reminder that this exists and it is beautiful and painful

‘sup, here’s a reminder that sacrificing chloe is your choice. literally, that is up to you. so yes, you can do that and doom her to be a character that only exists to suffer and suffer and then die, and that sure is one dreary fucking story, and hardly one that i could find any solace or beauty in myself.

alternatively, you can save her, and have her story be one of a girl who was abandoned by everyone she loved and had resigned to a life of pain and solitude, until the one person most precious to her returned and proved to her, again and again, that she is important, cherished, and worth the world. you can have her be a character who suffered and prevailed and survived until she was finally shown the greatest measure of love a human could possibly give, freed of the town that tormented her, and given a chance at a future with the person she loves.

for some reason, people would rather focus on the negatives of the former rather than the positives of the latter. but really. it’s up to you, dudes.



he so fevently dreamed

aged and decrepit


in the building

flooded with moonlight

he no longer forced praise

and could not

sever ties with

the only connection


black-bordered death

a flood of painful memories




Mercy never existed

reality never existed


just dreamed it all under the influence

a blackout poem made using a page taken from The Master and Margarita. Kind of reminded me of the time Richard almost froze himself to death in the mandolin factory because he was too scared to tell anyone that he had nowhere to stay during break.

Tag, you’re it | 1

‘Running through the parking lot, he chased me and he wouldn’t stop. Tag you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it.

Witch!reader has an ache for her worst enemy. To get rid of this feeling she visits him in hell, but her plan does not go as she expected it to go…

This fic is posted at the archive as well.

Warnings: (slightly) non-con, mastrubation, smut, dubious themes, angst, unhealthy obsession, stalking, fluff, bondage, degrading, cat/mouse games,  heavy on plot. It’s a long piece, I am sorry. But it works better like this. 

a/n: ok, so michael died the same way and all, but he was not the kid mallory killed. I’m slightly bending canon, but who cares this is a fanfic and fuck canon details. Reader and Michael had some sort of relationship before the events of this piece. 

Songbased as usual: tag you’re it / melanie martinez

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Just a reminder that the Prince of Egypt exists and you should totally rewatch it.


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-has a main character who actually feels like a human being, and has multiple scenes with him visibly crying and in pain. YOU CAN FEEL HIS EMOTIONS

-an awesome soundtrack that will probably get stuck in your head

-Beautiful animation

-Whatever you believe in, it doesn’t matter. The movie just wants to tell a story, (and it makes it clear that the “Hebrew God” is the focus) so hopefully your beliefs shouldn’t be bothered by watching this. 


-you have to sit on your butt (I suggest cuddling with someone. That’s always fun)

-You’ll need to remind yourself that this is a dreamworks movie, not disney (I had to remind myself twice, but it’s so much better than a lot of disney’s stories)

-It’s mature??? idk some people get squeamish of death, but the movie does a great job of dealing with their death scenes, so kids will probably be fine watching it. I watched it before when I was young and I wasn’t bothered at all with it.

All in all it’s a good movie.


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Nicole Dollanganger Starter Pack
  • “Put your arms around my neck.”
  • “The doctors lied when they said they saved you.”
  • “You’re so cool, you’re so cool.”
  • “The books, sad songs and cinemas, they all lied lied lied.”
  • “You’re all over me.”
  • “You’re just the shell of the ___ that you’ve been.”
  • “I don’t love you anymore.”
  • “I try to look beautiful for you.”
  • “I’ll only go to sleep for a second.”
  • “Have you seen me?”
  • “It’s not your body that i love, but it’s the shell you’re inside of.”
  • “Born a cop in uniform.”
  • “This time, please just stay dead.”
  • “___ reminds me beautiful things can come from something ugly.”
  • “Everywhere i go I’m gonna take you with me.”
  • “Don’t be scared, my friend.”
  • “__ loves __ more, than __ loves me.”
  • “Harbor a love for things that don’t exist.”
  • “My baby has a baby but it’s not me.”
  • “I count my gain in blood and pain.”
  • “When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad, I’m better.”
  • “There’s a dog in your heart.”
  • “Did you know me?”
  • “Lately i can’t recognize you.”
  • “I told ___ we should find some gasoline.”

If I was your man, I won’t give you a bouquet of flowers but a bouquet of chicken nuggets
If I was your man, I won’t give you a box of chocolates on Valentine’s but a box of handwritten letters
If I was your man, you’ll forever live through my poems
If I was your man, I love you’s and thank you’s will fill your inbox, to remind you of how much I love you and how thankful I am with your existence.

If I was your man, my voice is the first and last thing you’ll hear each day and night
If I was your man, I’ll never get tired telling you how beautiful you are
If I was your man, one look is all it needs for me to tell what you’re thinking
If I was your man, your pain is my pain. I know my hug will not suffice but it will surely ease you even for a little bit.

If I was your man, your lips are the only ones I’ll ever kiss, your hands I’ll hold, and your waist I’ll tickle.

If I was your man, I’ll treat you as my queen because you deserve it. 

Dear old me,

Everytime I think of you, I feel happy. Thinking of what you will become, what you will do, and what you will overcome made me feel proud of you. You will face a lot of problems. You will cry a river. You will bleed an ocean. Living in this world is not so easy but you will make it. Life is not always favorable. But eventually, you will survive.

I know how badly you wanted to stop the pain easily. But believe me, you will endure it. You will get used to it and finally survive. You experienced being hate by everyone like no one wanted you to exist. But sooner or later, you will be appreciated by everyone. Don’t quit life, keep fighting. You will enjoy it. I won’t stop you hurting yourself but encourage you more. Your scars are beautiful. They will remind you how strong you are.

Older Me

one of my favorite things about Dark Souls 2 is how the Royal Rat Authority, this game’s homage to Sif, also starts limping when it gets really low on health like he does

but Sif is meant to be gut wrenching and pitiful as you’re basically watching a loyal dog dying as he tries to protect his beloved master’s memory even on the brink of death, serving as a painful reminder that one of the themes of Dark Souls is how you must kill the once beautiful things of the world with very somber and humbling boss music playing that just really brings together just how tragic and pointless the violence really is, although you have no choice other than to proceed to obtain your reward and progress further

meanwhile the Royal Rat Authority gains an attack where it vomits on you which breaks all your armor and weapons

which to me is basically the perfect metaphor for describing DS2