reminds me of a puzzle

Glutton’s Fork Special


“What?!” I hear you cry, looking wildly at his post, “There’s another recipe?! Already?! But how?!” 

I know, I know - I’m as surprised as you all are, trust me. I’m not usually this ardently productive, especially when the fate of the world isn’t even at stake or anything. But I found inspiration from all of my fans and your fabulous support of my work! 

Also, I’m, like, a really really good chef. But we knew that. 

I’ll admit, finding the inspiration to crank out another platinum record award winning culinary chart topper took a bit of doing.  I wanted to keep this fantasy Michelin star shower going, but nothing was coming to me. It sucked! 

But then that moment of terrible frustration and annoyance at unsolved puzzles reminded me of something - my adventures! Specifically, mine (and Magnus and Merle’s) heroic and arduously long jaunt through Lucas Miller’s crystalline hell lab. Which reminded me of the second least awful moment in there (second only to my tentacle hentai spectacular ft The Actual Grim Reaper). And what better way to…mmm…crystalize…this wonderful moment than to share it all with you in the form of a far less deadly recipe! That’s right folks, today’s dish is…

Glutton’s Fork Special - The Philosopher's Stone

I’ll go ahead and throw a disclaimer on this one right now and cut off that frantic message you’re about to send me - don’t worry, this is only one version of this dish.  There will be a vegetarian friendly version, The Falafeler’s Stone, at some later date. Probably also a version of The Philosopher’s Scone. Because if a single moment can produce multiple Merle-level puns, then on my honor as an adventurer and a celebrity chef, I’m pretty obligated to make all of them.  

Moving on.  This one is a bit more complex than the last, so I hope you’ve gotten a chance to level up and throw some more points towards your wis modifier, so keep up.

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Signs as Professor Layton things
  • Aries: The top hat
  • Taurus: Those damn puzzles
  • Gemini: The Laytonmobile
  • Cancer: Hint coins in random places
  • Leo: Antagonists that are attractive af
  • Libra: Layton's fro in high school
  • Scorpio: Emmy being a badass
  • Sagittarius: Hints that never help you
  • Capricorn: "that reminds me of a puzzle"
  • Aquarius: Don Paolo somehow managing to disguise as everyone

Y'know, Professor Layton is so cool, gentlemanly, and intelligent. In fact, all the ladies fall for him. And why wouldn’t they? In fact, everyone’s hot as fudge. Wouldn’t you say they’re

quite the hot-tea?


Undertale Valentines

Sprites colored by me.

Blank templates here.

Other ideas I came up with you can use (After the “-” separation under a character, those are the hate ones):


⦁ Dream big! I believe in you.

⦁ I think you’re very cool, too!

⦁ I’d cook you spaghetti.

⦁ Your mind reminds me of a fun puzzle.


⦁ Hope you’re not bonely this Valentine’s Day.

⦁ Don’t got a date? You better ketchup.

⦁ I like you a ton. A skele-ton.

⦁ You used to call me on your cell bone.

⦁ It’s going tibia kay, buddy.

⦁ Feeling sad? Life musta boned you over. …Can’t always be romantic, kid.

⦁ Want an ice cream bone? Put it on my tab.

⦁ Hope your day is humerus.

⦁ Heard you got kidney bones. Get well soon, buddy. Yeah, it’s not romantic. So?

⦁ Here’s hoping that special someone takes you to the bone zone.

⦁ You’re not fat, you’re just big boned. What?  Not everything is lovey-dovey.

⦁ Too lazy to make a Valentine’s pun. Sorry, pal.


⦁ Do you wanna have a bad time?

⦁ I’ve got a bone to pick with you.

⦁ It’s a beautiful day outside: birds are singing, flowers are blooming.. On days like these, kids like you should be  b u r n i n g  i n  h e l l.

⦁ Just give up; I did.

⦁ Get dunked on, kid.


⦁ I considered not killing you today!

⦁ You’re my best friend.

⦁ You’ve planted yourself in my heart, friend.

⦁ You’re the last soul I need to feel complete.

⦁ Go on and share some LV! What’s LV stand for? Why, LOVE of course!

⦁ Go on, accept the friendliness pellets.


⦁ Don’t you have anything better to do?

⦁ Die.

⦁ In this world, it’s kill or be killed.

⦁ Are you braindead?

⦁ RUN. INTO. THE BULLETS friendliness pellets.

Omega Flowey

⦁ Your soul makes me feel complete.

⦁ You make me feel as high as a god.


⦁ You’re hopeless. Hopeless and alone.


⦁ What’s it matter? You’ll never translate this.

⦁ Your brilliance is irreplaceable.


⦁ It’s not polite to talk about someone who’s listening.

⦁ Let’s be civil.


⦁ Ahuhuhuhu~ I can’t wait to wrap you up in my web.⦁ Your SOUL makes all the spiders very happy.

⦁ All us spiders need is your LOVE.

⦁ Does spider have puss puss?


⦁ It’s feeding time for my pet, and you seem to have a bit of meat on those bones.

⦁ I heard you were very stingy with your money.. And your kindness.

worthless idiot mistake of the day: forgetting that hot coffee goes in a paper not plastic cup and causing a customer to get mad about it being poisonous and then leave without buying any coffee because she didn’t have time to wait for me to make her another fancy latte in the right cup

also i was off by 50¢ on the cash register compared to 28¢ yesterday and my manager’s advice is the same: try to give every customer the correct change. it reminds me of like, the part in a video game where walkthroughs and puzzle solutions can’t help you because you’re just not skilled enough to do the thing