reminder that the earth is gorgeous

I’ll be the Earth to ground you
From the chaos all around
I’ll be the home you return to
I can be your middle ground
And I will serve as a reminder
If you jump you will not fall
Go on and spread those wings of reason
We are water after all
—  Tus Pies - Nahko and Medicine for the People
Keith Headcanon

I was watching T.V and a commercial reminded me of this place called Great Wolf Lodge,,, and I just picture the paladins going on vacation on earth and going to Great Wolf Lodge and everyone BUT Keith getting those wolf ears

and out of nowhere while everyone is at the pool, Keith goes goddamn furry Galra, and his ears come out and Lance and Pidge are in tears from laughter because he doesn’t need the wolf ears

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Hello Arely! So I'm the type of person that notices people's eyes before anything else and let me give you a friendly reminder that all these men (including Mr. Irons and Keanu) have gorgeous eyes. They're so intense sometimes and they do things to me that I never thought possible

Hello! <3

Same here! About the eyes. So let’s see…


Ice water. Constellations. Kinda like seeing the bifrost reflecting in them/cosmic. Diamonds.


Coffee. Amber. Earth. A sunset in the desert.


Cenote water. Island. Sunlight. Nature.


Cold beach. Woods. Nighttime. Blue liquor.


Caramel. Espresso. Art. Truth.


Bottom of the ocean. A reflection of the sun in clear and uncharted waters. Mint. Gemstone.


1D Plus Sized Series // Rose Petals Pt. 1 (Harry) 

“I can do this, if Rebel Wilson can kick ass, so can I” I encouraged myself in front of the mirror of my trailer. “You. Will. Kick. Ass” I repeated.

Yeah, but everyone’s gonna see your rolls and your boobs and your thighs, not to mention your stretch marks and cellulite. Jesus aren’t you scared?

Of course that little demon inside me would remind me of all my goddamn insecurities. Damn her to hell.

I mean, it’s a sex scene for Christ sakes, do you really think you can pull off a sex scene?? With Harry Styles? HA

Shit, she’s right. I can’t pull off a sex scene with Harry. Not for my first movie. I’m gonna have to tell the director that he’s either going to have to change this scene or get someone else who looks like me to do it because I am not…

“Are you ready?” Harry asked, startling me as he came into the trailer.

“Don’t they teach you how to knock in England, Harold??” I teased, closing my robe, hugging it towards my body

“Sorry” he said lowly, “I’m just… I’m really nervous. It’s my first sex scene and I don’t want to mess up” he rubbed his most likely sweaty hands together. The director was nice enough to let me and Harry get to know each other before tackling the sex scene. Which sort of helped because Harry and I have gotten close and the scenes were so natural that it didn’t feel like acting. “I just want to get it over with.”

See, he doesn’t even want to see you naked. Who would want to.

Oh, please shut up you stupid…

“You ok?” Harry asked, striding closer to me. “You’ve got that contemplating look on your face. Your eyebrows are all furrowed to the point that it’s already creating life long wrinkles.” He chuckled. I simply bit my lip and nodded at him before turning around to get my script off the dresser. I heard Harry sigh, “have you gone over the script?”

“Yeah, about 100 times,” I chuckled nervously. “Joe’s… interesting.”

“I thought the same thing. Hopefully we get it right the first time.” Harry stated, letting out a long breath I didn’t know he was holding in. He walked out of my trailer without so much as a goodbye. I tied my robe, fixing the curls over my shoulders before walking outside. As soon as I opened my trailer, my personal assistant, Rizzo handed me a shot of whatever.

“Chug it, quickly” she smiled. Without so much of a thought process, I brought the small glass up to my lips, swallowing quickly, letting the vodka burst into my system to boost my confidence just a little. “I know you’re nervous, but trust me, you’ll be fine. You’re a damn good actress for a beginner.” I smiled at her, absorbing her affirmations to help cool my nerves.

She guided me onto set, calling a makeup artist over to just go over my makeup one more time before shooting the scene. Harry was standing in the corner, getting his makeup looked over as well. 

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Headcanons for Jean and Eren with a chubby S/O


-Jean doesn’t care much about his s/o’s weight.
-If anything, he loves that his s/o is so curvy.
-He loves the butt.
-A lot.
-Constantly grabs it, mostly in public.
-Reminds his s/o how gorgeous they are all the time.
-Whenever they’re feeling self-conscious he’s always there to body worship them. No matter what.


-He literally does not care about his s/o’s appearance.
-He thinks his s/o is the most beautiful creature to walk the Earth.
-He doesn’t like when they’re self-conscious because he doesn’t understand why they should be.
-Their weight doesn’t hinder how they train, so it shouldn’t matter.
-He just doesn’t get it. It has to be explained to him since he’s so dense.
-Once he understands, he does everything he can to comfort them.

Soft White and Black Light

Idk, don’t ask.
Theme song > here
Warren had plenty to hurt over.
His mother’s death, his terrible father, the streets he owned that stabbed him in the back, the cage that ruined every last bit of him, the idiot god that stole his wings and made him something he wasn’t- it all piled up in a stupid, heavy weight that tore at his brain and ate at his skin.

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The fluffiest smii7yoz imaginable. Maybe they star haze or something <3


“Come on John, we’re almost there!” Smitty exclaimed, eyes sparkling in the silver light of the moon. He stood on a rock, beaming down at John. They were almost there, almost to the top of the cliff. John’s eyes stopped and he just stared helplessly at Smitty.

Damn, his boyfriend was gorgeous.

“John..? Earth to Johnny boy.” Smitty joked, snickering.

John snapped back to reality, smiling sheepishly and bounding up to Smitty, taking one of the Canadian’s smaller hands into his own, gently guiding Smitty off the rock.

Smitty looked up at John for a second, before grabbing him by the collar and jerking him down for a short kiss.

“C’mon. Almost there.” Smitty reminded. Soft.

“We’ve got fifteen minutes.”

Almost there.” Smitty repeated, excitement bubbling in his voice. John shook his head, chuckling, and walked up the slope, fingers locked together, always familiar.

Smitty suddenly tore away and ran the last few yards up, stopping and staring out over the horizon. John joined him, staring out over the dark water, sea salted air filling his lungs. The ocean breeze fucked up his hair, but to hell with it if he cared.

Smitty sat down and reached up for John’s hand, but John just sat down and pulled the littler one onto his lap.

There was silence, a gentle, mutual silence, as the two watched the eclipse.

“Hey, John.”


“Love you.”

John smiled, nuzzling into Smitty’s neck.

“I love you more.”

Portraits of the Universe

As an astronomy student, I see plenty of images from space. It’s an odd thing when you think about it. Most of the things that exist are out there, in space and yet only a select few humans are privileged enough to see them in their full beautiful context.

Here I’ll show you some of my favorite images from space and I’ll try to explain what makes them uniquely wonderful. I hope you enjoy!


This satellite photograph of crops in Kansas exemplifies to me the symbiotic relationship we need with our mother planet. Earth is home to us and right now we couldn’t look anywhere else in the universe and find a place like this, where food springs forth from the ground.

It’s humbling and beautiful.

(Image credit: NASA)

Into the Great Beyond

This image of a NASA space shuttle transiting across the face of the Sun is cold-hard proof that not only are we insignificantly small in the face of the vastness of space, but that not even that can stop us.

We’re explorers. We’re brave. We’re capable. We rose phoenix-like from the ashes of stars and we won’t tremble at the yawning dark.

(Image credit: NASA)

The South Pole of Mars

The south pole of Mars, also known as Planum Australe, is a giant, frozen, carbon dioxide and water ice-cap. It looks somewhat like stretch marks, somewhat like a bath bomb and somewhat like a giant bunny rabbit. It is gorgeous though, no matter which way you look at it.

Because of the greenhouse gas nature of methane, some think there’s a potential in the ice caps to recreate the Martian atmosphere. Though this idea can be controversial, it’s the possibility of what could be that quickens my heart.

(Image credit: ESA)

A Fresh Martian Crater

Typically craters are used to denote age. Bodies in space collect them over time like an ever increasing number of scars. Seeing a fresh one though is a uniquely personal experience. It reveals a lot about both the impactor and the body it struck. This image is gorgeous with the ejecta spread out like some sort of postmodern art piece.

(Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona)

Sunset from Afar

Seen by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, this Martian sunset is a stark reminder that the things we find beautiful about Earth, can sometimes be found abroad, injecting our ideas of beauty with new and enlightening perspectives.

On Earth short wavelength light is scattered out the more atmosphere light travels through. This is why as the sun gets lower, it becomes more red. On Earth, our blue skies become a romantic shade of crimson at sunset.

On Mars, the skies, red from dust, become blue at sunset. This is because the atmosphere doesn’t effectively scatter lightwaves until it’s filtered through enough atmosphere (which happens when the sun’s at the horizon). 

(Image credit: NASA, JPL/Caltech/MSSS/Texas A&M Univ)

Forged in Fire

In this picture from the ALMA telescope array, we can see an entire solar system being born. When a nebula collapses into a protoplanetary disk and a star is born in the center, heat and light emerge forth, a primordial solar system.

Gradually, pieces of the disk orbiting around the baby star clump together and, like a snowball rolling down hill, gather more and more material in their orbit.

Paths around the star get cleared as the baby planets grow larger and larger. The black paths you see above are places where planets are being born. An entire solar system is emerging out of the molten storm you see above.

(Image credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO))

The Jewel of the Solar System

There are worlds unlike anything we could have ever imagined out there. There are beautiful giants totally unlike our home and yet they orbit close enough that we can go there and explore it and its moons, orbiting around it like a solar system within the solar system.

(Image credit: NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute)

A Water World

Around Saturn orbits a small moon named Enceladus. It’s currently shooting geysers of liquid water into space. This mysterious world is one of numerous places suspected to be hospitable for life.

It’s easy to forget that Earth may not be the only place where life could form. Enceladus is only the first step towards breaking ourselves from thinking of the search for alien life as being a terra-centric one.

(Image credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute)

Cosmic Jellyfish

This image of Comet Holmes, with its tails extended out and atmosphere on full display, show exactly how alive the universe really is without us.

As comets near stars, they heat up and two tails form behind them. In their cosmic dance around the stars, they interact in quite lively ways that proove the universe is far from being a still, empty void.

(Image credit: Ivan Eder)

Stardust & Mysteries

This image, collected by the Hubble Space Telescope, collects all manner of light and depth visible to one with a mind for exploration.

Who knows what mysterious places could be hiding behind that nebula? As Carl Sagan once said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

(Image credit: NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), A. Nota (ESA/STScI), and the Westerlund 2 Science Team)

The Cosmos

No image better represents the grandeur, age and vastness of the universe than the Hubble eXtreme Deep Field image.

Astronomers, curious as to how large the universe really was, pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at a patch of darkness between the stars. They left the telescope to stare into the pitch blackness for 23 days collecting what pitiful amount of light there might be out there.

What they got back was a field littered with character, color and life.

This picture shows the universe (literally) at 3.5% of its current age. This is what it looked like 13.2 billion years ago.

(Image credit: NASA; ESA; G. Illingworth, D. Magee, and P. Oesch, University of California, Santa Cruz; R. Bouwens, Leiden University; and the HUDF09 Team)

A Temporary Condition.

Plot: Steve is sleep deprived, hurt and having a rough time of it. Will his boyfriend exboyfriend rise to the occasion? Fluffy romantic H/C.

Content warnings: Child abuse, cheating, drinking, language and other canon-typical shit.

A/N: Thank yall for the 400 followers! Also this story started out really good but I got my wisdom teeth removed and I feel like Steve got progressively more OOC? Anyway it’s still good work for someone on painkillers lmfao.

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{Reaction} GOT7 when you win a lot of awards at a show

Can you do GOT7s Reaction to you winning a ton of awards in modeling or singing or acting?

Note: Yas! Thank you for requesting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Jackson Wang

Originally posted by wangmins

Jackson smiled proudly at you after the award show had ended, you had achieved many different awards, so many that you were struggling to hold them all while trying to smile and pose for the cameras. He laughed, stunned by your beauty, there was no question in understanding how you’d won.

Jackson: “Ah Jagi, you really do make me proud.”

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by jaesbum

Mark helped you bring all the awards back into the house after a long award show. He was in awe at how well you’d done even though he could understand why you’d won. Even so, he still teased you about it, laughing about how clumsy you are in real life.

Mark: “It’s a wonder you got all these Jagi, only yesterday you fell face first off the bed.”


Originally posted by jackseunie

He smiled fondly as you walked up on stage to receive another award that night. He was the one that clapped the loudest after your speech, and whistled to hype up the proud. He felt somewhat emotional as he watched you.

Bambam: “That’s my jagi there!”

Jackson: “Really? I never would have guessed, especially since you just spent the last five minutes screaming about it.” *sarcastic af*


Originally posted by curlstae

JB shook his head, laughing as you nearly tripped up the stairs to receive one of your awards. He laughed because you weren’t just a stunning model, or a gorgeous actress, but also a good person, and human. He admires how down to earth you are, so seeing you trip really reminds him how much he loves you for you.


Originally posted by periwin5les

Jinyoung helped you carry all the awards into the car, chuckling as he told you how proud he was of you to be doing so well. He cound himself reaching out for you as you stumbled back on the pavement and fell into his arms.

Jinyoung: “After being a model for so long, you’re still so clumsy.” *chuckling*

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by yugyeomism

Yugyeom gave you a gummy smile, watching you from the crowd as you spoke on the stage, thanking everyone for the award. He smiled lovingly, so proudly as you stood before him, pouring your heart out.

{y/n}: “And lastly, I want to thank Yugyeom, who has always been by my side from the very beginning.”

Yugyeom: “Aish, she’s too cute.”

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by mjbm

Youngjae laughed as you walked up on the stage receiving your award for the second time already that night. He knew you were you to win a few, there was no reason you wouldn’t. So beautiful talented there was no reason for you to lose.

{y/n}: “This makes me so happy! Thank you so much for everyone’s support!”

Youngjae: “Aish, why is she like this?” *grinning*

Exo’s Reaction - When You’re Insecure Of Your Body

Thank you so much @itssgabyy! That’s put me in a good mood thank you <3 Here you go then babe <3


Xiumin - *He’d want you to have loads more confidence with yourself and would help you with insecurities like if you thought you needed to loose weight and you wanted to go on a diet, he wouldn’t hesitate to join you for support and would keep reminding you that you actually don’t need to do anything and that you’re beautiful to him, no matter what*

Lay - *He’d always compliment you and when you got really hurt by your thoughts that just took over, he’d heal you up and plant you with loads more compliments because he loves seeing you smile and you’re appearance  is just a bonus because all that matters is if the inside is beautiful but you got something special in his eyes*

Kai - *He’d never let you think bad about yourself, he’d wrap his arms around you and would tell you everything that makes you, you and that’s who he fell in love with, supporting you until the end*

Suho - *He’d focus on the positive side of things, he’d bombard you with kisses, cuddles and loads of compliment which he knew would make you feel better because he can see the slight change of your mood about your body and smiles at you sweetly*

Kyungsoo - *It would bug him that he knows you don’t have confidence in yourself about your whole appearance and he’d try everything possible to make you a bit more confident in yourself because he thinks your stunning and he can’t think of anyone who could be any more perfect than you and would smile at you sweetly, holding your hands*

Tao - *He’d give you a sweet smile before laughing and pulling you in close to tell you that it’s bad to think like that about yourself because personally, he thinks you’re the most perfect person on the planet even if you did have imperfections* (You’re Baekhyun)

Chen - *He’d never let your thoughts try put you down about your body, he’d be really support about it and would try help you gain confidence but when you come out with these harsh comments about your body, he’d sass you a little and would be really sarcastic so you got the idea of what he’s trying to do* Then…why am I deeply in love with you…..I don’t know…maybe because you’re body is perfection and it’s more on the inside that counts? Yeah…that’s it

Kris - *He’d hate the attitude you had towards yourself and wouldn’t think twice of giving you kisses to stop you so you could listen to him about how you’re perfect in his eyes and that should only matter*

Chanyeol - *He’d still be a happy virus about it because he hates it when things get depressing so he talks to you about how perfect you are to him and the only thing that’s putting you down is your thoughts that you shouldn’t have about your body because, like he said, you’re perfect*

Baekhyun - *He’d get you to sit down on the couch so you can both talk about this, he pulls you close when you’re almost in tears because your that insecure about your body and reminds you why he fell in love with you and that you’re the most gorgeous person he’s seen in his entire life* (You’re Sehun)

Sehun - *He’d start to get annoyed and the nonsense comments you made about the way you looked and would be his sassy and bratty self to get you to realize what you’re saying about yourself is wrong* You’re perfect jagiya? Stop with all these ridiculous comments about yourself and listen, why on earth would you think that about yourself…..sorry babe but you’re wrong 

Luhan - *He’d be playful and would touch and poke places where you hated the most and would compliment you, telling you that you have no imperfections in his eyes and that you should listen to him because it’s the truth*


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I am deeply saddened, my gorgeous state that I’ve called home for 29 years is on fire. It’s raining ash, I can barely breath, I’m concerned for my Grandfathers health because he’s coughing as much as I am…while the sun might look extra cool to everyone else, it’s a painful reminder that we are abusing our precious planet we all call home. What happens when we suck all the natural resources from mother earth? Where do we go from here?

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you remind me sweet and decadent desserts, whipped cream piled high on something cute and tasty! you remind me of soft tilled earth where healthy, beautifully colored things grow, of fluffy blankets while its raining out and whispers by candlelight. you remind me of cheeky but ethereal woodland creatures, fae and foxes and and the hand of a friend outstretched when you need, and also just to hold 💖😁

I’M GOING TO SCREAM, THIS IS LIKE, GORGEOUS?? Oh my gosh, I can’t believe anyone would say this, I’m glowing! Thank you thank you! <3 <3 <3 <3

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Sucks To Be You

Ship: Gralu –> Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, Fluffy

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster

Summary:  “Do you trust me?”…“No.”…He smirked. “Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?”
Birthday present for @itschildofthefairies, happy 20th!!

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🌷 (congratulations, my dear)

thank you! your blog is gorgeous btw (so is your instagram!)

element: air | water | fire | earth
flower: rose | daisy | lily | tulip | sunflower
mythical creature: fairy | unicorn | mermaid | dragon | elf | phoenix
actress: marylin monroe | audrey hepburn | bridgitte bardot | elizabeth taylor
fabric: silk | lace | velvet | satin | leather
city: paris | bruges | venice | new york | barcelona | prague | berlin
amethyst | amber | pearl | rose quartz | sapphire
muse: clio | euterpe | thaleia | melpomene | terpsichore | erato | polymnia | ourania | calliope

painting: “the goldfinch” by fabritius. you actually also really remind me of the raphael drawings for some reason i honestly can’t understand 

want one?


“Honey…!” Tony barked, hitting his fork against his plate as he dropped his arms to the table and drew a sharp breath through his nostrils, the sudden boom of his voice causing you to flinch. “The problem isn’t with you or Christmas or dinners with your little candles and those… really weird wine glasses without the stems.” He sputtered out, causing you to frown. “Okay? It’s me… I admit it. I’m the problem and I’ll always be the problem.”

“You’re not-”

“No, baby… No.” He tried again, his voice shaking a bit as he leaned back in his chair and watched you with large eyes from across the table. Pursing his lips, Tony continued watching you until he finally whispered, “I’m cracking up… I didn’t want you to worry so, I didn’t say anything.”

“You’re still having anxiety attacks?” You asked, your head tilting sideways now that you were starting to understand why he’d been an insensitive dick for most of the evening.

With an apathetic look filling his irises, he set his jaw and said, “Honey, I’m broken. And the further I go, the more I seem to shatter.”

Crossing your arms, you dropped your elbows to the table and watched as Tony hunched over his plate; his eyes fixing on his untouched mashed potatoes before you sucked in a deep breath and said… “You kind of remind me of the Earth.”

At that, his gaze snapped upward until he met your gaze, causing a blush to suddenly shoot up your neck because, okay… That might have sounded pretty ridiculous out of context but in your mind, it made perfect sense.

“I mean, you’re…” You tried again, forcing yourself not to gulp under his sad and pretty stare. “Sometimes it quakes or dries out. Sometimes it burns or cracks but it’s solid and it’s strong… It’s gorgeous and it has character, there’s depth, valleys, mountains… And no matter what, it never stops spinning and it gives a lot of people a place to call home. It’s also pretty stubborn.” You smiled then, and quickly tacked on, “In a good way.” 

With a huff, Tony cracked a slight smile before taking up his discarded fork and saying… “So, there’s still a lot of food here in case you wanted to try this Christmas dinner thing again.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Convincing Tony to have an Intimate Christmas Dinner with You*

harrisonwellstrash: *sprinkles glitter in your wake* HELLO LOVELY! How about this, imagine convincing Tony to have an intimate Christmas dinner with you, and just emotions and stuff with it being the first proper Christmas he’s had in years. As always, you don’t have to do this!


Happy belated birthday/Christmas to uselessgaywhovian, my best buddy ♥

Korrasami finale fanfic. Spoilers~

Word Count: 5050

Content: Romance, fluff.

Rated: General Audiences


The first time Asami laid eyes on the Avatar, she had felt her heart flutter in excitement. This was the Avatar, the closest thing to a God that Asami would get the pleasure to meet and hopefully befriend. The girl hadn’t seemed very thrilled to meet Asami, but nonetheless Asami tried her hardest to win Korra’s approval. A friendship with a girl so talented with pro-bending and so determined to persevere inspired Asami to endless lengths.

There were bumps in the road, a few cracks that Asami and Korra figured out how to patch. It was quite surprising how little Asami actually cared about what other people would have let otherwise ruin a friendship. The entire ordeal with Mako was not something she was necessarily proud of, but whenever she reflected on those days, Asami found herself mildly amused over how easy it was for her to forgive and move on. As much as it had hurt in the moment, those old feelings were left in the past. She accepted what happened with grace like she had been taught all of her life– because she knew that she would always have Mako and Korra as her friends, the people who cared about her just as much as she cared for them. Her own little family, finally. They might have had their differences and obstacles, but after all that they had been through, they were still together. And they were the only ones she had left.

Asami sat on the edge of her bed, staring down at the dress she had spread out over her blanket. It looked like same dress that the woman in the picture by her nightstand wore, only the real one was kept safe in Asami’s closet. She reached out and touched the sheer fabric of the arm loops; a faint memory rustled in the back of her mind of when she was little, and how she often played with the loops on her mother’s dress during important dinners and parties.

The wedding was in an hour, and she wasn’t close to being ready yet. She had been sitting on her bed for nearly forty minutes, silently reminiscing and trying not to let her emotions get the best of her. It had been a couple weeks since the battle against Kuvira and the new spirit portal ripped through the center of Republic city to light up the sky. The glow of it could be seen from her window, and Asami shifted on her bed to gaze at it. She wondered what the Spirit World was like, and if her mother might be waiting on the other side of that gentle golden light.

Maybe her father was, too.

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Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time

Summary: A cute little festive songfic, in which Dan is flirty, Phil is adorable, and they have a little adventure. 

Words: 1,401 

Warnings: None

(A/N): I wanted to post this oneshot before Christmas but I was lazy so I’m posting it now! This is my first fic, so please review! Also, this is a songfic, so there’s some lyrics at the bottom and a link to the song here.

Christmas Eve had finally settled over London. Once him and Dan finished making cookies, Phil sprawled on their biggest couch. Dan sighed and promptly sat atop Phil’s lower legs, sighing with contentment until-

“Hey! Don’t put your butt on me!" 

"Well, don’t take up the whole bloody couch, then!” Dan said with a smirk.

“But I’m tired, making cookies is hard,” he whined, rolling into the cushions.  

Dan only laughed at that; for once, Phil was the lazy one. Meanwhile, he was itching to go out and do something. Him and Phil had just finished putting the final festive touches on the flat, and apparently Phil was drained. He was probably up late editing, and deserved to sleep, so Dan decided to clean up the kitchen before his weird industriousness faded away. 

‘Maybe I can light the fireplace without killing us both and Phil will come over and sit with me or something.' Dan smiled to himself, sitting comfortably on the floor and living a mini fantasy of him and Phil snuggled together, with the twinkling fairy lights and the warm glow of the fire dancing in their eyes. 'Yeah, that’d be nice.’

If you couldn’t tell, Dan was starting to fall hard for his flatmate.


After about twenty minutes, during which he assumed Phil had fallen asleep, he gave up on the fire. Why the hell was it so difficult to get the gas to work with the little sparky thingy- 

He was snapped out of his internal rant by Phil’s sudden intake of breath. All his frustration went away as he turned to watch the elder’s clear blue eyes blink wearily open. He just couldn’t repress a little smile.  

Phil yawned quickly, reminding Dan for a second of a tired little lion; and with that thought, he realized that maybe he should’ve taken a nap as well. However, he blinked away his sudden tiredness and smiled brightly at his friend. 

“Hey, welcome back to Earth, Phil!”

Phil’s gorgeous eyes snapped open widely. “Oh, no, did I fall asleep? Sorry! I should’ve helped with the cleanup and- is that some sort of flammable gas I smell?" 

Dan blushed, glad for the low lighting, and shrugged. "Oh, it’s nothing.”

Phil chuckled, probably piecing together what had happened. They settled into a comfortable silence, until Dan stood up. 

“Come on, let’s go do something! Let’s go look at lights and walk around and have fun!" 

Phil looked confused for a minute, then grinned, his tongue poking through his teeth. "Sure! How come you’re so proactive tonight, Daniel? Cookies, decorating - trying to light the fireplace from what I can tell - and a Christmas adventure? I like it.”

Dan’s cheeks were so hot the fireplace wouldn’t do them justice.  “Well, you know-" 

'I want to have fun with you away from everyone and everything and just enjoy the world with you.’

"Ehm, it’s probably the Christmas spirit or something, I don’t know,” Dan blurted out.  

“Oh, alright then!” Phil said with a smile.  

Dan grinned back, dashing into their rooms and tossing Phil’s coat at him. “Come on, you spoon!”

They ran down the stairs, Dan giddy with happiness, and Phil as well. The frigid London air hit them in waves, and they were suddenly grateful for the civilians blocking the wind. As the crowds thinned, their noses reddened, and soon there was enough room to walk side by side. Phil jogged up to Dan, and just looked at him.  

“So, where are we going?” he asked after a content quiet had settled.  

“I don’t really know. Just… anywhere, I guess. I just kind of wanted to walk, and see all the Christmassy things without running into fans or anything, and, well, I really like, er, walking with you…" 

"Oh. Well I like walking with you too,” he smirked, and for some reason, some stupid, insane reason, Dan reached and snatched his hand.  

“Dan,” he said, puzzled,“why are you-”

Dan met his gaze with a playful grin and then started to run, his shoes slapping against the pavement. It was freaking exhilarating, running through the almost empty streets of London at ten at night with your best friend that you fancied kind of a lot. The wind, the flashing lights, not to mention the adrenaline rush, made Dan feel like he was weightless, like he was flying.


Him and Phil stopped, breathless, in a quiet garden square. They walked over to a bench and plopped down, still holding tightly to the other’s hand and neither boy caring.

“That was awesome,” Phil stated simply. “Everything going by, and it was all so quiet… it was just so different from what London usually is. And when the wind would hit… it’s like we were soaring around some different world.” Phil stopped abruptly. “I’m sorry if that was weird, I mean, you did wake me from my nap so-”

 "We’re soarin’, flyin’, there’s not a star in heaven-“ 

"Oh, shut up,” Phil said, unable to repress the laughter bubbling up. 

They sat there for a while, laughing together at nothing at all, until they were out of breath again and grinned at each other. The falling snowflakes glimmered in the soft light from the streetlamps. Dan subconsciously ran his thumb over Phil’s hand, earning a genial beam, and his heart raced to a probably unhealthy pace.

'Shit shit shit.’

Phil could probably feel his pulse.  

Trying to shake off the jolt of fear, he suddenly stood, pulling Phil with him.

“Dan, are you alright? You seem a bit… jumpy, lately. Is it me? Have I upset you or something? You know you can tell me anything-”

'Oh, it’s you alright, but I can’t exactly tell you everything.’

“No, Phil, you’re absolutely fine, don’t worry, it’s not a bad kind of jumpy, I guess it’s just like-”


He paused, ignoring his inner monologue, and continued. “It’s like I’m really nervous, and happy, I don’t know…" 

"Do you mean that it’s like lo-" 

Dan abruptly cut Phil off by running ahead, calling "Come on! I’ll explain to you in a minute!” It’s not like he exactly knew how he was supposed to get out of this mess, but he’d figure it out. He decided to try and forget about the situation running about two paces behind him, and dashed off toward the nearest Starbucks.  


They heard the tinkle of the shop bells as the stepped inside, feeling the cozy, coffee shop scent sweep over their shivering forms. The place was nearly empty, so Dan took initiative and practically threw his coat onto a table in the far corner. Phil sat down, smiling at Dan, and expecting an answer.  

“One minute, I’ll be right back and I’ll tell you everything,” and with that he went up to the nearest barista, ordering him and Phil venti caramel macchiatos; then waiting by the pick-up area to breathe deeply and regain his composure. The barista placed his drinks down with a smile and uttered some festive farewell that hardly registered in Dan’s mind. He nodded to her, then marched back to his table, mustering his Gryffindor traits. 

Dan set down the drinks, breathed deeply again, and remained standing. Phil stood as well, and shifted so that the table wasn’t between them anymore. 

“So, Dan, what’s up?" 

"Mistletoe, actually."  Phil looked up. Everything must have clicked in his head in that instant, because he shot Dan a look of astonishment, then nodded ever so slightly. They both smiled awkwardly beneath the berries, until Phil swept the fringe away from Dan’s face, and grinned. This gave Dan the last push of adrenaline he needed, and he grabbed that perfect face with two hands and captured Phil’s lips in his own. Phil kissed back, moving their lips together and smiling into the kiss.

'Oh my God what even is happening i can’t even right now this is amazing how can he feel the same asdfghjkl.’

They pulled apart, smiling dazed at each other, until Phil spoke up. 

"That was a good way to tell me. A really, really good way." 

Dan could only smile widely, and kiss him again, chastely this time.

Phil rested his forehead against Dan’s, and looked into his eyes through his lashes. 

"And I’m in love with you too, you spoon.”

And with that, they clasped their hands together again and walked home, both boys feeling warm despite the cold. 


Well it’s Christmas time

And I’m warm inside

Despite the bitter cold

Cause you’re here with me

And I guarantee

My heart is yours to hold

So we smile below

This mistletoe

As if we need a hint

And the falling snow

Well I bet it knows

How love can pull you in

Little lights flash in your eyes

Glowing by the fireside

Leave the presents on the floor

Cause you’re the one I’m waiting for

Oh let me lead the way

This holiday

Lets fly around the world tonight 

Kiss me babe, it’s Christmas time

I love the way you hold me tight 

Kiss me babe, it’s Christmas time

Oh let me lead the way

This holiday, this holiday


Little lights flash in your eyes

Kiss me babe, it’s Christmas time

Can’t fight the way I feel inside

Kiss me babe, it’s Christmas time

Fairy Tail Assembly  Chapter One

Juvia, one of the few survivors of a cyborg apocalypse, is discovered and taken in by a group called the Fairy Tail Assembly.  According to the members, she is “just the asset” they need to overthrow the robotic army, and when a gorgeous raven-haired man with a British accent proposes the idea, she simply cannot refuse. 

Rating: T+

Genre: Sci-Fi, romance

Pairings: Gruvia, Nalu, Gajevy, Jerza, hints of Stingue

Warnings: Post-apocalyptic AU, takes place on Earth, ethnic changes in characters, a bit of violence, swearing, lots of fluff, angst, romance 

It had been two years.

It had been two years since the cyborg project was carried out.

It had been two years since the bloodbath.

It had been two full years, Juvia kept reminding herself, since the world as she knew it had ended. She had kept track of each day by engraving small nicks in the rubber soles of her boots with a pocketknife, and counting them every so often.

Of course, Juvia wasn’t spot on with her estimation. She knew that she was stunned for a while towards the beginning when the cyborgs were completing their domination.  Nothing was in order then, and of course, she had far more important things to do than carve her shoes. Like try and find out why she was still alive, for example.

The war had been one sided and brutal. Man-made technology had evolved at a rapid pace, so the result of the war was predicted as soon as the first cyborg was modified to clone itself. It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this; it was just a science experiment gone wrong. But the scientists in charge didn’t have any say in what happened next, when the creatures tore through the world, slaughtering every human they sensed. Soon there were more robots then there were people. Then there were practically no humans left at all.

Keep reading