reminding us why these two people loved each other

Anatomy of a Tweet Fest......

Well last night’s little twitter love fest was interesting, wasn’t it?   And I’ve seen lots of people commenting on what they thought it meant.

 Was it Sam and Cait giving a big FU to fans?  

 Was it Sam and Cait letting fans know they’re still together?  

 Was it Sam and Cait getting giddy and silly because of a night shoot?  

 Let me tell you exactly what last night’s little twitter love fest meant……it meant that sometime in the last 48 hours a couple of people got their ass chewed by a PR exec.

 I’d heard yesterday that Outlander’s social media numbers were down, not any specifics just a general comment from our statistician who knows I love the show and books.  At the time, I gave it a “Humph” but after last night I have to wonder and may check just how “down” they were.     This is major for a show that won’t be on the air until September, social media is all they have right now.   And let me tell you - if you don’t think that Outlander/Starz PR has people out there perusing social media to keep a handle on the temperature of fans, I’ve got some swamp land in Manhattan I’d like to sell you.  

 Last nights “Tweet Fest” was a PR move pure and simple.  Think about what they’re filming right now.  Why on earth would Sam and Cait be tweeting each other when they were filming together on the same set?  If they wanted to tell each other how tired they were, all they had to do was talk to each other, LOL!  Not to mention, the JustJared story coming out mere minutes after the tweets started.   Come one people have you never heard of subtlety?

 Somebody told them to get out on social media and remind the fans why we fell in love with them in the first place.  It’s what we call “corrective PR”.   They weren’t trying to say “FU” to the fans, they were trying to woo us.

 Did it work?  Who knows.  But if it did I’ll expect them to keep up the social media love for a day or two then just go back to old habits.

 What if it didn’t work?   Well now if the little twitter fest didn’t get the numbers back to PR’s liking – I expect two things:

 1.      I expect a candid pic of Sami and Cait enjoying time together over the weekend.   Maybe a selfie or a fan pic (and if you don’t believe fan pics are staged sometimes – got some more of that swampland…)


2.      I expect MM to fade into the woodwork – at least for a while.

 Now I know what you’re thinking…. this means that Starz has been playing us all along with the whole Sam/Cait couple thing.  Sam’s with MM, Cait’s with Tony, and we’re all just a bunch of fools.    No, it doesn’t mean the afore mentioned is true – doesn’t mean it’s not.  It simply means that PR knows what makes fans happy and statistics jump.   This was crisis management and it followed one simple formula.

 Event (Cait’s pic) = Outcome (dropped social media stats) which yield Counter Event (Twitter Fest) and these Counter Events will change, escalate, and continue until social media numbers rise to acceptable thresholds.

 Whether you fall for it or not– well that’s up to you.

Justlex With Blushing!Alex and Smitten!Justin

Request: loving all the headcanons!!! no pressure, but if you have the time could you do some justlex with blushy!alex and smitten!justin where justin thinks alex is the prettiest boy ever and hes amazed by how lucky he is. and their friends tease them for it, but justin wont stop complimenting alex. (that got long n specific, sorry!) thank you :)


A/N: I hope you like these, thanks for requesting!


Warnings: None.


Justlex With Blushing!Alex and Smitten!Justin…

  • Okay so Justin is actually affectionate as hell

  • He loves to hold hands
  • And pull Alex under his arm

  • And he’s always got his head stuck in the side of Alex’s neck
  • The problem? Alex cannot take it. He really can’t, he blushes at the tiniest thing

  • Justin just has to look at him a certain way and he’s gone
  • So as you can imagine, when Justin starts with the PDA, Alex cannot handle it one bit

  • Justin was nuzzling his head into Alex’s neck the first time their friends caught them, and Alex was sure you could fry an egg on the heat in his cheeks
  • He wasn’t embarrassed, not at all, who could ever be embarrassed to be dating the great Justin Foley? He was just shy was all

  • And Justin was all over him, all the time
  • Justin just thought Alex was the greatest person to ever walk the face of the earth

  • There were absolutely no words to describe how Justin felt
  • He couldn’t help but stare at his boyfriend in total awe, all the heart eyes on Alex

  • He knew that he made Alex blush like crazy, it was so obvious
  • But he didn’t care. Alex’s blue eyes looked even more beautiful against his red cheeks

  • Justin always told him how handsome he was
  • And how lucky he was to have Alex

  • And his favourite thing to do was whisper in Alex’s ear at school, detailing exactly what he wanted to do to him when they went home
  • That one absolutely never failed to have Alex blushing

  • Justin was also quite sweet with gifts
  • He didn’t exactly have the money to buy a lot, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t give things to Alex, either stuff that was important to him or that he’d made, and Alex always blushed like crazy

  • In all honesty, when Justin asked Alex out he could’ve just told him right then and there that he was in love with him, because it was true
  • Justin was absolutely smitten. Alex was the greatest thing to ever happen to him, and he always reminded the blonde

  • Alex wasn’t used to receiving so many compliments, and he never really got used to it, no matter how long they’d been together Justin could always make his heart race
  • That was just their dynamic. Two people so incredibly in love with each other, one who loved to show it and the other who then had to pretend to hate seeing it just to save some of the little pride he had left

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One shot where you were experimented with the twins, and you got really close especially Wanda who was like a mother to you. You escape and join the the avengers to find the twins. So in wakanda you are with them, Wanda is hurt because you changed sides and uses her powers in you and sees that your worst fear is losing her. You wake up crying and she comforts you. Lotsss of fluff and cute ending pleaseee

TITLE: Can’t do this

You flinched as the heavy door was yanked open. Even though you were facing the door, you hadn’t been paying attention. Your focus was zeroed on your hands. Shadows danced between your fingertips, showing off your new abilities that Strucker had granted you through many bouts of pain and suffering. 

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HellBoy Sentence starters
  • (Taken from the first and second movie)
  • --1st Movie--
  • "What makes a man a man? A friend of mine once wondered."
  • "Hey _____, you're a talker. What's a good word, a solid word for "need"?"
  • "It's not that easy. Plus, you're (age). You're too old/young to be giving me advice.
  • "On a scale of one to ten? Two."
  • "Didn't I kill you already?"
  • "S/he took his/her picture. DAMN. S/he took his/her picture. S/he took his/her picture."
  • "Red, white, whatever. Guys are all the same."
  • "You're wasting our time, there's nothing on this island but sheep and rocks!"
  • "Hurts, doesn't it? You shouldn't hurt PEOPLE!"
  • "You killed my father, your ass is mine!"
  • "Listen, I'm not much of a problem solver. ____ decades... and I've only completed two sides."
  • "I wish I could do something about this. But I can't. But I can promise you two things. One- I'll always look this good. Two- I'll never give up on you... ever."
  • "Remind me why I do this again."
  • "You know what my problem with you is? You're reckless. Those two men trusted you to lead them as a team. Where were you?"
  • "This whole thing is a farce, because in the end, after you've killed and captured every freak out there - there's still one left- you."
  • "If I still had legs, I'd kick your ass!"
  • "My uncle used to say that we like people for their qualities but we love them for their defects."
  • "If there's trouble, all us freaks have is each other."
  • --2nd Movie--
  • "'Undercover.' Can't s/he get the meaning of the word?"
  • "World, here I come."
  • "Come on, _____. Give me something to work with here!"
  • "And what about this guy? Walking around with a toilet seat on his/her head."
  • "You're in love. Have a beer."
  • "You've murdered me. You've murdered me and ridiculed me. And... you've brought this onto yourself."
  • "I know; I'm ugly!"
  • "Geez, it stinks in here! Worse than my room!"
  • "_____, old buddy. We ever get outta this, we gotta talk."
  • "Add 'resistant' to that and you got yourself a new watch."
  • "So, child, make the choice. The world, or him/her?"
  • "I'm not gonna kill him, ______. But I am gonna kick his/her ass!"
  • "On second thought...I think I'll keep this!"

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so Niall turning to look at Louis means Louis is behind rainbow bear?maybe it was a coincidence. Im not anti just questioning

Originally posted by theanchorsrope

Okay, look at Niall here. Look at how casually and coincidentally he turned to look at Louis the second the question was asked. Maybe somebody spoke about golf from the sidelines and he had to see who it was, all at lightning speed. I mean, I am not saying Niall almost became Nearly Headless Niall here but Niall almost became Nearly Headless Niall here.

The fact this is significant isn’t just because Niall turned to look at Louis (actually, all the other boys turn to look at Louis too, Liam has his oh shit we’re in trouble thanks to you Louis and your freaking teddy bears how will I handle this look, and Harry’s eyes flit to Louis too), it was how quickly he did it. It seemed to be a spontaneous reaction, Louis wasn’t the one talking, the question wasn’t even directed at Louis. 

It’s like, imagine I had JK Rowling,Paul McCartney and Benedict Cumberbatch standing next to me being interviewed by aliens; if they all were asked “I was told to ask about Dobby the house elf” I sure as hell am going to look at Rowling because she probably knows best, and so will the others. Weird analogy I know, but just roll with it.

What is also incredibly telling to me is how Harry answered the question.

He said “I believe it’s a bear that was thrown on stage at one of our shows. The crew kept it and they have it taped to the scaffolding. I believe that’s what the Rainbow Bear is.”

Look at how he does not say anything about who is behind RBB and SBB and all the signs we’ve been getting from them, nothing about the Twitter account or anything. He doesn’t deny Louis or himself is behind it. He doesn’t say that. He plainly states the facts, the truth, everything we already know. The bear was thrown on stage, a crew member took it and kept it. All true. Does it remind you of something? To me it takes me back to this here:

(gif not mine, all rights to the owner)

And then the “Quite frankly, we started off  saying we were just really good friends” which happened in this interview, where he also repeats the “Some people genuinely think we’re in a relationship” word for word. Louis has never actually denied Larry on camera, he just deflects and states the facts. I am not surprised Harry did the whole “I am not denying it there’s nothing to deny so I will just state the facts” thing, he learned from the best, after all. These two and their mirroring. 

Read this for more on RBB and SBB.

I am also just tired of people assuming everything inexplicable (read pointing toward Harry and Louis being in a relationship) about this band is a coincidence. The tattoos are a coincidence, Harry doing something to remind us of their love every Bullshit day anniversary was a coincidence, AIMH was just a tweet about bros, Louis on twitter following a Larrie when AIMH was temporarily deleted was a coincidence, Harry and Louis turning to look at each other when asked about marriage and babies was a coincidence..just why? I am not saying there aren’t some moments which can be interpreted differently, and this fandom is generally good at dismissing moments that might be seen as on the fence. But you get declarations of love on twitter, you get a gazillion freaking complementary tattoos, you get the Not that important moment,how much of this can be just a coincidence? 

Listen to this boy please.

If the finale did anything, it reminded me of why I ship wincest and how much Sam and Dean actually love each other.

They literally love each other more than any two people ever loved each other.

It’s mind boggling and I cannot wrap my head around it. I never will be able to understand that kind of love, with that much depth, that much willingness to sacrifice oneself for the other.

Sure it’s codependent, sure it’s not a normal sibling relationship, obviously but that’s what makes them fascinating.

I think deep down we all want someone to love us as much as Dean loves Sam and Sam love Dean and that’s what keeps me watching, what keeps me coming back. I love watching the manifestation of this love come out in beautiful and destructive ways.

It’s a force of nature.

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top five ichabbie moments and why


Why: They’d been separated for MERE HOURS. SHOW’S WORDS, NOT MINE. It had been hours and they hugged like they hadn’t seen each other in years, like they thought they lost the other forever. This scene is so important to me and the fact that this happened in season two gives me some kinda hope, dangerous stupid hope because if it’s wrong I’ll just break, but hope nonetheless. Like, this episode was written by Goffman, GOFFMAN. It really does not add up with the Goffman currently running this show into the ground, who’s hiring sexist writers and allowing/employing misogynist and racist tropes and is straight-up torturing us all with the never-ending saving of Katrina, but hey, believe there’s hope for him based on this scene is still more proof than Ichatrina has for thinking Henry can be saved so … :p 


Why: (I like hugs yes.) I mean lbr this is where everyone signed their souls over to this ship, y/y? It could have been a short hug, a buddy-hug, but that’s … not what that is, it’s their first hug and it’s intimate and it looks so natural to both of them, like they both just found their other half. (Fuck damnit, I’m gonna make myself cry, I was already emotional.) But again it’s a “I thought I lost you” hug, and this time they really almost did and I think it’s where they really realize it’s not just about them being witnesses/partners and needing each other for that but as friends as well. 


Why: Seperate scene so seperate moment, and it deserves it’s own spot for being the perfect set-up for that hug and part of that realizing thing. This scene is all the more important to me now after hearing what Tom said about acting with his hands - I know he’s very aware of what he does with them now so that thumb rubbing her fingers is intentional. And that’s pretty friendly for two people who’ve known each other for a few months tops, even if you dismiss Ichabod’s ease with it as having gotten used to this century’s different attitudes on PDA.


Why: Obviously because driving part = thinly veiled allusion to sex, and then this little moment right after which forever reminds me of that recap quote from somewhere about Ichabod “having the time of his life” and enjoying himself and ain’t that the God’s honest truth - he’s literally got a spring in his step. He’s all smirky and pleased with himself, but more than that, he enjoys this, he loves teasing her and their vaguely flirtatious banter. He’s having FUN. And then obviously there’s also the “Grace Abigail Mills” speech, tainted though it is by the fact that Crane’s done the exact opposite of every one of his speeches this whole season, but I’m trying to stay in my happy denial bubble rn so lets ignore that. 


Why: Like I was gonna leave a hug off the list? Pff, please, who am I. Also: DUDE YOUR WIFE IS RIGHT THERE. RIGHT. THERE. That’s such an intimate hug, such an escalation of the 106 hug where his chin just rests on her head. And it’s so pointed that he doesn’t hug Katrina when they arrive, not at all, not even briefly, and once they get out it’s not the same kind of hug at all. (And this is the part where I’m gonna stop talking before launching into a rant on the frustrations of still, half a season later, being force-fed Ichatrina’s supposed epic true love when it’s NOT THERE AT ALL on the screen. Because I almost mildly got cheered up by making this list so I’m just not gonna ruin it.)