[Description: a paper of sandaled feet and a cane to the right, stand on a piece of paper that reads, “BE MIGHTY”.] For those moments when mightiness seems far fetched: “Being Asian American, people can accept, in some cases consume, our grief and our sorrow– but not our anger.” – Bao Phi. #reminders #asianam #apia #text #sandals #sighs

My Reminders For The Signs

Aries - you’re hot and you’re angry. you’re tough, but you’re not bulletproof. ill give you your space but ill never leave you alone. you make an extremely large impact on my happiness and you are so secretly innocent, its adorable. i love you.

Taurus - so loving, so caring. please stop letting people take things from you. (physical or not). you are worth more than that. your sense of style is sloppy but you make it work somehow. you are a god. you’re so so strong. i love you.

Gemini - you’re absolutely beautiful, damn interesting, and so in touch with your emotions. independent as hell. your taste in music is perfect. im grateful you exist and your art isn’t as shitty as you think. you’re actually a genius and are capable of much more than you have taught yourself to believe. i love you.

Cancer - you are easily upset by the thoughts in your head but that doesn’t mean that you can’t destroy anything in your way. you’re not weak, you are a god. youre a leader, and a great one. i love you.

Leo - you’re drop dead gorgeous, and so fucking weird. you’re perfect to me, i adore you. i know you don’t like talking about what’s on your mind, but i hope you let me in someday. i love you.

Virgo - you’re nothing less than a god and i am so very lucky to have you in my life. you’re overflowing with beauty and you’re so powerful its incredible. you’re stubborn in a good way, and you’re independent as hell. i idolize you. i love you.

Libra - we are the same, too much the same sometimes, but that’s okay. you’re caring but you always forget to care for yourself. your hair looks fine, stop stressing about it. breathe. you deserve better than what you believe you do. i love you.

Scorpio - you’re intimidating and not to be pushed around. i adore your sexual mind and envy your powerful eyes. your eyes hold fire inside them. you’re so electric. don’t take everything so seriously, though. loosen up. i love you.

Sagittarius - you and i don’t get along often, but when we do its nothing i could ever wish to change. you’re scary intelligent and hard to beat. your voice is so soothing, and i love your carefree attitude. i love you.

Capricorn - you’re sarcasm and witty sense of humor makes me so happy, but you make me so nervous. you don’t realize how much i look up to you. you’re so graceful and talented. remember to be kind to yourself. i love you.

Aquarius - you’re so funny and strange, you’re perfect for me. you’re bold. you’re that one person that everyone wants to have in their lives. dont get angry over things you have no control over. your arms are oddly attractive. i love you.

Pisces - you are incredibly artistic and creative. you’re in love with music and make a beautiful model. i look at you so much. you take gorgeous pictures, and you have the aesthetic of a sunrise in the spring. you smell amazing, all the time, (how do you do that?). you can’t control everything that happens, however. take things as they come. you can do this. i love you, so much.


Don’t mock people who study a lot for worrying about their grades.

Don’t mock people who don’t study a lot but worry about their grades.

Don’t mock people who get a grade you would consider bad but think it’s good.

Don’t mock people who get what you would consider a high grade but think it’s bad.

Don’t mock people about their grades/studying.

Just don’t mock people.

Since tomorrow is the 4th, here are some reminders!!
  • Fireworks can be triggering for soldiers; think before you shoot off rockets in your backyard if you have veterans/active duty military in your neighborhood. PTSD is common.
  • Maybe thank someone for the freedom we have. Consider what our military has sacrificed to keep us safe. Even if you don’t approve of war, these people just fight to keep us safe.
  • I know things like fake guns and stuff might be part of your celebration, but consider who you jokingly point that at.
  • Like any holiday, there may be more drunk drivers out than normally! Stay safe on the roads.
  • I have witnessed insensitive behaviors towards people of color on days we celebrate America; take care to defend your friends and family!

And, of course, have fun! Happy 4th of July to all of you, stay safe and celebrate to your heart’s desire. ♥

Trust that there is benefit in the matter according to the perfect knowledge of Allah. The Prophet (sallAllahu alyhi wasallam) had to leave his beloved city of Makkah; nonetheless it was for a great benefit. When we believe in Allah’s justice and wisdom we know for certain that He does not decree except what is good.

Appreciation of blessings is complementary to patience. One can appreciate his own condition more when comparing it with others whose afflictions are greater than his own. The believer praises Allah that his affliction was not greater than it was and for whatever is left to him that could have been taken away.

He acknowledges that the remaining blessings are far greater than what he lost. Undoubtedly, this attitude is the source of much forbearance and peace of mind.

Allah has blessed man in countless ways that cannot compare to the limited problems he faces. These blessings are sufficient to instill in a believer gratitude to Allah, acceptance of His decree and patience to endure it.

The Prophet (sallAllahu alyhi wasallam) taught this du‘aa’: “O Allah, make not our affliction in our religion and make not the world our greatest concern or the sum of our knowledge.” (At-Tirmidhi)


°˖✧ Ramadan Reminder - Day 3 ✧˖°

The month of Ramadan is the month of kindness, charity and generosity. Plan to invite your neighbors, co-workers, friends, Muslims and non-Muslims to have Iftar/meal with you. Be more generous and help the poor and needy. Plan to give your alms and charity at this time and help others as much as you can.

It is reported in a hadith:

“The Prophet – peace be upon him - was the most generous person, but in Ramadan he used to be more generous when Gabriel used to meet him. Gabriel used to see him during Ramadan every night and he used to read the Quran with him. The Prophet –peace be upon him - was then more generous with goodness than the blowing wind.” (Al-Bukhari)

Ramadan Reinspired: Day Nine

In this blessed month, Muslims are encouraged to beautify & develop their characters, especially their manners when dealing with people. Conveying gratitude by saying ‘thanks’ when someone has done us a favour is a part of Good manners. However is there something better than just thanks?

The Prophet (SWS) said:

“Whoever has a favour done for him and says to the one who did it, ‘Jazak Allaahu khayran,’ has done enough to thank him.” (Tirmidhi)

When we say JazakAllahu Khayran, we are actually making Du’a for the person by asking Allah to reward them with good. This is much more valuable than just saying ‘thanks’, because it might be a means of bringing them happiness in this world and in the Hereafter.

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