reminder that this man exists

you know what
talking about horrible book adaptations, people usually only mention percy jackson, eragon and the golden compass
which are all indeed terrible in their own right
but you know which utterly amazing book got an horridly shitty adaptation
ella enchanted
a wonderful, insightful, witty story, with a well built and complex world, a natural and likeable romance subplot, and most importantly one of my favorite female heroines of all time
got a movie so disastrous it honestly only had like 10% to do with the book at all, it rewrote half of it, got rid of all the charm and complex world and character building stuff, all the actual deep and painful subjects, and made it into this frankly stupid parade of cliches that is painfully shallow in comparison to the source material

ella enchanted deserves a better adaptation 2k16
ella enchanted honestly deserves any kind of recognition 2k16

That T-shirt superstar is Joseph Kony – the leader of a group responsible for more than 100,000 deaths in Africa, as well as the kidnappings of 60,000 children. Back when America gave a shit about that, we took it upon ourselves to pilot a massive hashtag campaign that included an awareness day on April 20, which coincided with one of Kony’s most horrific massacres. While that sounds reasonable on paper, the problem was that the entire Kony 2012 movement was so blindly centered on the perpetrator of the attacks, that they forgot to consider what plastering this guy’s face everywhere would do to his victims. As one Ugandan citizen pointed out, this was the equivalent of the rest of the world using Osama Bin Laden on all their T-shirts, posters, and party accessories to honor 9/11.

See, making someone famous for their atrocities only works if we follow up and keep tabs on that person. And in Kony’s case, no one in Uganda needed a reminder that this man existed – and all us rubberneckers on the outside weren’t doing shit to help catch him. But, of course, we would be shitting ourselves to think that any of this had to do with finding justice or helping victims, instead of satisfying our own need for a “good versus evil” brawl. It’s the same reason why we’re so quick to condemn secretly recorded racists such as Hulk Hogan and Donald Sterling, without addressing how shitty the act of recording someone against their knowledge is.

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