, ringing a bell. She’s mostly a pit, but she almost showed some sort of humanity for three seconds with Cersei. And she might have musical talent.

13. Septa Unella
Unella is the septa that makes even Margaery want to rip her face off, but she might be the quasi-leader of Scolera and Moelle, adding some sort of intrigue to her character. Plus she can’t enjoy being assigned “wake up the queen” duty all the damn time. So, even though she’s pretty much terrible and Nurse Ratched, she’s not the most terrible.

14. Septa Moelle
Of the Most Devout, Moelle is the one with the Least Personality. Let’s just keep her firmly down here.

15. Septa Roelle

Many holy brothers wore such tonsures. Septa Roelle once told her that it was meant to show that they had nothing to hide from the Father. “Can’t the Father see through hair?” Brienne had asked. A stupid thing to say. She had been a slow child; Septa Roelle often told her so.

Brienne put his age at ten, but she was terrible at judging how old a child was. She always thought they were younger than they were, perhaps because she had always been big for her age. Freakish big, Septa Roelle used to say, and mannish.

“They only say those things to win your lord father’s favor,” the woman had said. “You’ll find truth in your looking glass, not on the tongues of men.”

Septa Roelle is a piece of shit, who decided the best way to instruct Brienne was to continuously make her feel awful about herself. How is this motivating for anyone? Is this what they taught her at the sept? Lemore told Tyrion that we’re all made in the image of the gods. Mordane told Sansa that all men are beautiful. Roelle decided to teach Brienne that her face was unlovable, and that she was a freak. So congratulations, Roelle, you landed yourself behind the women who shaved Cersei and marched her naked through the streets of Kings Landing.

Thoughts? Did I miss any?

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I like gushing about things i enjoy so, im just gonna say i love all of the family relationships in this show. I almost tear up whenever scootaloo or dash refer to the other as their sister and pinkie and maud's relationship reminds me of the relationship i have with my sister. (I was the autistic pinkie anon!) That is all thank you for your time

i also love when Dash and Scootaloo refer to each other as sisters!! it fills me with life!! and Pinkie and Maud are such good sisters, im glad they remind you of you and your sister bc theyre so sweet omg! thank you for sharing friend, ily!

see under the cut for an absolutely ADORABLE daddy!spirk fic sent to me by my wonderful anonymous friend, that inspired this comic

Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise has nightmares about bath time. He is a decorated Starfleet officer. He has seen battle, led fights, ordered people to their deaths. He can sit calmly in his command chair and face the entire Klingon armada calmly and comfortably. But the ritual of cleaning his own children haunts him. 

At least Jim can be certain that it’s not his fault. No, this aversion to water is all Vulcan; Thalia is no better than Sorek, and Spock is, secretly, just as bad as them both. At least he is capable of getting clean without destroying the entire bathroom.

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When Will accidentally upset Nico about the Lotus Hotel

Nico threw the mush that used to be two healthy fruits in the pool. “Don’t you get it? I come from another time, a time which I have no memory from, and I was locked up in that hotel for years and years with B-Bianca – and when I finally came out I was with her for only a short period of time before she was taken from me and that means the only freaking time I had with her was in that foul place and I don’t remember..”

Oh, Styx. Will paled. Suddenly he understood the boy’s emotions. He wasn’t afraid of remembering the place for the haunting memories: he was afraid to have lost all the good ones. The ones with his first sister. And the only thing Will had done, Will, who was supposed to be his caring, loving, understanding boyfriend, was make it a thousand times worse. “Nico –“

“No!” Nico’s broken face turned into an angry one, and suddenly it was a mask again. Will cringed. “Don’t you dare, Solace, don’t you dare pity me! It was your fault you brought this up! It was my fault that –“ Nico gulped.

“Baby.. it wasn’t your fault, okay? And I’m sorry, I am so sorry for reminding you of -”

Nico growled, and started throwing random food at his boyfriend, screaming at the top of his lungs. “Quit apologizing! I just miss her, okay? I miss her so goddam much and nothing I can do is ever going to bring her back! She moved on, and you will never understand my pain!” – Will yelped when an apple almost hit him square in the face, and Nico merely growled again at him – “She told me to support her decision! How can I support her when I never even really knew her for that god dam place that took my memories of her away from me! If we hadn’t been trapped there,” - it became harder and harder for Will to dodge all the bananas flying to his head - “she might still be alive! She would have never gone on that stupid quest, she would never have been in that stupid desert,” - Will suddenly stopped dodging all-together, and he stared at the piece of fruit he had caught unconsciously – “And she might’ve – what?

Nico stopped rambling, frozen in the act of throwing the whole bowl of fruit at his boyfriend. “What?” he repeated, when Will kept staring at his hands, an odd expression on his face.

“Nico…” whispered Will, so inaudibly that Nico almost didn’t hear him.


Will held up his hands as an answer, and Nico quirked a brow.

“Yes?” He said, crossing his arms now. “So, you have caught an apple. Big deal.”

“Don’t you – “ Will scratched his throat nervously. “Don’t you know the myth about throwing and catching an apple?”

Nico sighed, and got back to pacing again. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” He suggested, and smirked unconsciously. “I’m hoping it works.”

“No.” His boyfriend shook his head, and stepped closer to Nico. If Nico hadn’t been so mad and confused, he would’ve said Will looked down-right terrified, nervous, and giddy at the same time. “It’s just… have you ever heard Annabeth say, that in the old times, in Greece, y’know, whenever someone threw an apple at you…”

Nico froze in his tracks. Suddenly he did remember that one time Annabeth had lectured him about almost throwing an apple in her face to make her and her pity go away; “The Greeks,” she had said, “used to throw an apple at their partner as a sign that they wanted to get married.”

He forgot about being angry with Will. He forgot about all the destroyed food around him, he forgot about the people inside waiting for them, and most importantly: he forgot about his broken heart for Bianca. He turned to Will for real this time, and he scratched his throat. He couldn’t remember – ha, ha, let’s not go there again – ever being this nervous about something. “Hmm,” he said, faking his calmness, “Yeah, so? I’m not taking my comment back.”

Will almost dropped the apple. I’m hoping it works, Nico had said. “Nico,” Will said, walking towards his boyfriend in a menacing slow pace. “This isn’t just something small, it’s –“

“I know.” Nico quirked a brow, and smirked. His anger with Will was completely forgotten. “What are you going to do about it?”

I haven’t posted much sauciness on Tumblr as of late, but it’s the last hour of my birthday and IDGAF (sorry to my sister who does follow my Tumblr and probably could do without this photo).

Also this is a gentle reminder not only to myself but to all the impatient fellows that a) sometimes it takes 39 years to be completely comfortable with one’s body and one’s sense of self, and b) it’s ok to be 39 and still not know what you want to be when you grow up, because fuck grown-up, yo.

Hallucination: sam x josh

This takes place after emily returns from the mines and informs sam and mike about the wendigos. Please keep in mind that they don’t know the term “wendigo” since they didn’t meet the hunter man yet. (I don’t know his name) They use the term “monster” instead.

Also, I like staying true to the characters so when sam has a hard time forgiving josh, it’s because I personally believe that it would take time for her to process what happened

Warning: sensitive topic involving josh

Word count: 1500+

Summary: “Shhh. I’m here, I’ll always be here for you.” Sam whispered.

“Everyone tells me not to worry, that they’re in heaven, that it was for the best. No, no. I don’t want to believe that,” he drew in a deep breath. “I won’t believe it!” Coughing and gasping and crying, he couldn’t stop, not even when Sam hugged him

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dear first love,
you told me that you hate the way it snows so much where you live, so I hope it’s sunny.
i hope you got to sleep in today, and watch your favorite movie.
i hope you made breakfast for your dog and kissed her, reminding her that you love her like i used to make you do 7 times a day.

first love,
I hope you slept well, because sleep is so important.
i remember you telling me that my voice soothed you to sleep and it made you feel safe when I was there.
i hope you still feel safe.

I hope you don’t have much to do today, because we all need a resting day.
I hope you don’t have a schedule and you can choose to do what you want- which is probably eating a lot of cheese and smoking weed.

I hope your mother is good and your sister is well. i hope you’re well, too. i hope your tattoos are healed, along with your heart about the girl who left a few years ago.

dear first love,
I hope when you touch her, you do it for you. i hope you touch her gracefully and softly like i once thought of you touching me. i hope you smile and you find passion in her eyes when you least expect it. i hope you not only touch her body, but i hope she touches your soul. i hope your bodies intertwine and your mind does the same.

i hope you quit smoking. i remember your cough and how it was repeated often.

dear first love,
i hope you are happy. happier than usual. i hope you see the sun and you say thank you, because it wasn’t guaranteed. i hope you find happiness in your breath and in your eyes. i hope happiness finds you.

—  a.r.w.

i’ve been tagged to do the six selfie meme a couple times!! i can’t remember who all tagged me tho lol

i felt pretty dang good this year!! diggin the look! this set also shows my brand new amplitude power-up tattoo! (my sister and i got matching ones today!)

if you haven’t done this yet, please feel free to! i know i’m pretty late to the game :’D


I cannot even begin to say how nervous I was about having b-stage pit last night. Having chronic back pain for almost six years now and sciatica down my entire right leg for almost three years, I have never not had seats at a concert, as the thought of anyone accidentally pushing me and touching the metal in my back has always frightened me. But last night was honestly one of the best nights of my life. I may have had wings on which helped protect me, but it was so fun to just not care about my back for two hours and have an amazing time dancing, and to get to see someone look in my direction who has been such a positive influence on my life - especially when songs on 1989 helped me through a time when I was not emotionally dealing very well with my back pain, and was severely doubting my ability to be a nurse.

I feel like we all go through our own struggles and battles in this life, and I am just glad that besides having a very strong and supportive mother and lovely little sister to help me get through everything, that I am blessed enough to have beautiful friends and incredible people like Taylor to remind me that no matter what happens in life, be good to people. Honestly, thank you so much for everything @taylorswift, I don’t know if I could ever truly thank you enough, but just know how grateful I am that people as kind-hearted as you exist. Also, as a nurse, I am asking you to please look after that ankle of yours once this amazing tour finishes tonight, your health is so important too! I will see you again tonight from section 6, row p, seats 11-12 with @salmeier, we will probably be struggling to believe this beautiful tour is over, love xxxx

soulshine-bruhh  asked:

isn't music beautiful? like honestly it is like a phenomenon.. Music can bring tears to my eyes, give me goosebumps, send chills up my spine, remind me of the good and bad times and help capture a moment perfectly... But I think my favorite thing that music does is that it heals me. I just wanted to let you know that yours and your sister's music does that for a lot of people.. and we are all so grateful for that. <3

😭😭😭😭 this is so true. Music is truly magical.